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  1. certain item like nassau borders are bound to their port, but the owner of these special features , almost all the time keep it for themselves. and it makes population stick to the sames places, if those special stuff would appear randomly on port that would makes people sail everywhere on the map to find them instead of waiting for them to be bought and that would incrase the amout of traders to hunt and , the explorer type of players to grow.
  2. to increase trade, there should be "trade lane", the longer you stay in those trade lanes , the more the sell price is good at destination point. making trade worth the risk and either makes them easyier to intercept. in addition able to propose escorting mission or giving the possibity to buy npc escorting service would be a nice addition. 2 point giving a possibility to organize convoy of traders would be nice .
  3. as is pirates in just one nation amongst other . but pirates were never a nation . instead of having possessions , there should be more free town for them to go anywhere in the map , and instead of crafting port , they should be able to attack port with a shorter delay so the defender couldn't prepare as good as for a "NATION" port battle . winning the port would make it open for all and available to use all facilities , for 2 days . that would bring lot of trader in people area ,and after the 2 days the port would be back thir previous nation ownership. that would make pirate n
  4. with the wind shadow, and determined defender i feel boarding player have been cut off their pleasure , and i would like to propose something that might set the problem a little . actually to board you have to be close, be prepared , your ship must be under 3,5knot and the ennemy ship must be under 3,5knot. it used to be possible to force someone into boarding by going under wind and push them frontwind , now that it is not possible anymore i would suggest that being able to grab somemone while you're a close enough and relative speed is under 3,5 knots , meaning if you are stuck to
  5. today with resideur my mate we captured 3 indiaman near ponce , and when we were capturing them ; serveur lost connection and kicked us out of the battle i had captured one , but how about the 2 other indiamans we deserved ?
  6. i was pursuing some swedish player north of puerto plata, et then the giuy stopped , i went inside the circle and pushed the attacke button 50 times , i couldn't attack the guy. he disconnected , this is funny because when i do that , i have to wait 120 seconds to leave ....
  7. tempest catching people , and inside a battle scene , the only objective is to survive massive waves
  8. the bot fleet , like victory +12 is assured to be only rank 1 , but in reality ,thre big boats would be escorted by smaller cheap , it would be nice that fleet of npc , would have différent ranks
  9. it would be nice for those who don't have a big clan to help them , to put a contract for guns for hire to escort their traders .
  10. Hello , i find very difficult to understand , why isn't fleet of traders with escort. it could be missions or random fleet , on open world but there should definitely be trader's fleet.
  11. we recreated the group with the same leader , 2 joined the others stayed outsides
  12. any news on this kind of problems , happened to us twice in 2 days
  13. i did the report because he's not speaking english , yes he tried and had not the x to loot
  14. yes , i have a screenshot tool and he don't
  15. an answer would be appreciated , is not looting surrendered loki rune a "work as intended mechanic" ?
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