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Found 17 results

  1. Player Nik Nemo tagged me out of a bigger fight without any intention to fight. Pls record his name.
  2. The mercury had control perk on, constantly kept buggering me with his weak 9 pounders. Didn't let me leave at all. Time wasting with no intention to fight.
  3. While sailing from Mortimer to Baracoa Arriving just infront of the port of Baracoa with my Indiaman, a player by the name of [Pinkg] Mralmost, a fellow pirate who was sitting infront of the port sailed passed me and tagged a British Wapen plus 2 fleet that was caught in the wind next to me, again directly in front of the port but not in docking range. Mralmost tagged the npc so that I started right next the the npc and mralmost started at the edge of the ring. Mralmost then waited passively till my trader was sunk and i had taken heavy damage before participating in the battle. When I asked in battle chat why? the reply received was "0.0". clearly I believe this to be exploiting and grieving. I request a suspension of the player in questions account at the least.
  4. We had some pvp against Swedish. Player [TRAP]Redbear89 tagged me and my friends 2 times in a row, kept us in battle to make their big ships escape. It is not RVR, it is OW PVP, even I told him, he did not listen. So beind warned 2 times, he insisted on doing again, he accepted the griefing telling us "he is doing this to save his friends"
  5. Situation: A friend and I decided to do a player port raid but because we were just 2 we agreed on one will kite the Ai while the other will pull close to the Hulk and cut it free. So far so good everything worked fine. My friend lured the Ai into a trap while I could sneak up on the Indiaman. I cought the Indiaman crew unprepared and they surrendered. To my surprise my crew would not want to go onboard of said Hulk and rig an emergency rig on it (no [X] appeared - and before some will ask we both made it available for all) So it seems mechanic is like you need to kill the Ai warships in order to access the Hulk. Now to the game mechanic griefing part It is not possible to leave this mission. The only ways out are by winning, surrendering or staying in battle the whole duration of the battle time. It is not possible to sail away and retreat. Like proper raiders would do when they would notice that their mission failed.
  6. Suggestion: PVP players of low XP can only be engageable by other players of a comparable XP or lower until they reach a certain level of XP. This may help keep ganking and griefing of new players in PVP to a minimum.
  7. Due to the lately rising amount of tribunals referring to griefing in the OW, I created a poll about what players actually consider griefing in this regard. Also there are some proposals upon solutions stated by multiple players like @Liq, @Banished Privateer and others, though I chose some to me reasonably sounding parameters. Regarding the possible changes, the question of considering Reinforcement Zones as special or just part of the open world also seems plausible to be asked. None of the answers you choose are binding, the actual values of invisibility time etc. are only proposals and tuning and adjusting recommendations are very welcome. This poll shall only serve as an overview to the community's opinion on the matter. I would feel delighted, if you are interested and could advertise this poll on global chat.
  8. Firo Nebule in a Hercules tagged my Santisima while I was waiting to enter a US vs Pirate battle in the US reinforcement zone outside Saint Marys. Firo Nebule had no intention of actually battling my Santisima and only kited for long enough to ensure that the battle in the reinforcement zone was closed (10 min). The battle was heavily weighted towards the US anyway, 11 vs 7. Firo Nebule was griefing, wasting time, and denying content.
  9. Do we have, ingame, GameLabs employees pretending to be players? What exacly its their purpouse? I strongly belive that we have!
  10. I'd like to report Lord Bomgordel for pretending that he would trade my ship back to me that was taken in a very unbalanced 10+ v 1, if I sailed to El Rancho and set up an outpost. Luckily I already had an outpost in El Rancho but when Lord Bogordel learned of that he suddenly wanted me to sail all the way to great corn to set up an outpost there. This is an obvious attempt at griefing and wasting my time.
