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  1. Great joke... Not 5 minutes ago I was ganked in a trader just outside a port and a player from another nation joined my side in a ship same size as the attacker, preventing any reinforcements joining my side and talking to each other as friends in all-chat and discussing the fact that players were gathering outside but would not be able to join my side. My loss was immaterial, but the blatant abuse that this ROE actively invites is game-breaking. This ROE should be ONLY in Patrol Zones. Give us 2 min timers back everywhere else in OW:
  2. REDS was formed in Russia immediately after server maintenance the day that the new nations patch was released. Most of us switched from Pirates to Russia that very same day (October 16th 2017). And we didn't follow RUS, we decided in unison with RUS the week before that we would both join Russia.
  3. To Russia, no. To REDS, yes. We are a clan. We recruit. We have a recruitment topic. We recruit more or less actively, right now less. What do I do to unbalance the server? It is my "job" to grow and develop my clan. Others should concentrate on developing their own clans. We're not making anything "worse". REDS is not an elitist clan. We are not the best or the greatest. We just try to create content for ourselves and others. We're tiptoeing around other nations to not destroy their "crafting base" and when our enemies call for help because their "livelihood" is threatened, we've always lent what help we could. I know of whom you speak, and I've fought against those players and that mentality at every turn. Again, REDS have sacrificed a lot of our own effort and our own potential for fun, in order to avoid the destruction of other communities. Your accusation is patently false. Naval Action cannot be beaten, only destroyed. I have no power to change broken game mechanics. I can only try to create content. Content that I create for REDS, is content also created for the whole server. REDS is the ONLY clan that has actively created RvR-content continuously since release. The "neighbourhood" can do whatever they want. I don't demand anything except that people stop complaining about REDS trying to enjoy this game - without hurting anyone. That's not my fault. Then go somewhere else to complain. This is the REDS topic. I hardly ever go to the patrol zone. I went yesterday, only to be reminded why I don't go anymore - hello kittying requins running away upwind with <1 bar of structure left. REDS was formed in Russia long before Forged Papers DLC was added. I don't own the forged papers DLC and the same goes for many clanmembers. REDS is a completely different clan from HAVOC. REDS is a nation clan. We are loyal to our nation and to the clans that we play with. We don't go from nation to nation, vacuuming all the most elite veteran players one place after the other. REDS is as much about keeping newcomers to the game engaged as we are about keeping veterans interested. We recruit new players on their first day in the game and help them grow from first rank to last and we spend the time and effort teaching players the game.
  4. Okay. You can transfer to me the money to buy 250 forged papers, thanks, reimburse us all our port- and shipyard-investments, and move all of our >1million units of resources (400k rare logs) to a destination of our choice. Or, you know, you can stop whining. It is not our job to balance the server. You do it! It is simple: Gather some players. Train them, give them content. Help them enjoy the game and play actively together. Make infrastructure, excel-sheets, guides and plans for these players to follow. Set up (and pay for) coms. Buy some alts to collect resources for clan-reserves. Play day and night to grow your group in different timezones. Spend time to make sure you are always on top of the game-metas as well as the best strategies for all aspects of the game. Or you can come here and whine and demand that others put their own fun aside and do what you want them to do because you cannot be arsed yourself. REDS is the oldest clan in the Russian Empire. We are a nation clan, willing to work with, assist and defend all other Russian clans. We have close relationships with other Russian clans that we would never abandon. We are not going anywhere.
  5. It's pretty clear that they were in 3 trincs and captured the Bellona in the battle. Did neither of you look at the screenshot? 3 trincs vs Bellona & Wappen is on its own a pretty good result. It's no gank. Though screenshots tell lies these days with the 20 minute timer there's no way to say from them that this would not have been a great battle. At the very least a fairly unsuccessful trader escort... ..shit happens.
