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  1. So you are adding a very complex crafting system for the ships. The level of detail is commendable, this is like crafting ships 3.0... and we're being forced to do it in a UI 0.4 you made mention of perhaps delivering a UI release soon. If not PLEASE just do a bit of work and tweaking to at leave make it a UI 0.6 and be somewhat manageable. automatic stacking on xfer, double click auto transfer, and mouse area selection to select multiple stacks. No more "no room in wharehouse" for breaking up ships when almost all the items being put into the wharehouse have curre
  2. Is GL going to give another notice on the release date for the update or was 10-15 days that heads up ?
  3. Well Actually I am, however I interviewed with Gamer's First (APB) and they passed (Gaming is the most demanding of Programmer Industries). Granted I had 72 hours to program a full chat system in Windows WCF services and had 0 experience with it, two words: Amazon NextDay. As a programmer I can attest two directions that can be taken in programming a. Getting it done on time b. Getting it done right. There are some that choose "a," wont mention any names (cough: EA). But the correct answer is "b," so lets enjoy what has IMO been a quite stable game. Is Game Labs going to land
  4. I think maximum fun would be all nations allied against the one non nation scourge 'til their down to one port. Then well start from a with more historically correct pirate faction. ;-P Then we go one about the business of warfare between nation states, but as soon as the rats get a port boom cease fire 'til it's back in the hands of a legitimate government. ... oh and Mortimer Town area is an FFA gank zone where only rats are ganked.
  5. It seems that effort is being made to improve quality of life for traders. Some of us may have large stockpiles of resources, going in and suddenly changing the price on an item can have a devastating impact. Couldn't a database query be developed to make financial compensation to people based on the item / qty they have? otherwise...
  6. That's nothin broa. We and some friends (back before there was a DRUNK) used to run around with DrunkenSloth. He was kind of like that young kid who always hangs around but... We were in a battle with like a full AI fleet and this sloth guy was like soo into undercrewed ships (loosing them that is). We're all sailing along and he's like OH F^&*K ima need a new ship. We like: What happened?, He Like: I got Boarded Dude got boarded and capped by AI * Favorite Story of all time Now we got like 10+ Mini DrunkenSloths running around unable to do anything productive.
  7. Hail to the king down with the traitors! Their treacherous actions will not go unpunished. By the way I think the sweedish nation shall also know that the clan that attacked sweedish ports has done so with the help and support of DRUNK That's right the treasonous heretics would not even defend sweedish ports from the very nation they claim to hate. Try that fact on.
  8. Lets talk a bit about false information. Your whole clan is a false flag, you fly the under the Sverige banner but it's widely known that your clan promotes the interests of the British nation. Your clan leader is a known British operative/sympathizer and instigator and that makes you either the same or a misled captain. So now who is False? By and large clans named after a particular player are just pathetic and usually an indicator of very low quality leadership, your clan tends to bear that fact out. Nearly your entire clan is on my ignore list, recently some members were working toward
  9. Am I missing something I do not see anything about this critical feature, many times more important than the "choices" we've been given for the next release. Seems that it would be fairly simple as well. Costs $250,000 to buy and can only be placed in a capitol 1) Any members can put stuff inside (Including Gold) 2) Only Officers can take stuff out Done, Community Happy Edit: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/10344-manageble-clan-warehouse-or-guild-bank/
  10. well if you are going to PvP1 for the fun might I suggest Sverige. Granted not everyone is competent enough to play for the "mission impossible" faction but those of us who are have made it "mission boatloads of fun." just sayin'
  11. Well If you must Sverige will dispatch a diplomat to duly inform you how to set your timers to suit us perfectly ;-P
  12. I am on the 04-06 timezone, we used to have more sweedish players for those times but many left. There is me and a few others however we are definitely the most active group (Sweedish Council) and fun can be had at all times. PM sent
  13. Somebody promote this guy ! Better late than never I suppose... (RP crap talk included) The Dutch had secured a forward base at Terre-de-Bas which sent a very clear message that it was there intention to attack the crown of Sweden. Through the diplomatic channels they sent word to the King of Sweden that they were only there as a defensive measure as they felt threatened. The King was not fooled and dispatched his fleets to the Plymouth and Saint John areas. Their scouts, some in 3rd rates, began probing the southern flank of Swedish Sovereign territory and were shoc
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