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  1. I agree its not the best way how to distribute equality in ship quality among nations/players, but dont think its so big deal after all. How many hours did we lose on building ships with wood builds that are useless now ?
  2. Why not. Swedish had to farm lots of wood chests too (12 points) and i dont see anyone complaining about it. People with same port bonus ? Unacceptable!! Some people like to play with advantages over others apparently.
  3. Sure, throw away all your work. Perhaps you can unzerg then ?
  4. Yes, years during alpha. Game got big spike at release, which is normal. Game cannot be released twice tho.Compare the numbers at release and now + especially current trend in last few months. There was usually a slight spike when some new update got released, but now not even that.
  5. I have the same problem
  6. The reputation system will work in patrol zone too ? (It shouldnt in my opinion)
  7. So teak planking useless again ? What kind of balance is that. The difference in hp between teak and white planking is way too big imo
  8. Yes. And the overall pop is even lower than at the time of the first pic (beginning of may), which makes the ratio of russian playerbase to the rest of server even worse
  9. Awww wait i thought you didnt like the multiflip which evil knuddel made, but now you saying you were scared to get screened. How is it then ?
  10. Are you sure about that ? The game already suffers from low pop in ow and i doubt that would help. In fact, it would make it only worse. Not even mentioning the griefing we already get from lokis like when someone jumps into elite AI and just sails away from you.
  11. Nice, thanks for listening to your community. I hope you dont forget the one/s who proposed this in the correct topic
  12. Sorry for hurting your feelings i wont do it anymore. Btw 1 respond would be enough no need to spam
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