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  1. Реклама продажи в игровом чате запрещена (см пункт 20 правил). Но ничего не сказано о самом факте покупки/продажи, так что пройдитесь по игровым биржам может и найдете хорошее предложение. То что я видел (2 недели назад), 1 CM = 0.9EUR, 1 Doub = 0.003Eur, Топовые книги отдают за 50EUR.
  2. Well known person give order to commanders of NPC fleet
  3. Just pay attention 60 votes is 1.5% of the number of players logging into the WAR server on July 03 The number of logged player (4000) was mention by admin
  4. Thank you for writing this before July 9th. Leopard purchase delayed
  5. Report of NPC raids is back
  6. Puerto Escondido and Port-de-Paix one of the least profitable ports and owner of them is Russian Empire. [source] Least profitable ports Port Revenue Green Cay -255200 Cabo Cañaveral -255101 La Guanaja -254619 Fort-Dauphin -254400 Port Howe -254000 Deadman's Cay -254000 La Anguila -254000 Puerto Escondido -254000 Port-de-Paix -254000 Aguadilla -254000
  7. Thank you very much. I found error and correct data
  8. I can only count player account on War Server. Not game owners. Before wipe there were 49587 accounts on WAR server. After wipe we reach only 45785
  9. June 2020 Crafted Ships grouping by Frame and Planking (top 3 options by each ship)
  10. The last ship made in this port has this bonuses.
  11. June 2020 Number of accounts on War Server 45785 (+ 2587) Number of all ships created Ports where ships crafted Ports where 1-3 rates crafted
  12. IMHO, The problem is not in flags. The problem in motivation to organize port battle.
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