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  1. Beautiful ship! Please let add it! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_ship_De_Zeven_Provinci%C3%ABn_(1665) Replica under construction The first 80 guns in the world!
  2. The Admiraal de Ruyter was a Dutch 80-gun ship-of-the-line, part of the Wreker Class (translation: Avenger). 7 ships would be build according to Pieter Glavimans' design which was approved by the admiralty in 1795. Supervising the build of the first two vessels, the class' leadship "Wreker" left the dockyard in 1798. Including "Chatham" and "Admiral Zoutman" the first order of the wreker class' vessels was finished in 1800. Impressed by the ships' overall performance another batch of four new vessels were approved by the admiralty. In 1806 "Admiraal de Ruyter" left the dockyard. -Wreker 1798 (Amsterdam) -Chatham 1799 (Rotterdam) -Admiraal Zoutman 1800 (Amsterdam) -Admiraal de Ruyter 1806 (Rotterdam) -De Leeuw 1806 (Amsterdam) -Admiraal de Ruyter 1808 (Amsterdam) -Admiraal Evertsen 1808 (Amsterdam) The measurement of the class (amsterdamse voet): 195 ft x 51 ft x 22 ft In meters: 55.2 x 14.4 x 6.2 Hereby the plans of the Ruyter: Originally the Class was destined to carry 80-gun (pounds are in dutch): Lower gun deck: 36-pounders Upper gun deck: 30-pounders FC&QD: 12-pounders Yet on the plan you can clearly see a flush top deck. For reference, underneath is a ship plan included of how the original 80-gun version looked like (Wreker's plan): The new 90-gun version had an improved armament. Besides the 12-pounder cannons, a series of 36-pounder carronades would be added along the gangways. Excluding the added Carronades the ships' broadside weight was a respectable 1156 british pound (converted from dutch pd). Adding 9 Carronades the broadside weight is boosted by 352 (brit) pound resulting in a total of 1509 brit pound To illustrate the ship a bit more: Sidegallery +stern for both Admiraal de Ruyter as well as Admiraal Evertsen. The stern for the Admiraal de Ruyter, after being renamed to Rotterdam. The bow for Admiraal de Ruyter herself: Over her lifespan she would be renamed several times. Admiraal de Ruyter whilst build Admiraal Piet Hein from launch in 1806 Rotterdam from 1806 (late) Koninklijke Hollander from 1808 (Royal) Hollandais from 1810 (french service) Koninklijke Hollander from 1814 (return to dutch service The reason why she changed names whilst being build is quite interesting. When arriving in the Netherlands, Louis Napoleon visited one of the 1808 ships in construction. In honor of the dutch nation's greatest admiral, he christened the ship Admiraal de Ruyter. Unknown to him at the time, there was already a ship being build who carried the same name, hence why she was immediately (and temporarily) renamed Admiraal Piet Hein. An interesting characteristic of the ship class is that they all utilized a lateen yard instead of a spanker. A incredible model has been made of the Chatham pre-refit. Additional models of the Chatham: Initially it was hard to get a accurate grip on the internals of the ship, regardless of the above shown models. Luckily the Wreker actually has a full set on internals available. To top it off, there is a remarkable drawing of the Admiraal Zoutman in existence, truly gorgeous. Great for paintscheme reference. Another ship designed and build by Pieter Glavimans at the same time which was turned into a model is the 1798 Neptunus(74), which is also great for paintscheme reference.
  3. Let the transgressors be judged by a jury of their peers... (Those two guys came at us the first night; we cited the ceasefire, and we parted ways peacefully. The second night they came at my LGV again, truly intent on hacking Dutch shipping....) Quoi qu'il en soit, ce ne sera pas ces deux insignifiants qui me feront haïr la France. Je ne le puis simplement pas. Seulement, ça aide pas à convaincre mes compatriotes...
