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  1. I guess it's better to stop speculating about the release, it might be too early and considering the light input from @admin about this thread, it looks highly probable that settings will still be modified in next weeks or months. We'll see then. Dev's are much more pertinent than us to find the proper final settings that will grab new comers interest & motivation, it's their project and they are much more concerned than us about NA success.
  2. Thank you @admin to a possible comment.
  3. hey, - Will you manage to adjust NPC to cruze only on water ? so many areas where they happily cross lands... - I guess better loots might help beginners. - Any possibilities to find NPC pirates fleets cruzing everywhere with a boosted agressivity, (could they be capable of tagging nearby players, within a BR rules, it would be adding spice).
  4. Sorry but this topic has nothing to do about whiners AT ALL ! There are peeps in this forum that have been playing/contributing for 2 or 3 years, so it is TOTALY LEGITIMATE to ask questions and give opinions cause those are very much concerned about the final fruit of their extremely long waiting. You easily can imagine how disapointing it will be to find a low populated post-release server. (from these testers point of views)
  5. Thx Dev to have replied to this thread comments: - Will the current general difficulty level be adjusted (smoothened) by the time of release ? in order to grab post release new comers motivation. - What is your point of view about fiding a way to enable casual players or independant players to remain competitive without spending too many hours they cannot afford ? - You fully understand the different expectations of pre-release testers/players (PVP or RVR tendancies), from who you learnt a lot for these past years. You also faced the low population server that was assumed and practicable to carry on your development. What is your plan to draw as much as possible interest (motivation) to post-release new comers and make them stay on long run ? You fully understand that our main concern is to find back a server at least as it was in 2015/2016. Thank you for your support.
  6. The most important reward for testers is to play at last NA in a crowded server. This MAIN issue is in the hands of Dev's and I trust they know which road to take before release. My feeling is today NA's difficulty level is too high and requires far too many hours of gaming to reach descent wealth/level/fleet. Apart from the important new comers playing conditions to be considered, we shall not forget about another player category. I got many friends who tried and left, some will try it again after release some will not even bother, cause as CASUAL PLAYERS NA is not built for them although they like the game context. We know that many new comers can be also casual players... (some joining clans and some playing independantly kind of disconnected from community) CAN WE AFFORD LEAVING CASUAL PLAYERS OUT OF INTEREST ? NA is a "niche game" in the vast game production World market, however it's success will only depend on its future population number. So the more player categories it will satisfy the higher will be the chance for NA success.
  7. Very simple to understand, whatever the final NA configuration at the release, the noob is the player population to care about, much more than the testers. In that sense peeps here are trying to figure out what features will look productive or counter-productive for newcomers (noobs). We all have great hopes to be involved in a final NA with players that would feel motivated enough to stay & play on a long run. Vets have been playing in a "micro-NA" theatre for years, (apart from its first period when it was much more populated). What vets should hope as a major priority is to see NA with a stable & crowded server. That's all it is about. Noobs playing conditions after release should be our main concern. For example, with today's general difficulty level, in term of learning curve, the release will be a long struggle for noobs.(= counter-productive) Do we want noobs to get fairly fast to average level ? yes, cause it will be much more fun for vets to fight with/against plenty of motivated new players (skilled or not, we do not care). It's our interest ! So this being said, the fresh news about vets keeping their books & knowledges could be an additional factor that might demotivate noobs. (when they realise how far they are to get the "5 rings book", for example, that is widely owned by vets). So if vets are gonna keep some advantages (in addition to their advanced skill, XP & rank), then noobs should also get advantageous features to catch up faster. That's why some of us thought that a final wipe only keeping XP's & ranks was kind of smooth balance. All vets understood it as such and it was kind of accepted.
  8. Celtiberofrog

