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  1. Exactly! Whoever wants, feel free to start hostility on Aves
  2. @Thonys yeap, that was CLEARLY against PRIVs. It was PRIV who hello kittyed up Polish nation, waaaaaaaaaay before Prussians even turned their eyes to Guayar. So @ScipioTortuga was right here. Polish SOLs weren't there for Prussians. They were there against PRIVs. And if not the fact that it was actually SNOW PB rather than PRIV's it would turn out completely different, rather than those ridicoulus "fights" around. We even wanted to purchase an advert like this in the "Gazette":
  3. The thing is, they were not ganking them in THEIR waters This is the picture from Terre de Bas area (You can see Swedish building models for the city), exactly on the time the Ruatan PB was happening That would be an easily half of the PB fleet if they wish... But hey, why fight an equal fight if You can gank with 8 people
  4. Why go to PB if You can gank?
  5. EDITED, AND NINJA DELETED Greg did it better
  6. Game Labs version of Black Friday Instead of discounts - You need to regrind all the stuff You had! OFF TO WORK, SLAVE!
  7. And don't forget the new wood! Let's rebuild all the ships, with new seasoned wood, giving You even 10% more extra HP!
  8. @Winterthrust well, to be fair there is no PvE RvR, so this time You kinda missed the point This is all about the PvP here
  9. Promise an introduce of 2 new 3rd rates! Make them useless with even more 20k port battles!
  10. @z4ys Tell me, how the hell I was supposed to check the closing timers when I was inside the battle to test them out? Therefore, everything You build this reply on is simply wrong. We knew how to beat it. And according to this post: Show where its mentioned in that topic, that there is a difference in the closing time of the PB? You're just ridicoulus.
  11. It might be. But that's how I feel know, and I'm not gonna pretend. Sorry.
  12. So as difference about when the PB is getting closed CANNOT be found there, and we couldn't know about it, You're going to refund the cost of repairing the New Barcelona, right?
  13. So, after a joke that developers offered us today, I went very carefully through both of the official topics about this stupid mechanic which was introduced. Please show where the hello kitty is ANY mention about changes to the battle timing, where is it closed and etc. We were told to prepare, we were told to learn the way how to beat it. So we did. And we had a fleet waiting outside to join, as would we do in a defensive PB. But then, suddenly the battle was instantly closed. Dear @admin if You'd actually EVER participated in PB, You probably would know, that if You
  14. Oh hello kitty off... It's already way too grindy to participate in RvR. If You make it more grindy, even less players will bother. Why did we call off the attack on Santa Marta yesterday? Cause we were 3-4 ships short, and decided that it will take way too much time to rebuild the ships we brought. If the things would be like in the past, we wouldn't bother. We would join, probably die, but at least have some fun. Now, we just sailed back home, because even those 2 hours lost on doing absolutely nothing, is nothing compared to amount of time which would require every one of
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