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  1. Celtiberofrog

    Empty sea

    When I remember old time when we had this nice Australian guy who prepared every weeks a great commented RVR map report in youtube, I realize how far away this has gone today... The game has been improved for sure but at what cost ? Please Dev, make some tough decision : Will developpment be kept on tracks as programed or will you reconsider it and focus on recovering playerbase now ? You're not blind, are you concerned about the current evolution ? have you any intention to resolve this ongoing situation ? Maybe i'm wrong and you know that we have to go through this type of low cycle to finish that great game.
  2. Celtiberofrog

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Slt Eric, Vu l'ambiance morose de ces dernières semaines (voir mois), Pourrais-tu, sans outrepasser tes prérogatives, nous envoyer un peu de lumière ? Merci A+
  3. Celtiberofrog

    Lettre aux développeurs

    Un détail qui me semblerait interéssant à approfondir : Pourquoi les effets de mitrailles (grapeshot) ne seraient pas proportionnels à la différence de BR ? Aujourd'hui les tirs sur les flancs des navires font peu de dommages en général (sauf quand le navire est déjà bien défoncé), on reste sur une bien meilleure éfficacité sur l'arrière. Alors qu'en réalité tous les navires bas de taille devraient subir des dommages par le flanc bien plus considérables (sur l'équipage) par des navires enemies ayant plus de hauteur de tirs. Une différence de BR, quand elle devient importante, peut logiquement être associée à cette hauteur de tirs. D'où cette reflexion afin de se débarrasser plus facilement des petites frégates ou goélettes quand on sort avec un rang supérieur. Ca me paraittrait plus réaliste et diminuerait partiellement le problème des prédateurs Herc & Le req. Mêmes effets proportionnels sur toute l'échelle de rangs des navires. En fait on est sur NA très loin des dommages réels sur l'équipage qu'infligeaient tous les tirs (boulets inclus) sur les flancs des navires.
  4. Celtiberofrog

    Preparase para el "great wipe"

    Usted seguir complimentos, hacer reir nosotros ! Dar ganas hundir a usted con plazer Usted dar animo a jugadores espanoles !! gracias.
  5. DLC were launched & sold, I guess it cannot go backward for commercial reasons. Nevertheless, as legitimate testing needs, why not reducing both, Hercs & Le Req, "specifications" ? These 2 predators could become more gentle with lower wind & agility habilities. Or integrate weak points such as more vulnerability of hull or mast ? This could enforce the idea about any ships that are not crafted should get lower specifications than the player crafted ones.
  6. Celtiberofrog

    Preparase para el "great wipe"

    Hola lobogris, Tu historia es aluzinante (Espero que Bucanero sabra leer entre las lineas), me parece que siempre te has quedado y te quedaras a parte... Tu percepcion de la faccion Española esta muy lejos de la realidad. Entrastes en el RAI ? eso si podrias mencionarlo, esta iniciativa fue estupenda y no creo haberte visto en este grupo de clanes. Si a caso tienes ganas de organizar o proponer cosas hazlo aqui, es el buen hilo (no es Radio Matuco). Habra una oportunidad para empezar de nuevo entre todos (si algun dia el release llega...). Y lo bonito consistira en construir un nuevo grupo tomando en cuenta lo que se hizo bien y mal. No me apuntes a mi solo, pertenesco a un clan "los Celtiberos", siendo totalmente solidarios sabras que apuntas a nuestro clan entero. En este hilo, hay que mirar adelante asi que olvidate de contar historias pasadas sin sentido ni utilidad. Y eso ya son simptomas de paranoia aguda
  7. Celtiberofrog

    Port battle challenge

    That good topic made me think about another suggestion: Like the "training battle" where we can enter and fight, Why not having a "training PB's" as well ? one could be the battle host and chose, from list of entire Ports in NA, one port, then friends and other join that hosted battle. Battle system like "Totalwar multiplayer games", opponant can be either automatic br adaptation NPC's, or manualy chosen NPC fleet, or open for players. With few other pre-setting such as port attacker entry, wind random or not, circles or fight to death, etc... (even difficulty level !!)
  8. Celtiberofrog

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Dear Admin, You're the helmsman of the NA ship ! Vous tenez la barre du navire NA French & Spanish (vets playerbase) comunity really love this NA project (ship). Les comunautées Françaises & Espagnoles (les vets) aiment vraiment le projet NA (navire) We are your strongest asset (crew) to push forward this project. Nous sommes votre meilleur atout (gabiers) pour faire avancer ce projet. Most of us feel frustrated & disappointed about the latest evolution of NA developpment (wind), somehow the stream is going toward server population emptying...(doldrums) Une grande partie d'entre nous est frustrée & déçue par les dernières évolutions du dévelopement de NA (vent), nous nous dirigeons peu à peu vers un serveur vide... (pot au noir) We feel like the bear who once tested honey and remains nostalgic. celle-là je laisse tomber Give us some light (hopes), Eclairez-nous (espoirs), maybe through a monthly update of your ongoing development ? peut-être avec le partage d'une récape mensuelle de vos développements en cours ? prepare a large campaign of poll's to animate debates about next upgrades ? Organisez une campagne de Poll afin d'animer les débats au sujet des prochains patch ? There is a way to find the ideal balance (As Grungy well said in another topic) we might not be far away. Il y a surement une solution équilibrée à trouver (comme l'a mentioné Grundgy) nous en sommes peut-être proches. Cheers Frog
  9. Do not bother about that, It's just question about calling someone by it's in-game name. (much better) Mine is Frog.
  10. I guess the different hostilty systems were programed not as improvements but rather as alternative systems to be tested, so i'm not quite inclined to agree about "2 steps back" perception.
  11. A proven bad system ? the only point that is good to look at is : why this system kept active a large population of player ? we never ever witnessed since then the same population level. A bad system that had such effect surely deserves to be re-explored, certainly with added improvements. The war supply system was abandoned, the grinding system shows that player get tired of it. By the time of Flags, the rewards were kind of secondary. Fun was the main reward !! Risky to lose ships ? this is just because peeps are keeping safe their war ships for ages since now it's harder to craft them. Will it be the same for ever ? no. A wipe can resolve this reluctancy. If every body would start from zero (like after release) then PB's would be filled with low classes and "standard" ships with no fear (or less) to lose them. Empty ports ? if flag system would depend on certain mechanisms/conditions, we could surely avoid this type of occurances. Hard to get it right or to balance it ? well that's why we are here, try to brainstorm together, bring ideas and give feedback of past played systems. Anyway, the sample of YES in this poll (thank you to the one who made it correctly) shows that a new hostility system based on easier mechanism is attractive. Or do you deny that too ?
  12. Alejandro, Is it worthless to debate about hostility mechanics ? mostly when RVR is supposed to be reformed !! What we know is a fair amount of players like RVR, we remember the Sweds main clans finaly stopped any RVR but just waited (prayed) for players to attack their port. It was clearly said they were completely bored with grinding system. A good RVR system is going to be one of the key for NA war server success, so I guess it's not a matter of broken system, but rather a matter of testing a new or similar flag system within actual NA improvements. Anything that could keep player interest on long run, should be discussed.
  13. yep, my apology but poll does not work for me or i'm enough ignorant not to succeed in doing it. So that's why I asked for someone to create it.
  14. Why not having only pirate NPC's with aggresive behavior ? in PvP server. They were supposed to be the outlaw badies, let them be feared. With a specific advantage of being Pirate player that would enjoy possible backup from their NPC's.