  6. We reproduced the problem during our attack on Salamanca. A 3rd rate, player @Potemkin, who was in our main group, sailing in the middle of a fleet of 1st rates, was tagged by an enemy fleet of screeners, and ended up alone in battle against 9-10 British screeners, despite our whole fleet, 24 other players, being within his circle - and in the same battle group as him. He did F11 the issue at the time. This sort of thing seems to happen when a great number of players congregate in a limited area of the map. In the bay of Salamanca we had hundreds of players gathered that day, and in the minutes before when we were about to enter the PB we all experienced massive lags - in Open World. When we all clicked to enter the port battle on command, only less than half of our fleet actually ended up in the PB. On the command being given I clicked repeatedly on the join battle button for the port battle. Nothing happened for about 5 seconds, then I was spawned into an open world battle instead with a screening fleet. Others in our group reported the same.
  7. Had the exact same problem whenever I used Teamviewer. Used to sometimes check my long range trade remotely back in 2016-17. It's always been the same way.
  8. Anolytic

    Port BR

    Lineship permits are waaay too expensive for RvR to be sustainable gameplay. We're seeing Santi and Christian -fleets sailing around simply because these permits are just a little easier to collect through grinding. I remember admin once agreeing that RvR-players should be able to quickly recover their losses and get back in the fight. This is far from the case now. Currently the war of attrition is going to cause player burnout. It's a bit weird to suddenly go back to exclusively the full Ocean-fleets when we had such variety in PBs. There should be some ports on the map with room for 25v25 1st rates, but not every region capital. The BR needed to be raised. You think screening is bad now? Imagine what RvR would be with instead of having to evade 2-3 screening fleets to get into a PB you had to evade 10-15-20 screening fleets. But there should be some very low-BR port battles spread around the map to fight over. And non-capital ports should have value and importance. So far few others than Russia has even bothered to defend our non-capital ports after the capital was lost. Attacking the capital directly first may be the best way to have the system, but the capital should not "work" properly, until the surrounding ports are also claimed. The distribution of 55-point ports on the map is obviously another huge problem. Any port should be able to become 55-point if it's population is active enough. The problem isn't that nations can't fill 20/25k BR - if they work together, aren't too elitist, and set reasonable timers for themselves - but it's kind of the same battle every time. Variety, maybe within a range of 15-25k BR for regional capitals, would help.
  9. I like to use words with their right definition, but I see no reason to play dumb when there are so many actually stupid people. Pretty much, yes. We needed something to do, and Bluefields was the only area that was open within reach. How are we to know what ports are upgraded "as a nation" and what ports are not? Feel free to inform us which ports we may attack and which we may not. Sometimes I do wish you guys had some actual spies so that you wouldn't have to base solely on rumours. Now I know where (and when) you have your "information" from, but sadly you are way off. Just because something is proposed or joked about, doesn't make it actual plans. We've talked about much worse things than reminiscing over the good old days of the danish Panama Campaign, without actually planning to do them. Interesting. I would like to see that mail. Get your facts straight. The 30 minute PB-timer was introduced 6 months (May 2017) before Russia was added (October 2017) to the game. There was no logging off outside Belize. Hiding in battle, sure, but no alts. And keep in mind we were the first to ask for hiding in battle to be fixed, but it was made clear that this was allowed, even encouraged, gameplay. There is no dishonour in playing the game by the rules.