  4. 'Eendracht' Need more info. Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mu8zflm6rvzgh46/Unknown1.jpg?dl=0
  5. Verenigde Nederlandse Marine (VNM)/ Koninklijke Marine (KM) A Caribbean Server based Dutch community is open for new and experienced players to join. Who We Are A once PVP2 American time zone based clan, the United Dutch Navy/ Royal Netherlands Navy, strives to better new and old players alike. Our diplomats and battle commanders consist of players that have been playing this game for several years. Our "creator" is always our most active member, I, OneEyedSnake, am the original creator of this long time clan, but often times change this position due to real life studies. Our warehouse is meant to be used, and as such we give out the "officer" position to members we trust, the only rule is do not use the gold without asking, as it is used to pay for ports. We have a playerbase mainly consisting of US players, and all English Speaking, but have a few players from all over the globe, so of course everyone is welcome. Summed Up: Teambased clan Port Battle operations screening and in port operations Economy Clan for mass scale ship building National Playerbase Objective To secure the dutch borders and provide for the nation as a whole in both supplies and ships to fight. What We are looking for A team player Activity Willing to learn and teach If you meet these requirements, message me, or any VNM member you see in the game, here on the forums, in ts, or in the game (OneEyedSnake). Godspeed all, OneEyedSnake TS Info ts.gamers-united.net New Quote of the week: "These waters seem much the same as the waters I sailed in 3 days ago" ~Ration S Silvery "Lets just not tell anyone" ~Ration S Silvery and OneEyedSnake after running into each other's bows. "Look at that! The dutch finally have the majority of players online!" ~A few players, during the merger of global into Caribbean server. There were 15 people online, we had 8. "Then he tried to kiss me when we got home" ~Bodayga Veiligheid op en vanuit zee. (Security on and from the sea.) Forum Signature Template: (See page 2 for further details about forum signature) Image By: Tenet of KM Video by Mike of KM
  6. Hello Everyone. I wanted to tell/ask something. The time frame of ships in-game/that are possible to be in game are ships that are build in 1690-1820. This means we will get lots of 18th century ships , gotta love them. Dont get me wrong , i love 18th century ships , they look awesome , the sailing is amazing. They all have something great. Gotta love those ships. But what i was wondering: Why not make the time frame a little...wider? With this "wider" effect i mean: 17th century ships. Reason: I personally love the 18th century ships , they are awesome in all kinds of ways. They are natural beauties. All kinds of 18th century ship-rates have their own benefit. Its great. But.. as some other people have explained in other Topics , lots of 18th century ships look the same. With this i dont mean the collour , but the design. Example: We got the L'Ocean , beautiful ship , i sailed with it and fought with it , its amazing. Its such a lovely ship. Then theres the Santisima Trinidad , same thing , i love the look of it , its great in battle , lots of cannons , amazing. But here's were my point joins in: the design of both ships is pretty simillair. Again , dont think i dont like the 18th century designs , i think they are amazing. But because they look so simillair and we have lots of those kinds of ships , i would love to see some other kids of designs. This is one of the reasons why i love the 5th rate ship of the line: La Renommee. It has kind of the same design , but the back is way different. And i think its gorgeous. Same thing with The Ingermanland , i love the ship even more because its a different kind of design. Especially in the back. Ofcourse , how a ship looks is not the only thing that matters , how their abilities proof in battle and in sailing is a very import example too. Ofcourse , 18th century ships were more developed , but 17th century ships are good in sailing. Looking at the fact of how a ship reacts on the sea , doesnt really matter in this case. But i would love to see 17th century ships in-game. I will take some examples to show you. Le Soleil Royal (1670) I choose the photo of the back , because the back is were it matters about most in this Topic. Just look at this ship. Its beautiful and very different from the ships we have in game right now. And for those who want a back story , its their too. Back Story: She was build in Brest between 1668 and 1670 by engineer Laurent Hubac. She was launched in 1669 and stayed in Brest harbour for years.She was recommissioned with 112 guns and 1200 men when the Nine years war broke out in 1688 as the flagship of the escadre du Ponant (squadron of the West). She was said to be a good sailing ship and her decorations were amongst the most beautiful and elaborate of all baroque flagships. The emblem of the "sun" had been chosen by Louis XIV as his personal symbol. One more example: Seven Provinces (Zeven Provinciën) 1665-1694 I got the same reason for the photo from the back: Matters the most in this Topic. Just look at her.. she is beautiful. The Seven provinces is my personal favorite ship. She looks stunning , has lots of cannons , and sails like she rules over the seven seas. But thats not all.. she has one hell of a back story too. Back Story: The Seven Provinces was a line ship of 'de Admiraliteit van de Maze' with 80 cannons on board , the name was also writen as: '7 provinciën'. The ship had a lenght of 163 foot and was 43 foot wide , and had a cavity of 16,5 foot. The men were with more then 420. The ship was build in 1664-1665 on admiral site at the 'HaringVliet' of Rotterdam. The builder of the ship was: Salomon Jansz van den Tempel. It began her carreer as flagship of viceadmiraal Aert Jansse Van Ness. After that it became the flag ship of luitenant-admiraal Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter (1666-1674). She fought at 'de Vierdaagse zeeslag' at North Foreland (1666). She also fought at the 'Tweedagse zeeslag' (1666) , and at 'Toch van Chatham' (1667). And in the seccond English war. The ship also fought at 'Slag bij Solebay' (1672) , the 'dubbele slag bij Schooneveld' and at the 'Slag bij Kijkduin' (1673). In 1674 it went on expidition under controll of Admiral Michiel de Ruyter. After the death [ kiling of the Prince of orange] of Admiral michiel de ruyter it became the flag ship of Schout-Bij-Nacht Jan Van Brakel in 1678. In 1691 Johan snellen got the ship under controll. He died the same year on board. It also participated in the English/Dutch fleet in 1691 under the command of Edward Russel. In 1692 it got shot by the french and it caused a leak in the battle of Barfleur en La Hougue , the ship sailed back to port. After that it got sold in 1694. This is the reason i call her... unsikable , because she has never bin sunk . So why not 'wide' the time frame out to the 17th century?
