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  1. @admin PVE server is for playing with no conflict between players - Or is it? Many of the players on pve doesn't play in a cooperative way - take a look at the Clan HMSH or the 7EC. And I mean the cooperation between the nation and the booked ports. Many of the PVE players are aware of the global cooperation the the United Nations. It was made so the PVE server doesn't turn into chaos and every nation gets a part of the cake so Every nation gets to have a taste of the full potential of the game - (yes I am talking about the port bonuses, the labour hours reduced, more resources produced
  2. Well yes But you have to do this manually - and this is exaclty my point - sorting button doesn't do what you really want does it?
  3. Good Devs, First thing, Good job on the User Interface - It is really an improvement over 2018 I hope you're doing good. I have couple of improvements to suggest for your User experience. Sorting things and organizing your stuff if a real pain at the moment. here are the reasons why I find it really frustrating: 1) Sorting Button doesn't do what you want. Have a warehouse full of upgrades? Sorting them out will not sort them in icon order or the picture they represent. Sorting should be called more - Stacking. As it stacks the resources/upgrades. Wouldn't it be great it cou
  4. Good day Captains and devs, We the community would like this Diana Event to be officially announced like last time with slightly more info. - Diana - Santa - Ruyter - All 3 notes will drop? Or they'll be on missing like last time. saw the ruyter note will drop but what about the Diana and Santa Cecilia ? - Where: Locations of the spawn will remain the same? Please let us know - How long: From the 5th of June to.... ?? Kind Regards, Paulo
  5. Love this idea - But The devs will have to expand the time after the battle as there is only 15 mins. It'll be great to also have the choice But I wonder whom will want to go all the way back upwind to loot all the the ships. Great Iidea though!
  6. Dear Devs, I hope you are doing all right with all what's happening. Due to the fact that we cannot login into the PVE server, it was impossible for us to organize ourselves up for the Port Battle Defence. Whether it's for ERP or LBR. This is not fair for our side and ask if you could do anything in compensation if we lose our Port Battles. Kind Regards Paulo de Antigua
  7. Mixed NPC fleets and larger ones - different rank ships in the same fleet Kind regards Paulo de Antigua
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