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  1. This count as a countergank, they atacked Greg, i jump in to try to save him i fail in that mission but i had my revenge after all...
  2. so far, only Nassau crashed... but thanks for this quick answer
  3. I can show you how i capture a purple teak/wo 4/5 constitutuion with a capped caguarian crew space LGV with no upgrades and 1 knowledge slot Not always the best upgrades Wins!
  4. if you think any idea with ALTS in mind, you are not helping the game at all... first Content then use the damn thing, but ALT here, alt there... cheaters will find a way in any posible world... this game need content, ALT should be remove bit by bit if the game itself had the conditions to play in a single account, but sadly it doesnt... ALT politics is supported by 1: output limitation 2: building limitation 3: gather resourses from other nations to your main account 4: grief your main account nation ( PVP) 5: weird RVR mechanics @adminmy solution to get rid of ALTS is: 1:
  5. @adminif you want to introduce this, wich im fine with the idea. could be linked to PVP experience? for example, yo can craft and sail frigates up to certain rank, after that if you want to crew bigger ships or posible do another stuff u have may had to gather some experience in PVP or RVR to rank up and had more crew. for example you can recon a "new guy" only by his rank and not his skill... a some sort of mercy would happen if a "lord of the admiralty" attack a Master and comander for example. also give's you ( as a player) some sort of reward to wear a high rank in battle due your
  6. BTW guys... STOP thinking in ALT abuse and start thinking in CONTENT for players!! it doesn't matter if some players abuse with ALTS... is WAY more IMPORTANT have content in game no matter if is corruptible by alts. all those things will happen anyway... so please encourage new interesting content instead in comment warnings of "posible" alt abuse
  7. i Just LOVE IT !!!! and you are right... this thing IS A MUST HAVE in this game... i remember when i start and i spend almost 2 weeks doing nothing, just sailing arround in a cutter, i felt lost soo many times. Finally i get caught by the hugeness of the open world map and the battle instance.
  8. so what thing could be? i actually stop playing cause im getting bored soooo damn quick now! i did all the thing that the game offer to you... i even unlock 5/5 slots in all the ships in the game... im real admiral and lvl50 crafter... but beside this also i fight PVP in NPC ships cause is more challenging, almost never hide myself behind "special elite upgrades", i even do stupid things like fight PVP fir/crew outnumbered, just to have some sort of a challenge... but now... i dont even think in play cause is nothing left to do... for example in other threads i suggest make the NPC 4th rate
  9. it is... but if we always think some sort of content and how ALT would destroy it, at the end we had nothing... i rather prefer to had content no matter is ALT would destroy it, that will happen anyway
  10. random thought... in terms of ship limitation by nations... you could Unlock (blueprint) a new ship by capturing an enemy vessel ( as a counter ingeniering) in that way you are making some ships very special and a quest for Unlock it all. i think that would add some spice and a good reason to do PVP. Also this could bring more randomness in Port Battles and force the people to be more skilled, battles also will be more interesting, cause not all of them would be Sink the ship... or perhaps, Unlock ships and Knowledge By ranking up? giving some meaning to be Real Admiral. just thou
  11. I think if we get rid of any type of upgrades, or perhaps some upgrades can be use only by a certain nation... Or something that diferenciate one to another... But mostly i will love to have a hardcore pirate nation with no national ports and outlaw fights... Also they need to have a morale boost for boarding. I think and a ship class cap, they only acces to bigger ships by capping.
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