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  1. An option to disable paints would be nice. All those black ships are hurting my eyes
  2. Кто-то сделал большой скриншот Москаля Наверно распечатал и кидает в него дротики по вечерам
  3. It would be easier to make Naval Action Mobile tbh
  4. Its if we assume that current whoever does the most damage system would be reworked into what was proposed in op Same flaws from the different angle
  5. you fully dismast your opponent, took down his sides and structure to 0. His ship is taking water and is about to die. Some random guy gets close and boards him. He gets the kill. ????
  6. Hunting trader ships is barely a PVP. Even Indiaman fleets are made of Fir/Fir and in best case only the main one is armed.
  7. Sorry to bring it from another topic, but even Oak/Oak surp is better than LO/WO herc. I was boarding this one while my team was keep shooting it :C
  8. Pretty sure hostility missions on 1st rates are still the best to practice
  9. Exactly? They meant to be just as crafted ones Have same chances of getting extra slot/trim Does not comes with modes/guns, crew, its own repairs and other stuff?? So following this logic IF you redeem your DLC in a port with bonuses and you DO HAVE access to them - you should get those bonuses on your DLC ship, just like if you would craft it. The rest of your comment is your own opinion on stuff
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