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  1. Its like c***-block, but worse. I hit the "pve server" by accident, logged out of NA, and tried to login to the Caribbean server multiple times, only for this message to pop up. I know that logging out of steam and logging back in will fix this, and or restarting steam, but thats a bit lame. Hopefully these server switching bugs can be resolved.
  2. yo! we should do some warthunder together! FlyingWarlord is my ign, hit me up sometime. Good idea btw.
  3. there is a reason GWC left that battle. This has sparked some conversation within our great lowlands. I would just say to not retaliate, as from what I have heard most clans would like to stay friendly to France. But of course, we will defend our ports.
  4. Shouldnt make everyone officer then. But at least now everyone knows never to recruit this guy into their clans!
  5. base template for signature text - Kunstler Script, Size 50, Bold Name and Rank at top [Position in clan] Dutch Nation PvP Caribbean at bottom Commander, Diplomat, Officer, Member are positions. (Commander-means you direct fleet movement, Diplomat-carry out diplomatic tasks between clans and nations, Officer-an officer in the clan, Member- anyone else Under signature, centered - [ (your rank) in Dutch Nation-PvP Caribbean - [VNM] ] *note that [VNM] is a hyperlink, so feel free to copy and paste
  6. shrugs* cheater 🤣 tbh though it does go to show that build type and perks do matter. i know the ships they were using. nothing they couldnt lose to say the least, so oh well. but mark my words. ill be lookin out for you! o7
  7. I dont enjoy seeing you shoot my clan members, or my fellow national members. Aye, i may just have to hunt you down and bring you down to the locker 😄
  8. 1.) hostility is done by taking hostility missions for the desired region under the missions tab when in a friendly harbor. You then fight an equal number of AI that give hostility based off of the number of ships you and your clan sink every mission. Hostility remains constant, if no missions are being performed, and goes down at server reset, or if enemy players sink you and your group prior. 2.) The port battle is then set up automatically 24 hours later once hostility hits 100% 3.) After a port battle victory the winning side either keeps the port, or gains the port. If the attac
  9. lol what. how is slowing someone down making the fight take longer? in the past people would just run and defense tag literally for hours. HOURS. i once wasted 5 hours chasing one guy down. and several times i have wasted 2 hours chasing people down in battle because they would just do the stupid op mast perks and speed build.
  10. i noticed this as well! the fire rate between cannons seems to be incredibly slow. to get from bow to stern takes a long time, i dont know why this is.
  11. id like to see them as well. and by no means am i saying this is just your fault. this is the whole communities fault. myself included. but we can all be the change this game needs. a healthier, kinder community. at least until the game has a sustainable population.
  12. fair enough. but ive been told several things by players i promise were the most toxic players to ever hit this game. literal nazis. and we persevered
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