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  1. I just came back from a break since early summer, I bought a bunch of buildings and upgraded my shipyard, A major war is coming, mission rewards have been adjusted, another $40 dlc ship, and the in-game economy has inflated. Screw the economy! Screw this war over a childish hello kitty squabble! Not worth $40 ship! I just want to be a privateer!
  2. Does anyone have that Pirates of the Caribbean gif of him doing a hard turn of the ship with the letter "D" getting spammed across the image? Been looking for that image for a while but cant find it.
  3. And Danmark the same. But without giving it a chance you never know for certain.
  4. You do understand unlike with the Poles, who it was stupid to even make an agreement with those flakes, Sweden was not asking for a complete no PvP OW agreement right? If it was a complete no PvP ow agreement I would side with your opinion that it should not be accepted on the premise of the difficulty in maintaining such an agreement. Without all the major parties involved which Sweden was able to achieve yet Danmark failed to do, there was not going to be an agreement able to be maintained. Sweden would have lived up the agreement as long as it could tolerating for a time DNP attacks around our crafting and capital waters, but it would only tolerate for so long before everything crumbled. You know that. Sweden played ball and did not aggressively go against Danmark early after release focusing more on building up against Russia and giving space for our neighbors to move crafting material as unhindered as possible. Danmark did not share the same methods in return. Sweden then proceeded with a diplomatic route which was on every account faltered by not all of Danmark coming into agreement. During this time we continuously would help Danmark against Russia via screens and other means. Seeing that there was no agreement that was going to be compromised upon we dropped the diplomatic route and just accepted they would want open world PvP. We proceeded to do so and then Danish clans became upset. Sorry but we are not the United States or Great Britain. Sweden will not and is not going to sit idle and be farmed in such a manner.
  5. No and yes. It increases the chances of a drop does not guarantee a drop.
  6. Sweden wanted to do RvR. Every time we do it though Russia, even if we are not going and attacking Russia, come out and swarm the PB, which at times prevents us from joining the actual PB. It has become aggravating to a point we just do not care to go through the work to have some non-affiliated party prevent us from enjoying the game.
  7. Pretty much right on the nose. Sweden went out to try to defend both nations that were targeted today. Both nations we tried to help are smaller compared to us but we see as good neighbors bring friendly PvP. After today and what we expect to be a flood of Russians doing PvP in our already crowded part of the map, France will go silent. Not to mention, unlike Russia, we are not able to quickly replace lost 1st rates. Reverse says a lot of things. Does not make it true.
  8. Seriously? We have not dipped below 300 since release.
  9. I have no plans. Get enough people and hope someone shows up.
  10. Good farming there if you do not mind the trip.
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