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  1. We all got the game too early. It's the same for me. Those who believed in the game the earlyest got nothing....
  2. Ahhhh ok thank you for you answer.
  3. Please help me, i couldnt find the answer jet. What does "chance" mean here? Is it actually random? Will the wind shadow be predictable? I think it means that wind shadow will be increased to 30%. I don't think it means: In 30% of the cases where wind shadow should occur, you might get wind shadow. Am I correct about this? I really like the idea of Wind shadow. I am not sure jet, how it will affect the game, but it has great potential im sure. But whatever happens, it needs to be predictable.
  4. That's exactly the thing im trying to solve. If this is a game only someone who can endure 2h of boredom before getting a fight, can play, then how many people on this planet do fall into that cathegory? There is a reason why server pop is so low. That's one of them. Noone wants to spend that much time looking for the content they want. Noone is wrong... Very few is right.
  5. Giving people what they want rarely results in lower pop. Usually people leave games because they a) dont get to do what they want or b) dont have enough time. this idea gets rid of both.
  6. You will now be almost 100% sure to have a real player in your fight. That's what makes it predictable. That's the whole point of it. The problem with the loki runes is that you think you engage npcs but you get players. With the other mechanic you will most of the time get players and sometimes not. Btw: What's your solution for players who dont have 2h to look for a half decent fight?
  7. There a re a few possible answers to that: 1. There is no reason for you to stay in port for this. It's probably a programming thing if you can be on the ow and in Defense Duty at the same time. And if it's possible to take your ship out of the ow and relteleport you back in. 2. The player on Defense Duty will most likely loose the fight, since he is not fighting with mods or golden ships. If you want to win, you need to be on the ow. 3. Players who would like to play Defense Duty only would not be on the OW onyways... they would be playing other games.
  8. This is an Idea which we had hoped for for a long long time and which might make NA playable for people with less time on their hands. The goal: 1. Give people a way to quickly come into NA, have a real fight within a few minutes and the feeling of "time well spent" and logg off again. 2. Increase the amount of PvP happening on the PvP server. 3. Increase the feeling of danger when attacking an NPC. The idea: 1. When in port, you can click on an Icon that says: "Defense Duty" 2. When you are on "Defense Duty" and an NPC of your nation gets attacked, you get the option to join that battle as the NPC ship. (If you decline, you will be brought to the bottom of the Defense Duty queue and the next one gets the option to join. You have 20secs to accept.) 3. You will then fight that battle, gain exp , ship exp and some loot from that battle (amount is debateable), but you cant take boarded ships with you. They then belong to the Admirality. 4. After the Battle you are back to port. The reasons: Loki runes are a great way for people to get instant fights, but they are a loose loose scenario. The Loki looses time, that they could have used for farming or trading or grinding and gains nothing from it but the enjoyment of the fight, which is simply not enough for many players. And the one who gets a loki in his ai fight is usually sad because he took on bigger enemies, thinking he can easily kill them, but might loose his ship for this. If Defense Duty is there, basically all fights (lets exclude traders and small ships below the surprise) are pvp fights. People will be pvp'ing way more, everyone will get better. There are also advantages for starting the fight. The starter of the fight can pick his enemy, can pick his ship, which is usually better than that of the ai, will also get a pvp reward for the fight, and will get more loot and the option of taking home the enemy ship. Should there be a cost to Defense duty? No. It's there to make a quick fight possible and shall help people get real fights. (This is for admin:)The Defense Duty will overall reduce the amount of reals and loot that is on the server, because the AI fights become way harder, since they often are pvp fights. So it is a hidden mechanic to reduce the amount of money that is available in the game. The Loki is very unpredictable. This Defense Duty mechanic makes it so, that you should never attack a too big of an enemy force, since you are most likely to have real players in it. That's more predictable and you can adjust better. Thats nicer, than getting surprised in the middle of a hard fight. Being a Loki can be very frustrating, since you often get spawned into an already lost battle with one side already down. That would be eliminated, since you get the option to join the fight right when it starts. What do you think of this idea?
  9. How to read the numbers: The actual % numbers are misleading. The poll will make it so all answers together add up to 100%. This is how many people voted that topic. Fair fights 1vs1: 56% Fair group fights: 88% Fights that are in my favor: 40% Fights in favor of the enemy: 36% Sailing on the Open Sea: 28% Port Battles: 48% Trading goods: 24% PvE fights: 36% Killing Home Defense Fleets: 32% Crafting: 56% Managing alts: 0% Using Loki runes: 8% Having a Loki rune join your Battle: 12% Having someone join your PvE Battle: 8% Joining another players PvE Battle: 16% Running missions: 8% Running away in instances: 0% I hope these numbers show the results more clearly.
  10. I want to thank you all already for providing this feedback! It is really helpful to see what the players who are active on the forums actually enjoy. Please keep the Answers coming, so we can get a better view of what you really love about this game!
