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  1. But this is PVP server, every player on it is a PVP Player.
  2. "Tag the big one and kite in battle for 1 hr please"
  3. Maybe he did it right and Brits failed because they don't wanted Chris to be in charge?
  4. I play from US and stuff appears immediately (~110 avg ping) Sometimes weird shit happens tho
  5. We gank it again and again and again WHY? Because Rear Admirals sit in that reinforcement zone and never leaves it. Once they will be forced to move out gankers will go after them, and noobs, THE REAL NOOBS WHO JUST GOT INTO THE GAME, will have their safe zone where they can learn to play
  6. "Fish drop is sheit, 1/10, would not recommend"
  7. Beeekonda

    BR and pb ships

    Shallow - Any shallow ship Deep - any ship with 80+ BR
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