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  1. Meraun

    ships for sale

    La Tortue and La Mona are usually pretty well equipped with all rates
  2. Release and full wipe is ahead anway, you will be reset to 0 crew anway
  3. well it not enough money to do anything ingame. not worth it. you earn more buy using it. iits waht? 5000 Rals a Day? lol
  4. Meraun

    iam new

    Rude as usual
  5. They Said Spring, but i guess we will get a release in 2 Months or even End of Sommer
  6. Setting up Ships Contracts.. So crafters can build for Contracts
  7. Meraun


    Joind Russia 🙂 Its fun
  8. Jetzt reichts aber Jungs, zurück zum Thema 🤣 Grundsätzliche stimme ich mit Graf überein. Ich persöhnlich finde die Portbonuses viel zu stark und mir hat das System vorher besser gefallen. Ist aber ansichtssache. Was das Frontlinesystem betrifft, Wenn die Loopholes geschlossen werden finde ichd as System gut! Auch die wieder grösseren BR gefallen mir, wobei man auch noch mehr Midtier Ports machen könnte.
  9. The server crashed, there is another Topic. Dont worry, all will be wipe soon again at release. That is when it really matters
  10. Was a nice fight for Hostility
  11. lol, there is no such thing as a Russian Zerg. We are few. Zerg... tss
  12. With this patch, they scratches the last things of the Roadmap 2019. i do think release is getting closer now. before Juli i believe
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