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  1. NAVAL ACTION: Fleets capacity rules & conditions for Nations (Numbers are only examples, to be assessed). Standard 4th rate 3rd rate 2nd rate 1rst rate Nation maxi number 60 units 50 units 30 units 20 units Clan maxi number 10 units 8 units 6 units 4 units Beyond standard Extra 4th rate Extra 3rd rate Extra 2nd rate Extra 1rst rate Nation maxi number Extra unit = +50% unit cost 60,00% 70,00% 80,00% Clan maxi number Nation effect Nation effect Nation effect Nation effect Each of the current eleven Nations have same capacity settings. By limitating the number of « expensive » ships per Nations and per clans, it is expected to push for a more balanced RvR theater. It will normally spread players among every Nations. It might increase the number of clans. To avoid ZERG effect, any clan will have only 1 (one) ally allowed at a time. That feature might offer PB's opportunities with less heavy ships and with more ships diversity. Screening will remain an important National strategical step while PB's will become a 2V2 (maxi) clans battle with above ships restrictions. Maybe a wrong suggestion, but your feedback is always appreciated.
  2. Yep, a "waiting list" for players who wanna join clans. The clan can look through that list, the list includes few data such as player rank, current wealth, hours of play and, if possible, the number of "name change" or "faction change" that was proceed from player data account. That last feature could help for spotting alts. A player can register in only ONE waiting list at a time, untill it is not sorted (cancel, accepted or rejected). Abviously, the list allow clans to investigate on the requesting player, chat or talk, before deciding.
  3. Hay gente que se aburren en su Faccion por falta de actividad, Aqui, hay oportunidad para los Españoles de tener entrenamientos de calidad, es un choyo siempre y cuando el respeto mutuo sea una prioridad.
  4. Dev, could we split Rusia Faction in two ? A RED RUSSIA and a WHITE RUSSIA That might help global balance, solve current Faction secession and reflect Russia history as well Obviously, we know which side the REDS would belong to. Thus there would be soon a new TSAR coronation to celebrate in NA
  5. Hola Francisco, Gracias por esta sugerencia, ya has visto las respuestas, pero solo el hecho que te preocupes por este tema quiere decir que vas en NA por la buena vena. El modelo del real accuerdo de Indias era y sigue siendo la propuesta mas practicable para la Faccion Española, clanes totalmente indepedientes y libres, pero con la palabra dada de cada leader de clanes. Un accuerdo entre caballeros que respetaran unas reglas, sin mas.
  6. While for so long some other Factions has been hoping for foreign clans to join their Faction we witness now a Reverse situation...
  7. Hey all, Back to RVR history: Would you think that today most of Factions include 1rst rate fleets ? Rusia, Dinmark, GB, Dutch have made it, what level are the other factions ? A few weeks more and there will be respectable fleets in every Faction, I guess. Please post here propaganda glorious pictures of your war fleets in OW, Deterrence is part of RVR, no ?
  8. While loots should be good enough for beginners to keep them interested/motivated, giving them the sensation of productive activity and stocking valuable stuff (or selling them out).
  9. Also, it seems that once you have clicked attack, one cannot postpone the countdown. Maybe I'm wrong, but before we could reset countdown and adjust the positionning attack, or go away to cancel your attack (in case of mistaken target etc...)
  10. Es una alegria de ver nuevas recrutas con los FNI y los SH, ya son buen grupos. Pues algun dia estoy convencido que habra un equilibrio entre Facciones mayores, incluiran cada una un clan "competitivo", con jugadores veteranos y activos. En este momento el RVR sera mas qualitativo y engachador.
  11. The point is, Some players has got hundreds of hours to spend per month in NA, these players are "competitive" players, their dedication allow them to collect a lot of stuff (cofer, modules, etc...) While "casual" players, affording much lower dedication, have a very long way before getting "interesting" rewards and have good combat training. These agressive AI's feature might enable casual players to humbly keep up with "competitive" players acumulation. Why not ? It's a good idea, so casual players may be able in 1 hour or two, to have good & fruitful time and climb ranks easier. As long as "aggresive AI's" zones are well indicated in the map with visible circles.
  12. Pues creamos una zona PVP "privada" en aquellas aguas de Apalachicola ! 8)) Beneficiara a todos para entrenarse, hacer puntos y con barcos a recuperar a lo mejor. he encontrado a CHURRRUUUUU y se esta convertiendo en un virtuoso del empujon por atras con su Trinco Y los demas ayer a noche pues se lo pasaron chachi en batallas interesantes. El resto poco importa. Un saludo a todos.
  13. damn, this has been shouted here for years... Conclusion: Today we got what we got and we'd better deal with it, otherwise just erase NA fom your game list.
  14. Les frères d'armes se retrouveront un jour sous le même étendard en attendant c'est très bon de vous entrainer ensembles 8))
  15. In war server this type of multiple zones, (where to find agressive AI's for lucrative good training), would be interesting. Any "peaceful" captain will double check his rout and avoid these areas if he wants. These "dangerous zones" will surely add difficulty for PVP and PB's but it may be interesting for global gameplay.
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