  7. Unfortunately for us Dutch, the main period on which Naval Action seems to focus comes after our 'Golden Age', but there's still plenty of Dutch stuff in the 18th century. We all know and love the 74 as the ultimate linesoldier of 18th century fleet battles and as such these ships should be well represented in game, several types should be available for all the major factions. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has this large, very detailed model of the 74gun ship "Vrijheid". This ship will fit in the game's timeperiod beautifully and could be an important staple of Dutch fleets. We didn't build any first rates because of the shallow waters around our coasts, generally sticking to third rates and the occasional 2nd as a flagship, but we certainly knew how to slap together a good boat. The Vrijheid did not have a particularly magnificent career. Built in 1782, she fought at Kamperduin in '97 and was captured by the English. She served as a prison hulk for a few years before she was scrapped. But still, it's a solid 15 years of active service and one major battle. That's more than you can say about a great many of other warships. In any case, I think it'd be a wonderful addition to the game. Not just for some Dutch lovin', but 74s are awesome and you can never have enough of them. It's a large, multi-part model. While I don't know if there are any plans of the ship online or even in existence, I can't imagine the friendly people at the Rijksmuseum would be unwilling to cooperate with helping the devs to build a virtual specimen of her.
  8. There is a documentary about the 17th century Swedish expedition to the New World aboard a Dutch ship, the Kalmar Nyckel on tonight in the US at 9 pm EST. I used to be a crew member on the replica which sails out of Wilmington Delaware USA. Of course the replica is featured in the show! Unfortunately it is on a local Public TV station (WHYY) so I am not sure who will be able to see it - maybe it is available streaming. She is a beautiful ship even if a bit before our timeline (1625). The Ingermanland is the closest in resemblance. Here are some links: https://whyy.org/kalmar-nyckel-forgotten-journey/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=eblast&utm_campaign=video&utm_content=local&utm_term=kalmarnyckel http://kalmarnyckel.org/
  9. Merchants 0-gun, 't Fortuyn, 1740 Link: http://i.imgur.com/vIy6Bva.jpg 0-gun, unknown, 1800 Link: http://i.imgur.com/bjz2NOf.jpg 6-gun, Jonge Vos, 1809 Link: http://i.imgur.com/xXwL95k.jpg 12-gun, unknown, 1760 Link: http://i.imgur.com/8YlyqTY.jpg 14-gun, unknown, 1780 Link: http://i.imgur.com/L55fgxK.jpg 16-gun, unknown, 1760 Link: http://i.imgur.com/pT3Txcj.jpg 26-gun, unknown, 1760 Link: http://i.imgur.com/vWTpTlc.jpg 26-gun, unknown, 1750 Link: http://i.imgur.com/pmLbCW9.jpg 32-gun, De Atlas, unknown Link: http://i.imgur.com/cE86enE.png 38-gun, unknown, 1740 Link: http://i.imgur.com/zvV6EIQ.jpg Warships - Brigantines 12-gun, Gier, 1794, Brigantine Link: http://i.imgur.com/MCMLKKX.png 12-gun, William, 1799, Brigantine Link: http://i.imgur.com/xLIkbKc.png 14-gun, Gier, 1796, Brigantine Link: http://i.imgur.com/wf0cmKi.png Warships - Brigs 7-gun, Haai, 1801, Brig Link: http://i.imgur.com/fXqabUq.png 12-gun, Irene, 1800, Brig Link: http://i.imgur.com/MuvAfZU.jpg 12-gun, Pijl, 1785, Brig Link: http://i.imgur.com/c6A9mqj.png Source: NL-HaNA, Marine Bouwtekeningen Schepen, 4.MST, inv.nr. 321 16-gun, Comeet, 1791, Brig Link: http://i.imgur.com/90Ov5UW.png 16-gun, Galathe, 1795, Brig Link: http://i.imgur.com/H2U9dhu.png 18-gun, Echo, 1789, Brig Link: http://i.imgur.com/Yt8b3QL.png Source: NL-HaNA, Marine Bouwtekeningen Schepen, 4.MST, inv.nr. 291-292 18-gun, unknown, 1800, Brig Link: http://i.imgur.com/4O3Z2Xp.jpg 18-gun, unknown, 1804, Brig Link: http://i.imgur.com/RaicIIk.jpg Warships - Corvet 20-gun, Den Arend, 1768, Corvet Link: http://i.imgur.com/gf28Bxi.png http://i.imgur.com/qb1nsls.png http://i.imgur.com/9oGCtwp.png 20-gun, Unknown, 1780, Corvet Link: http://i.imgur.com/5MsTOQz.png 20-gun, unknown, 1800, Corvet Link: http://i.imgur.com/9WQtWJ4.jpg 20-gun, Venus & Lynx, 1806, Corvet Links: http://i.imgur.com/yEh3bUE.png http://i.imgur.com/18s2tX2.png Source: NL-HaNA, Marine Bouwtekeningen Schepen, 4.MST, inv.nr. 258-259 28-gun, unknown, 1800, Corvet Link: http://i.imgur.com/LRaJcKY.jpg Warships - Cutter 22-gun, unknown, 1781, Cutter Link: http://i.imgur.com/djPb6k2.jpg
  10. Calling all sailors planning to join the Dutch nation.... With the upcoming major patch and server changes, we are curious to know which server you will join and if you will participate in the DHC. It would also be helpful to reply to this post announcing your new IGN (in-game name) and what clan you intend to be a member of. TY
  11. With the lack of Dutch ships in the game, I decided to attempt one myself that could potentially be useful. Don't expect wonders (in terms of speed and pretty renders) coming from me, it's all hobby work, but I'll try my best at it I'm working off of this scan of the ships Leeuwenhorst (named after an area in the former province of Holland, now Zuid Holland) and Edam (named after a small fishing village). There's little I could find about these ships, so this drawing is all I can work from. I chose to make this ship, because for one the size (4th rate) and secondly the typical Dutch stern that was apparently common design pre-Batavian Republic (when France conquered the Dutch republic in 1795). Similar designs can be found on the 3rd rate Stadt En Lande, and the frigate Eendracht, for example. Here's a first concept:
