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  1. Is it intentional that this link is identical to the Naval Action Discord link? nvm Shouldn't Dreadnoughts have its own server though? Like This Land Is My Land. The TLIML and UA: AoS communities have such a different tone to the NA community (SP vs MMO natural differences). Dreadnoughts deserves the same opportunity.
  2. So, no more newspapers, recruitment, ship videos and other RP which once made the game and the forum great? Steam forums just don't accommodate that kind of stuff very well. Why not revive this plan?:
  3. I'm all for suggestions to change the mechanics on this, but as of now this is just how the mechanic works and the accused didn't do anything wrong. It's the exact same thing Sweden did at Macao some weeks ago. So I agree, 1 low-BR ship joining and immediately surrendering should not automatically lock the hostility battle to 45 minutes.
  4. The purpose of this tribunal is not to get someone punished. It is aimed at pointing out a flaw in the new "unexploitable" flag mechanic, and suggest a solution to it. Hence I will not point fingers at the names of any that may have utilised this "exploit", and I will have to describe the issue without giving specific examples. I also, with this, seek to get clarification that what I describe actually is to be considered an exploit by developers. While I would argue that it most likely is an exploit, the mechanics involved were discussed prior to the release of the new mechanic without being f
  5. Correction: This is just the numbers for yesterday, not the whole month.
  6. Tax on Crafting Every monetary transaction in a port between player and AI is currently taxed. With one exception. So it seems an oversight that when doubloons in crafting receipts were replaced with Reals, taxation was not applied. After all a good crafting port is the most valuable commodity a clan can offer. And the most expensive investment. So taxing crafting makes even more sense than taxation on random trade resources that the clan does not even control or affect. Who wouldn't tax labourers in their harbours shipyards? And shouldn't port owners get paid for players using
  7. Admirals, I present to you evidence of intentional green-on-green damage by the Russian player Cardinall in a battle that happened on July 14th. He was in battle with players Willem van Hamsterdam and Sinterklaas from REDS in an engagement against what looks to be an Elite AI and proceeded to shoot several broadsides green-on-green against said REDS-players. Here is the battle tab-screen: Here are some screenshots that show him firing green-on-green in the battle, on point blank range and nowhere near the direction of the enemy AI in the battle:
  8. I like it. But what about when everybody sits in port all day only, doing their defence duty. Who will populate the Open World. I'm not saying this would be the nail in the coffin for OW, but if we make it too convenient to just sit in port and get insta-PvP, then we might as well shut down OW and make PvP lobby based. I know you wouldn't be opposed to that, but I think OW has its charm, and Naval Action Legends didn't do so well (for a lot of different reasons that might not be only about the concept).
  9. Admirals, Tonight we had the Tampico Port raid which BF and REDS defended together. Right as the battle was about to be finished, the battle instance crashed, our ships spun out of control, we got a connection timeout error message on our screens and a few minutes later we were kicked to the login screen. On the map the port raid is still listed as not yet completed, although for some (not all) of us the battle over screen came up when the instance crashed. Moreover, because of the untimely battle instance crash there were multiple sunken ships that we did not get to loot because we were
  10. This is way off topic, but since you bring it up: Spying is explicitly allowed by the game developers, even implicitly encouraged in the past. Moreover, at this point economic alts in other nations is practically a forced mechanic given that so many vital resources are available in some nations, but not obtainable at all in others.
  11. Ever since release I've been entertaining the idea of a large scale battle involving only gunboats. The theory being that a battle of 25 vs 25 gunboats would be the cause of significant hilarity and an interesting display. 50 gunboats going at each other would be a sight to behold. However the planned introduction of a karma-mechanic could put any ability to arrange such an event in jeopardy in the future, thus I have decided to try to put this idea into the world sooner rather than later. So how to do this? First I want to see if there is enough interest in this proposition. So lea
  12. In the course of the past two days, rumours have spread in the Caribbean of sightings of a large treasure fleet or convoy journeying from one edge of the map to another. Here's some footage of the huge fleet along its journey:
  13. This is not a proposal for a new mechanic, but an adaptation of an already existing one. In short, my proposal is this: Scrap the current clan-missions for woods as they are in-game right now. By now everybody has build farms for Live Oak, White Oak, Teak, and if they have use of it also Bermuda Cedar, Mahogany, Locust (Cauguiran Wood) and Sabicu. The old Clan Mission forests like this one is no longer in use, if they ever were: Keep the core mechanic however. -Woods for doubloons exchange. -24h waiting time. -Clan & Clan friendlist (optional) -Deple
  14. This is not a suggestion for a new mechanic, but rather an argument to revive and improve an existing one. The mood in my circles about the freshest changes to the game is generally positive. The new woods introduced seem to have an idea behind them. They need further adjustment and balancing, but that’s already been promised is coming. And the decrease to acceleration is something the game experience may really profit from when it is further adjusted as indicated. The thing that isn’t really working however, is the distribution of the new woods. The way they are distributed serves
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