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  1. This is really a very toxic player, his problem is that he just doesn't know English and "hello kitty you" is all he can write. When he is killed by Russian players, he writes much more, believe me
  2. Сегодня у нас было много портовых битв. К сожалению, из-за проблем со входом в игру мы не попали туда. Будет справедливо, если ПБ за Grindstone перенесут на завтра в такое же время...
  3. Возможно, но у нас, к примеру, не может зайти 40-50% игроков. Но при этом, у них прекрасно работают другие онлайн игры
  4. Many Russian players from my clan (SHOCK) can't enter the game, as well, many of the BF players have the same problems. As far as I know, the problems have only Russian players, please fix it Those who were able to enter the game have a big ping
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