  12. The Republikeinse Handelsvloot is a Dutch Merchant Navy which is open to every active Dutch player who likes to play the game as trader. We offer a democratic and organized trade guild with benefits for its member. If you are interested in joining the exciting life as a rich Dutch merchant and support the republic, contact us and join the Republikeinse Handelsvloot! NAME: Republikeinse Handelsvloot TAG: VLOOT TEAMSPEAK: cubegaming.de CONTACT: Wilhelm von Bromme, Van Hoog, Sir Henri HOMEPORT: Willemstad Obligations: To maintain our treasury, pay support to the shipwrights and compensate members for lost goods or ships, we demand a small amount of taxes from the members. The taxes scale with the rank of the player and will be payed weekly. Adelborst: 1000 Tweede Luitenant: 2000 Eerste Luitenant: 4000 Kapitein Luitenant: 8000 Kapitein: 10000 Commandeur-Kapitein: 15000 Vlaggenkapitein: 20000 Commandeur: 25000 Schout-Bij-Nacht: 50000 Benefits Organized Trade and Escort Expeditions Supply and Demand Missions Insurance for Ships and Goods Support for Shipwrights Democratic Structures
  13. The Venus & Lynx were the first iteration of Pieter Glavimans's new corvet design. Similar to the Wreker-class, several would be build in Amsterdam and some in Rotterdam. The venus would be constructed in Amsterdam by Pieter Schuijt Jr , overseen by Glavimans himself the Lynx would be constructed in Rotterdam. Both ships would lead completely different career paths. The measurement of the ships (amsterdamse voet): 120 ft x 33 9/11 ft x 16 8/11 ft In meters: 34,0 x 9,6 x 4,8 Crew: 120 Armament: 20x 12 pd From 1818 was designated to carry: 20x 30pd carronade The plan of the Lynx & Venus: Wooden reference models made: The Lynx only lasted a few years, being scrapped from the records in 1813. The Venus however had a rather interesting career. Most notable of which was the part she played during the Siege of Palembang: As seen in the center, marked with an F, you can see the positioning of the Venus. During the assault, she took the brunt of the fire, whilst the other ships in the fleet cleared the shores for landing. A passage of what happened that day: '' De volgende aanval vond de 24ste plaats; voor het aanbreken van de dag namen de oorlogsschepen hun posities in en beantwoordden het vijandelijke vuur vanaf vijf uur. Om kwart over zes verminderde dit vijandelijke vuur; kolonel Bisschof, die met zijn troepen in landingsboten door de palen heendrong, ondernam een aanval aan de linkerkant van het eiland. De batterij werd overmeesterd en de kapiteins Elout en Dibbets en luitenant Lejeune wisten de Nederlandse vlag op de vijandelijke versterkingen te plaatsen. Een poging om de grote batterij van voren aan te vallen werd als onverstandig geoordeeld en de troepen verenigden zich aan de kant van het eiland om daar de rivier over te steken en de batterijen op de rechteroever aan te vallen. Intussen hadden de Venus en de Ajax de waterbatterijen tot zwijgen gebracht. '' Roughly translated: '' The next attack took place on the 24th; before the break of dawn the warships took their positions and started to return the enemy fire. Around quarter past six enemy canon fire started to reduce, which was the signal for colonel Bisschof to make his move. With his troops in landings rafts he penetrated the poles and launched an attack on the left side of the Island. The battery was taken and the captains Elout and Dibbets and Lieutenant Lejeune managed to joist the Dutch flag. An attempt to frontally attack the big battery was deemed unwise and the troops assembled on the east side of the island, preparing to attack the right shore battery. In the meantime the Venus and Ajax managed to silence the shore battery more inland.'' The ship as well as her captain and crew was honored for their steadfast performance. Sadly the damage she suffered was substantial. Her after action report shows a total of 7 dead and 17 wounded. In 1821, after the major repairs, the Venus would be transferred to the colonial navy (Dutch East Indies) where she would serve until 1823 when she was sold to the public. In October, still unmoved at the shipyard, she was demolished. Painting: Based on the lines of the 1806 corvets, an improved design was put to use in 1818. To replace the lost 1806 Lynx. Spoiler for those who are interested:
  14. The first time Ive seen this ship I fell in love to her. Its a little ship of the line - maybe the smallest SoL the dutch ever bothered to launch. (her class at least). But there appears to be no plans whatsoever. There are several plans of 50 gun SoLs but most of them just dont have the flavor of this particular vessel. https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en/collection/NG-MC-656 If the real plans dont exist Id really love to see a 44 gun twodecker without any ewatherdeck guns. Means there is no prominent forecastle or quarterdeck. The image above has those two parts very suttle. Nothing "in your face" about it imo. Her sides look very clean. Maybe someone has plans to her or maybe knows some more about this class of ships. I am eager to learning more about her!
