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  1. Carlos_Condell

    Port Eco

    Beside this suggestion, wich i like, have the option in town management to put Consuming for crafted goods, for example, sabicu logs, teak, white oak, etc instead a player personal storage, so each port consume that good wich is sold at port overprice for a little time. The clan paid as usual extra fee for this feature, and this feature can be on and off depending of the need. Lets say 100k per material So if you have "Town contracts" i think you can archieve this. 1: Have trade runs with purpose, letting out more people. 2: making ports more profitables 3: great funcionality and dynamic town management beside timmers and basic maintainance. 4: RVR meaning, attack important ports beside only having them to decorate your map and drain your finances.
  2. Carlos_Condell

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Admin the big problem with herc is his speed, she deflect too many shots, even 42pd at close range, mast thickness and hitpoint, i fought many time hercs and requins and now i avoid fight them cause give you no rewards if u win... u cant cap the ship and if you sink it you earn only 5pvp mark vs if they sink you they have more money and rewards, can take your ship and do normal stuff, but if u use NPC ( i support that idea, cause i use them all the time) u will lose... herc in good hands are almost unsincable even if you are good ( wich i like to believe i am) requins are pick your fight or run... but is a real plage!! all are sailing omy requins and herc, cause has no risk at all !!! No time involve in gather resourses, no building needed, no PVP mark required, no nothing... and u have a good OP fast, sturdy ship, well crewded, with addition of determined defender u are the lord of the seas... still you dont see the big picture here... many small things are making the ship OP, and turn the game in shallows P2W, go to any PVP zone... u will see only hercs and requins ( mostly) also u can put Poods and Bic carronades in a herc... making more dangerous than a cerverous, essex, endymion, friggate or any other 5th rate... his turn rate overturn most of his kind too... plus is shallow... so need a good re balance... specially in the deflection thing... u cangle that ship just 5 degrees and u can deflect the entarely broadside, is nuts!!
  3. Carlos_Condell

    Enable Full Pay to Win

    DLC ships only grant 5pvp mark if you kill them VS the effort in sank it with normal ships = NO FIGHT is Better... im ussually avoid fight any herc or requin because of that... no point in waste all my reps and adding a few little chances to sank one of them with out a DLC ship and also a minor reward discourage me to to fight them. im stick with 5th rate frigates, they are more balance and good in even fights and trying to attack bigger ships... i think Constitution need a lot of love!!! her base speed is less that a wasa and Bellona and is 2 rates lower, also his turn rate is AWFUL is a beautifull ship with out any practical Use... and for the Topic NO P2W, Herc is overpower way toooooo much... i dont know if is easier to nerf 2 ships that buff 5... but is your call... a good idea to balance this Herc over populatios is making Herc and requin Notes be affordables by PVP mark for those who had the DLC, so in that way you can Stop the endless FREE RISK/MONEY Spam of Hercs!!!
  4. Like this one for example?
  5. i would like to add this 2 suggestions, first i love the resizeable Hold menu, but i way to big, i play in 1920x1080 and with 2 menus my screen is filled... also is opaque so i cant see anything behind. i add a suggestion on compass design, transparency and scale of the Hold menu. i think it can be even smaller, the Icon for "RIG rep" would be a Sail cloth insted of saw and wood... im alzo agree in have the freedom to move the Hot bar into any corner... right left top bottom... to fit our needs.... i wold love to have, for example mi Hot menu in the right side on top of the compass, left side with info of the ships, ports and perhap a quick info box with some info about Contracts fullfilled, track for some Items of goods... some info to avoid sail for hours to a place with no result at all... the hability to track point in the mini map... like Pins, for example with your compass and map (suggestions3.jpg) u can track up to 3 locations and correct your navigation... whitout anything else but the map... perhaps add some coordinates in translucency on top of the current map for better navigation and more "real life" experience
  6. Carlos_Condell

    The Art of the Grapple (Boarding Improvements)

    i think this will be awesome!!
  7. Carlos_Condell

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    me too... and sound like a perfec solution
  8. Carlos_Condell

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    try to board someone in a PB and after that we talk... now u need a calculator to know how many crew u need to get close to the enemy ship to have a nice boarding action... is silly and stupid... if you do all the grape all the work, and you are getting closer, the guy just use rum and brace and you are inhable to board... the time is gone and u lose your chance... is really stupid BTW my ping in battle is 264 so i board only for fun and some times for need... but i think DD makes Book of 5 ring useless
  9. Carlos_Condell

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    perhaps... but the whole point is to have the freedom to board any ship with less crew no matter what... and not have this limitation
  10. Carlos_Condell

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    i dont really... but is good to have the option to board when u have less crew and the freedom to do it... and now u cant and that bothers me
  11. Carlos_Condell

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    are you try to stop a 1st rate with a 6th rate? with the chain limitation? or you are one of those dudes who hide behind a perk?
  12. Carlos_Condell

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    double shot and double charge existe in reality too... had a really good carpenter also... but had a "determined defender" that is magic...
  13. Carlos_Condell

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    in a battle 1v1 the guy in a bigger ship make a mistake and get stuck in irons... so the small one can take his chances and go for boarding and voala... determined defender!!! so yea is ruining the game... the other thing... if u get cought by a smoller ship than you... is your lack in skills to avoid that... sorry but is true
  14. Carlos_Condell

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    in that logic, a santi should be unboardeable?
  15. Carlos_Condell

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion