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  1. when i join russia was not the easiest way, sorry. Now is easier for our work, not for gods grace. And you are not in a hard faction.
  2. screening is more funny sometimes
  3. me not, are so bored, except shallows PB
  4. it is capturable, you can flip the port taking missions in srhoud cay and win port battle. Is not easy, like cartagena and other some ports, but is posible. If you want easy goals you are in a wrong game
  5. totally disagree, please stop making experiments like this. This idea will never balance the game because as long as RvR exists, the game cannot be balanced because there will always be a powerful faction than the rest. Ideas like that for new players are not nice, because they will not to be able to join factions where there are more veterans players, and will have to accumulate in another different faction, and that will unbalance the game again. Everything that is said by many players to rebalance the game is really just to warm the Russian faction, not for rebalancing. If you want to rebalance the game a simple way is to make the RvR as something secondary, generating capital areas for all factions with an unconquerable port of 55 points for each. An idea for this would be to return to pvp rewards as combat medals, only obtainable in pvp and patrols and some missions. These medals could be used to activate the crafting points of the capital port every time you make a ship. For example, crafting a 6-7th needs 1CM for every 5 points, a 5-4 would need 2.5 CM for every 5 points and a 1-3th would need 1CM for every point. Do you want a first rate with the 55 port points? You have to spend on it 55 combat medals. do you want a niagara with 55 port points bonuses, you need to spend 11CM on it With a system like this there is no possible imbalance, no matter what ports each faction has. To make the RvR interesting, distribute resources for upgrades in neutral ports, and grant rewards for having lord protectors, turning victory marks into something useful, for example allowing them to be used in boat crafting instead of CM, to access port bonuses.
  6. you are in a faction and only speak with 2 guys?
  7. i change nation because spanish faction dont want to do RvR and PvP, and thats is bored for me, maybe not for you.
  8. i love u very friendly with very friendly love muack muaks very friendly
  9. I am with him in same faction but I am not responsible for what he does. Please be all adults. when i was spanish i crafted my ships in 25 port points and i didnt cry neither.
  10. no que si lobogris pide ayuda entonces tendre que ayudarlo, y paso. antes me hago polaco.
  11. Nassau is a crafting port with all investements and santo domingo was going to be a crafting port before HAVOC and dutch attack it several times, we lose some inventesments there. Any problem for that, RvR is part of game.
  12. So far is not now, other factions attack our crating ports too like nassau or santo domingo so far too, and i dont remeber REDS crying for that.
  13. Baracoa and New Orleans is BF not REDS, so ask Reverse for that. Pinar was only a rent, not a real conquest. Is prussian again and is not a crafting port Santiago de Cuba is brit, and first pirate, and brit again, sorry... And british crafting ports are Truxillo and Belize, sorry again george town and roseau are not crafting ports, 25 points only, sorry again. Puerto plata is VSC and 45 port points like Saint John and Oranjestead, i dont think that sweedes have their crafting port there
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