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Found 5 results

  1. In the interest of making some rules against this, I want to draw your attention to Knuddel here for joining a hostility mission in a basic cutter and immediately surrendering it to force us to sit in the now empty hostility mission for 45 minutes. Firstly why are basic cutters even able to join? Why does surrendering 1 ship of effectively zero BR still force the 45 minutes rather than 15? If you can join and fight reasonably, sure come on in! That is the fun part of the game so if we have to wait 10 minutes for a fight so be it. But no one else joined at any time and i struggle to believe that Knuddel, the sort of the guy he is, was doing this for any other reason but to waste peoples time for the sake of doing so. See below the screenshots (i couldn't have the tab screen aswell as having the battle timer at the same time, so see both screenshots 1 & 2 below). You can clearly see he joined immediately and then left. There is also no valid argument of him wanting to see what we had in our fleet as he saw us sail into the bay while he hid under the fort. This was done for one reason only and it should not be able to occur. You can also see the third screenshot after 45 minutes... all those Russian ships he was keeping the battle open for! Ow wait... https://prnt.sc/u7v5fs https://prnt.sc/u7v66e https://prnt.sc/u7vjjo I think going forward everyone would appreciate some mechanic changes to stop such abuse. Maybe a BR requirement? Even 20% of attackers BR would mean something of note would have to be bought and stop the ability to just screw with people. Regards
  2. First off I would like to say I am loving the alpha builds and look forward to future updates. I actually found this game via the RTW 2 forums while looking for something similar to Fighting Steel, which brings me to my main point... Targeting seems a little too simple at the moment. One of the nice things Fighting Steel did, was to allow you to set very general targeting preferences (i.e. fire in line, fire at closest, and fire at threat) for both main and secondary batteries. If you wanted to get more specific it also let you specify a primary and a secondary target for fore and aft main batteries, and well as several (I can't remember but it was either 2 or 4 (maybe port and starboard groups?)) groups of secondary batteries as well as for torpedoes where you would also set spread pattern (narrow, medium, and wide). So this allowed all batteries to fire on different targets if you wanted, or be focused on just one. It also kept batteries from sitting idle because their target was outside of their firing radius/arc or allowed for firing on multiple targets if you were surrounded or in a situation where you where chasing while being chased. If you didn't want to bother with any of this you just tell it the general targeting parameters and let your captains deal with the details. Anyways, something to think about.
  3. I often find myself wishing that I had Tower A stats but on Tower B. Sometimes Tower A stats are better but do not need the gun platform or vise versa, sometimes I just don't like the look of it. I fell the same for the rest of the part. Would be cool if we could chose turret, tower and funnel 3d model and give them the attribute we want? This is a big suggestion, I know. Its quite a departure from the game current system. It may not be practical in scenario and custom battle. Say its limited to just the campaign. Here how it I think it could take shape: Guns: A bit like the ship designer, you have a choice of 3d model to select from at the bottom. On the left you get to play with characteristics, caliber, barrel length, shell size and so on. More advanced it is longer it will take to develop, possibly years. Once completed, to simulate development problems, RNG make it slightly worst or better. This is not definitive trough, over time design get fixed up as it is used. Turrets: Turrets more or less the same process. You select their look, the gun, number of gun, and ring diameter and optics, all limited by era. Now ring diameter may not be compatible with guns with too much elevation, or other factor. Size would affect reload rate and maybe also the ability to upgrade gun later on. Too cramped and jam risk get increased. It could have to be done per ship or not separately like the guns, with development time or not. Tower & Funnels: Same process as guns and turrets, but for their respective attributes. Better stats would make them heavier may be incompatible with smaller model. The mesh could be scaled a bit, specially the funnels. This would have to be done per ship class, ideally directly in the ship builder. What do you think?
  4. 1. Make the Belt and Deck armor be the armor protecting the middle of the ship, and make the Extended Belt and Extended Deck armor be the armor protecting the ends of the ship 1a. On ships with a Citadel, add armored bulkheads as thick as the Belt 1b. Make is so that if the ends of the ship are flooding, the middle can’t flood unless the armored bulkheads have been penetrated, or have been partially penetrated multiple times. 1c. Make the Citadel long enough, on ships with no Extended armor, that if it is the only part of the ship that hasn’t been flooded the ship will still float, but only by a very thin margin. 2. Remove the barrette component and replace it with anti-flash mechanisms and/or improved ammo storage. IRL they reduced rate of fire/increased cost respectively, but also reduced the chance of a magazine detonation if the turret/barrette was penetrated.
  5. Historicly the production of goods: export as well as import was controlled by the goverment: As an example: Goods that had limitation to export from Sweden was Iron ore (Swedish ore) Copper ore Gold silver all types of oak The production belonged to the goverment or as we say in sweden "Belonged to the Crown". An also the Import was restricted for the same goods. U would need a permit to move these and u would need to pay "Tull" (tax) Sugestion: (Im using the Swedish nation as an example) Some Resources should only be produces in the capital of each country/nation TO move these Resources the player would have to "smuggle" it out to a free Town or get an exportpermission from the goverment (expensive) for any Town, belonging to any nation (specified on the permit). If trying to smuggle the resource out from the harbour (capital), the ship would be marked "Contraband", same as the AI fleet, allowing anyone (in the same nation) to capture/sink it. Now the goods will be destroyed (or put back into the storage of capital) and a reward instead payed to the "capture" with 10% (or more) of value as well as a reward for capture (full reward) or sinking (1/4 reward) Other nations will only see Another ship without the "contraband" Now the Swedish iron ore is exeptional pure and the highest grade. It could be used for to build a cannon or carronade, with reduced weight and a with better range and precision. Another use could be for all iron-material in an "Golden" vessel. (this is just a sample for the use of nation-produced resource) So to build an "golden" ship: Thepine for the masts could be coming from Denmark "Danish Pine" The c otton (Canvas) from USA "American cotton" The Hemp from Spain (cables) "Manila hemp) The Fir (rudder ) from France "French fir) The liticum wood from Dutch "Dutch liticum" The Oak (planking) from Britain "British oak" The Iron from Sweden "Swedish iron ore" The Pirates wouldnt have any specific national production at all. Or a very very small amount of Everything This might create a new kind of player and it might also call for a better defended trading ship.
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