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  1. New wood. Not on the website. Could you check please? No idea how long its been in the game
  2. 1. Make rules 2. Write them down and post it somewhere where people can access it without need to google/forum/steam searching it. I cant recall if there is any written rules that can be found in-game. Update rules when necessary. 3. Enjoy your f11 reports 4. Have a place where someone can make a post like this (doesnt matter if forum/steam) and bring up a discussion about exploit. Anyone should have a voice, otherwise you might end up in a situation when your "Alliance Leaders" (whatever the f it means) will be the ones with power of voice, but would abuse exploits instead.
  3. Dont get too exited about leaving KPR my doodle
  4. @TheDread Let us know what nation you went this time please
  5. I didnt ment old hostility mission..... nobody wants that back for sure
  6. @Anolytic I come down to Islamorada (or brign an alt) I get tagged by HDF - all flags are now being bond to Pirate nation. You bring big boi ships and sink all the AI and I loot all the flags. So whats the difference? Time to bring back Hostility Mission where player has to come and sink AI in order to get flags. PS I thought someone said "there will be no exploits" PSS Its also would be nice if we could trade flags to players within our nation
  7. What crack do you smoke? I might need some of that
  8. 1 brit at Placentia..... I guess you only good for shietposting..... heres a turd because you smell funny
  9. Are they winning only because they have Prolific Forger DLC? Sounds like Pay-2-Win
  10. What next? 15 kn boarding? Fireships?
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