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  1. @Surcouf merci pour ces belles photos et vidéos!
  2. +100% with the initial post. This is a fine exemple of the human condition... people prefer to shoot themself in the foot rather than think and find mature solutions... shame on them.
  3. I was about to create a topic when i did find yours... well to sum up i agree with all you said regarding movment and unit positionning. I will add that in Sid Meier's Gettysburg there was also an option where you could ask your brigades to take roads for a good movment bonus it was really helpfull (depending on the situation) to get your units faster on the front. I have also seen some weird unit behaviour where when i ask a brigade to repostition itself to properly face an enemy brigade, it will nearly do a 360° instead of doing the 15° needed to acheive the same result giving the enemy brigade time to fire a volley inflicting flanking damage...
  4. Awesome work Sir! Always looking for more content in NA!
  5. Many different systems could be implemented contested zone per port => pvp and pve on a zone add a percentage of contest for a specific zone. Once you reach a percentage you are able to create a flag for the port attached to this specific zone.
  6. On another topic, am i the only one to think that the xp gain in battles is way to much now?
  7. completely agree with you. we have experience a battle 49 v1 what's the point...
  8. A good step forward! thx for this update.
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