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  1. Was he actually transporting those goods yesterday, or might he have been selling goods stored in his outpost there over time? That being said, trading is very profitable now. But also very very risky. People have not yet adapted to the fact that 4 indiaman can now carry immeasurable riches, but at at a risk that might ruin you instantly if you are caught by an enemy. You can now make great profits using Trader brigs and LGVs and at more reasonable risks. People also haven't yet understood how trading profits have changed. The fact that a trade route now yields 200% return where before it would yield 300% return does not mean that profits were nerfed. Relatively speaking profits were buffed. But risks and required investments were also greatly buffed. To me it makes sense, but then I still trade with maximum risks.
  2. Anolytic

    Flags Flags Flags

    Nice. I'm certain you've looked at these already, but there are some that I think might be worth including for Russia (marked in red): My Russian is non-existant, so they might not be totally off, but as I understood it, the top row of both pictures show actual flags and ensigns, while the other ones are all just signal flags. Source btw is Книга Устав морской о всем что касается доброму управлению, в бытности флота на море by Peter the Great. Pages 309 and 311 of the scans kept by the Presidential Library: https://www.prlib.ru/item/336980 Some other flags drawings and flags: (this one is cool) This one, where the andrew's cross doesn't fill out the corners, I've seen this version pop up a lot. Danish flags: I still can't figure out quite what kind of heraldic animals those are supposed to be. But they don't look like typical heraldic leopards (what we typically would call lions). I was thinking they might be foxes or mongoose, but I can't confirm this. I find no written sources so far that describe these flags of the Danish west indies. The flag that you have included for the Danish West Indies looks to me more like what I've seen of the flag of the Danish East India trading company though. Here is another flag of Danish East India (Tranquebar). Christiansborg on the coast of Ghana The problem with the Norwegian flag, is that for as long as we were part of "Danmark-Norge" our flag was the Danish flag. Then we briefly had an adapted Danish flag with the Norwegian state lion/leopard with an axe (the flag you already included in your montage). After that Norway got it's own flag: But this flag is technically a Swedish flag during this period, as we were forced into a union with Sweden. For the longest period of Norway's union with Sweden, the flag was known as "sildesalaten" in Norwegian (herring salad). Though I think this was after 1844, so outside the scope in question. For historical reasons the Swedish-Norwegian Union Flag ("Sildesalaten") could be included as a Swedish flag I guess. Though it would annoy me a lot seeing it flown from Swedish vessels. I would like to see the Norwegian flag that is similar to the current one as one of the Danish-Norwegian flags in-game, even though it would in some way defy logic, as it was not even invented yet while Norway was part of the union with Denmark.
  3. Anolytic

    Please add a functionality to sort clanlists

    #zergnationproblems However I concur.
  4. Anolytic

    Missing skills

    Now that you say it, I don't think I have any of the fireship skillbooks anymore either. I guess they were removed as skillbooks with the patch?
  5. Anolytic

