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  1. you are indestructabe :)

    1. jodgi



      Laik and Turpos are actually back and playing a tiny little bit.

  2. Most magic moment in NA? --- Someone in Sea Trials s said those magic words in chat "Duel Anyone". --- I got wrecked --- Ifell in love Nothing gets you hooked more than a good beating. (Im actually serious, competition is what drives a lot of the players, if someone is much better than you, you either submit or the ego kicks in.)
  3. Some day babe we'll be old, oh babe we'll be old and think of all the stories that we could have told.
  4. This is all i ever wanted! Pure 24h combat ahhhh dreams are coming true! Tried to find my post from 3 years ago where i say that all i want is an arena mode
  5. We have infinite ressources and nations cannot realistically be crippled to a point where it really matters. So basically ganking traders only hurts the casual single player. Clans dont care about a trader getting ganked. Nations certainly dont care about it. Ganking doesnt help anybody. It only hurts. There are good reasons for that. 1: The older players know what happened when nations got reduced to 1 port. It sux for that nation! They will loose players, some will quit and many will be frustrated. That's why alliances formed, so that horrible situation doesnt happen anymore. 2: Being crippled is not fun. The more crippled you are the less you seek pvp, the more afraid you are, the less content happens. It's basically like this: If you sail on the ow you offer fighting content for the other ppl on the ow. If they gank you, they turn your offer into bad content, if you get a roughly even fight, your offer turns into good content. If you get ganked, you pay with your dura (which ultimately is game time spent) and your lost time on ow and the sad gank experience for offering game content to the other players. Imo thats a sad state of the art. If i see someone on the ow, he is my friend. Well, in the game he is my "enemy", but "enemy" in the language of games means: "Person with whom i can play". So i am Happy to see him. I dont want to make his day miserable by ganking him and giving him no chance to win. Dont worry, ganks will not be remooved, and ow will not be remooved. Just we need incentives for ppl to seek fair fights. Maybe better drops, maybe special currency, maybe something else. Maybe we will come up with an idea. Maybe ppl one day will get bored of ganks, like many ppl i sail with did a long time ago.
  6. Someone didnt get the memo that we are acually playing a game. We have endless ressources, noone dies, you can loose as many fights as you want and still keep playing, no children loose their parents, if you loose, nothing happens, you achieved nothing and you lost nothing. The only thing that matters in a game is the fun you had while spending time sitting alone in front of your pc. And certainly ganking is not fun for anyone. It's a pure waste of time for both sides. The reason why (some) people (including me) want and only do even fights is because they want a challenge, they find everything else boring. It's a test of skill. It's about who is the better player. Everyone can win vs less players. If you kill 90% the enemy soccer team, you will most likely win the match. But the match wont count. Guess why? See my friend, that's the difference between a real war and a game. Fighting outnumbered or outnumbering in a game is NOT FUN. And: ppl spend so much time trying to create an advantageous position (usually numbers and shipsize) that the actual fight never happens, which also defeats the whole point of this being a fighting game (If you are in a war, the best fights are the ones that never happen because in fights people die ... on both sides.)
  7. I'm happy to see the mast change reverted, but still something needs to be said about this post. Dont worry, im not mad wind. I just need to add some different observations: Demasting in duels is something for the highest of skill players. I cannot do it reliably at the moment, im just too bad for it. To make it work you need a very good feeling for timing and ship speeds and angle and so on. So in fact: Only the highest skilled players demast in duels. For all others it's simply better to go for hull or crew. Today gankers dont straight up demast either, they desail a little first, then they decrew, and if you still run, then they demast, because you need to get stopped somehow Last thing about chain damage, and this is really important: Chain has diminishing returns. It is very easy to take off the first 20% of sail within 2 broadsides. From that point on it becomes harder and harder to hit the right spots to take more % down. At 60% sail you will need really good aim to hit undamaged sails and full chain broadsides will take off around 1-5% sail at max. and it becomes really really hard to take down