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  1. Thank you for your kind words. Personally i never wanted a war between russia and spain and i tried to stay out of it as much as i could. I was only in one Portbattle versus spain and that changed a lot for me. On the day Carahatas was attacked i was asked to join the Cayo Vacas defence. Since almost everyone was at Carahatas, the Portbattle for Cayo Vacas would most certainly be empty on spanish side and i agreed to join. During the portbattle a total of 3 spanish players joined, two of them leaving soon again. One of the russians inside started to shittalk the spanish player for no reason. Not a big thing alone, but together with some stuff i heard afterwards on Teamspeak made me rethink my position and i left my clan. Still, the next day i joined a hostility mission for Remedios because of the "resons" given to me for this port flip. There should not have been a real attack on Remedios. These "reasons" somehow changed the next day when i was not around and the Portbattle for Remedios really happened than. I regret that i was involved in this. To make it clear. I don´t think the spanish - russian war is the fault of only one nation. There is no side innocent in this. Both sides have their share of the debt. I tried to end the war by working out a peace proposal with the limited options given to me. I never expected Spain to accept the proposal, but i thought you would at least come to me with a own proposal. If you made a own proposal, i apologize because it never got to me. So thanks again for your kind words. I consider it. But for the moment i think it´s best for me to take a break. And for everyone who reads this, my linguistic proficiency are barely enough to write this in english. I would never be able to write it in spanish and i didn´t want to offend you with using a google translation. Too much would have been lost i guess. Barents
  2. fully agree. Who would know better than you.
  3. Is it possible to just show in the port interface from where hostility missions can be pulled for this port you are in?
  4. Maybe there wasn´t any notice from admin and people couldn´t set timers for their ports. And you know how desperate people are for ports they don´t have to fight for...
  5. Aren´t spanish and french happy about getting their capital camped all day long?
  6. This thread is about Cartagena. If you want to suggest something, go to that thread. And please stop going personally. I didn´t either.
  7. Bullying? Thought this is PVP server and RVR is part of it...
  8. it was used to be generating a certain amount of lh each real time hour. You crafting or character rank doesn´t matter. And as can´t remember reading a patch note about it, i still think that this is still the case.
  9. i have heard that some people call it "content".
  10. o7 and fair winds to you and your mates.
  11. Wasn´t it Pirates who took Remedios, the only crafting port of the spanish.
  12. Bin selber nicht auf dem PvE, aber ich vermute mal das es die dort auch gibt aber halt in anderen Häfen als auf dem PvP.
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