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  1. It's been a good while since we saw a 25 slots battle filled by a single clan, not 25 shallows... Gentlemen, Prussia looks as the most impresive Faction growth from the wipe thx to the KRAKE clan. Good stuff for the server. What is the secret of KRAKE's to gather so many players and keep them unified on long run ? Rusia managed to federate several clans on same stream while Prussia has managed to build up a really consistent single clan. Chapeau !!
  2. Hey all, As I try to comply the campaign in General division level, which is very serious !! In order to preserve soldiers life, we know that every single step in campaign are extremely sensitive with huge consequencies. That's why I come here to ask about the necessity or the reason to keep the first battle stage (not the small skirmish to cross the bridge) of Chancellorsville. With a specially built division of the Avant-guard, (the mission is to take 2 Southern confederate positions) I can capture those 2 positions in time, see screeny below: Why should the battle continue further if I fullfiled the mission ? Why does this battle stage exist if anyway the battle has to carry on ? I always played this battle stage previously by doing nothing, not loose a single man as it's helpless for that long multi-stage battle. Thx for your possible explanation.
  3. Personalmente os aconsejeria de buscar un trato con los Prusianos. Cuando la Faccion Española tiene su arma magica "el espiritu de Mantua" como ultimo muelle, no se si hay un semejante espiritu entre clanes Holandeses...es que pasan muchos clanes nomadas en VP, se quedan un tiempo y se piran. Pregunta: Teneis un clan [LIONS] y los Prusianos tambien ?! Igual hay demasiados alts en esta Faccion ? Suerte !!
  4. Hola Reconquista, Gracias por tu post, esta bien explicado y siempre es bueno conozer las condiciones de jugadores Españoles fuera de la Faccion. El problema es el consejo Holandes donde cada clan tiene que respetar una decision "unanima". Ocurre que hoy sois pocos clanes quedando os en Holanda y los que quedan, que sean activos o no, tienen un voto. Me parece que la historia de esta Faccion siempre a sido : Faccion comerciante y de crafteo en su principio, Holanda ha tenido repetidas temporadas de vacillo, casi desaparecia del mapa, y temporadas de reconstruccion con la llegada de nuevos clanes ambiciosos (uno recordara los 7UP y su lider impetuoso). Prusia tiene viento en popa estas ultimas semanas, me parece razonable conseguir un acuerdo con ellos visto que esteis en un rincon del mapa. Si no, teneis que votar de nuevo y contemplar otras posiciones : una neutralidad ? un pacto de cooperacion con Suecia o Rusia ? Prusia se proclama neutral frente al conflicto Sueco/Ruso, eso tiene su importancia. La logica geografica y politica pondria un pacto con Suecia mas coherente, terminando con las amenazas Españolas y posiblemente ofreciendo un alto al fuego con Prusia. De hecho Suecia y Francia os pueden ayudar de manera reactiva. Un pacto con Rusia podria garantizar una postura amigable de los Prusianos pero la region vuestra estaria muy presionada desde el Este. Si vuestra Faccion a perdido muchos jugadores desde luego teneis que ser muy prudentes y optar para una postura razonable hasta poder reconstruir vuestro playerbase Holandes. Gracias por exponernos vuestra situacion, Suerteee !
  5. Since Spain has decided to join Sweden in the current coalition war, it is nice to see Spanish fleets being deployed else where than Spanish waters. It is a positive evolution in general RvR. Thank you to those who made it possible/feasible. Let's hope we'll see more territories being handed over to small (friendly) Factions, it's healthy for every one. How about Danes getting some safe ports in the Gulf ? How about France with new ports in important strategical map area ? These two Factions should certainly appreciate fresh air (waters) since they are slowly strangled in their home waters. I guess it would improve the RvR since both Factions include a good bunch of active players, like it has happened to Spanish Faction. Cheers Frog
  6. Ya sabemos que hay muchos casos de tacticas que se encuentran al limite de las reglas, de hecho cerca de ser abusos o exploits. Sabemos tambien que las nuevas mechanicas suelen revelar fallos, y siempre hay jugadores que acaban por utilizar aquellos fallos de manera logica. El post del tribunal tiene importancia superior al contexto del RvR, sin mas. Esta tactica puede simplemente convertir un puerto inatacable con cooldown repetitivos.
  7. Hola Jorge, Zapa posted in english, so i guess it's better to carry on debating in english in this thread. I know your reply was spontaneous 8)) cheers m8
  8. Let's try again in case someone missed it.
  9. Too much time-consuming sailing is what kills enthousiasm and slow economy. Material deliveries should be available like old days. Or it could be implementing by at least supplying your traders as cargo, your selected ships will be towed to destination. Kind of organizing a commercial operation that could include some risks from weather or pirateries to loose partialy or entirely its ship/fleet/material (rarely!). It had a cooldown utilization, just adapt a cooldown that would make sense to Dev's. I guess this feature was very helpfull for new players in past. "DLC players" might appreciate it too.
  10. I was thinking about forcing to enter PB from much far away as only choice 8))
  11. entry circles : In order to possibly help weaker attackers, the external circle to enter PB could have much larger diameter, in that way heavy screening would be less effective. Stronger attackers will also enjoy more possible stealthiness. When entering the PB, your ship will have a speed buffer for a few seconds in order to get closer to a restricted port distance faster. Consequently, screening will have less impact and PB's will be less uncertain to reach for all attackers. cool-downs between battles : Actually, if PB's victories would be divided in at least 2 categories : Victory by points and victory by kills Each category would have a different cooldown effect, in that way clock mechanics would become a bit more changeable. Could an empty PB (another victory category?) generate a much longer cooldown as a compensation ?
  12. Hey there ! Glad to get some news from Polish Faction 8)) Poland is not involved in current RvR events, if it's the choice of its members it's fine as it is. However, be aware that one day or another a clan could decide to settle in that Faction, and get a port where they can or where it could ease another friendly Faction of this new settlers. But idealy, and in any cases, it would be good to see the existance of Polish Faction in the map. I guess it could help everyone to see War server full available features in. Fair wind gents !!
  13. From the above kindly posted board, you may consider DE as a third important weight, together with VP & GB, these three Factions have not joined one side or the other. I called Sweden a Dragon awoken cause we remember every time Sweden gets new energy it starts hammering around and eats lots of ports. Sweden was always fighting for the server health, helping the weakest against badies (ex:SORRY). Today the RvR is different, Factions do not mean much, groups of clans make it all. In that sense, wars can be lost, ports as well, but rich clans are very mobile. Rich clans migrate where they want quite swiftly, which makes RvR visibility much shorter and therefore little unpredictable.
  14. C'est pas parceque d'autres joueurs vous insultent qu'on doit forcément se mettre à leur niveau de comportement, à moins de manquer cruellement d'imagination.
  15. Précisément, la Marine Française, et pourquoi pas les joueurs FR de NA, pourraient faire honneur à ses valeurs exemplaires. Les FR pourraient s'appliquer à respecter un code de conduite, ce qui serait inédit et bénéfique pour le reste de la communauté. Mais bon, je sais bien que cette hypothèse d'un code de conduite est illusoire pour les FR, mais sur le principe il fallait conforter les propos légitimes d'Aramis. Quant aux renégats, par exemple, les officiers Français qui s'engagèrent dans la récente Navy Américaine, suite au chaos de la révolution (et à ses purges anti-royalistes), n'étaient pas considérés comme des renégats et gardèrent des relations "respectables" avec les officiers Français. Si on veut faire un parallèle. 8))
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