  15. As stated above. I, and a lot of other people, would love to see more Dutch ships in the game. I was thinking about this beauty: (The one in the center) Zr.Ms. Prins Friso (Or Prins Frieso, written as in the 16th/17th century) I think she would be a great 3rd or 4th rate in the game, since we lack high rate line ships I think. I'm not sure what she was according to her actual history, since I tried to google it, but I could not find anything useful except that I know this picture for about 2 years now. Maybe the Zr.Ms. Prins Friso could be added to the queue of ships that are waiting to be created into the game? :3 Thanks for reading. Let 'em have it...! FIRE!!! ~ Sirion.
  16. Mind the question mark after the name, since I'm trying to deduct if my line of thinking is correct. Recently i stumbled across the following book: When i saw the book i decided to not purchase it yet, since i noticed something. In an online auction of the book, the plans of the ship were shows in small detail: Especially the first one rang several bells in my head, allow me to show you the following: The 2nd and 3rd image shown are marked as depicting the 'Delft'. However, the first is marked the following: ''Met tekst: "A 50 Stukken 1783, Lang 160 Voet, Wijdt 45 Voet, Hol 20.5 Voet." Met schaal: 1 voet = 0.59 cm. Ontwerper van dit schip is Willem Lodewijk van Gendth. Onduidelijk is of dit schip ooit werd gebouwd. Dit schip heeft dezelfde afmetingen als het schip 'Delft' dat ontworpen werd door P. van Zwijndregt Pzn. '' Translated (the relevant parts): ''Designer of this ship is Willem Lodewijk van Gendth. Unclear whether or not this ship was ever build. This ship has identical measurements as the 'Delft', designed by P. van Zwijndregt Pzn.'' So, what i ended up at is that the writer of the book has done additional research into the subject and therefore these plans do belong to the 'Delft'. Is my assumption wrong, or do we have the plans for the Delft already here? Some nice additional pictures since im already working on the topic, and some background information: The Delft is a 54/56-gun ship of the line, build by the Admiraliteit op de Maze. The build started in 1782 with a budget of 210.000 Guilders. She was launched on 16th of May 1783 and finished at Hellevoetsluis in March 1784. What has been marked down of her performance is that she was quite maneuverable and relatively fast. (whether according to dutch standards or international standards, i do not know.) During the Battle at Camperdown the Delft was engaged heavily and sustained a large amount of damage. Over the duration of the battle more than 1 in 3 of the crew was killed and the ship was eventually captured. During the process of towing her to England, the ship flooded and sank. As a sign of respect for the fallen crew and stiff resistance, the captured Dutch third rate 'Hercules' was renamed to 'Delft'. Plans of the Hercules/Delft can be seen here: On the extreme right you can see the Delft forming the end of the line (the Hercules can be seen third from the left): The delft during Camperdown: Stern view: Her armament would consist of 24-12-6, albeit that the link to that has been lost in the process somewhere.
  17. I am looking for more info on these Ships. 1. fregat de 'Mary en Hillegonda' 2. driemastschip Johanna Cornelia (Armed Trader?)
