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  1. Hello there, I'm amazed to see that early access NAVAL ACTION is in fact a game project which is in constant mutation since 2015. Players who purchased that game were interested by the overall "historical" theater (and incredible graphism). Those players, like me, are speechless when seeing what NA is going to become with multiple absurbs nations and possibility to add China... I approve Dev's intention to embrass as many as possible World players but then I think this intention, to create many unhistorical nations, should have been announced from the begining of EA release. I have bought a game setting that has drasticaly changed in term of "theater" perspective, today what I'm gonna end up with is a Fiction game with nice historical ships... Sorry to say that I feel Dev's cheated on me. What would feel players who bought "Verdun" early access if their dev's decide to add Zulu warriors in trench warfare ?!!!
  2. Nothing surprizing here, Clan set Naval Action = Outlaw server player base So far away from historical captains code of honor... Nation flags are just cosmetics within a "Pirate war server". Wellcome to Naval Action Jungle !
  3. Indeed, I'm thinking in corvettes or frigates as feasable operation and crucial for those fast vessels when being hunted.
  4. In reality you destroyed wood structure to open wider each scuttle and just push off cannons into sea. As a desparate action to gain speed and assuming that any combat is hopeless, this could entail some hull damage ? but it does not matter as your ship is in a "almost lost" situation.
  5. As cannons are quite heavy loads: could be we have an option to drop them purposely ?
  6. Could we imagine individual large scale "inteligence missions" to fullfil with several successive goals to finalize the mission ? for example : - Patrol to New Orlean's water search & destroy the trader fleet (can be identified by specific sign). - Sell the stollen goods in nearby port like Biloxi, escaping from hunter fleet that need to recover these goods (with random BR & numbers). - That sell allow you to get a wreck localization where you'll get an item which should be brought to your admiralty in a certain laps of time. - The way back is supposed to face same hunter fleet(s) - Once in Admiralty you get very special admiralty reward in return (and/or other significant advantges?) Such long missions in War server would add interest within playerbase population. Even funnier in case these missions could also be offered in player group versions.
  7. I think it's an additionnal option to escape trying to survive that is legitimate and logical. Ships are expensive.
  8. You destroy wood structure to open wider each scuttle and just push off cannons into sea.
  9. Ships are expensive (and life where very expensive too in ages of sail) so when being into an escaping action, when it can become a vital escaping, our ancestors commanders, when being hunted in an obvious inferiority to their hunter, could decide to drop anything from their vessels to gain speed, this action could include cannons. NA should allow to drop all hold material (repairs, goods, etc...) as well as cannons as a last chance/risk to take to hopefuly save our ship. Both in OW and in Battle.
  10. On en a parlé et reparlé... en OW traverser une grosse mer devrait ou pourrait nous consommer nos rig repair ou dégrader les rig, voir même endommager le navire, qui impliquerait un risque et le choix d'éviter ce gros temps ou pas. en Bataille la houle forte devrait compliquer un combat mais bon vaut mieux oublier ces détails dans NA, ils l'ont rendu déjà trop compliqué au détriment de l'équilibre global du jeu.
  11. Increase kills per hour for new player (30 real days in game or less) ==> Give low to medium ranked players 2 or 3 durability of their ships ? How is it going to reduce fake battles ==> include in "combat reports" info about every PvP battle start (out of reinforcement zones), with position coordinates & BR difference. virtualy info that appears in OW crossed-swords. Let every single PvP battle to be constantly opened till its end (or a long time) for both sides ? How is it going to reduce ganking ==> Ganking possibilty is a consequence of available mechanics, if above is applied ganking might become less effective or more risky ? The attacker who tagged cannot escape his battle unless he has inflicted a certain amount of hull dammage, if he does before that he gets some penalty and defender gets some rewards. The amount of hull dammage inflicted must occure within 15 min battle countdown ? This entails a defending/escaping tagg as being kind of meaningless unless assuming penalty. (that will reduce repetitive "escape tagg" from fast ships)
  12. Well, we got Ship large variety, woods large variety, slots number, perks and canons variety. With these first layer of features the game is already offering plenty of tactical/quality choices. NA could nicely work without any additional features, Now, all mods & upgrades are fine and increase game quality but they should not have current level of bonus or penalties. Fights are presently potentialy unbalanced because of so many extra effects impacting battles issue. Would their effects be lower, player skill will have stronger impact in fights and recognized as such. Choosing good upgrades & knowledge for our ships is not supposed to be improving any player skill but only ship skill. I prefere NA where player skill would be far more important than ship skill.
  13. Point is, you do same testing but with average players only. My bet is the result will show: Side upgrades V no upgrades ==> 90% win for those who got upgrades. No upgrades both sides or same upgrades both sides ==> probably between 40 to 60% wins each sides. My point is just a question to minimize upgrades & knowledge effects, that's all, it would better promote player's skill, make fights funnier & more balanced.
  14. Scenario n° 1: (today upgrades) - You leave port with a "prepared ship" - You come across an enemy player with same ship type - You logically engage him (you know him ! he's as exprecienced as you) - what will make the difference in that fight ? (He's got faster repair upgrades, higher accuracy shooting as well as higher penetration, you don't have same upgrades, you went for faster reload and faster turning with high hull level.) Do you sincerly think that your skill or his skill will mostly prevail ? do you believe that each player different ship settings will not help to make the difference ? - You lose that fight, damned, it must have been due to not having relevant upgrades compared to his, it's real bad luck... Scenario n° 2: (reduced upgrades effects) - You leave ports, your ship is prepared with several upgrades with "small" effects. - Same encounter with same type ship player. - You engage him. - The fight takes much longer to make the difference between both players. - A single mistake can make the difference, it will depend on player concentration and skill, with only slight uncertainty due to upgrades settings. - You lose the fight, almost sweating ! damned ! that was a very hard fight, but you made a mistake and sunk before him, GG... Which scenario do you prefer ?!! In gaming world, (I'm one of those who started playing strategy games with Commodore Amiga computer) all available tools will be thoroughly utilize by players to look for advantages, every details will be explored to find best fittings. Conclusion: ==> THE LESS TOOL EFFECTS THE MORE BALANCED WILL BE A FIGHT ! ==> THE MORE A FIGHT IS BALANCED THE GREATER IS THE FUN !! ==> SKILL PLAY SHOULD NOT BE SO DEVIATED BY TOOLS. Dev's please reconsider ALL stats of upgrades to lower, it is worth testing it imo.
  15. You could buy crews, experienced crew were dearer, but helpless when commanded by bad captain. Same as NA, it's the player that should only make the difference, not magic upgrades. Hence necessity of flatening the margin between bonus and penalty from upgrades with minimum effects on ships.
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