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  1. Too much to do , for Single player i think u will need a storyline to complete and now is not time to create those stuff . They have to compleate and release the game as soon as possible .
  2. Tomasso il Fortunato


    Russian Winter is coming in the game .
  3. Tomasso il Fortunato


    We have Russian Clans , German Clans , English Clans in Russia . So u can chose . We have a lot of action and fun in groups .
  4. Between braceces he has to wait 3-4 min. When u are bracing u can't shoot .
  5. I think there is a log of those actions in the Steam Naval Action foulder.
  6. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/soleil-royale-7c636fbe280f48f18f7ee9f8022948d6 Nice ship to have into the game .
  7. More Nations , more Territory to control. Like Europe ? Or Sought America ? , Alaska (north America) ? More styles of buildings and more outposts . But we need players .
  8. 5hr delay for tows , like before .
  9. Go and sail and delete ur ship then asap delete ur outpost. It's not our problem if we took that port .
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