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  1. It was time for our 2 superpowers to grow hostilities against each other ! SERVER NEEDS DRAMA !
  2. To increase retention of newcomers, maybe a simple coding to make rewards much more valuable might help. Every single AI's ship should be worth a fight by everyone as long as it can offer good rewards. This detail could sustain the anthousiasm of newcomers, today a newcomer a bit curious will easily realize the very long way to go through before getting rich or high level XP's. This very long way is frustrating. Good rewards in random falls could minimize that frustration. Why not having the possibility to loot (more frequently) high value stuff such as rare upgrades, rare books, generous coffers, etc... Those items would certainly give better hope for newcomers, they'd feel like easier prosperity is possible despite the long way to go. Having many more wealthier players could change the overall server activity.
  3. Hey KoC Thx for having lasted so long with your band. We can perfectly understand your fatigue like other clan leaders went through too. Your challenge was greater with your timezone in terms of content. Out of RvR does not mean you leave NA, let's hope WO's break will end with upcoming possible game optimizations. good luck WO's and see you soon
  4. Lobo, Es mejor expresarte asi que de meter videos o musicas... Ahora tus comentarios son mucho màs entendibles para la mayoria. No se porque te empeñas a negar el hecho que la Faccion Española necesita jugadores experimentados, a caso la Faccion quiera desarollarse en RvR, y asi crear contenido para sus jugadores. Tu no tienes que demonstrar nada, te conozemos desde hace años en NA y sabemos lo que puedes aportar a tu Faccion. Mi sueño es de ver la vieja guardia (los jugadores experimentados y competitivos) volver en la Faccion Española para ofrecerle contenido. Ya se que tu sueño es lo contrario para que tu puedas existir en esta Faccion. Un saludo Frog
  5. Pobols, Thx for that epical battle, I admire your cold-blood !! No many players in this server would have get out of this gank alive, (I like your spirit shouting and cheering on your own ) Spain would need players like you, maybe one day the old guards will be Spanish again.
  6. How true !! In case Dev's had kept a full copy of NA mechanics in 2016, they could open another war server with those mechanics (loosing all improvements developped after 2016...) I guess this new server will fastly get the largest population
  7. Pirates is the most popular Faction, strong attraction to buy NA from newcomers. Let's give more importance to Pirates then. Pirates players could become the main content providers ? Give them a specific ladder to increase power, to become Republics and Kingdoms ? Parallely give less power to national Factions, War server might become much more attractive with a strong natural Faction, the Pirates, to fight against all those national Factions, I mean such a superpower Faction would become more acceptable. Imagine the troubles to face if a very few of current competitive clan leaders would be fighting for that skull flag faction...
  8. Hey, Game is not dead, the game is only pixels, what gives life or death to a game are the players. RvR is the heart of War server, when large clans will decide to SPREAD and settle in different factions then we may see a lively RvR. When clans leaders will be agreeing with other faction main clans to cooperate, it might change balances. What RvR is missing so far is a number of inspired clan leaders who got the mean to impact the war server balance.
  9. Parece que algunos jugadores se lo toman muy seriamente. Uno saldra siempre de caza con barco ligero de escape porque su prioridad es sobrevivir en la mayoria de los casos. Hundir un barco enemigo se convierte en una busquera muy larga hasta pillar una presa apropriada con minimo riesgo. Es una forma de jugar y divertirse, pero hay que tener una paciencia del copon...
  10. What one can see as recent RvR events : - Empire of Russia includes an impressive additional clan, the HAN, with well equiped players ! - The United Provinces is top three super power in territory, have they built up respectful heavy fleets to defend their expanded lands ? - Spain is active, would they manage to set an alliance with its neighbourgs to breath deeper and increase wealth as well as strength ? - Swedish has waken up and extended their territory in Hispaniola ! - Danes have settled firmly in Puerto Rico lands. - Prussians have kind of vanished from RvR theater, have they still the courage to defend their fragile possessions ? will the Spanish wait any longer to recover by force those historical Filipina lands ? - GB is... there, not very noisy but still as super power. give it a few weeks more and their fleets will become threatening again. - France is under pressure for a good while, there is no better occasion to inspire their players to fight side by side and defeat their oppressors ! - USA seems to have a strong playerbase. The day will come when this Faction (from its damned map corner) will cooperate with its neighbourgs, it will become one of War server heavy weights. - Pirates are quietly becoming a significant force ruling the central map area. Who will stop chaos & anarchy ?! rumors say that british civilians are packing back to Europe !! - Poland is still owning their Basse Terre Principautée. Will there be new polish settlers to confirm Poland's colonial ambition ?
  11. Maybe a player that create a group (clan) would have the choice between 3 categories of group - Guild = crafting preference - Company = Trading preference - Fleet = Combat preference Then a sane faction would better include a variety of group specialties. This detail might also help new players to join other players with same prefered gameplay
  12. When I first started NA I was puzzled when discovering the LV caracter and his effect on the community. After all these years of low content in war server, most players might realize now that LV was acting "bad" for the advantage of the whole server. Great pity not to see more of this type of players now a day.
  13. A clan in NA must sustain several activities to survive, as the Companies did in XVIII centuries Company : Trading as primary focus Order : Military as primary focus Guild : Crafting (manufacturing) as primary focus Brotherhood : for Pirates or Privateers
  14. For cosmetic only but to make a nice particularity with Naval Action, the word "clan" should be erased, When creating a group (formerly called clan) a player should have choice to call it either : - Guild or - Company or - Order or - Brotherhood As "historical" nations still persist why not keeping some historical group names, CLAN is poor and so common naming...
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