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  1. "Hi guys, i never played the game, but i have a suggestion to make. " Hi Cesar, the devs dont even listen to an average player, so that you know. So the best thing is, you either play the game, or forget about this forum.
  2. What that exactly has to do with alts? I think they are strugling, bec they are not in a meaningful clan with expirienced players. Get in a clan, learn from the best what ressources are we speaking about? As far as i know, you need to be on clan friends list for ressources. Game is hard, grindy, less for causal players.
  3. Hey Buddy, let me tell you this: Dont ever let anyone tell you, that this and that feature of the enemy nation makes the enemy super invincible. The most important feature of a nation/clan is its morale or fighting spirit. Its the ability to keep up and learn from loses and mistakes. I personally learned a lot by being sunk pvp pros like rediii and can now compete with mediocore players. Check out other clans and nations: The change can feel almost like you bought a new game. Expirienced and friendly PVP Teammates were the most important part to improve my own skill. Other trading teammates explained to me, how to find safe trading/delivery routes. Clan crafting management made getting a good ship super easy and crafting not bothering at all. I think with the right environment you will not feel, that you wasted time but that it was fun to reach this or that level.
  4. keeping someone in battle without intention to fight is griefing. Screening is tagging someone, but not keeping them there for ages without a fight. This is a legit tactic. When you screen someone out, you fight or you let go. Everything else is griefing.
  5. Ich wünsche dem LAMA Clan das aller Beste und viel Erfolg! Make Britain great again!
  6. man up, organize, train and beat the russians
  7. there is no russian nation. you make deals with clans in this game
  8. Thats what i call a hero *no inony here This post is a jewelry and is the reason i like to read forums
  9. 1. Problem: es ist schwer Linienschiffe zu ersetzen, aber das gilt für alle, auch für Russen. Es ist aber doppelt so schwer, wenn man 2. Problem: Russen haben viele Spieler/Zergen den Server, aber das war wohl auch vor ein Paar Jahren auch schon so: Da haben die anderen Nationen sich organisiert und Russland auf die Bermudas reduziert. Bis jetzt sehe ich davon nur was im Forum und warte sehnsüchtig, dass was passiert. Aber das einzige was ich lese, ist das: a. "Devs sollen das regeln!" b. "Die Russen cheaten!" c. "Russen übernehme Führung in meiner Nation!" d. "Russen, wechselt die Nation!"
  10. @Atreides o7 Buddy. Since release i am with reds. What could your nation learn from, what we do there is russia? If i see any new player (mostly russian) asking something in chat, immediately tell him in private chat to join a clan: There, i say, everything will be answered. In this chat i encourage players to install discord, teamspeak and never play this game alone. I try to stay in touch with major russian clans, to see, if they are still active, newcommer friendly. I also ask people, how is it there, where i suggested them to go. I think i put 30 players since then in clans, and its nothing what captain reserve is doing with his stream and anolytic is doing with all the other things. I hope britain will be strong again! o7
  11. What pressure? I see people, who came to have some fun
  12. Can we please apreciate this amazing new word Pfrigate!
  13. Check out naval action map, a tool everyone use in NA: https://na-map.netlify.com - Top right in map tools - make journey you can set up the beginning wind and your ship type with woods. - Then you double click on your current positon - Then you double click on the position you want to go. - you can see the estimated travel time and from where the wind will come on the tip of the arrow - make another double click for another position you want to go afterwards - If you want to restart the process, press F5
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