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  1. 3 times i tag , santa /diana/de ruyter , they are hard enought it takes time even with a redoutable , 3 times gankers enter my fight and chase me for hours , i'm sorry but this is not fun it looks a boost of kills for nation russian , prussian , and dutch ....oh wait does really russian who own already half the map , need more help ???? i don't think so . if well thougt there would have been dozens of spot a little bit everywhere. so you could have a little chance to avoid big group of a....ho..s gankers
  2. we recreated the group with the same leader , 2 joined the others stayed outsides
  3. any news on this kind of problems , happened to us twice in 2 days
  4. i did the report because he's not speaking english , yes he tried and had not the x to loot
  5. yes , i have a screenshot tool and he don't
  6. an answer would be appreciated , is not looting surrendered loki rune a "work as intended mechanic" ?
  7. today at 22h -22h40 we had a fight with an ocean elite , then a loki rune entered. (we know because my ship was teleported). then the loki rune surrendered. i approached to loot , and hooo , no "x" to loot the boat , impossible to bring it back , and 0 loot , for a fight my friend and i had hard time with . it's already frustrating enough to have a loki rune , if you can"t loot an ocean elite , it eve more raging.
  8. as the expanse of big nation like the brits and the russian , wich are crushing little nation , one thing easy to let them survive , is increasing the number of free towns, all over the map, it would allow people to go all over the map whitout 3h sailing trip in and out . it woul spread the player around the map and not just around the central part of the map , and will make the rest of the map a little bit livelyier.
  9. akjoujt


    is it me or it is getting boring to have 1h30 fight , with repairing full boat every 15 min. doesn't this advantage the people who have nothing else to do in life ? doesn't it feel skill is useless without a massive amout of repair and rhum ?
  10. thank you for underdstanding my problem
  11. i just bought a seasoning shed permit , because my clan is too small to fight privateer's fleet. i build the damn thing and surprise there si nothing in there ... i guess we have to find bp to season wood , but i can't find anywhere. but mostly i am very disapointed , there is not a single one wood to season , the thing cost me my ass , and i got nothing for it .... abused
  12. akjoujt

    boat unlootable

    to day i got my indiaman killed by two boat, it had 1200 whit oak log on it , and i couldn't loot it to save my trade , is there a rule preventing you from looting a your ship which ogt sunk ? i never saw tha i can"t loot a boat , and it is very painful when it's a week worth of production ...
  13. akjoujt

    kick out

    i got kicked out from a fight while i was boarding an ingermanland with a victory at 8h40 this morning a was going to kill this fast because there was an agamemnon around , after i could come back several minutes after , i had lost half of my pv and my men resulting in losing my victory only because you server kick me out . i lost boat dumb ways and it was ok because it was my fault . wich is not the case here .... that's rubbing the wrong way...
  14. i have been added as friend clan , why a clan that own a whit oak forest , but after 3 days , i still can"t access the forest or the investements ,is this a bug or the clan can restrict access even to friended clans ?
  15. in rio seco , a guy in pickles comes in my fight , i asked him to leave ten time over, and when i board my target, he stay right next to it , you don't have to be a brain to see he's waiting for the gap you win and are in the menu so et can capture your target. so i didn't kill my target and have to fend him off, i cannot kill him because he's green ... and when i leave my surprise is that he's an english and i'm pirates , as a pickle , and i'm in a fleet , i can't tag , him , so i go on another fleet , and kill my targets and here he come again , and steal my loots . his name [BASTD] borkin the plague bearer
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