  18. I want to start this topic over the 7 Provinciën 1782, 74 guns because it is pretty hard to come by at information but what i have found is not a whole lot so i will start with what i have. I have done some research on the 7 Provinciën 1782 because it is the only ship with this name who can be ingame despite the older ones who are too old (1665 and 1694/5) She is the third ship to bare the name 7 Provinciën on a Dutch warship, the first one is the most famous of 1665 and the second one is from 1694. She is a 74 gun ship, 2nd charter according to Dutch specifications and a third rate to English. What i have found is a model from a Dutch shipmodelbuilder. He has tried to recreated the blueprints for the 7 Provinciën in which he has used the model of the Vrijheid as the basis/reference, the model of the Vrijheid is owned by the Rijksmuseum. Here are a few pics: see attachments The model is being made by Cor Emke and is 1:75 Just to give you an idea what it might looked liked What i have further found is that the ship has been build from 1781 till 1782/3 in the Amsterdam Shipyard and she has been sold for scrap in 1794 in Hoorn. She has sailed for the admiralty of the Noorderkwartier (Admiraliteit van het Noorderkwartier) Further she has a length of 180 Amsterdam foot with a width of 48 foot and depth in hold of 22 foot The basis of following chapter are references who could help us to deduct her specification In regard to her armament: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=933 The Admiraal Tjerk hiddes de Vries was a ship build in the same year as the 7 Provincien. Albeit her being smaller, her armament falls in line with other Dutch ships from that period and time. According to the page her armament is respectively: Lower gun deck 28 x 36 pdr Upper gun deck 28 x 24 pdr Quarterdeck 10x12 pdr Forecastle 8x12 pdr In regard to her crew: In order to asertain what a possible compiment could've been, i have tried to look at similar ships from the same size/period. Vrijheid 74-gun (179', 48'9'', 22') 550 crew http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=852 Staaten Generaal 74-gun (180', 48'6'', 22') 550 crew http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=855 Prins Willem de Eerste 78-gun (180', 48'6'', 22') 550 crew http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=854 Looking at certain dutch smaller dutch ships (64/68-gun; roughly 167-170 Amsterdamse voet in size), they would carry a compliment of 450 crew. However, in british service they would be compliment with 490 crew members. Therefore i would conclude: The ship has probably has a crew between 475-550 crewmembers including officers. Sources http://www.mbvp.nl/modelbouw/schepen/statisch/7_provincien_1782_01.html http://www.bataviawerf.nl/naamgenoten-van-de-7-provincien.html https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeven_Provinci%C3%ABn_(1782) https://www.defensie.nl/organisatie/marine/inhoud/eenheden/schepen/zr-ms-de-zeven-provincien http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=847 http://www.modelbouwtekeningen.nl/nvm-1001016-7-provincien-1782.html http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=852 http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=7364 http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=933 http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=940 http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=2826 http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=945 http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=855 http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=854
  19. Today the honourable Dutch Nation High Council consisting of the representatives of the Clans XIX, ARSE, LIONS, PVP, WOLF, 7UP, PPP, AIE, PFK has decided to declare the Dutch FDM Clan rogue. --- This clan has stated by a representative that it does not follow the decisions made by the Dutch Nation High Council. As a result of this the Dutch Nation High Council wanted to warn the Dutch allies that this clan might attack ships of our allies in open waters. Furthermore the Dutch Nation High Council declares that any member of this clan may be considered fair game.
  20. Goedendag Captain! De Duitse Wolfsrudel [WOLF] stellt sich vor. Wir fahren für die Verenigde Provinciȅn in den Gewässern der Inseln unter dem Winde und halten diese von Piraten frei. Wir verteidigen unsere Häfen und fahren Geleitschutz für unsere Handelsschiffe. Wir treiben regen Handel und betreiben eigene Schiffswerften und Werkstätten um Schiffe und andere Güter herzustellen. Bei uns ist für jeden was dabei: Wir segeln und kämpfen, wir bauen und handeln. Wir sind eine überschaubare und lockere Gruppe von Freizeitkapitänen und segeln gemeinsam auf PvP One EU. Wir haben einen eigenen TeamSpeak Server und eine Webseite. Im Game stellen wir ein Clan-Warehouse und Hilfe beim Craften und Leveln. Auch als Anfänger findest Du bei uns einen Platz: Wir zeigen Dir alle Tricks und Kniffe und helfen Dir auf die Beine. Dein Rang ist nicht wichtig, nur der Spaß am Spiel. Es gibt bei uns keine Verpflichtungen. Weder eine Anwesenheitspflicht noch die Nutzung des Teamspeak. Wenn Du Dich jetzt angesprochen fühlst und keine Lust mehr hast, den einsamen Wolf zu geben, dann sprich uns hier im Forum, im Game oder auf unserer Webseite an. Unseren Teamspeak Server findest Du, wenn Du magst, unter: ts3.duitse-wolfsrudel.de:1337 Unsere einzige Bedingung: Du solltest über 25 Jahre alt sein und Lust auf gemeinsame Aktionen haben. Ein Headset und Teamspeak sind von Vorteil, aber kein muss. Wir freuen uns auf Deine Bewerbung via PM an Ethan Burns, Opperbevelhebeber van de vloot, Dick Brave, Baas van de Koophandel oder Willem Sneijder, Baas van de Scheepswerven Wir freuen uns darauf von Dir zu hören. Tot ziens!
