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  1. Fear* is a powerful ally. Outgunned, next to a british fort, and with little or no repairs left - yet the enemy sacrificed 3 heavy L'Oceans to get away and into port. *Fear is in this case BF who joined us despite having 0 repairs left from this rather more impressive fight: https://youtu.be/9_f_SP3TiaM?t=13577 ( @Captain Reverse )
  2. Nations are too small? Join one and start recruiting. Russia is growing day by day. REDS is recruiting: In the last 1 & 1/2 months REDS has increased our ranks by about 25%, particularly with significant growth in other timezones.
  3. The REDS Battle Dance: Inspired by the old RDNN-ritual (captured by @BABAY) : No, video. I was half sure that I was going to fail, so I didn't want to keep any evidence.
  4. After a long search for something to shoot at, we came across a L'Ocean. Sadly it was inside a reinforcement zone, but we took the opportunity to perform our ritual to call upon the PvP-gods. Later, while sailing back to port, our devotion was rewarded. ----- Also throwback to @BABAY and the pre- port battle dance of RDNN & RUS:
  5. When you're ganked... Both of the escaped ships lost a mast, and the endymion was down to half structure, but unfortunately I was not in a chasing ship.
  6. My post is below, but for those who will avoid reading anything longer than a paragraph, here is the short version of my proposal: Limit wood type choices when building Lineships (4th-1st rates) to only allow the heavier wood types: sabicu, white oak, caguairan and live oak. --------------------------- I have observed with interest the discussions about the combat model we are now testing on the testbed. I haven't gotten around to testing it myself yet, but I have gradually grown more positive as I've read admin's elaborations on his thinking on the matter. But there is one issue that, like many others, I foresee: speed-built ships-of-the-line cruising around the open world, able to run away from all other SOLs, and devastatingly deadly against every frigate, and at the same time with the ability to catch them. Should this really be a thing? If the new combat model prevents frigates from messing with SOLs, should SOLs still be able to interfere with frigate-combat? I seem to remember having seen some historical evidence that SOLs would not fire upon frigates in a fight, unless the frigate opened fire on the SOL first. So even in battles like the Trafalgar, frigates would fight frigates and SOLs would fight SOLs. If a frigate did fire at a ship-of-the-line the latter could return fire, and it would be devastating. Another question I have is: Why ever would a navy build a lineship, as expensive as they were, that would be unable to fight in formation against other lineships? What navy would waste their treasury on building a "fir/fir" Victory, that could hunt down frigates, but would be useless in the Battle of Trafalgar, or Battle of the Nile, when they could probably build five frigates to patrol waters against enemy frigates for the same price, allowing them to cover greater areas, be less vulnerable to ships needing replacement or were lost. Historically, ships did not last infinitely in service like they do in-game unless sunk. So my question is: Should we be able to build "light" lineships? My suggestion, though I put it out there without taking much time to ponder it myself first, is this: What if we limited possible wood type choices for Lineships to only the heavier woods? What navy has use for fir, bermuda, mahogany or even teak lineships? I would also take oak out of the question, because it can be farmed and doesn't have to be bought from the market. So that leaves us with sabicu, white oak, caguairan and live oak. Those, in my opinion, should be the only options when building ships from 4th rates and up. Frigates however, should have the option to use cheaper/faster wood types - for diversity and tactical choice.
  7. There are two versions of his monogram (as with many of the danish royals of the period), here they both are used in flags on paintings. First one is Christiansborg in current day Ghana, Africa. Second one is of a Danish brig that I fail to remember the name of. Here are the monograms used in other places: To the left, the monogram used on a cannon (note: the crown is missing here, it was never missing on flags). The right is a third version of Christian VII's monogram (Christian Rex VIII - never used on flags to my knowledge). This is the monogram on the wall of Fredriksten Fortress, Halden, Norway. I go there almost every summer: Danish half-a-shilling: The other version of the monogram as used on flags: Will do. I'll send them later today. It's snowing a lot in Norway, I have to go out to clear a path to the house...
  8. Objections? Yes. It looks like a crude deviantart-project. Someone took this flag texture or a similar one: cropped it and pasted a the CoA of Gustav Vasa (dead 1560), as well as the 3 crowns symbol and rampant lions from the modern CoA of Sweden over it. EDIT: To be clear, the king whose CoA is pasted in the middle died in 1560 (way before the timeline of this game). The Blue and Yellow flag of Sweden was first described in laws of Sweden a few years later. There is a possibility of timeline overlap, but there is no possibility that they would mix and match the CoAs with the flag into such an aberration.
  9. It is most likely a very crude drawing of the Coat of Arms of the then current (1805) King of Sweden, Gustav IV Adolf: If you look at the colours and shapes, except for the mid circle heraldry being mirrored on the flag, it much better matches the CoA of Gustav IV Adolf than the Greater Coat of Arms of Sweden. The Greater CoA has a cape in the background, which the flags lack. At the time, the CoA of the king would be synonymous with the CoA of the country. It is weird, because in your quote I see some images are missing, but when I go back to my post I can still see all of the flags I think. Interestingly the sites that are not loading their images seem to be statehistory.ru and another .ru-domain. I will save them all and upload them directly to the forum instead.
  10. I'm sorry for adding to the off topic here, but You seem to think they are empty threats, but the reality is that National news has been living on borrowed time for a while now: National News was already decided to be shut down, but the decision was never carried into action. This is not however the first time:
  11. REDS have been involved in a few scrapes recently. Some of them include: Bani: and yesterday at La Orchila: Following the PB we chased down and sunk a few more Dutch.
  12. Yesterday we noticed that the BR of some ships (Essex and Belle Poulle) had changed, as far as I know without any mention anywhere. I don't know exactly when, since we usually have some buffer in the BR, but it must have been recent. It is good that the BR data is continuously being updated, but why not let us know? As a port battle planner you can't always have one of each ship in your docks to be able to check that the BR is the same as last time, but PBs do require planning and when the premises - i.e. BRs - change without alert, then that only serves to cause frustration. How about an official Google Spreadsheet being created that is kept updated with the BR of all ships in the game, that we can consult with when setting up PBs?
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