    Flags Flags Flags

    Just a question: Could the long extra wait we have to endure to get the flag dlc, be that devs have to consider carefully wether to stick with the impossible nations or not, before releasing the flag patch. Considering the flag DLC is so far from what we have been showed, made to fit with all the current nations, but the "Impossible nations" are still an experiment. I imagine if the DLC is released then it would be hard to remove the impossible nations later, because it could affect the contents of the Flag DLC.
  6. Ooh. I'd like to test this.
  7. I favour a complete wipe, but I do not quite see the doom and gloom that other proponents of that idea predicts. I align with what @PIerrick de Badas said earlier. It is about perception, not about facts. Customers perceptions and ideas about how things are are more important than how things actually are. Release day buyers are a special kind of buyers. They expect a clean game, a clean start for everybody. Of course they will have to accept that testers have exclusive access to the Pandora, and that pre-steam testers have the yacht, but that is different. The problem of DLCs that some have proposed is a totally made up one. Players buying the game at release have the exact same option of buying the DLC ships as testers have had. But back to my point, release day buyers are special. they want to get the game in a "clean" state, and follow it from its inception, even if there is a whole period of testing that they missed out on/avoided. Those that buy the game after one week, one month, one year, know that they do and know that they are joining a party that already started, but it is much easier for those to accept so than for release day buyers. Those who buy after release, trade the experience of being early comers for being able to wait and see how the game is received by others. It is a conscious trade. Do I think that it is a huge problem that potential release day buyers will know that what they come to is not a clean slate? It might cause some players to delay buying the game, because they feel less special about the release, but if they really like the game concept they will revisit the idea and buy the game later. I think that release day would be more special, more significant, if everything was wiped - even XP and craft XP - but within a month after release, it won't really matter to anyone. The decision is a trade that only devs themselves can consider clearly (as long as they make sure they fully understand all the aspects of each possible decision). They can present a clean state of the game to potential release day buyers, or they can do a small service to the testers. I support whichever decision devs make. Even though I have my own opinion on what would be better and what I would want to see if I wasn't currently a tester but someone waiting for release. Then again, as a gamer I am a hopeless completionist and hoarder. I nearly didn't buy the game at all because I was about 1 week too late in discovering the game to get the first special gift, the yacht. On that note I have a hope that within 6 months after release, there will be DLCs added for the Pandora and Yacht that those who already own those ships as testers get for free, but which allows late-comers to get them as well buy paying for them. This is an unhelpful and untrue statement in my view. I see no way that a game as complex as this could be developed without wipes. We have had major improvement to ship configuration that required wipes of the database, and we have had major overhaul of the economy that required complete wipes. I would say though, that if the argument not to wipe XP on release is "what about the new players after 1 month", then the same argument could theoretically be applied to say "why wipe reals and doubloons from our accounts, after 1 month it's not going to matter either".
  8. Remember when we had rookie capitals? Give new players 2 starting outposts: Nation Capital + Shroud Cay. (Impossible nations only the latter) Also make teleporting to Shroud Cay free (no doubloon cost). ONLY teleporting into Shroud Cay.
  9. Anolytic

    Moderation rules

    I'll leave my 2cents on this specifically. It's of course up to you and the devs how you want to run this forum, but I ran a gaming forum as community manager for a some years and I never observed what you are describing as a potential issue here. My target was maximum possible transparency on moderator decisions and we would almost never delete topics unless they were just duplicates or viagra spam and creating cluster and pushing legitimate topics down the list. We would close them and leave the explanation there with a specific rule citation. If they served no purpose as examples we could delete the topics completely after a week or so - again to avoid clustering up the forum. I also very rarely deleted comments, unless there was a certain quantity of consecutive spam, but would rather delete the contents of the comment or edit out the specific offending part of it and add a note about why and what rule was broken. We developed a very good understanding with the community, and there was no ambiguities about the rules. That's all I have to say here, other than I hope Liquicity will be pardoned eventually.
  10. I get this part, and I quite like it. When you sail it, it's like a modern cargo ship. You may be carrying 10 different types of goods, but each type is stored in equal sized containers. It makes some things a lot simpler now that everything has the same weight. I also like the idea of availability and supply of goods based on realistic consumption and deterioration. And the fact that trade goods profits were reduced to about 100% return instead of 200% return is also quite alright. It means that we have to thing of value, risk and inflation in different terms than before.
  11. Thank you! Looking forward to testing this. Looting in PvP is most of the time not an option, but so I hope it is adjusted to a level that compensates for this.
  12. Anolytic

    Idea for cosmetic DLC

    I'm all for cosmetic DLCs, but tbh, a captain avatar seems like a waste to me. It will impact performance. Especially if it is done with any kind of effort, to make it worth buying DLC to alter the visuals of it. In my view, I am the captain of my ship, not some NPC on deck. Btw, why post this in a new topic? This is essentially the same as this one from just earlier today:
  13. I am relieved to hear this, and yet I believe it would be better for the post-release state of the game if these things were also wiped. It's going to take a long time for those buying in on release to catch up to the rest of us. I guess letting us keep books and ship knowledge is relatively unintrusive to the gameplay experience, and it might be a small price to pay compared to the outrage some might cause at having to start grinding slots from scratch.
  14. Anolytic

    Flags Flags Flags

    There is a danish flag with the monogram of Christian V, the king of Denmark until 1699. Is this even within the game period? Why do we not get the flag with the monogram of Christian VII, the (mad) king after which the flagship in-game was named and who reigned 1766-1808, smack in the middle of the game period. https://digitaltmuseum.no/021026957462/maleri/media?slide=0