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  1. Hello, I cannot access the Trincomalee DLC. Everybody seems to have it without any issue. I did purchase directly the game from Game Labs during the closed beta testing. This is my license history from steam. 17 oct. 2015 Naval Action for Beta Testing Revendeur Could you please look into this issue? Thanks in advance
  2. @Surcouf merci pour ces belles photos et vidéos!
  3. I was about to create a topic when i did find yours... well to sum up i agree with all you said regarding movment and unit positionning. I will add that in Sid Meier's Gettysburg there was also an option where you could ask your brigades to take roads for a good movment bonus it was really helpfull (depending on the situation) to get your units faster on the front. I have also seen some weird unit behaviour where when i ask a brigade to repostition itself to properly face an enemy brigade, it will nearly do a 360° instead of doing the 15° needed to acheive the same result giving the enemy
  4. Awesome work Sir! Always looking for more content in NA!
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