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  1. @TheHaney i see you point. i rushed out in anger, changed. i guess we can close this topic since i got enlighted. (i took his name out)
  2. Sweden, i did not know about the Instant close, i tough reeinforcement only kicks in if you are actually Attack by and enemyplay in OW
  3. So i came back to Naval Action after 1,5 Years break. and i have been trying to get back into the game for 10 Days now on almost a Daily base. A get gank in Missions were iam getting gank so many times its just pure frustration. This time by Cocolegrand form FLR Clan. I know its allowed but i belive its extremly unsporty and bad for a game with a not very stable playerbase to let Toplvl veterans like him do that. i refused to fight back. and rahter gave my shop th the AI then the Player Shoud there be a Discussion about this behaviour? Rules of Engagment to aviod this? i mean its And dont give me the "Go to a PvE server " shit i i like PvP and thats why i play this game. But refusing new player a change to catch up ingame is just not healthy. And before he brings it up. i got angry and cursed at him. For that i apolozies.
  4. Meraun

    Question about Crafting

    cheers hethwill. I take same goes for modules?
  5. Hey Gus I came back to Naval Action after a 1,5 Year break. and im sucked into again:-) Iam still got my Crafting lvl (30) but i cant really figure out how build high quality ships.. How does it work now? all i can build are Basic ships. WAre better verseion s (Gold, Violet etc.) gone? Same goes for upgrades. Thx for any help
  6. Hey Leute Nach langer Abwesenheit bin ich zurück in Naval Action. Ich war lange bei Schweden, damals als wir von den Russen den Arsch versohlt gekriegt haben und as KF gegründet wurde. Nun jetzt will ich wieder rein, ich kann 350 Mann führen und suche einen aktiven PvP Clan. Also, welche Nation eignet sich derzeit gut für PvP? und wer kennt nen guten PvP Clan?
  7. Meraun

    All Ranks lost

    found it, thx
  8. Meraun

    All Ranks lost

    Hi I came back after 16 Months break. I used to be able to have a 400 Man ship. The Devs said that XP will be tied to my Steamaccount. So my Character in PvP One EU still exists, but i am back to be Kadett. The Devs promised taht no rank will ever be wiped... so waht happend? I dont care about gold and ships but the rank was a pain in the Ass to get. Any help?
  9. Hey Captian I had to leave the glorious Swedish Navy and my old Fleet KF "Kungliga Flottan" in May because my Wife back Home at shore got Pregnant :-) She has born a Healthy Girl:-) Anyway, i'am back a Sea now and looking for a new Home since KF seems to be gone. I was running a 350 Man Crew and since its Steamtied is suppose i still have it. So are any PVP 1 Clans looking for new Captians? Cheers Meraun
  10. Bump for a great Community
  11. Meraun

    [PvP1] Dano-French Alliance

    Get the Knives out.... Time for backstabbing
  12. Meraun

    Pvp1: Denmark-Norway, peace or war?

    i doesnt cover it. why i stepped down
  13. Meraun

    Danemark the new Powerblock?

    Did you actually call all of Sweden Attentions whores?
  14. Meraun

    Pvp1: Denmark-Norway, peace or war?

    We have not tried to ban DRUNKEN in any way. We have statet in Forums and National Chat that Ninja is a TS for everyone. DRUNKEN is using it on a Daily base. Ask them. But waht i said in a temper was wrong. Therefor it has do have Consquences. I removed all Administrator Rights from myself in TS and will not have more right then every regular user.
  15. Meraun

    Pvp1: Denmark-Norway, peace or war?

    as said many times this was written in temper. Afer you posted this: Pee on Sweden's major clans. They suck. And no, we won't be considering another nation. Perhaps you should. As a pirate you could enforce your fake agreements on others. Of course after getting owned you'd probably be on the forums with olive branches, white flags and peace accords. DRUNKEN is using National TS like everyone else and everyone can us it. Regardless if he approved with the Treathy or not or actully working against it. Everyone can use it. and everyone is. You, however, threaten to DDos the National TS. Wich is a no go and a criminal treath as well.