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  1. Will San Juan be returned to Danes, so they could attack another nation, but not Sweden?
  2. That happened before for me, when I opened 5 Gold and 4 Silver Chests and got not one permit. They checked and said that it's incredibly bad luck... But still I also noticed that loot recently really became worse, at least from trader ships. Stealth nerf, some unexpected and unwanted tweaks or just some bad string of events?
  3. Firing kills - from Deck Guns, Muskets and Grenades Boarding kills - from melee/H-t-H combat in Attack or Defence Outside kills - from shooting at you from other ships and also from repairing your own crew (negative numbers in that case)
  4. It is a bit hard to take and communicate bearing from unnamed piece of land in the middle of other such unnamed features, especially when you are being tagged and countdown has already started.
  5. Чуть-чуть, на самую шишечку, ее решили - если внимательно посмотреть, то пермиты на 6 ранг из Адмиральского сундука теперь не падают.
  6. Чувак, ты какой-то не очень умный тролль, потому что речь здесь шла о том, что основные и ключевые механики нужно прописывать (что разрабы делают через пень-колоду), как и о том, что игроки уже не безгласные тестеры, а потребители со всеми вытекающими. И да, я посмотрю, как у тебя будет бомбить, когда ты, изучая механики методом проб и ошибок, сольешь на ровном месте редкий корабль из сухого дерева. Внезапно здесь как раз все так и было: я взял на абордаж непись, абордаж закончился и никакого кулдауна не было - меня сразу цепанули. Отсюда собственно и был исходный вопрос.
  7. But Indefatigable has armament of 5th rate, not 4th rate, being razee frigate. It's quite logical for it to be in 5th rate - more firepower, HP and thickness than others heavy frigates, but with random permit from the chest like Endymion (more speed and almost the same firepower with cannons)
  8. По п.2 в принципе б/м понятно, но с п.1 (отсутствие кулдауна) претензия остается: Это абсолютно нелогично, т.к. остальные случаи прерывания абордажа тебе дают кулдаун, а в этом случае ничего подобного нет Подобная ситуация нигде абсолютно не прописана, особенно с учетом её нелогичности и того, что это никак не завязано на другие действия. Знай я об этом правиле - действовал бы совсем по другому, однако из-за очередного случая отсутствия каких-то внятных описаний механики (при ее нелогичности - см. п.1) потерял корабль на ровном месте. В общем хотелось бы исправления данной ситуации (с указанием об этом в описании патча) и какой-то компенсации за потерянный хороший корабль - все же с формальной стороны мы уже не подопытные кролики-тестеры, а полноценные потребители. И рано или поздно это в итоге вылезет нехорошим образом. З.Ы. Тем не менее, спасибо за ответ.
  9. Раньше вероятность выпадения какого-либо пермита из золотого сундука была 44%, теперь - 50%. Такая же примерно фигня и с серебряным. Это поменяли ещё в феврале что ли и в патчноутах что то на эту тему было вроде
  10. From 44% to 50% - Gold Chest, From 20% to 25% - Silver Chest. So yes - drop chance increased
  11. А мне вот интересно это баг или фича? Когда ты выигрываешь абордаж, то никакого кулдауна, чтобы тебя не забордил подкравшийся сбоку чувак, почему-то нет (хотя, если ты отцепился, или абордаж сорвался - кулдаун есть). Если ты выиграл абордаж, еще не успел отключить "9" и тебя сразу берут на абордаж (потому что см. п.1), то почему твоя подготовка к абордажу минимальные 25, а не более полная? Если что, отправил репорт (правда после боя - NAB-99539)
  12. That's the one of the main points of mine suggestion - we both know where we are and don't know where we are, because there are no detailed maps (with or without grid, though maps with grid is of course better). Also constant tracking their postions is easy for experienced players, but not for new ones who get tagged unexpectedly and can't ask for help properly. Hence - the need of more detailed and more "nautical" map ingame, that culd be made as 2nd layer to the current map as motivation to the exploration activities devs talked about in the very beginning And that's exactly that I proposed (and did to Bay of Honduras) - if devs are not going to improve the map, then we should do it ourselves.
  13. A long time ago there was a problem with finding your position on the map, especially during the long voyages in open sea without seeing any landmarks. That problem was solved by using F11 coordinates and third party services (usually the excellent na-map.netlify.com by @Felix Victor). Also that facilitated relaying your precise position (or enemy position) to your friends, using the same method (even in battle you could press F11 and get the coordinates). But then Devs changed the game by introducing GPS-like Sextant perk and removing coordinated from F11 bug reporting interface. Since that players don't have problems with finding your position on the map (even in low visibility) providing they spent points for Sextant Perk, but instead it became much more harder to inform other people of your whereabouts. That problem is even more hard, not only because you can't now get your position during the battle, but also because there are not so many names and other marks on the main map, from which you could take bearing (especially with some places far from ports or when there are too many islands around). As a result even with battle opened due to BR difference you might not be able to get help because your friends can't find the battle. The problem described here can be solved either by players themselves, either by the devs: 1. Players can take some static map and simple put names to important landmarks (mountains for examle), capes, points, bights and bays, shallows, reefs, cays etc. Just like I did as example with Bay of Honduras using Shrouded Recluse's Map and various contemporary and modern maps. However there are some problems with that method: It's sometimes quite hard work to find right names for right places and put them on the map (it took me 2 days for mapping the Honduras Bay) Ingame map is a bit different from real map - for example, looking at the Honduras Bay there is no Bensalem island, and Turneffe Island is actually duplicated You still will need 3rd party things (printed map or digital map opened in another screen) 2. Devs can uprade ingame map introducing 2-layer map. First layer is standard currently used not very detailed map - it is visible to all. Second layer is much more detailed nautical map with all features named, with contour lines and even proper depth sounding marks (sometimes), with some designated lanmarks (including forts) etc. Just like real nautical map of Age of Sail. To see that second layer players have to sail through the map opening it just like lifting Fog of War in some games - the area opened is defined by visibility range (already calculated by the game). As a result players will get real motivation to explore the map by sailing to the various places. Also, there are some other possibilities to improve the game with this new feature: If Devs decide to add some hidden coves, careening places etc, as it was suggested many times before, they can add them only to that 2nd layer, also raising the motivation to explore the Caribbean. Introducing of new type of Loot or Admiralty store items - maps. You could loot the map (usable item) from enemy or buy it in Admiralty for CM and, after using it, open random or certain portion of detailed map. Adding the long time ago requested possibility to put some notes on the map by player. And here players could help by mapping the map themselves first, so developers can then add their names and create suggested 2-layers map system much more easier and faster.
  14. Так они уже в Шрауд Кее же
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