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  1. Beeekonda

    No port bonuses

    it says ASP clan is the port owner. You have to be in their friends list to be able to craft with their bonuses
  2. Press Escape go to Options?
  3. Цены книг и модулей в адмиралтейсте четкие: Навал Клок 100 медалей - Нави Хулл 10 медалей
  4. @Felix Victor Theres is so many port battles, but almost all of them are AI R-AIDS. Any chance you could change circle color of raid PB into something different? Literally have to click every single PB to find real RVR
  5. WTS Combat Marks WTS Doubloons WTS Victory Marks PM me on forums or Discord LͫOͤRͫDͤ#4234
  6. Improving AI would make PVE more varied and interesting. Loki Rune is just cheating because its not PVE anymore
  7. Rotate resource buildings Resources like Stone, Hemp, Lignum Vitae are used in crafting in small amounts and their LVL3 buildings are super cheap. Fir and Oak LVL1 are also cheap You dont neet to have those all the time just stockpile and then destroy and build another one. All my crafting is done on one account and by all I mean ALL FARMING AND GATHERING AND HAULING AND STORING. This game encouraged people-to-people trading, but all we have is mAh sHiT iS ToO eXpEnSiVe tO RePlAcE aDmeN nO GibB mE fReEeEeeEeEe gOlD I qUiT nOw attitude and people on forums (including this topic) talking about 1% and other irrelevant stuff
  8. 4,250,000 lvl3 shipyard 1,650,000 lvl3 teak 1,650,000 lvl3 wo 1,750,000 lvl3 iron 9,300,000 total prices for a 1st rate strating from 4mil 9,300,000/4,000,000 = 2.325 First rates 2.325 * 224030 = 520870 9.3kk + 521000 = 9821000 <- this number divided by 4mil (price for lOcean) = 2.45 2.45 L'Oceans sold by the price of 4mil is equal or almost equal for an entire production chain. Cost to built a L'Ocean Oak Log 1490 x10 14900 Fir Log 800 x4 3200 Hemp 333 x58 19314 Iron Ore 305 x62 18910 Lignum Vitae 66 x36 2376 Stone Block 165 x14 2310 Coal 230 x4 920 Teak Log 2985 x40 119400 White Oak Log 655 x40 26200 Provisions 1100 x15 16500 224030 Total Plus Doubloons 9166 Combat Medals 30 So in few words You are saying that it does worth for me or any other player to buy ships by the prices we have now when 1st rate starts from 4mil is worth rather than setting up my own production chain and craft ships.
  9. With the amount of time I play I have: Rank - Scourge: 900 crew I do have LVL 3 Shipyard, Forge, Workshop, Teak and Live Oak forest as well as other farms. My docks are full of ships I do PVP almost exclusively and I do die a lot, because I sail solo. I dont have problems replacing my ships/mods. I do have around 5mil total across all accounts with ~80k dubs stocked. Your post and the majority of other posts in this and similar topics are just whining. People unable to make simple math to calculate how much they need to replace a ship is just ridiculous. Current price making looks like this "I saw trinco in the store for 2mil so Im gonna sell mine for 1.999.999 because reasons"
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