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  1. Honest


    Can I get my dice back, please? I promise not to go broke again...
  2. Now that we can upgrade the ports... Could we dredge up shallow water ports (or for a short time period), as an investment? Or a Dredger DLC?
  3. Québec? Vraiment?

    Gaspé en live, ici.


  4. Couldn't there be specific sub-factions with their own set of rules, RoEs, Local reinforcement areas, trade goods(?), missions? Like noob/training factions, Pvp, Pve, RvR, trade, smuggling, etc...
  5. I'm loving it. Cannonfire, although some may not remember, IS devastating.
  6. Let the transgressors be judged by a jury of their peers... (Those two guys came at us the first night; we cited the ceasefire, and we parted ways peacefully. The second night they came at my LGV again, truly intent on hacking Dutch shipping....) Quoi qu'il en soit, ce ne sera pas ces deux insignifiants qui me feront haïr la France. Je ne le puis simplement pas. Seulement, ça aide pas à convaincre mes compatriotes...
  7. Arr! I be seeing through islands everywhere... Where there should be a cliff or a beach, lies nothing at all. And so it is transparent/absent, making the game look terrible at times. Is this a common thing? Like the background of the screen below:
  8. Traitors and opportunists, all of them...
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