  21. THE THREE ADMIRALS TREATY By Cpt Pellasgos Prepared for: The nationS of Spain, Verenigde Provinciën and Britain 1) CUBA A ) Creation of a Dutch buffer zone B ) The Dutch buffer zone will include the towns of Little Cayman, Santa Cruz, Manzanilla, Portillo, Guama Sevilla. C ) The Dutch nation automatically becomes the guarantor and the protector of the buffer zone between theSpanish and the British nations. D ) In case an outside nation tries to change the makeup of the buffer zone, then the Spanish, Dutch and the British fleets must join forces and declare war upon the perpetration nation/s. E ) In case a rogue, or unaffiliated group of players, captures any port/s covered in this agreement, the signees must work together to recapture them in order to expedite them back to the original holder/s. Port timers must be confirmed with original holders for ease of recapture operations. F ) Dutch Spanish and British nations are forbidden to craft flags against each other crossed the entire area of Cuba and Jamaica. G ) Open world Pvp between the 3 signee nations is available in every portion of themap. H ) Georgetown will remain under British control unless rogue players or clans attempt to use this port to craft flags against the Spanish nation. IN this case, the Spanish nation is allowed to request intervention by Dutch navy to remove it as a threat. The Dutch agree to add it to the already established Dutch buffer for the remainder of the treaty. I ) The line which connects the Spanish ports of Santa Maria, Cocodrillo, and Corrientes, and all other ports in Cuba which sit north of it, are de- facto Spanish territories. The port of Trinidad will revert to Spanish control per this agreement. J ) The line which connects the British ports of Georgetown, Sant Lago, Puerto Escondido, and all the other British ports which reside south of it, with the exemption of Haitian ports become British territories. Image 1 Map for effect. The boundaries are only defined in text of body. of document 2 ) Yucatan A ) Spanish Territories 1 ) The port of Mugeres and Conttoy becomes parts of the Spanish nation. 2 ) The line which connects Conil, Mugeres port, Alacranes La Bermeja and Tampico port becomes the Spanish controlled zone borders and all the ports within this area will become part of the Spanish nation. 3 ) Spanish nation agrees to cease crafting flags against any British ports (except those within the mutual agreed “gentlemen’s war zone” (see part b, paragraph 4 of Yukatan of this treaty) 4 ) Open world PVP is allowed in the Spanish zone. B ) British Territories 1 ) The line which connects the ports of Xpu Ha, Tantum Cuzamil, Placer, Misteriosa, Santanillas, Georgetown to Montego Bay becomes the British territorial zone border and all the ports southern of this line towards the Dutch ports remain under British control. 2 ) British nation agrees to cease crafting flags against any Spanish ports (except those within the mutual agreed “gentlemen’s war zone” (see part b, paragraph 4 of Yukatan treaty). 3 ) Open world PVP is allowed in the British zone. 4 ) Creation of a contest area, also known as “the gentlemen’s war zone” which includes the 3 ports of Xpu Ha, Tantun Cuzamil and Tulum (see reference map 2) in order to give to both the Spanish and British communities the opportunity to have battles against each other which include all variations of port types (regional capital, deep water medium size port and shallow port) 3) Haiti A ) The British and the Dutch nations are required to change the timers of the ports of Les Cayes, Saint Louis, Jacmel and Sale-Trou upon the signing of this treaty. B ) The British and the Dutch nations are required to set the timers between 16-18 server time as the earliest, and 22-24 as the latest. C ) The aforementioned changes will happen within 48 hours of this document signing. 4) Admirals and Nations By signing this treaty the admirals of Verenigde Provincien, Britain and Spain hereby agree to all as follows: A ) A Peace treaty between Verenigde Provincien and Spain. B ) Spanish and British nations mutually agree to stop crafting conquest flags against each other except the specified mutually agreed contest area, also known as the “gentlemen’s war area”. Xpu Ha, Tantun Cuzamil and Tulum, are set aside for this use. C ) Acceptance of all the parts (1, 2, 3, 4) of this agreement. D ) Open world PVP between players of all 3 nations is allowed in every part of the map. E ) A military salutation from the signing admirals to the flags of all three nations for accepting this treaty providing mutual respect for the bravery of the Dutch, British and Spanish communities. F ) Upon the signature of the three admirals, this treaty will become active and in full effect. G ) Unless mutually agreed upon with treaty resigning, this treaty is null and void 48 hours after the release of the pending political patch. If not signed by all parties before 00:00, 01 sec server time, this treaty becomes invalid. “May the success of this agreement act as a lighthouse for diplomacy amongst nations.” Capt. Pellasgos Signature area VERENIGDE PROVINCIEN x._____Pellasgos________ SPAIN x._____Gavilan______ BRITAIN x._____HMCS Warrior________ Military Salutation Area 07._____Pellasgos________ 07._____Gavilan_______ 07._____HCMS Warrior_______ **THE FOLLOWING MAPS ARE FOR QUICK REFERENCE ONLY** THE TEXT OF THE DOCUMENT MUST BE AGREED UPON VIA FORUM POST BY ALL THREE OF THE FORE MENTIONED PARTIES Image2 For clarity Spanish waters Include most of Cuba minus the Dutch buffer zone south of broken line. Image3
  22. Today the honourable Dutch Nation High Council consisting of the representatives of the Clans XIX, ARSE, ASEET, PVP, WOLF, 7UP, PPP, VAVI, DAS, Gh0st, PFK has decided to ratify the Three Admirals Treaty in order to establish a PvP Zone around the island of Hispaniola and to assure some good PvP action within the next weeks until the pending Diplomacy Patch will be rolled out. We, the Dutch Nation High Council, hope that this decision will be the basis for good PvP and Port-Battle action for everyone and therefore will be appreciated by the whole community. Furthermore the Dutch Nation High Council places huge importance on ensuring our friendship to the U.S. Nation. Hereby, the Dutch Nation refreshes their profession to stand with the U.S. Nation against any aggressor and offers to express our long term faithful friendship in concluding a formal alliance.