sails below 45%. Looking at Chaining fights that means, that if both players go for full chaining, it is likely that they both end up at around 50% sails. This is actually not dependent on skill, it's because of the nature of diminishing returns. The time it takes to get someone from 100% to 80% is the same time it takes to get someone from 60% to 55%. (I hope i dont have to explain the mathematical principle how that works) So basically both end up at almost the same sail status (almost) independent of who started first and who shot better. Once both are at the same sail status again, the fight becomes exactly like the fight was with both players having 100% sails. Which means, that the ship that is faster by default will be faster now, the more maneuverable ship, will be more maneuverable and so that ship will most likely win the engagement after a lot of desailing by both sides which did nothing. That means that in even duels you can use chain first to get a temporary advantage which you have to use to gain a permanent advantage untill it naturally evens out. (imo a good concept) But for ganks that means, that after a certain point you cannot slow down the gankers effecively anymore and they will get you in any way, because you cannot under any circumstances in the long run slow them down to a point where you can fight their superior numbers, because there will be a point where you almost cannot chain them anymore and the chain damage advantage you could maybe have gained over time will be eaten up by diminishing returns, so the gankers will catch up in any case. Especially since you have to slow down 2 or 3 or even more enemies. So you cant single one of the enemies out, you cant slow them down to a point where it becomes impossible for them to catch you and you will then die to the overwealming force. So in fact the mast thickness increase only helped the gankers because with demasting a really good player can actually slow down the enemy to the point where they cant catch him anymore, because he can get them to 0 eventually and it depends on gunnery skills how much better you hit the enemy masts. But with chain being the only way, everyone will end at around 50% sails and then the gankers will simply win by outnumbering the gankee. If the Connie and the Frigate are both at 50% sails, the frigate just eats the connie alive without taking any damage, and its even easyer for 2 frigates.
  8. I have no idea who claimed it was bad! Not a single forum post from the last patch is about that. (A little hp increase is fine but i dont think it was needed.)
  9. Wind there is nothing to test. The thickness on masts is higher than the cannon penetration in duels. There is literally nothing you could test about it. Shooting masts in duels is completely remooved. It is 100% replaced by the less skillfull chaining. (I know what you are trying to say. Wait till the changes settle, you will all see that being demasted is not fun for the demasted, And you basically cannot defend vs demasting, whereas with desailing you allways are still somewhat maneuverable and desailing has diminishing returns like crew killing and you can defend against desailing by yard and sail setting. But trust me, there are many things happening on a regular basis that are not only not fun, but actually infuriating in NA which are much worse than the occasional demasting.)
  10. Puchu

    Revert Mast Changes

    Thickness bonus is the worst, because it reduces the range from which you can do damage, and if you are only slightly out of range you just do 0 damage. The Binary matter of it is the sad part. PS: Why do we have a testers forum? Did anyone say anything about masts being too weak during the last patch? Cant we discuss massive gamechanges like this in this forum before they are thrown out into the world? We could prevent things like this. It's so hard to roll stuff back once its implemented. We all have soooo many hours spent into the game that we might be able to judge if an idea makes sense or not.
  11. how does every thread turn into a "you ganked us" thread? This thread is about the patch which took away demasting as a skilled part of the game. And one which made going for speed obsolete because tanky ships will now be just as fast as speedy ones.
  12. if you get pinched by 5 enemies, you die in any case. dd wouldnt save you
  13. How does anyone get boarded by a ship that has even crew? Boarding someone with even crew is plain suicide for both partys. I have no idea how anyone could ever think of doing something like this. If the enemy has boarding fit and you board it with full crew its a coin toss. Why would anyone ever let a battle get decided by a coin toss? Its ridiculous. You allways need to decrew first in any case. The rageboarding with equal crew is nothing but a troll strategy and relies purely on the hope that the enemy doesnt have boarding mods.