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  1. Will there be Crafting like in NA?
  2. please, n.. really? THAT was like the best change in the past 6 months. IT finally worked very well
  3. Porvy, in all this years you never Stumble over Pfrig instead of Priate Frigate? 😎
  4. I get you and everyone else up to speed, since Thonys just cant do it. Yesterday, 5 from REDS in 4th - 2nd went to Cartagena to get some PvP from the Dutch. 3 Battles followed. In the First battle we sunk a Pfrigate while a 3rd Rate got away. During taht Battle, 2x Aggas, a Christian and 2x Wasa jumped our Wasa outside wich didnt make it into Battle in time (Instead of Joining the big battle they came for the lone Wasa) After the Pfrig was gone the remaining REDS jumped into taht Battle as well. Turning it into a Fight between 2x Christan, 2 Wasa Russian side VS 1x Christian 2x Agg
  5. inally the Russians have come under open pressure to the opinion of other Member States. who, laughing in their fists, just watch the Russians fall into their trapwhich resulted in a kamikaze attack on one of the gates of the vpThe result is a deterioration defender northviking who agrees with his "of course"and a boastful tone.but of which he has no reason to justify their actions but to proclaim "public opinion forced me to"the first contact was made by the coastguard who later received reinforcement from the national coastal command Can anyone Translate this for me?
  6. Hmm does anyone know the Sharpe series? His Seargent, Harper, is using a gun like this in Field Battles. As a Handgun
  7. I think the Frontlinesystem woud be much better with a simple change: The order of capturing Ports. The attacker has to capture 50 % of the small Ports before he can attack the Main Port Santa Domingo as a Example: The Attacker woud need to capture Azua, Bani and El Soco before he coud attack Santa Domingo. Conquering a region woud basicly escalate from 2 or 3 10'000 BR Battles into a Big finale 25000 BR First Rate Battle. This woud make Portbattles more diverse. Currently, if a Nation takes the Mainport, the losing Faction will likely not defend the smaller Ports anymore (if they
  8. This, if you put 10 CM on the Wasa, everyone will switch to 3rd Rates
  9. to be fair, i mostly use Tbrig with a 5th rte escort. I control the Escortin battle. after i lost the battle i will run with the Tbrigs. Espasically near the Coast, you will have a good chance of getting into a Port with your Tradeships before youre tagged again. Or the Backup you called from you Clan might be able to reach you in your second battle. i think its a good system
  10. He shoud get a Warning, the Devs have stated its not allowed to join a Battle without the intension to fight. Ban him for a Week
  11. So why again are you hanging around here and try to make us all misarbel?
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