  11. You are right. I didnt think of this, it could be summarised under the point of pvp in favor of yourself, since you are fighting ships, which are generally lower br and gunpower than yourself.
  12. This poll exists because we allways think that what we want is what everyone wants or should want. I have clear opinions on what I want from this game, but maybe I'm the minority. Also the games population has changed a lot. Many companies regularly try to figure out what people want in many different ways. Asking the users is one way of getting feedback. Feel free to give more than 1 answer. Just make sure to only click on the parts of the game that you enjoy the most, even if it's rare. That can give the devs a hint on what they should try to promote through game design decisions.
  13. This endeavor is meant to help people. If you dont need / dont want help, you dont have to take part. It's all free choice. If you think you are better suited to provide help, encouragement and insight to other players, feel free to apply to become a Mentor in "The Naval Fighting Academy". Fight me, give me feedback on my fighting and show that you are able to help people and I will gladly make you a Teacher. It's all about helping people and helping the game. If you are here just to brag about how good you are, just realise that you are not helping the community that way. This is meant to create content for everybody and fuel people with confidence so they will take fights rather than run from them. So if you have suggestions and real help to offer, feel free to pm me, feel free to show me how good you are, feel free to wipe the floor with me. I've lost my pride long ago. I'm too old to care. I've been in this game for too long to get triggered. Wanna help, pm me. Wanna prove something, pm me. Wanna learn, pm me. Yours, Puchu, (by royal decree: Head of "The Naval Fighting Academy")
  14. Why we are doing this: We are dreaming of a world where duels and small scale fights are a common sight in naval action. This is all done to make more fights happen in the game and to thus provide more content and more fun to everyone. We love the combat in this game. And we love good fights. The better our enemies become, the more fights we all get. The more confident people are in their ability to win fights, the more likely they are to actively search fights. We want to help you become a better captain so you will feel confident on your ability to take the fight and come home with combat medals and screenshots to brag with. Yours' Puchu (by royal decree, Head of "The Naval Fighting Academy")
  15. After recieving many requests for coachings from "The Naval Fighting Academy" some FAQ's: 1. Can we negotiate the Investment? Yes, the Investment can be negotiated. There is a discount for new players which have not jet reached max rank. They will get their first session at a massive discount for 50k reals. This is meant to support the players who are just starting out. 2. How will the Feedback be delivered? We will be using Teamspeak or Discord for the feedback. You will learn the most when you get the feedback in the moment. Mainly the feedback will be questions during the action. If requested the session will have a specific topic. Example: Your mentor will put you in the unfortunate situation of being sterncamped. Then he will ask you: "What is your next moove?" You will talk the next steps through and then you will try to execute the best possible strategy. Your mentor will then put out the technical flaws in your execution to help you notice and eradicate them. 3. How does Boarding play out? You are allowed to board during combat. But to make sure the ships aren't lost, there will be no fight. We stay in Brace and calculate the most likely outcome based on the crew difference, Muskets, Marines, mods and ofc. Prep. 4. What ship setup should I use? If you have the luxory to choose your ship, pick one that is a hunting ship. A ship that is focused on speed. The reason is, that with a slower ship you would not be hunting in the first place and sailing tanks will teach you bad habits like sloppy angling. 5. Why is it a no sink Battle? Why can't we make it till the end. There are many reasons for this. Mostly: The teachers are there to help you. They will often put themselves in a disadvantageous position to show you a strategy. Or they will let you get away with something that would usually be punished hard, because that's not the current topic of the session. We want to provide the best learning experience possible and for that reason we can't risk 1ship per fight. We cant make that many ships per day. 6. What do I get if I win vs the Teacher? First of all: If you win, it's most likely because the teacher let you win. If you win it doesn't mean that you are better than the teacher. It means you did well in the exercise and you can moove on to the next. The teacher will allways present you with new problems to solve. You can also allways cheat the system by sailing in a ship designed for a no escape battle, but that kind of defeats the point of the fight. It's there for you to learn. And you will certainly learn many things, even if you "win". 7. What perks do i use? Use the perks you would normally use while on the OS. 8. Why Trincomalee? There are many reasons for this. The main reasons are 1. Because they are cheap and viable and almost everyone, even new players can afford one, and they will become dlc for everyone. 2. Because the Trincomalee is the highest risk/reward ship. Tactical errors become obvious very quickly in it due to its wind profile and the lack of stern chasers. Basically the Trincomalee is ideal as an exercise ship. If you want to fight in a different ship that can often be done. Best would be for you to provide the ship that you would rather fight in, since we cant have all ships in the harbor all the time. Asymetrical fights can also be arranged, if you have a specific thing you would like to work on. Yours, Puchu (by royal decree: Head of The Naval Fighting Academy)
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