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  1. Beeekonda

    Timer bug?

    tru ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Beeekonda

    Timer bug?

    NAB-101347 Вообщем мы разошлись, но по истечению 3х минут таймер показал CANNOT LEAVE и пошел заново.
  3. @Felix Victor @qw569😳 Can you guys make patchnotes? Ship stats were changed, but, AS USUALLY, there is no hello kittying patchnotes.
  4. @admin Victory 1765 has its flag pointing slightly wrong direction Victory Ocean:
  5. 1. I assume flags are not bound to HDF nation? I.E. I can farm Spanish HDF to get the flag and then attack US or Russian port? 2. Is it tradable? Can sell it? 1. Can we join attacking side (same nation ofc)? How many enemies can join defending side? Clan alliance rules applied? 2/3. Does the 30 min timer start immediatly or is it 15 min for defenders to join + 30 min to sink attacker(s) (45 min total)? 4. If attackers are multiple, do defenders need to sink everyone of them or just flag carrier? PS not testing it myself, im no PVE scrub. Still yet to build (s) wood ship
  6. Тринька? Рили? А разговоров то было......... Это даже не Диана.....
  7. Version 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit) chrome up to date not working, gives empty drop box
  8. 20k BR + Frontline System = No RVR in US timezone. Cant wait flags to come in so me and the bois can flip......... oh wait we cant flip shit.... great game.... PS I play like twice a week - most active member
  9. @Felix Victor is (13-10) a neutral timer? The one that will be set if port goes neutral? or is it US tz timer?
  10. idk try undocking for PVP instead of waiting for someone to grab you by your hand and take you to the open sea
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