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  1. Poryv

    Clan management ideas

    Hey guys, how do you organize and manage dutys of your clan members? Do you have any weekly fees? How do you distribute critical ressources like white oak amongst your clan mates? Do you have a common system for building ships for all? Or do you guys just do full indevidualism? Pls dont forget to add, how long your system worked.
  2. Poryv

    Naval Action Meme collection

  3. Poryv

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Palatinose during the patrol zone battle near Nippes:
  4. After the ausgust september patch i saw a lot of players that i knew, left the game: Main reason: - money drop from attacking npc was cut a lot. Now there are a lot of players, who actually hate trading. And they are running short of reals cause you dont get much from killing. Please make npc fleet killing more rewardable, so the trade-hating players are not poor.
  5. Poryv

    Naval Action Meme collection

    in the far away lands of never happened:
  6. Poryv

    Naval Action Meme collection

  7. is this has some value to git gut? or old and outdated? asking for a friend: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/3685-a-treatise-on-naval-action-a-complete-guide-mr-doran/?page=1
  8. Poryv

    Naval Action Meme collection

    I will leave it here for your creativity
  9. @Rob remember: the key of this game is to be in a community/clan. Your will progress much faster there, you get any help and knowledge.
  10. Poryv

    5 mod slots all ships.

    stop complaining about gear and get good
  11. Poryv

    Radio Macuto

    Vamos a encontrarnos regularmente y luchar juntos. mismo número, mismos barcos, no hundidos. El pasado ha pasado. Los dos no tenemos nada que perder excepto nuestra falta de habilidad.
  12. Poryv

    Radio Macuto

    Amigos, Lo siento por mi español, usé el traductor de Google Seguí la discusión. Estoy con el clan ruso [BETEP]: No podemos recuperar los viejos tiempos, y no los buenos jugadores y clanes. ¡Pero podemos trabajar para hacernos buenos jugadores y clanes! Nuestro enemigo común es difícil de vencer: el inglés. Tenemos que mejorar juntos, tenemos que entrenar duro para aprender técnicas y tácticas. Pero para vencer a los ingleses, no es suficiente luchar contra los bots. ¡Entrenemos juntos 5 contra 5, 10 contra 10 o 15 contra 15 días laborables! Fragatas ordinarias o liners, lo que todos tienen. nadie pierde su nave, cada jugador puede simplemente darse por vencido cuando apaga la vela. los comandantes de ru y sp pueden ensayar las batallas juntos para mejorar las tácticas. Los jugadores pueden darse consejos unos a otros después de una pelea. El futuro aún no está decidido y está en nuestras manos!
  13. Poryv

    Polish October Marks Sale!

    remember this guy for the next partial wipe and do, whatever he do :)
  14. Hello there, lot of times i have the same issue: I want to inform myself about current diplomatic relations of a nation or about a certain clan, i open the certain post and a wall of rant comments appear: example 1, example 2 Sometimes the creator of a topic is aware of it and keeps his first post up to date. An unwise creator give away the actual info as an answer. To make info more accseable, let the creator of a topic be able to close his own topic. if someone else want to discuss stuff and rant about it, they should open a new topic.