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  1. I have the same problem
  2. So teak planking useless again ? What kind of balance is that. The difference in hp between teak and white planking is way too big imo
  3. Are you sure about that ? The game already suffers from low pop in ow and i doubt that would help. In fact, it would make it only worse. Not even mentioning the griefing we already get from lokis like when someone jumps into elite AI and just sails away from you.
  4. Por supuesto, cuando fue el "release". ¿Qué es una excusa estúpida? Debes haber sabido que Rusia sería un zerg. Estaba en REDS, pero después del release me uní a Prusia porque sabía que Rusia tiene la mayoría de los jugadores e incluso el peor jugador puede esconderse allí para el éxito colectivo. No puede ser divertido jugar allí.
  5. New "Special guns chest" for PVP missions With the removal of dubs from crafting there is not much profit by doing pvp. Special guns are pretty rare and expensive so giving adequate number of guns for completing pvp missions could solve that problem (maybe 4 - 10 pieces of random bloom/navy/congreve/obusier of random caliber per chest)
  6. Since one of our clan members already had experience with you stealing a loot, our attention was on spot and it doesnt change the fact that you started insulting us, anyway what do you expect to do with snow in hispaniola pz ? There is only one reason ..
  7. The systém was working just fine. Traders made money by trading, crafters could buy dubs/combat medals/permit then craft ship and make profit, pvp was high risk with good reward. Id like to see how you will want to promote risk in pvp now. Pvp chest with loot almost same like in gold chest and few combat medals ?? Lol
  8. Well sadly most of the people probably prefer this system. Shame
  9. Sorry but reading your comments is such cringe. Go shake hands with poryv, you two are the perfect example of people joining the strong side, profit from it and teaching others
  10. Come on you give too many spoilers for next Cid NA career chapters
  11. If only BF join poland, you think it will be strongest nation ? And its just meme so dont také it seriously
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