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  1. We were on Privateer Fleets, at this moment there was a bug and all the players had a Disconnect. Please return ships to those who lost them, as well as the wooden chests we had on Board (we managed to make several privateer fleets before this disconnect).
  2. Can you tell us a little more about battle transport?
  3. We are one of the biggest clans in Russian Empire. SHOCK has always been a primarily Russian speaking clan. Lately, however, we have accepted more and more English speaking members i.e. ex REDS, ex MONKS. That being the case, we have decided to officially open recruiting for English speaking captains. If you wish to join or are looking for more information please message me in game or PM me in Discord: PaNik#2380. Everyone is welcome; barring alt accounts. PvP/PvE/Trading - you'll find whatever you desire here in SHOCK.
  4. "People Log" for clans. It would be like a "resource log" and "money log". This log would show who joins and who leaves the clan. This would be useful for large clans. For example, I noticed that there were 234 people in my clan a few days ago, and now there are 232 of them. I don't think that any of the important people left, but still, it's a little interesting. It will be easy to see which players joined and who left the clan.
  5. Give this man a little time and he will take over the world for you Better yet, introduce him to Cid In fact, it is funny when a person who did not take part in RvR makes such loud statements
  6. This nation that has done a great job to become what we are now. I started playing when Russian Empire had only invisible Islands and Bermuda. It was hard. It was also a difficult time when we played several port battles a day, at different times. Perhaps the Russian Empire is an easy nation, but only for those who do not take part in RvR.
  7. The problem is that when we were at war with five Nations at the same time, no one complained. We were just doing our job. Why are you complaining? Besides, why do you think we'll ruin the game? Danes took all of Puerto Rico, and China took Portobello and neighboring ports. And soon we will give SdC to Britain. We do this to keep the balance. But we couldn't give those ports away, and in that case we would have really destroyed the game.
  8. I read too much about how easy to play in Russia, tell me honestly? Do you really believe that? We had a war against 5 Nations: Sweden, Pirates, French, Prussia and Spain. And each of these Nations attacked the ports of the Russian Empire. It was incredibly hard for us to have 8 port battles in one day and we tried to protect everything. Sometimes we had to Wake up at 5am and go to port battles, and late in the evening we could play two more port battles. The game turned into a job and it was terrible, and now, after all this time, we can play for fun. So tell me, why do you w
  9. How funny it is when he brags about losing. The fact that one only time he managed to give a good fight, and not lose in the dry, as usual We are waiting for him to post the same screenshot again
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