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  1. So, you're saying the game isn't skill based now?
  2. Yea like toiletpaper is gonna run out any time soon lol rediculous
  3. Poor pruskies dragged into wars by others
  4. Amateur sports matches are cancelled until atleast the end of the month, further measures will be taken in the upcoming days i'm sure
  5. you visit your grandma? shame on you
  6. Isn't his wife infected?
  7. Situation in the Netherlands is getting more serious now, government told everyone that has minor symptoms of a cold to stay at home (work from home) if possible. Less traffic jams, supermarkets with empty shelves etc etc
  8. Seems russians were too late raising hosti themselves . @Anolytic lol i think there is no compassion whatsoever towards this claim of yours rn
  9. I'm gonna follow this thread hehe 🍿
  10. Haha implying we should play Naval Action during work hours (spent at home, bc corona)?
  11. Experience slots on ships actually make me wanna try different ships so I get the reward of opening slots. Otherwise there would be no reason for me to use certain ships at all.
  12. Problem: Rookies giving up too easily Solution: Messages from admiralty to man the F up and sink some sh%t
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