  10. Fighting brits is like walking on eggshells. You can't go anywhere without knocking over somebody's crafting ports. Just don't build crafting outposts in Salamanca and you'll all be fine. Actually, it was the other way around (Philipsburg last), and they were only attacked to trigger a fight, successfully. Players tended not to show up to unimportant port-battles. It doesn't mean we intended to keep those ports. Read my past posts. I've always argued against what I call "RvR-importance". I'm all for "meaningful RvR" if defined as rewarding RvR (remember resource rewards for successful PBs?), but never win-or-quit-the-game RvR. That I've always argued against. I've NEVER argued for my playstyle to be the only one. Not even the main one. At least I tried to make suggestions for the game. Just because some of them were (partially) listened to doesn't mean I'm responsible for everything else that you think is wrong with the game. Most of the suggestions that I've written up are from listening to players who play differently than me and have different wishes for the game than me. I've suggested pirate-only mechanics even though I don't play pirate. I've made suggestions to ease the crafting economy substantially for "normal" players. And I've made countless other arguments and suggestions that go against my particular way of playing, but which I believed would be overall beneficial to most players. The truth isn't propaganda. Five players in frigates can flip a shallow port. Ask VCO, who owns Morgan's, if they felt threathened. I think you'll find that no agreement was ever actually made about the Gulf. You'll also find that the Prussian clans that left were mainly preparing long before Nouvelle Orleans was lost, and we were even approached by Prussian clans that requested our help in screwing over rival Prussian clans, requests we politely passed. I have no idea about Nouvelle Orleans, but in Salamanca it's not a hello kittying tactic. Get it through your head finally. It is only possible to get missions in one single location. We have literally no choice in the matter. Borrow Salamanca to us and you can try it yourself how it works. A. Multiflips don't mean an alliance, only common enemy. B. Multiflips weren't our idea. C. Multiflips didn't even have our approval (in the timeframe you refer to). The other nations got wind of when we planned an attack and made their own at the same time, which made it harder for us to get a decent fight. Brangmann's and Bluefields weren't multiflipped. They were flipped one after another (when we realised we couldn't make it to the first one), and there was more than enough time for the British fleet to sail from Brangmann's to Bluefields, except you got cold feet and turned back to harbour even though we ordered our screeners not to attack your PB fleet. REDS didn't steamroll Dutch. We took a couple of counties and let the rest of their territory be. Dutch abandoned the Maracaibo area after all of four battles, of which they won the first two and lost only the last two. Speaking for REDS, we were trying to make the point that a limited number of OP crafting ports are bad for the game. Apparently it didn't go through, maybe because everyone was whining about Russia this and Russia that instead of themselves suggesting better, more balanced mechanics?
  11. Prussia is currently the 5th largest nation in terms of territory. It was ONE clan, not even a whole one, who got a OW fight. Shallow ports are so ridiculously easy to flip it could happen almost by accident. I'm sure pirates didn't really mind. No. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. San Marcos was flipped only at the request of some Spanish clans. Then we received more information about the internal dispute and realised we did not want to step into the internal Spanish politics, so we decided not to go. In the meantime the port was unfortunately dropped by the owners. The whole affair was a waste of our time, but as already mentioned, shallow ports are effortless to flip. Belive me, that wasn't the intent. We realised we wouldn't be able to get to the first one, so we set the second one to be able to get a fight. Prussia is still very much present on the map, and what goes for Brits they were never destroyed by Russia. If anything they destroyed themselves. When we were done with Brits they still had more territory than any other nation. REDS has always been concerned with server health. This is why in the past we have helped the weakest nations when they were under pressure. Spain against Brits and Pirates in the Gulf, Poland against Pirates in Hispaniola, France against Brits in Antilles, and when we started out, half the nations begged for our help against Sweden, which we did. REDS don't want Truxillo. We don't even want Bluefields, or Brangmann's, or even Belize ever since we realised that some clan was upgrading crafting there. Although we're starting to wonder if Brits are making crafting upgrades in every port just so that they can complain about us attacking their crafting hubs whichever port we attack. It's the only way it would make sense not to focus on like a couple of ports for crafting. It's a not-so-new port-battle defence move called "whining-till-the-enemy-goes-away", not to be confused with "winning". Also, are you dense? It's only possible to take missions in a single spot for Salamanca. It's actually a major pain since each player can then only bring one mission. And you have no counter hostility fleet. We wish. First time we went for Salamanca we waited around more than an hour for you to show up and give us a fight and counter us. None of this is actually true. WTF kind of stupid shit are you on about?
  12. Tall Ships Races are in town (Fredrikstad) and among all the generic 19th and 20th century barques and brigantines etc. I found the replica of Peter the Great's Shtandart. Unfortunately the ship is closed to visitors right now so I've only been able to appreciate it from land. I tried boarding the ship, but was denied by a defensive move called "crew only".
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