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  1. I did close the game right after i sent the F11 to re launch the game and see if I could still join the battle. Sorry again that i did not write it down.
  2. Lecner Ajax is my ingame name, ill check if i can fix the video. I did an F11 but didnt write down the number sorry.
  3. @admin Bug happened again, still no response
  4. I think its safe to say Russia checks all the boxes you are here mentioning and some more like empty PBs aswell. The issue here is some chose to look the other way when russia does it and some when other factions do the same 🤷‍♂️
  5. Nooo 😄😄 we are too damn cheap to pay doubloons for hostilities xD That's not fair, if true it's only the last time this mechanics abuse was used like many clans and nations did before
  6. Yo hable por TS el mismo día que me contactaron y hable con el resto de la gente. Quedamos en seguir hablando y dos días después nos atacan haciendo pantallas. GG Mandame un PM por el juego Reconquista porfa que hace tiempo quiero hablar contigo y ni Overon sabe tu nuevo nombre.
  7. After trying to join a battle, when doing click on the swords the circles and battle details do not appear. Interaction with other players works fine, after going back to port and back out, the swords still dont work. Video explaining how it happened.
  8. We expect that the players deemed to be involved are warned, and that the port of Remedios is turned neutral as a reaction (we will let the Spanish recapture the port afterwards as we have no more interest in holding this port than we did the last time). Or stacking Hostilities, We also expect that the players deemed to be involved are warned, and that the Russians ports are turned neutral as a reaction.
  9. Tell me any Chineese ship of the time the devs can add to this game? Just one and i will delete my comment. It's about china having nothing to contribute to the gameplay, while other countries do. Having more spanish or dutch or portuguese ships would be much much better for the game, than having a new nation
  10. How about no? China was never in the Caribbean, had negleted his navy during this time period and we are still lacking many imoprtant things and other nations as portugal who did have ships that can be introduced and actually was present in this corner of the world at that time. You would think fixing bugs/exploits, adding new ships they even promised would be more important for the game rather than adding nations to play with.
  11. After the wipe spain went only twice for pinar, and had some success only the last time but was quickly defeated and that was almost 2 months ago, i dont think you have a point here
  12. Lol!!! Russians wouldnt agree with you after looking what they did to spain.
  13. 3 hours after the PB started, it still looks like the PB is ongoing.
  14. If you read carefully you would know what happened with the F11 code. A report was still made.
  15. Haulover PB after it was won by points, everyone inside PB got disconected and Timed Out. F11 Report was made (was kicked out of server before i could copy number) and pictures taken. After the 60 seconds passed, everyone was kicked from the game. When everyone logged back in, exp and combat report was given but the port didnt flip. All damage recieved inside the PB once outisde seems to have been rolled back and everyone was full HP. The port is still swedish, and doesnt have any cooldown for rising hostility again as if we failed either. Mishka user on twitter and https://na-map.netlify.com/ still hasnt reported on the battle either way. We need a fix @admin
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