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  1. And why basic cutter can't enter in enemy ports? I mean, is a basic ship, you can not tarjet enemy players, so...
  2. OMG, Prussia deleting the polands of map, AGAIN. BASTEY, STOP THAT, I LOVE U
  3. Well, VOX spanish clan, are constantly make the same sentences in spanish national chat, with homophobic, antisemitic and xenofobic comments... i have tons of screenshots of that, and tons of F11 reports too.
  4. WTB Liq, some bananas and redoutable, Thats are my suggestions
  5. Hello, I want to report spanish clan name VOX - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vox_(political_party), the name of actual far rigth political party in Spain, which is an offense in my opinion. Even the clan leader https://forum.game-labs.net/profile/26514-pelusaninja/ has a personal image on his forum account of Ortega Smith - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Javier_Ortega_Smith
  6. Despe

    Loot thiefs

    oh nooo, my poor loots
  7. Despe

    Loot thiefs

    Is legal shoot or sunk one player who enter in your side only for steal your loots, if you advertise first? Or it is gren vs green?
  8. oh, well, seasoned woods is a godd idea i guess. I like that new mechanic in game
  9. stop change the DLC stats after buying it, please. You can craft ships with seasoned woods for get the same splinter resistance, is so easy
  10. Yesterday in VC Oceans and Vics... I think that it is random.
  11. Good luck in your new prussian faction! cya on seas, good winds captains.
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