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  1. Guys, stop it, why would anyone complain about less grind in a multiplayer game?
  2. They were DK, then they went pirates. Then they went RU and captured secret islands.
  3. I remember back in 2018, when russia (specially BF but also BETEP and RUS) fought over their last ports on secret island. There were 3 battles, that were very nerve wrecking, but russia won. Meanwhile a lot of players prepared to move to free towns and fight a guerilla war. You will not find anything on forums about this, because no russian whined about this. This is for all of you, who is whining now.
  4. Instead of blaming each other, lets see, how an we create content outside of rvr. What about arranged battles, in and outside of patrol zones? We agree on numbers, BR, time and place. We come, fight each other and go in peace.
  5. i am in russia since 2018. Back then, RU had only 10 ports. Never changed nation. Back then my clan BETEP was destroyed by rediii. No one cried in forums. People reorganized: former BETEP went SHOCK, REDS returned and of course BF did the main work Now we are here
  6. @Cap Trujis you need to understand that the most imprtant ressource of the game is the morale. And with whining in forums about your oponent playing the game better that you, you actualy bust morale of your enemies, decrease the morale of allied players and therefore can also be a cause for declining numbers.
  7. Been in RU since 2018, when Britain and Sweden were zerging around and RU had 10 ports. My clan, second largest in RU was destroyed by Brits and stopped existing. Yet no one back then whined their way around in forums. Help your noobs then! The state of the map is fully controlled by players. There is nothing, what devs can do about it. What should they do? Punish players, who were good at the game? And there is nothing people can do, that played the game better as well. The only people, who can fix the zerg, are the other nations: Analyze, adapt, overcome.
  8. If i see anyone without a clan tag in russian nation, i befriend them and write them to get into Clan. I keep contact with them at least 2 weeks, to make sure, they found the best clan. I ask them afterward for time to time, how is it in clan xy to be a new player. I do this since 2 years. People, stop whining and organize new players in clans
  9. Gibt es nicht auch die Möglichkeit durch Steigerung der Armor HP die Repair Menge zu erhöhen. Der Prozent-Satz, der repariert wird, kommt ja von der gesamt HP mit Boni. Also Bridge town würde nicht nur +8% zusätzl HP bedeuten, sondern lässt auch +8% HP mehr reparieren.
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