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  1. Bin selber nicht auf dem PvE, aber ich vermute mal das es die dort auch gibt aber halt in anderen Häfen als auf dem PvP.
  2. Bei den Missionen findest du Clan Deliverys. In der Deutschen Übersetzung wird das anders heißen. Im Grunde kannst du da Dublonen gegen die Ressourcen eintauschen.
  3. Congratulations on taking Remedios to all who took part. Well done.
  4. Ich hab pre-wipe mal eine Hercules note (aus dem Tutorial) in Habana redeemed, die kam golden heraus. Den DLC dafür hab ich gar nicht. Es ist also zumindest möglich auch goldene Schiffe zu bekommen.
  5. Before the split the server was international, no matter how it was called. And it was split for reasons. Don´t get me wrong. I totally agree on all of your points. Espacially the 3rd one.
  6. Global server failed twice. To make it work we need something else then "Timers". I just don´t know what...
  7. talking about facts... Jags and me were 7UP since 2016 but what do i know... The VCO days were a short time after server merge.
  8. i moved to Russia myself and got asked to join the portbattle of Nassau. I refused since i haven´t had portbattles for ages. I didn´t want to start off again directly against the possibly best pb fleet you can meet as a Russian. So joining the screening fleet i got my ass handed to me twice by the Danish pb fleet. But this is what happens when dlc and cheap screening ships intercept the pb-fleet. We did our job, not more, not less. After all the Port of Nassau is still Russian.
  9. Personally i think we will see more map and ressource wipes incoming. I can´t imagine every loophole, exploit, bug or however you call it will be closed just because game is released. For me It is nothing more than a patch hitting the server like it happened already in the past and probably will happen in the future aswell.
  10. Hola Despeinao, i am sad to hear that but i wish you all the best within the russian faction. Sailing alongside with you was a pleasure and an honour to me.
  11. George Town / Caymans 5 ports + County Capital
  12. If that port is close to your capital / core area and hidden by timer you might think different.
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