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  1. Any tribal community need a chief (the most skilled one), but tribes need wise elders to guide new generations !
  2. It is not a "judging" matter it is just about giving more depth in players community. An identified 4 stars admiral player will only mean that this player has got a rather extended NA experience. It would not mean this player is a skilled one, but at least other will know it's an experienced one. This high rank info will help other players to know that he's knocking at the right door to gather practical & credible NA advices. In large National groups of players, this high rank might increase attention from newcomers hears. RvR need cohesion, cohesion need common objectives, common objectives need good argumentations, good argumentations need experienced advices/opinions.
  3. - Long time playing = existing highest rank = good NA experience (not skill) is assumed - Very long time playing = highest rank + star1 + start2 = NA expert. Each star has 2000h gap after highest rank ? These accounts, being alts or not, only reflect that their owners are NA experts, It give them a status, of which they can be honored or not, that has a value for other NA community members. Fresh players , joining a Nation and possibly a clan, would see instantly who are "NA experts" if any. I guess these high ranks will create a more meaningful hierarchy (today most players can reach highest Admiral rank, creating a mass of same high ranks) This additional rank hierarchy status might help the whole community to be instinctively moderated by those NA expert players. NA expert players would be "considered" as potential support for newbies and as credible opinions to listen. In my own experience, clans & nations I joined might have worked better in term of cohesion if some players had been considered as NA experts from newcomers. Expert players are the backbone of a group generally, in a clans they usually are the one who work harder for the benefit of the group. Player skill is essential, skill can be measured with other mechanics, but experience is meaningfull too. NA can live long because of its community, the few hundreds of expert players should be identified by high ranks, the few thousands of newcomers over next months/years will see : - a community with greater depth in term of players categories - less alts, cause a 5 stars admiral account cannot be re-produced happily - the consistancy of rank scale difficulty and therefore its merit to recognize The above has nothing to do with skill of players, yet a long NA experience is a data that is visually ignored while it means a lot. cheers Frog
  4. Hey, This is not for other player to admire you ! 8))) But at least, when you are in PB and see the list of players involved, peeps will be able to evaluate the level of participating real veteran players. Also, when a newby got a fight against a "star" opponant, he will be anticipating better his sinking adventure 8)) Actually, sinking a 4 stars admiral could even give special reward ? But, why should you be embarassed about your passion ?! I saw (I lived) this intensive dedication to NA war server also as a generous act to your clan mates, a kind of necessary sacrifice to be as competitive as possible, for the interest of the clan. This to me deserves a recognition. Also, when you got newbies joining a Nation, some can be bully or even impertinent; those one will possibly tend to respect a 4 stars player opinion. This goes in the sense of "moderating" the community. cheers Frog
  5. Although I'm not concerned, I think some players who spent thousands of hours in NA could be recognized with ranks. The XP scale could include "stars" added to the highest rank, each star would be reached at extremely high XP level ! The effect of identifying a player with his rank, seeing stars behind would simply allow the recognition of a veteran level by itself. I have high admiration to these guys who dedicate so many hours of their life for this game as a passion; I truly feel they deserve this recognition merit.
  6. Please consider possibility to add stars on the highest player rank. XP will carry on running, with increasingly large XP amount steps to get a star. Congratulation for this awesome project outcome. Frog
  7. Puedes comprarlo via "Xsallo", es una plataforma para desarrolladores de juegos alfa-Beta que les facilita servidor/coneccion. Primero te vas aqui : https://www.aos.ultimateadmiral.com/ se compra la version "comodore" la opcion que te da acceso al servidor del Alpha pa testearlo. Cuando compras recibes emilios de Xsallo, creas tu cuenta, y recibes otro emilio (seguramente en tus Spams) de confirmacion con codigos de acceso para que tu juego sea puesto al dia diariamente. La carpeta que te tienes que bajar es autonoma, la pones donde sea, nada que ver con Steam. Ya me diras. Un abraso Frog
  8. Hola a todos y lo mejor pa 2020 ! Pues si algunos quereis diversificar su actividad en PC sin perder el ambiante del Naval, les aconsejo probar el Ultimate admiral: Age of sail Para relajar y pasar momentos tipo novela historica al mando de una flota y tropas de invasion/defensa, me lo paso pipas ! Los barcos son muy logrados con maniovrabilidad desente, el grafismo en batallas es muy respetable y la reaccion de la IA es altamente superior a cualquier TotalWar. Es una experiencia individual muy agradable con muchas horas de juego en perspectiva teniendo certitud que cada batalla se podra desarollar de manera distinta segun los criterios que hayas escojido al empezar una nueva campaƱa . Y tienes una latitud amplia de constituir tus propias tropas equipada con armas historicas de diferentes tipos, de adquerir varios tipos de barcos segun tus financias o de capturar barcos enemigos pa usar o vender al aldmiralty. De momento el juego esta a 1/4 de su potencial, solo puedes hacer una serie de capitulos como capitan Ingles o Americano. Acabo de terminar como Ingles en el nivel mediano, y me costo bastante. Lo bonito es que tu personaje esta activo segun si le implicas o no en las diferentes misiones, puede palmar facilmente, asi que otro reto es de llevarle hasta la ultima mision vivo ! cuidaros Frog
  9. Well, I just reached level EN 3.6 in medium difficulty. This was like reading an historical novel, each chapter with increasing difficulty & scale missions ! In my next full reading 8)) I will try to keep alive or on board the officer I promoted as far as I can. Can a single officer card last through all chapters ? Is there a way to provide it ? My few cents comments as bugg reporter & player observation : -The RHUM mission was heavily lagging -I saw a very powerfull boat-poping effect between two low sail 5th rates sides by sides -Some fire can devastate a 4th rate in a glinch. I guess fire ship will be double checked. -Naval modules are not worth the crew penalty -Officers (all fleet involved officers) promotion or medals could be more emphasized through mission events. -Prisoneers units are running away far too fast to catch'em back. -Boarding mechanic is nicely done, the process is logicaly tricky, muskets shots are greatly made, while the crew combat is way too fast. Will it be optimized later on ? Thank you for the great job.
  10. Just to say thank you for this excellent work, this game is a passion so cleverly shared by its creator. I follow war games since Amigas computers ! this game, let's say "Ultimate" brand, is the best evolution I could expect for historical war games. Creative Assembly pioneers should be proud of this brillant new challenger in market. Keep it up ! cheers
  11. Ok thx, It was in Spam mails 8)) cheers Frog
  12. Thank you for this info. Does it take a few days to receive that registration confirmation e-mail ? cheers Frog
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