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  1. Screening isn tlow risk. if you catch the PB Fleet, you have to go for the Mortar Briggs.. Wich means you have to go trough the enemy Fleet. Iam always on Screen Duty, and in my expiernce, defending Screening means you usually lose your Ship.
  2. Attack San Juan woud mean attacking the Danish crafting Port. Wich woud you guys call unfair again. So we cant.. Side note: We dont have La Tortue
  3. as far as i know, beeing just a grunt. we switch there because the brits switch all PB Timers and killed RvR in Salamanca.
  4. bullshit, BF is one half of Russia. Can you maybe write down some RvR rules for us? When are we allowed to attack wich Port? in wich Ships and wich upgrades? What, in your Opinion woud be legit RvR to play?
  5. REDS Screens vs British Screens in the Bluefields PB
  6. 15.5 knots is max top speed for every ship ingame
  7. nice, another 4th rate. I hope it wont be behind a Permit or DLC. but i doubt it. The Indefa is behind a Permit and the Ratt is a DLC. So i guess she will come "regular" Question. Was she classified as a Big Frigate like the Indefa or a 4th rate?
  8. Wrong, rate in NA is defined by broadside weight. Indefa und conni belong into 4th and 3rd. Then again, it doesnt matter anyway. BR is waht counts not the rate. Rate is irrelevant besides the killmissions, tameplay wise
  9. Since they you get them every 24h, they are Still more worth
  10. Since you can redeem it every 24h its more den Balanced!!!
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