    Admiralty's Registry: Vessels of the Caribbean

    very good move, thx for your help m8.
  9. Celtiberofrog


    How about, an exclusive pirate "Raid PB" that could be following the below steps: ==> You are in any friendly port (neutrals & freetowns excluded), you select 1 "Port raid flag" from a pop up list showing all hostile ports , capitals included. When selected, the faction owning that port will have a warning (like the old flag system). A port "raid flag" has a 3 hours cool down (just an example), during that time no other pirate player can anymore select it. If not used the "raid flag" vanishes or lose validity. Raids are not depending on port timers (if there are !). ==> You get out with any ship, that will show "raid flag" in OW. ==> You must sail with your ship where the crossed swords is ramdomly placed nearby the port to be raided. (only raiders can see the swords). ==> When you are in through instant enter by clicking swords (if not hunted before) you will always face double random BR ships against you. ==> Any player defender (player of same Faction of that port) being docked in that port, can enter the "raid battle" during the 3 min cooldown before battle starts. The "Raid PB" battle and it's entering cool down, starts when 1 attacker get in. Any docked defender player will see a window message to select and click enter (defenders can get in till maxi BR). If there is no player defenders that join the "raid battle" the raider player will fight against AI's. If some defenders join, in time, they will have the BR complemented by AI's (to reach the double defensive BR). ==> "raid flag" allow to create "raid group" to invite brothers, any joiner will get the "raid flag" tag too, then defending BR gets adapted to always double attacker's BR. ==> Battle is won when all AI's are dead and all towers are destroyed, within 90min (just an example) battle. no matter if defender players are still superior after that time. Could that be a feasible process ? Are there roads or highways for exploits ? Then when Raid battle is won, rewards must be evaluated, could it affect hostility ? could it affect Port taxes ? could it affect players outpost ressources ? valuable chest ? reals or doublons ? Port material production ? Should attackers deserve a safe return with goods and captured ships ? only if raid is won ? It must be risky to win, but when won quite lucrative & safe. Rewards for defenders could be considered too, to encourage these defensive operations.
  10. Question about release wipe: Which Map style will it be ? historical territories or mostly neutral regions ? or another style ? Will the final "start map" be discussed in upcoming RVR optimizations ? or is the choice already fixed today ? Thx
  11. And this guy had good knowledge of NA before restarting... One must try look NA through newcomers eyes, only newcomers with fairly good amount of freetime would keep up today's level, if there is an additional risk to lose ships easily for a start, then the game might become kind of demotivating. (newcomers not as connected as testers), hopefuly i'm wrong.
  12. Celtiberofrog

    Radio Macuto

    Lo que pasa es que el presente esta bastante jodido, intento proyectarme en el futuro NA, despues de la salida del juego oficial. Para eso deberiamos aprobechar el tiempo.
  13. Celtiberofrog

    Radio Macuto

    Tenemos meses para intercambiar ideas, tenemos que anticipar este proximo gran cambio. Sento, tienes razon de hacer este tipo de preguntas. Respeto a comunicacion, que es una herramienta impresindible para NA: El RAI era muy buena iniciativa, podria funccionar como nueva base ? si es el caso, seria tiempo de crear un nuevo TS del RAI y promulgarlo en la comunidad NA. Una web ? a ver si Alucar tiene todavia su sitio donde podria ser el alojamiento del RAI ? Ideas !! sugerencias !! intercambiar !! prepararse !! Alonso !!!! donde estas ?!!!
  14. While vets say their good will to help new comers, we know it will happen, however we must also think that some players might be inclined to discover the game by themself with a bunch of friends. Those categories of "independant" players might not look for external help despite vets would offer them, just because they will remain in their own circle's friends . From this point of view, Dev's should find the good balance between vets (who deserve some rewards) and newcomers. I suggested (above post) a way to allow new comers to evaluate the opponant from OW (and therefore give them an option to fight or escape if they can!), to be blinde in OW is a weak point for newcomers while it's fully assumed for vets. There must be plenty of others ideas to make newcomers feeling good (and a bit safer) among the group of vets in a new server. Even if books & knowledges bonus will be decreased, they will still offer some advantages on leaks, mast, boarding, etc... if you add that vets will always be more efficient in battle than a newcomer, the thing is how newcomer will feel about losing a costy ship when he did his very best to survive. Today we hardly perceive this aspect and say only skill is what matters. Vets had the chance to optimize their skill for years, while new comers will work hard to catch up. Dev's should really put their feet in newcomers shoes and apply the fairest solution for newcomers, those are the one who will make NA successful or not (and vets will enjoy a crowdy NA).
  15. Celtiberofrog

    Radio Macuto

    Ostras, no me habia dado cuenta del grado del daƱo que ha provocado esa maldita traison. Espero que con el tiempo este rancor respetado pasara hacia esa Faccion, sobre todo despues del wipe final. Un abraso. Frog