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  1. @InkThis topic doesn’t belong in this thread but i dont know any other way of reaching out to you. My ingame name at the moment is ‘DespeSukaBlyat’, which is an insulting name for the player Despe as he made clear. I want to change my name but to do that the name change cooldown timer needs to be reset. Is there any option of doing this? Kind Regards, Je Maintiendrai/Despe “ “ PS: I also sent ingame e-mail to playername 'Ink'.
  2. Getting fireshipped every damn PB is boring indeed
  3. You just want to sterncamp our big ships with snows! 😭
  4. If admins start wiping ships and/or books/collectibles im gonna delete for good
  5. Player Nik Nemo tagged me out of a bigger fight without any intention to fight. Pls record his name.
  6. All I know is the devs need to balance the wood the way they want it to be and give the community some certainty . Lock the stats of the wood types and drop locations can be changed later on anyways if the community and the devs feel like it.
  7. smh, how much more forced pve are we gonna get?
  8. Ok, so apparently spanish HDF now travels all the way to baracoa??? @admin
  9. I'm down for more arranged battles like these @Anolytic Edit: Using ships nobody uses anyways is a fun experience
  10. Add 'call it a draw' function to the battle menu (To avoid loss of valuable time). Players can decide to call it a draw - only works if all players vote yes and battle will end.
  11. Can I suggest adding some kind of option that can be selected in which both parties decide to call it a draw? I've had countless of times I went into battle and the other party started running, i know there is no way to get him so we both know its a pointless chase. But the situation as of now makes you wait 7 minutes atleast before you can get out. Would be cool if there was a button that allowed us to end a battle earlier without losses
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