  11. Not turning up to Port Battles This has probably been done before but I couldnt find the thread. I was in a PB the other night, there was a full PB fleet and Screening fleets, probably involved 60 or 70 people. 60 or 70 people who could have been doing something else and in my case probably would not have been playing NA at all. But I changed my plans (and those of other people too) cos it was an important PB. The clan that raised hostility didn't turn up. That just lacks class and respect for your fellow players and I'm not happy about having my time wasted by a bunch of scrubs and for me that constitutes griefing and some action should be taken against players who deliberately waste people's time. Most clans have some sense of decency, rivalry but with respect to other clans and nations, fellow players. What makes it worse is that the useless scum-sucking clan in question, ran the hostility while we were in a Port Battle, as they would never have dared show themselves otherwise, (they are cowards as well as time wasters). I can understand that the mechanics of this game allow for diversionary tactics and fighting on many fronts, but if this just results in 60 or 70 players sitting around doing nothing getting bored of the game, then thats a problem. The clan in question were logged into the game and decided to run fleet practice missions instead. That was by far the most de-motivating experience I have had in NA, and made me question whether I want to be involved in RvR anymore. As it is your opponent that sets the time for the battle, it effectively means that someone has been allowed to actively go out of there way to waste my time and that of 60 or 70 other people, and that can't be good for the game. There should be some kind of penalty for raising hostility and then not making a reasonable effort to take the port. eg. clan banned from entering hostility missions for 1 month. Or at least the 'port can't gain hostility' period should be extended so attacking an enemy port and losing the PB at least has a big benefit to the defender. The Port Battle should be automatically won if no attacking players have entered within x minutes of the start, instead of having to sit there waiting for the points to accumalate. It's really Boring. Change it.
  12. Oxford Dictionary As per the tribunal rules outlined in the topic, griefing is a tribunal offence. Charge: Players from the US nation has repeatedly and intentionally been raising hostility in the region of Georgia with the explicit intention of setting port battles at times that for the defenders, danish players, are in the middle of the night on weekdays. This is intended to force Danish defenders to stay up for what is for us the middle of the night and mount a defense The US players then do not show up to the attack, or shows up in a very small number of fast ships with the express intention of wasting the time of the entire defensive force. This is textbook griefing. It is an intentional waste of other players time and an intentional sabotage of the game. With accompanying mockery and harassment in the battle chat and global chat. It causes great dissatisfaction amongst the defenders who have to stay up to mount a defense and yet do not get a fight, wasting hours of their time for nothing. This charge and proof addresses specifically the port "battle" that happened in Savannah on January the 11th. Proof of intention: Only four players showed up to the beginning of the fight, in fast ships to run away and waste our time. There was no screening mounted outside by the defenders that could explain the absence of more attackers. No attempt was ever made in the course of the battle by the attackers to fight or get any points. They were running away from the beginning, but refusing to leave the battle to let it end, wasting more time.
  13. Today I was sitting outside of the British harbor of Ruatan with my Trader Lynx. Pietjenoob came sailing up to the harbor and started tagging me. At which point I entered the harbor and exited again. Subsequently he tagged me again and I entered port again. This went on for 8 or 9 times. In Go this would be called a 劫, kō situation. "A play is illegal if it would have the effect (after all steps of the play have been completed) of creating a position that has occurred previously in the game." I think it needs addressing in the mechanics to prevent it from happening. I'll open a topic on it. At this point I considered it to be trolling. His counter point was that me sitting outside of harbor doing nothing is trolling him. I subsequently gave him warning that I would raise a tribunal. Which he blatantly ignored and tagged me again anyway. I then went for lunch and when I got back and out in Open World, he simply tagged me again. Granted that the broken mechanic allows for infinite tagging in a situation where it can not change the outcome. I do not consider this to be the griefing. I consider the ignorance of the warning, when clearly presented with a situation in which actions of Pietjenoob could make no difference of the outcome for any of the 15+ tags he made, to be the griefing offense. Even after my only recourse of action, going for lunch, made no difference in his actions. I respectfully request that Pietjenoob be demoted 1 level and given a stern warning. Awaiting your final judgement, Skully
