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  1. Tried to post a monthly report on Reddit. Did not like. MD is great, but Reddit displays terrible. I keep thinking
  2. I'm thinking to move Inagua 's Institute of Statistics press release to reddit.
  3. rofl This only says that forum posts cause nervous colic among developers. I'm sure the players want to developers feel good. Therefore, I suggest that all stop using this forum and go to something like Reddit. In order not to aggravate the nervousness of the developers.
  4. Its the top 3 most crafted woods for each ship but there is information about mined trees
  5. July 2020 Port Bonuses Crafted Ships grouping by Frame and Planking (top 3 options by each ship)
  6. July 2020 Number of accounts on War Server 47843 (+ 2058) Number of all ships created Ports where ships crafted Ports where 1-3 rates crafted
  7. thanks, leave the ship to yourself
  8. New experimental feature Mishka learned to report about conquest flags
  9. Because game use floating-point types Try this code (I use csc.exe (Microsoft (R) Visual C# Compiler version 4.7.3062.0)) using System; namespace App { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { double a=1 - 40*0.01f; double b=1 - 20*0.01f; Console.WriteLine("2000*0.6*0.8={0} ({1})",2000*a*b, Math.Ceiling(2000*a*b)); } } } Result 2000*0.6*0.8=960,000019669533 (961) Math.Ceiling - Returns the smallest integral value greater than or equal to the specified number. But if double (Precisio
  10. Чего-то похоже на revolution charters На будующее размещаете ваши предложения исходя из этой рекомендации
  11. I have no access to this data anymore. BTW 34% of 1-3rd rates built in two Russian ports
  12. Our scientists have completed the analysis of port revenue from the beginning to the present day. Total revenue of all ports equal 20 169 921 964 30 richest clans 30 richest clans for last month
  13. Реклама продажи в игровом чате запрещена (см пункт 20 правил). Но ничего не сказано о самом факте покупки/продажи, так что пройдитесь по игровым биржам может и найдете хорошее предложение. То что я видел (2 недели назад), 1 CM = 0.9EUR, 1 Doub = 0.003Eur, Топовые книги отдают за 50EUR.
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