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  1. so i need to decide now whom i want to support and whom i want as enemy. Once i made the decision i am stuck with it until i use the forger dlc and switch nation or pay an amount of money money, reals or whatever. Doesn´t that sound alot like the old alliance system? Only worse because people of the same nation can´t fight the same nation because of their former behavior? i see a lot of frustration if people are out in a group and some people can´t join battle because they sided with the "enemy" in patrol zone before. Sounds like alot of fun. And another question: How will you e
  2. o7 to Sweden and Spain. We had a lot of nice battles and beside the usual global and forum proaganda from both sides, i really enjoyed it. THANK YOU !!!
  3. I left clan because some Russian told some Spanish NOT to attack someone else? Really?
  4. care to elaborate or just ususal propaganda stuff? I am espacially interested in the spanish part and who told them something. EDIT: Can do on pm if you prefer.
  5. i like it that the game is at a point where Sweden can tell there enemys where to attack them...
  6. You don´t see a difference between 11-14 on a weekend and 03-06 the whole week?
  7. Yes, we were working together on flipping mutiple ports or Yes, they sailed from Tumbado to Sisal in 1st rates accidently in the same time frame? Just for clarification please.
  8. You mean it was coincedence they flipped Sisal together with you? Damn russian propaganda...
  9. Did you forget to tell Spain there will be a response when they join in on your multiflips and continue flipping ports? Or maybe was it excatly your intention?
  10. How were swedish ships able to screen the Cabo Rojo docks if there were hundreds of russians around? Asking for a friend...
  11. Thank you for your kind words. Personally i never wanted a war between russia and spain and i tried to stay out of it as much as i could. I was only in one Portbattle versus spain and that changed a lot for me. On the day Carahatas was attacked i was asked to join the Cayo Vacas defence. Since almost everyone was at Carahatas, the Portbattle for Cayo Vacas would most certainly be empty on spanish side and i agreed to join. During the portbattle a total of 3 spanish players joined, two of them leaving soon again. One of the russians inside started to shittalk the spanish player f
  12. This thread is about Cartagena. If you want to suggest something, go to that thread. And please stop going personally. I didn´t either.
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