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  1. Enough with those dlcs... free ships no ?
  2. I'm Italian and I think this is a bad proposal becouse we need more ports , more space , like Europe. The nation will not be able to cap one port from lack of players .
  3. Possibility to close gun decks in combat and in OW. Possibility to put mount extra sails by perk. Possibility to change or remove flags from masts.
  4. Implacable is not rare , i got it twice from gold chests.
  5. Being from Russian Empire for 1 or more now I find this very funny :)))) .
  6. Same thing here too. Opened 5 gold chests and no book or permit . Only upgrades and poor books ( 2 or 5 )
  7. Becouse they have to make our life harder ..
  8. You can't record your screen everytime you enter the game .
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