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  1. In light of recent Discussion about the 4th Rate DLC, why no limit the DLC ships to certain Woods? Make them Oak/Fir as Redeemable and maybe as a permanent Craftingpermit for all Woodtypes? And Oak/Oak Ships is still a decent Workinghorse for PvP, but not OP at all.
  2. It got deleted because he starts to inslut the Dev's in the second half of the Post.
  3. Wait a second, why dont you just sail the the Fix Rare Wood Ports in a Tradeship and buy them normal?
  4. Tahts why we need to stand against the old, angry Rovers around here, and on Steam, reddit etc.
  5. We may not often agree Bansihed but in this we do.
  6. in my Opinion, owing several copies of the game do not give the right to write several Reviews. Taht opens the Gates to Reviewbombing. I've reported them all to Steam, we will see if they qualifi them as abusive or not.
  7. I stumbled over this funny Boy here: Some People really take this shit to serious. I reported him to Steam reviews spamming/ bombing
  8. Without a Wipe, you wont have anyone playing this game. We need fresh blood the splash out the all old hello kittying Rovers here
  9. We need a Full Wipe. Anything else will kill the game because the new Players will get frustrated by all the Vet's in their Bellonas will kell them i mean Who the hello kitty woud release and MMo without a Wipe into release? Are you Nuts? #wipeteer!
  10. i sense racism 🙂 The Wipe is the right way to go! (But they never shoud have said we can keep the XP in the first Place!) Guess i'm a Wipeteer
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