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  1. Hola a todos, Parece que mi baneo en el foro a terminado Da mucha pena lo que se puede leer aqui...No lo entiendo de verdad, hace tanto tiempo que sabemos que este juego solo se puede jugar en RVR con la COLABORACION de una mayoria de clanes de una misma faccion. Ahora, los Dev lo han hecho muy mal como siempre, haber lanzado el juego un viernes habria mejorado mucho mas la colaboracion requerida en esos primeros dias primordiales... Las diferencias entre los jugadores Españoles, mentalidad, experiencia, disponibilidad, etc... siempre existiran, lo sabemos todos. Frente a eso hace falta paciencia y tolerancia, con eso se podra construir una comunidad mas solidaria. Estas mismas diferencias existen dentro de los clanes y los remedios son identicos para que pueda sobrevivir un clan. Asi que un jugador Español tiene que poner un poco de agua en su vino y acceptarlas sin cabrearse al instento. A que sirve siempre designar la culpa de otros ? a fracasar esta necesaria solidaridad. A que sirve siempre culpar a los susesos pasados ? a destrozar la fraternidad entre clanes. Espero de todo corazon que algunos jugadores Españoles con tacto y paciencia podran federar de nuevo la comunidad Española, de momento la faccion empieza con mucha desventaja y el trabajo sera mas duro para volver a pesar en el mapa como fuerza credible. Yo ya no tengo tiempo en mi vida actual para jugar, pasare de vez en cuando con mis DLC pa hechar una mano (A los Rusos y a los Españoles ) como un mercenario. Buen viento a todos Disfrutar y seguir teniendo fe !! (solo haria falta ser un poco mas humildes) Frog
  2. Never ever mentionned about stupid promises. Indeed what makes (or would make) sense are decisions that will increase war server population. So your reflexion about wiping XP does not quite make sense to me if it is going to reduce the motivation of the large population of "waiting players" to come back after the release. This population is your capital on which you have relied to build the NA project. So i'm just hoping to be wrong, or that you could find a compromise that would please both "newcomers" as well as "old waiting players". I fully understand that is a dilema for you and you want to take the fairest decision as well as the best businesswise decision. All I dream for is to be playing in a final NA with a sustainable server population, same as you.
  3. Lo que no acabo de entender es que toman una decision muy mala con los XP, creo que la gran mayoria de jugadores estan esperando al release, si a estos se les quita los XP y que tengan que arrancar desde zero, pues me temo que una gran parte de ellos se les quitara las ganas de probar al juego oficial. Asi que por privilegiar a los nuevos jugadores se van a deshacer de una base de jugadores por otra parte...Y pienso que esa base de jugadores antiguos (acumuladose durante estos 4 ultimo años) que estan esperando, es una base mucho mas concreta que una hypotetica masa de nuevos jugadores. Son definitivamente muy sorpredentes y no parecen entender el termino "compromiso"...
  4. @admin NA project is your house (building) You built it for many years, One of the essential material of this construction was : your faithful player followers Do you really wish to a build foundations for a new house (the release) without relying on this precious material who helped you building your first house ? I guess not, so why not finding a compromise that will also profit to your old player base ?
  5. But is this feature extension the reason for not keeping former ranks ? or would there be a way to integrate former ranks to this new rank ladder ?
  6. This decision must be positive for both "potential newcomers" & "veterans", otherwise the War server population will suffer one way or the other. Books & knowledges being safe, it will be good for hard core veteran players (minority), but thousands of "old players" who built up their XP are not hard core players, not sure they accumulated so many special books & knowledges. I'm worried about those players (majority) who may not come back... Dev's want every player to start at same level with the release, but these special books will make a difference anyway, not sure skill will be the only difference. So the ideal leveling goal is twisted anyhow. "XP safe with books wiped" was smoother than "XP wiped with Books safe". (smoother = negative effect for less player number) NEW RANKS ARE GOING TO BE IMPLEMENTED : If this is the MAIN REASON to destroy player XP (rank), I really hope there can be a compromise that will allow new rank ladder to integrate player former ranks level. Your decision should privilege the largest population of players, there are thousands of players waiting for the release, newcomers are hypothetical projections while "waiting old players" are real bases.
  7. YES ! I always defended this fact. But XP keep was granted to veterans and was understood as being the reward & recognition for their hard/long support. So by going from white to black decision (hoping the grey decision was possible), the XP being thrown away is now going to reduce the number of potential players after the release !! New players are deadly needed as veteran players !! Personally I will wait & see what will happen after the release, if server grows I will not mind reworking these learning steps, but frankly, Dev's are taking a high risk of demotivating (and possibly lose) its faithful playerbase... Very daring decision at this stage !
  8. Very hard statement here, I'm sure you look for fairness, but you finaly decide to sacrifice the strongest capital NA project could rely on. (NA capital = veteran player base). Books & knowledges keep was a legitimate dilema towards new players, but XP wipe can be taken as very shamefull from the few thousands of players who spent so many hours of their life time in this EA in order to "improve NA". Most of them are patiently waiting for the final release, let's hope they will agree to start from zero again. Had the EA process lasted 1 year or 2, the shock would have been lighter, but after this neverending waiting, you go for the decision of thanking your followers with a simple free Pandora DLC compensation... You should think about a more consensual alternative.
  9. This is a good suggestion that has been repeated for the last 4 years in this forum...As it would entail more responsability to each player behavior in NA. Yours is well elaborated, let's hope it will be studied by Dev's.
  10. Hello there, I'm amazed to see that early access NAVAL ACTION is in fact a game project which is in constant mutation since 2015. Players who purchased that game were interested by the overall "historical" theater (and incredible graphism). Those players, like me, are speechless when seeing what NA is going to become with multiple absurbs nations and possibility to add China... I approve Dev's intention to embrass as many as possible World players but then I think this intention, to create many unhistorical nations, should have been announced from the begining of EA release. I have bought a game setting that has drasticaly changed in term of "theater" perspective, today what I'm gonna end up with is a Fiction game with nice historical ships... Sorry to say that I feel Dev's cheated on me. What would feel players who bought "Verdun" early access if their dev's decide to add Zulu warriors in trench warfare ?!!!
  11. Nothing surprizing here, Clan set Naval Action = Outlaw server player base So far away from historical captains code of honor... Nation flags are just cosmetics within a "Pirate war server". Wellcome to Naval Action Jungle !
  12. Indeed, I'm thinking in corvettes or frigates as feasable operation and crucial for those fast vessels when being hunted.
  13. In reality you destroyed wood structure to open wider each scuttle and just push off cannons into sea. As a desparate action to gain speed and assuming that any combat is hopeless, this could entail some hull damage ? but it does not matter as your ship is in a "almost lost" situation.
  14. As cannons are quite heavy loads: could be we have an option to drop them purposely ?
  15. Could we imagine individual large scale "inteligence missions" to fullfil with several successive goals to finalize the mission ? for example : - Patrol to New Orlean's water search & destroy the trader fleet (can be identified by specific sign). - Sell the stollen goods in nearby port like Biloxi, escaping from hunter fleet that need to recover these goods (with random BR & numbers). - That sell allow you to get a wreck localization where you'll get an item which should be brought to your admiralty in a certain laps of time. - The way back is supposed to face same hunter fleet(s) - Once in Admiralty you get very special admiralty reward in return (and/or other significant advantges?) Such long missions in War server would add interest within playerbase population. Even funnier in case these missions could also be offered in player group versions.
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