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  1. For me it is timers what destroyed RvR for me. Once you lost a port, you are unable to ever take it back from the "nightcrew". You might be able to capture many ports around, but there will always be this single port in your core territory you won´t get because of the timer. Not to mention ports hidden behind timers by european clans. I know it is a global server and everybody has the right to play this game at his/her time, but timers in their current form are not working. That´s what i mean by "pointless".
  2. I didn´t say it is not relevant. I said it is pointless. If i can´t fight for ports than there is something wrong.
  3. RVR is pointless with current mechanics on a global server.
  4. Barents

    Disable Friendly Fire

    No more worries about hitting a friendly with a mortar. just shooting... NO !
  5. Barents

    Radio Macuto

    ¿Puedes dejar de hablar sobre cosas de las que no tienes ni idea? Gracias. . Perdon por google traducir mis amigos
  6. Barents

    War of the lovers revisited

    There was a war?
  7. Barents

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    I am allied with the french, the dutch and the russians
  8. Barents

    [PvP] France-Spain / Declaration

    Which money port is without timer? Tell me please. and while you are at it, please show me where french defeated the spanish. I fail to see that.
  9. Barents

    [PvP] France-Spain / Declaration

    they can pay the taxes for their shitty ports themselfes.
  10. Barents

    [PvP] France-Spain / Declaration

    How could i be bothered to rvr if nowadays even the prussians hide behind a night timer.
  11. Barents

    Port up for grabs

    Somebody will buy it...
  12. Barents

    Port up for grabs

    really? your guys in battle yesterday said something else...
  13. Barents

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    If that would be the case, i would know about it. But for you it might look like that because we sleep when you sail around there?
  14. Barents

    Port up for grabs

    Hey brits, something for you maybe?
  15. Barents

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    Ask UWS.