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  1. true but the thing is... 6pd pen and damage waaaaaaay too much a 4th rate angeled even at 400mt that's is not OK
  2. some trading adjustments??? in weight and prices?? BTW thanks for this patch
  3. remember if you sank a ship with port bonuses the card of the ship tells you where was crafted and the location of his shipyard
  4. i also noticed the NPC stern camp you and also they bowtank, they didn't split up and had laser guided guns, wich melt your ship even at 500mt... they penetrate waaaay too much sometimes i get damaged in both sides going side by side with a ship... also they made quite a lot of damage in the structure (penetration) doing rakes from far away... yeah! combat sailing skills for NPC, very nice!! love it, but HIGH PEN, DAMAGE AND HEALTH i hated... recently i lose a rat agains 8 5th rates, i sink 4 of the 5 essex, and 1 surp and 2 cerverous but, even the cerv with 9pd guns do a lot of damage on my rat with 78thikness at 400mt even in angle!! they sink my by rake shots when i was repairing... they hit a window and you lose half structure is NUTS!! take a look of the image... 4th rate vs all of those... i had to rep 2 times, double ball do almost nothing beside a reload shock. ( is a shame losing against an AI but they are way too overbuffed this time, easier way is boarding, they are still dumb)
  5. a little off topic here, but with the nerf of the damage model, BOW TANKING and HUGING are back just that... g night
  6. This count as a countergank, they atacked Greg, i jump in to try to save him i fail in that mission but i had my revenge after all...
  7. i think for the good of any of this 2 mechanics, F11 must to get rid of the game... is annoying and raiding must to be hid somehow unless you get cought, otherwise is a waste of programing hours. like the idea by the way
  8. Port investment = good idea Port bonuses = bad implementation. Perks like bonueses in port= posible solution. Once you upgrade 1 bonus, the other must be locked, also they need some downside too, for example if you upgrade thikness you will lose speed and acceleration cause your adding more weight to your ship... Same for other bonuses. Specialization must be added soon and wipe the previews upgrades cause if you fight a ship with all port upgrades, all elite mods and books you had NO CHANCE at all. Is imposible, i taste this thing myself yesterday and now im not in the mood in eve log into the game, is totally pointless. Having no ships, crafting way to expensive, enemy port upgrade to max and pvp against those and add they will not fight alone... Is a imposible task. And this pole for alliances will kill pvp at all. Im thinking to unistall and wait
  9. Admin a little off topic here but can i suggest to make the WIND shift in OW as it does in battle instance?? would be nice to have random less predictive wind in OW this little simple thing would add a lot more fun to our (sometimes boring) sailings thank you
  10. so far, only Nassau crashed... but thanks for this quick answer
  11. i know, but it should she is in Filipina's region not habana region
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