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  1. The systém was working just fine. Traders made money by trading, crafters could buy dubs/combat medals/permit then craft ship and make profit, pvp was high risk with good reward. Id like to see how you will want to promote risk in pvp now. Pvp chest with loot almost same like in gold chest and few combat medals ?? Lol
  2. Well sadly most of the people probably prefer this system. Shame
  3. Sounds good except the port points upgrading. So first before release you cut the port points to make them matter and each port could specialize on something and now you go back and all ships will have the same port bonus ? Sounds boring to me
  4. Sorry but reading your comments is such cringe. Go shake hands with poryv, you two are the perfect example of people joining the strong side, profit from it and teaching others
  5. Come on you give too many spoilers for next Cid NA career chapters
  6. If only BF join poland, you think it will be strongest nation ? And its just meme so dont také it seriously
  7. Brits have maybe like triple number of spain, thats unfair ? So no one can attack them ? And russia attacking france is fair ?
  8. If it was that easy i guess it would´ve already happened and there were many attempts since release. Unfortunately now the situation is worse than ever so i doubt anyone will bother trying to do something
  9. Yes i do, before the SNOW left it was just basically krake alone, and after snow left it was just empty road with most PB undefended and at that time some clans joined us 🤷‍♂️ Pointless discussing if you think 1 TO member means all TO clan helped to "bully" dutch (anyway TO clan has like 3 semi-active members?) But you are partly right thats just a word game .. Maybe saying 90% of battles were consisting of atleast 90% krake players is more accurrate
  10. Wow 1 TO in requin Yeah you are right, Nueva Barcelona was one of the ports They did defend after SNOW left. At this point it was just empty road to caracas after the actually harder port battles with snow (so dont see how RGK helped us to win against dutch)
  11. ahah, 2 rover joined maybe 2 port battles, dont remember any TO in pb against dutch and rgk joined prussia when dutch started to no show port battles, i see you really know nothing only have big mouth, but i understand you feel like top dog, russia is easy game Well actually i remember only scipio in req in some PB, not even in all of them. Does this mean ALL rover helped to bully poor dutch who had clans like PRIV, TOD, SNOW and others ? 😂
  12. Well atleast you admit we were just one clan against all dutch, we didnt have such dispositions like you do (both numbers and skill) So by your logic no one ever dares to attack dutch, not even single clan, ok
  13. And ? I dont deny that, but british have enough screeners on their own, yesterday 130+ people on brit ts
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