  14. Denmark-Norge attackd Oranjestad last evning server time there was one MOD there who didnt care. We was rammed by herminator soo swedes could hit us easier, also his friends participated on this. and he also uses his cutters to take space in the battle. We at RNoN calling out this as griefing. Some pictures/proof of this happenings. First picture is showin that herminator is ramming me he also rammed other players of our clan. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/288602101464780109/1029FD975B8F77EF901321D13361AAA1DCA4FDE6/ This pictures shows that they are takin in cutters to use space http://imgur.com/WUdZTc9 http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/288602101465088922/EE50F7960AA343BECF7E46CFE1D41634B1FEA90E/ Best regards Cpt.Birdy RNoN Royal Norwegian Navy representative
  15. There have been multiple complaints about "friendly" players joining a battle then stealing the ship another player had intended to capture. The most recent complaint was in the Tribunal subforum (see http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/10855-ships-joining-friendly-battle-and-griefing/) but there are others. I posted a suggested solution in a thread in the General subform (see http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/10854-friendly-players-sinking-the-ship-you-tagged-and-are-capturing/#entry192894) but I am reposting it here for extra visibility. The core problem is that when another player joins a battle on your side, then participates in a way undesirable to you, you have no way to make them stop. You cannot shoot or ram them because you will get negative XP and green on green damage is prohibited. And yet, there are legitimate reasons to allow other players to join (such as when the players are on teams at war with each other, and they deliberately want to interfere with their opponents' gameplay). My suggestion is this: Grant the initial attacker and defender a special role in a battle. Let's call them the 'prime' attacker and 'prime' defender. The prime attacker is the person who tagged the target on the open sea, and the prime defender is the specific captain who was targeted. Within the battle, when people join the attacker's team, the prime attacker is allowed to redesignate them as 'neutral' instead of 'attacker'. this makes them attackable by both the attacker and defender. Likewise, when people join the defender's team, the prime defender is allowed to redesignate them as 'neutral' instead of 'defender', which again makes them attackable by both sides. There should probably be some warning time before this takes effect, to allow players who find themselves declared 'neutral' time to retreat from the battle (or reposition themselves in preparation to be shot at). Players may not join as 'neutral' directly, they must join as either the attacker or the defender (unless the attacker or defender is the same nation as the joining player, in which case the joining player *must* join as their own nation). This is exactly the same joining mechanic we have now (players who join must declare themselves to be on one side or the other). A time limit on how long "redesignation" may be done might be desirable to prevent players from accepting help for the beginning of a fight then declaring allies "neutral" when it comes time to capture prizes, but I think on balance redesignation needs to be permitted the entire time the prime attacker or defender remains in the battle, otherwise griefers may hide their intentions until the timer expires. If the prime attacker or defender intends to leave a battle that's still in progress, they may hand off their role to the friendly player of their choice. If they leave without designating a successor, the role may be passed to a random friendly player, or the one who has been in the battle the longest. NPCs never take the role of prime attacker or prime defender (NPC's never refuse your help). In this way, a player can decline help on either side, and enforce their decision without resorting to green on green damage. I think this is what we really need -- an "official" way to say, "no, I do not want your help, go away or I'll consider it an act of war".
  16. This a suggestion for players, who want to help each oter instead of stealing their price. After helping a couple of lower rank players with capturing their prize, i myself now encountered higher rank players stealing my prize who invaded my battle mutliple times. I now know and understand why some players consider shooting green on green when this happens, it is still wrong but i get it. The only thing you could do, to save yourself from this is, and thats what i am doing from my last stolen price is; - write down name of player - go down wind, and leave battle! and keep writing down names who do so. - if the written down names enter your or mine battles, just leave. Save yourself 15 to 30 minutes for nothing! Sadly they can't be trusted! Imo, because there is a huge map with enough prices sailing around and whe are sailing under the same flag. I consider this dishonorable, and not necessary. It saves you time, griefing and on a bad day a tribunal case against you after they alteady stolen your price It's just a suggestion nothing more. I keep a ledger to fairly split loot 50/50 for those who help, and inwrite those names in that same ledger. I'll hope this wil help you avoid tribunal cases. Other suggestion are highly welcome to deal with these dishonerable captains.
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