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  1. congratulations rediii, your answers made it in the meme section, due to its laugh potential!
  2. Dear Admin, you are creating a grate game. Now please stop do philosophical discussion about free speech and just unbann people, who criticized you with reasonable arguments, like banished did. Just tell him: No, we dont brake the steam rules, because of this, this and this. Bring arguments and facts, like you always did! With love and respect
  3. And now it is proposed.... by a brit! No, traders from other nations are not free to pass, there is no such agreement in russian nation! Expect to be hunted down.
  4. Guys, you do not understand the economic reason for this move: If xp will be not wiped, then new players will complain about the old ones being already to op --> negative feedback --> game dont sell much more If xp will be wiped --> game will be sold much often
  5. When you want to build a line ship:
  6. How the last patch feels with its ammount of time needed to grind Combat Medals + doublons for rare woods:
  7. Havoc will join a nation that is in a state of war vs their former nation.
  8. @Phaserburn, @EliteDelta, @Galt, @Barents, @Hethwill @Banished Privateer @rediii and all other fellow and respected players Since its NA meme collection here, please argue somewhere else or do it here but.....
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