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  1. Sunken Loki player doesn't count to any PvP missions, as well as player sunk by you in Loki form Forever as mission logs tied to Steam ID. However after mission completion all cooldowns for this mission renew. He does, but for each PvP mission he counts only once, so you can sink the same player in 6th rate, 5th rate and 3rd ship (in any given period of time) and he will count for each of PvP mission (provided you didn't sink him earlier), though only once for each. Or if this logs can be found on you device in game folders.
  2. But it isn't seen by player Here we have very similar proposal already and well upvoted also
  3. That's why we need some sort of Captain's log to track killings
  4. Posted in New Feature Proposals my ideas (previously published in that topic on page 4) of adding new woods (and probably other rare resources) to the game.
  5. I want to suggest following system for implemenmting new rare wood in game combining rareness, randomness and being somehow predictable and logic: Basic principles Traders importing this Woods to Caribbean should carry them to the most profitable places (defined by taxes income, so players can somewhat influence it) - predictability But they can import this new Woods at any time and in any of such port and wood also can be defined randomly - randomness So to avoid situation when new Woods will drop at rich crafting ports only - the area for dropping should be not certain rich port, but certain rich county as a whole with certain port selected randomly. You shouldn't be able to make a contracts on new Wood, but have to come and buy it directly, thus need of sailing around in unsused ports. Ideally new Woods should be carried with real trade ships spawning neat their destination port (so they can be intercepted) Mechanic At each MT game engine summarizes tax income of each county and defines basic modifier for probability of new rare Wood dropping in that certain county. Each real game day (from one MT to another) is divided on certain intervals (2-4 real hours) During each interval in the random moment of it the following procedure takes place: 1. Roll for each county to check will new rare Wood drop there (with possibility of it dropping in each county on the map or vice versa) 2. If 1st is "True" then second roll is made to define certain port for drop with capital having doubled probability for it (e.g.: Veracruz county has 6 ports, so Veracruz itself will have 34%, and the each of other ports - 17%) 3. Then the type of rare wood is defined (optionally with some regional modifier with tying certain woods to certain counties) and the amount of it (up to 300 logs) So no outbidding, no click-hunting and/or shop-camping but sailing around in areas where wood will most likely drops (exploration)
  6. Идея хорошая (еще и крен увеличить, если мачты слишком прочные), но я боюсь, что слишком много кодить здесь придется. Хотя х/з.
  7. Malcolm3

    No damage on PZ

    It's a feature. Long time ago damage in Pz counted to total PZ damage, but some smart captains exploited it by dealing damage to each otherwithout sinking in secure Solo PZ and it was changed
  8. Probably someone built his Gold Very Fast Fir(S) Cutter. Or at least tried to
  9. Prince de Neufchatel and Pirate Frigate have initial basic Preparation of 50. More is you really put men there. Not sure about Niagara actually. Rattlesnake probably have also initial basic Preparation of 50. Privateer have basic Prep of 20 as it seems to me from using it
  10. That can be partial solution for removing previous suicide screening
  11. Expanded version of my suggestion is posted in Proposal section Link is here: Please vote for it, if it's appropriate
  12. Strangely there were quite a lot suggestions on Crew gaining experience etc and no such proposal here. Simple, but quite effective system for implementing Crew experience in game (expanding basic idea by @Sea Archer) Reason Currently Crew is expendable and available in any numbers in any ports (even enemy ones). Only situation when Crew matters is in Battle instance (where if you are undercrewed you'll have problems) and sometimes in OW when you have no spare Crew. Meanwhile IRL it was the Crew quality that made difference between victory and defeat and determined the whole course of naval war - even with plenty of good ships you couldn't do most things without enough experinced seamen. The most know examples are wars (1739-1815) between Britain (with average ships but also large pool of able seamen) and France and Spain (better ships, but a way less able seamen to crew them). So the main limiting factor to fleet size (besides pure resources and money) was a amount of trained and experienced men needed to crew the ships - hence impressing sailors at sea from traders and foreign ships etc... Principles and Mechanics Each player have Rank XP (from battles and sailing) and Crafting XP (from building ships) - let add to it also his Crew XP. That's the main idea. You gain some XP from each action you have (even if you lose it). Gained XP counts as XP gained also by you Crew (Crew XP). This XP assigned to your Crewmen. Only those Crewmen will get those XP that you have in the end of fight before leaving (if you get sunk or blew up as a Fireship and lose all your Crew, you won't get any Crew XP). Received XP added to your Crew XP and the amont added is defined by proportion between Crew survived the action and total Crew numbers before it (see example). Crew XP will have levels (just like Rank and Crafting) - currently I suggest 5 of them: Recruits, Landsmen, Seamen (no bonuses - standard crew), Able Seamen and Jack Tars. Low levels will get you negative modifiers (inexperienced Crew), higher levels - positive ones (veterans). Difference between lowest and highest levels should not exceed 10-12%. Also you will always have 40 crew (basic free crew) as standard base level (no bonuses). All crew you recruit in port are inexperienced men (they have no XP) and their including in your Veteran Crew will lower overall amount of Crew XP, probably also lowering Crew level (see example). There should be no difference between ships (just like with Knowledge slots) and anti-altfarming mechanic also shouls apply to this. Example: Your are a Flag Captain, having 500 crew and your Crew level is 3500. You sailed out of port in your Trincomalee having 325 crew and engaged enemy AI Frigate. You won the battle gaining 250 XP and in the end you have only 280 crew. Then new total Crew XP is defined in following way: 3500 (basic XP) + (250 (gained XP) multiplied by (280 (surviving Crew) divided by 500 (basic total Crew))) = 3500 + 250*(280/500) = 3640. Next you returned to port and decide to replenish crew, recruiting the lost 45 men (with 0 XP). After that your ne total Crew XP defined again in following way : 3640 (initial XP) multiplied by (455 (initial crew) divided by 500 (crew after recruitment)) = 3640*(455/500) = 3312 XP (so even after victorious action you can lose a bit) Effects More sense in using Rum for resurrecting Crew even in the end of Battle. Also splinter protection will have more purpose Surrender will also have much more sense now, as you are saving your veterans from certain death. If you lose hard fought battle (against superior numbers for example) you will gain some benefits from you skill and courage. Gaining XP when you are at highest rank will have sense. Less incentive in fireshipping, especially with 1st rates, cause you will lose too much crew. Probably less incentive for boarding actions with potentially heavy losses. Screening (if it stays) will probably changed from simply dying in DLC and capped ships and buying time to smth more sensible, cause you will need to save your crew for other day. Sailors Lifes Matters! Main problem with introducing crew with experience and better stats - it can (and will) widen the gap between successful and usually victorious gankers players and the rest, especially noobs getting farmed at capitals etc. Just as in reality of 1792-1815 with experienced and veteran British crews against French and Spanish, not having enough sea training because of blockade (from which Brits gained their naval XP), therefore constantly losing.
  13. I once got not one Permits from opening 9 chests (and drop rate was much higher than 10%). When small nation manages to gather enough people (with limited playtime) to farm HDF and after preparing, sailing (probably evading enemy) and hard fought battle with HDG they won't get any Flags, having to sail back and repeat (with possibility of the same result) - that can and will be quite frustrating, leading to more negative against developers. P.S. I agree with idea (though alts still can be used during flag placement) but numbers should be tweaked.
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