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  1. even the ROE in patrol zone is ***ed up! we attack a AI pavel with an aggy an nobody can join, said "Frigate patrol" max rank 4th, br 3000 but the battle is lock Nicely done preventing content game lab!!
  2. I can show you how i capture a purple teak/wo 4/5 constitutuion with a capped caguarian crew space LGV with no upgrades and 1 knowledge slot Not always the best upgrades Wins!
  3. im quite happy with all the changes to be honest... all the grind in the old days was eventually "wrong", many exploits, OP ships and such but i had a lot of fun doing it and if i had to do it again, im happy to. damage model feels right but need some tweeks, trading feels nice too, but still is too early to say. in overal i think the game is turning in good direction, but still need some other stuff to do... and off course more people.
  4. if you think any idea with ALTS in mind, you are not helping the game at all... first Content then use the damn thing, but ALT here, alt there... cheaters will find a way in any posible world... this game need content, ALT should be remove bit by bit if the game itself had the conditions to play in a single account, but sadly it doesnt... ALT politics is supported by 1: output limitation 2: building limitation 3: gather resourses from other nations to your main account 4: grief your main account nation ( PVP) 5: weird RVR mechanics @adminmy solution to get rid of ALTS is: 1: Output limitation Only in National Conquest ( give some meaning to RVR ) tow with fee but those dubloons go to the Owner of that PORT, supporting CLAN Missions. 2: Building limitation increased to 10 ( this way you can farm resourses more easily without ALT and u can Use ports where you need Inside your National Area of conquest. and everything else will fade away with time. PS: sorry for beeing off Topic here. about the idea i will keep outlaw fights for Pirates, but the rest will remain the same, not friendly farming for medals.
  5. @adminif you want to introduce this, wich im fine with the idea. could be linked to PVP experience? for example, yo can craft and sail frigates up to certain rank, after that if you want to crew bigger ships or posible do another stuff u have may had to gather some experience in PVP or RVR to rank up and had more crew. for example you can recon a "new guy" only by his rank and not his skill... a some sort of mercy would happen if a "lord of the admiralty" attack a Master and comander for example. also give's you ( as a player) some sort of reward to wear a high rank in battle due your own previews experience. could also be some "frigate admiralty mission" in wich you are searching specifically traders and small ships for PVP? wich a reward in reals, dubloons and mission chest (silver, gold). this will encourage more people to sails in search for traders and try to disrupt enemy economy. im just thinking some ideas... hope you can give a thought and put something similar to this in game. would be Great
  6. yeah i know, i express myself badly... it was distracting seen United states in OW, perhaps should be a lot better had USS United state as a Note (pvp rewards) and USS constitution in OW. i already play this game for almost 2 years calling Constitution that ship that i feel is another 180° change... wich is not needed at all... just a switch name OW is conny and Note is Unites state... give her some "elite Status" as New ship in game
  7. well, under my experience sailing arround, and the map how it is now... u cant go where those NPC are, you dont have enough supply after a battle, so you must sail damaged into what ever you will find really far away from your port... ( is nice if you want that to happen but in the Minds of people who like to play "fast" as "posible" is prohivitive). in my humble opinion... i do like more pvp than PVE but both are equal important for not had long period of boringness. i do enjoy way lot more had some Enemy traders or even fleets coming towards your national ports... i know that change was to take people out of R zone, but with this new ROE in R zone and PVP you dont need this anymore... is just time consuming.
  8. but you realize that would be a huge problem for new people right? and/or casual players who does not like missions and want a fight in OW agains NPC... it forces you to had a Group or sail big ships... wich may create another issue, more gank fleets comming towards those areas to farm those newbies... cause if you know where you go and what exactly you will find, those areas are GANK traps... im just saying add more random drops of Smaller NPC near other areas to not bother to sail for hours to find a fight and dont have anything nearby to repair or re supply your ship... west cuba is where i was and i didnt find nothing beside Brits... wich is really annoying... perhaps not just 100% of them but a random ration in between 20%-35% should be fine or at least big ships sailing alone... 2 3rd rate are hard to fight as it is now even with a 3rd rate... now u take way too much damage with those Uber ships with Laser guided AIM who never fail and sail fast even desmasted to even bother to tag...
  9. i always play In pvp war, i sailed in between corrientes, mantua, baja, tumbado, las tortugas and those russians port of conttoy and mugeres... only saw brit fleets, and HUGE enemy fleet wich you can engage with 3rd rate or higher, but are prohivitive for solo players in small ships... ( trincomalee in my case) with the old model i would fight those but i tried in test bed and now is imposible or consume way too much time and reps, and the rewards is not equal to your effort, so that's why i sailed 2 hours for nothing
  10. well... after 2 hours sailing arround tumbado corrientes, and R zone of spanish and dont find any suitable NPC to figh with... i logged off... please can you add more NPC to the OW, not just big fleets?? small vessels, traders, groups of 2 and 3 friggates? ... so far seems to be empty... for solo player, in small ship is a huge waste of time sail to find a fight and i dont want to work too hard to find some action in OW agains NPC... thanks
  11. I know that, but for the game must call her USS unites states, cause now if you find a US player is weird to said " found a US player is a united state" at least add the "USS" prefix to it
  12. sailing for and hour now and i didnt find any NPC in enemy waters... something is broke... and when i found it is a Huge fleet impsible to fight with 1 ship... @admin please bring more NPC to the OW... is super boring and time wasting sail for hours to find nothing to shoot at least near tumbado region
  13. USS constitution re names to United States?? seriusly? worse name ever for a ship... can you still calling her Constitution?? please is distracting... find a US player in a US ship!! LOL
  14. @admin i have something that annoyis me... i found a OW battle inside the R zone of the spanish, 130 spanish br, 40br Brits side, im sailing a trinco and im Brit, but i cant enter the fight!!! for what reason!!! im confused! also the battle was just started
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