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  1. We all got the game too early. It's the same for me. Those who believed in the game the earlyest got nothing....
  2. That's exactly the thing im trying to solve. If this is a game only someone who can endure 2h of boredom before getting a fight, can play, then how many people on this planet do fall into that cathegory? There is a reason why server pop is so low. That's one of them. Noone wants to spend that much time looking for the content they want. Noone is wrong... Very few is right.
  3. Giving people what they want rarely results in lower pop. Usually people leave games because they a) dont get to do what they want or b) dont have enough time. this idea gets rid of both.
  4. You will now be almost 100% sure to have a real player in your fight. That's what makes it predictable. That's the whole point of it. The problem with the loki runes is that you think you engage npcs but you get players. With the other mechanic you will most of the time get players and sometimes not. Btw: What's your solution for players who dont have 2h to look for a half decent fight?
  5. There a re a few possible answers to that: 1. There is no reason for you to stay in port for this. It's probably a programming thing if you can be on the ow and in Defense Duty at the same time. And if it's possible to take your ship out of the ow and relteleport you back in. 2. The player on Defense Duty will most likely loose the fight, since he is not fighting with mods or golden ships. If you want to win, you need to be on the ow. 3. Players who would like to play Defense Duty only would not be on the OW onyways... they would be playing other games.
  6. This is an Idea which we had hoped for for a long long time and which might make NA playable for people with less time on their hands. The goal: 1. Give people a way to quickly come into NA, have a real fight within a few minutes and the feeling of "time well spent" and logg off again. 2. Increase the amount of PvP happening on the PvP server. 3. Increase the feeling of danger when attacking an NPC. The idea: 1. When in port, you can click on an Icon that says: "Defense Duty" 2. When you are on "Defense Duty" and an NPC of your nation gets attacked, you get the opti
  7. This endeavor is meant to help people. If you dont need / dont want help, you dont have to take part. It's all free choice. If you think you are better suited to provide help, encouragement and insight to other players, feel free to apply to become a Mentor in "The Naval Fighting Academy". Fight me, give me feedback on my fighting and show that you are able to help people and I will gladly make you a Teacher. It's all about helping people and helping the game. If you are here just to brag about how good you are, just realise that you are not helping the community that way.
  8. Why we are doing this: We are dreaming of a world where duels and small scale fights are a common sight in naval action. This is all done to make more fights happen in the game and to thus provide more content and more fun to everyone. We love the combat in this game. And we love good fights. The better our enemies become, the more fights we all get. The more confident people are in their ability to win fights, the more likely they are to actively search fights. We want to help you become a better captain so you will feel confident on your ability to take the fight and com
  9. After recieving many requests for coachings from "The Naval Fighting Academy" some FAQ's: 1. Can we negotiate the Investment? Yes, the Investment can be negotiated. There is a discount for new players which have not jet reached max rank. They will get their first session at a massive discount for 50k reals. This is meant to support the players who are just starting out. 2. How will the Feedback be delivered? We will be using Teamspeak or Discord for the feedback. You will learn the most when you get the feedback in the moment. Mainly the feedback will be questions during the act
  10. Dear Sailors and Sailoresses all around the globe, What used to be only for some selected dedicated secret few is now open to all Nations: The one and only Naval Fighting Academy: Barretts Privateers Since 2015 a dedicated group of veterans has been teaching people the Art of Naval warfare. We've now officially created a Naval Fighting Academy meant to teach sailors from all Nations the art of strategic naval combat. The teachers are Veterans from all Nations including true legends like Mr.Doran and many more! We have specialists for every trade like shallow water specialists f
  11. You dont need veterans to fight noobhunters at the capital. You just need more noobs
  12. It's your damn capital! What state is your nation in, if noones defending the capital? In what state is the game in that it's so worthless defending a noob in your own waters?
  13. Interesting... so the players need to be defended and / or entertained by AI. How glorious that will be... Let's think about the reasons why the devs included AI on the PVP server. The main reason is very simple. Players need something to do. And if players can hide in ports and if it is better for them to hide in port than to go out and fight the enemy, they will do the latter, leaving everyone bored. So that's why the AI exists. ... Basically because the OW's mechanics are bad at bringing people together to fight it out. Now aggressive AI will be brought back, which will lead to
  14. For admin the question is about money. He said that time and time again. If the peace server brings him more money than an arena, there will be a peace server. I've looked up "American truck driver" which is the most boring game i could possibly imagine. It's like doing traderuns in OW and never getting into a fight. That game has 92% positive reviews and 4.5k players constantly. How is that even possible... The reason is simple. It does what it does. nothing more, nothing less. If you want to drive a truck, thats where you go. if you dont. You wont touch the thing. You get what it says.
  15. I'm not your enemy. I never said you did anything wrong. I never blamed you for anything. I'm even komplimenting you, so please dont treat me like an enemy, because I'm not. I dont play the game anymore because I cant spare the huge amount time which is needed to negate and ignore the boring parts between the few actual fights one gets. That's why I'm argueing to get more, faster and better fights. ... For me and for everyone who thinks the same but has stopped caring or voicing their concerns. All that I'm saying is that the game has massive flaws in its core mechanics which detere
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