  23. Yesterday upon the stair(Port Morant - Carlisle) I met a man(French, Danes) who wasn't there(hiding in battle results/logging off) He wasn't there again today(randomly people from yesterday log in and pop out around the port) I wish, I wish he'd go away(or start playing an actual PvP game instead of using this exploit) The British nation would appreciate if the ganker fleets in the area of Carlisle would not use the battle result hiding exploits to end the night of PvP after a single attack. If you're short on time Jamaica is the wrong place for an attack and if you're afraid to lose your ship the same applies. Especially a fleet of 22 should not be afraid to actually go for a genuine fight which could've provided everyone with a lot of fun. Personally I see no fun/challenge in ganking but if you do it please be ready to face all repercussions that may come upon you instead of wasting everybody's time and fun after jumping a little clanless cerberus with 22 ships. As far as I and those I can vouch for are concerned we will not be backing away from a fight that we brought on our own and will now be attacking your homeports with fair fights. Please consider doing the same in the interest of a fun game for all. A little further warning: It has come to our attention that some smaller ganking fleets now actively search for an ai ship close to KPR to create such battle result screen situation. WIth the intention of this being the last action of the night they apparently log off so they can have an invisible fleet ready to attack in the early afternoon near our homeports. This goes beyond merely trying to save one's hide and is in my/our eyes an unacceptable misuse of the mechanic. We've started to collect evidence on this and should this behaviour not rapidly disappear I will launch a tribunal about this! To the devs: Please consider reworking the battle result screen asap as it currently proofs to be an exploited hassle for all fair playing folk around the isle and surely in other places as well. P.S.: I used the words 'the British nation' as a lot of people are seriously unhappy about this. Should you however take offense to me representing you here just substitue this for my own persona. Also this is a somewhat serious topic - have fun discussing it but serious forum pvp as some practice it is not desired here! Keep it civil everybody! For those who liked the poem: Antigonish - William Hughes Mearns Yesterday upon the stair I met a man who wasn't there He wasn't there again today I wish, I wish he'd go away When I came home last night at three The man was waiting there for me But when I looked around the hall I couldn't see him there at all! Go away, go away, don't you come back anymore! Go away, go away, and please don't slam the door Last night I saw upon the stair A little man who wasn't there He wasn't there again today Oh, how I wish he'd go away
  24. 'Hollandia' Launched 1665 Dimensions: length 165 (Dutch) feet, with 41¾ feet, depth 15¼ feet en 82 guns. History: ordered by the admiralty of Amsterdam and build at Amsterdam’s admiralty dockyard as part of a 24-ship program since a new war with England was looming on the horizon. The ‘Hollandia’ was the Republics largest warship in 1665 and acted as flagship for the admirals de Ruyter, Tromp, van der Zaan, de Haan, Sweers en van Stirum. The ship took part in the following sea battles: - Four Days Battle - St. James's Day Battle - Raid on the Medway - First Battle of Schooneveld - Second Battle of Schooneveld - Battle of Texel After the Third Anglo-Dutch War ended the ship was laid up at Amsterdam until 1683. She then took part in the Voyage to Gothenburg but on the way back she found herself in a terrible storm which was so severe that she lost her beak head and bowsprit and finally her masts had to be cut. The stern began to come loose and slowly the ship began falling apart. Because they fired distress signals the entire crew was finally able to leave the ship safely. Moments later the only eighteen year old ship with her glorious career sank to the bottom of the sea near the coast of the north of the Republic.
  25. Pugno Pro Patria (Ik strijd voor mijn vaderland) Wij [PPP]-clan zijn op zoek naar stoere bonken die tegen een stootje kunnen. Het maakt niet uit welke rank je bent, Jonker of Schout bij Nacht, iedereen is hier welkom. We zijn een sociale, vriendelijke nederlandstalige clan. Zie je het zitten om actief deel te nemen met onze vloot aan "Fleet Orders" of voel je geroepen om onze vijand op stang en naar de bodem te helpen? Dan zit je hier juist. Aarzel niet voor je aan te melden bij ons. Dit kan je op de volgende manieren doen: Post hier een berichtje Stuur een pm in game naar onze officieren; The Hunter, Thonys, Yngvarr, Hertogjan Teamspeak: voc.clanvoice.nl The Hunter
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