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  1. Its like c***-block, but worse. I hit the "pve server" by accident, logged out of NA, and tried to login to the Caribbean server multiple times, only for this message to pop up. I know that logging out of steam and logging back in will fix this, and or restarting steam, but thats a bit lame. Hopefully these server switching bugs can be resolved.
  2. Correct. Thanks for verifying my statement that it did carry 42 pounders. In fact I remember the earlier HMS Victory, the one that sank, carried 42lbs as well. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/4445783/HMS-Victory-and-cargo-of-gold-found-in-English-channel.html
  3. part of the problem is out of the 3, the victory was the only one that historically carried 42lb cannons on its bottom deck.
  4. yo! we should do some warthunder together! FlyingWarlord is my ign, hit me up sometime. Good idea btw.
  5. there is a reason GWC left that battle. This has sparked some conversation within our great lowlands. I would just say to not retaliate, as from what I have heard most clans would like to stay friendly to France. But of course, we will defend our ports.
  6. Shouldnt make everyone officer then. But at least now everyone knows never to recruit this guy into their clans!
  7. id like to see holes from cannonballs be a constant dynamic to the battle on top of these suggestions. each hole has the potential to become a leak. and each leak obviously speeds up the sinking process.
  8. been at uni, and have a job. so not when i am normally on
  9. ^^^ like i said. you made 2 mistakes. glad we could agree. and we dont see each other because time zone difference. i am in the US.
  10. Hahaha you made 2 errors with your statement. I am never in safe zones as I don’t sail in my home waters. And 2, I didn’t say the only reason, nor did I say everyone. I’m sorry if you get a ton of enjoyment from running away from people Hachi. I don’t know what to say? I know so many people that have quit this game because hit and run tactics took too much time and it was the meta when they quit. Several people Hachi, have these things called jobs and school. Sometimes, even both. @admin if you listen to this rag dolls rants you will continue to lose your playerbase. Understand that real life is more important than a game. Hachi does not understand this it seems. And if you make running the meta again. It will tell a lot of people the game labs NA team doesn’t either. As you have it now, it shows you do understand this. And I for one, thank you for it.
  11. I love how it is now. It forces parties to be wiser with their repairs. And helps stop this bs hit-and-run no-content-wasting of 3 hours-making the game-unbearable players. Those players are the biggest reason people stay in safe zones. They just waste time.
  12. base template for signature text - Kunstler Script, Size 50, Bold Name and Rank at top [Position in clan] Dutch Nation PvP Caribbean at bottom Commander, Diplomat, Officer, Member are positions. (Commander-means you direct fleet movement, Diplomat-carry out diplomatic tasks between clans and nations, Officer-an officer in the clan, Member- anyone else Under signature, centered - [ (your rank) in Dutch Nation-PvP Caribbean - [VNM] ] *note that [VNM] is a hyperlink, so feel free to copy and paste
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