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  1. Looks, like PvE players don't want to actually PvE either...
  2. EDITED, AND NINJA DELETED Greg did it better
  3. Small example: When a drug dealer says that his clients are "voting" with their money, makes the drug right? Those addicts, who'll buy every other DLC released (I used to belong to that group, thank god I kinda opened my eyes at Rattv) are considered worth feedback, all those who say "This stuff is wrong, and breaks the game for all the clean ones" is worthless? I did tons of long, very constructive and detailed feedback, proposals suggestions. But the only response I'm getting from You guys, is when I type something angry, when I see yet again that You destroy step by step, my probably most favourite game of my life.
  4. Of course it is. They "launched" it only to put This Land is My Land on Steam, as they can't have 2 early access at the same time. We've all been scammed.
  5. What's next? Change of mind in DLC policy, and actually launching a 1st Rate DLC (announced classic Victory?) so You force everyone to buy it, and sail easily made seasoned wood DLC 1st rates? I seriously have no idea, what's wrong with this development team...
  6. All of them. There is a seasoned version of every single wood. Depending on the point upgrade pool. If port has 50 or 55 development points available it's 20k BR - no matter capital or not. 30 point ports are 10k. If it has even less, it can have even as little as 5k BR We don't. But didn't we learn already, that they don't do what we are asking, and then implement some new ridicoulous ideas, for absolutely no reason, and without asking?
  7. Game Labs version of Black Friday Instead of discounts - You need to regrind all the stuff You had! OFF TO WORK, SLAVE!
  8. And don't forget the new wood! Let's rebuild all the ships, with new seasoned wood, giving You even 10% more extra HP!
  9. You can always count on proper patch notes! Today we introduced: - Timers for neutral ports - Regional ports with 20.000 BR tied directly to the upgrade points. - A new building to regrind everything again! You can make now better wood from a new building! - f.e. seasoned T/WO woods will give You almost 10% more HP than regular T/WO without new building.
  10. @Winterthrust well, to be fair there is no PvE RvR, so this time You kinda missed the point This is all about the PvP here
  11. Promise an introduce of 2 new 3rd rates! Make them useless with even more 20k port battles!
  12. @z4ys Tell me, how the hell I was supposed to check the closing timers when I was inside the battle to test them out? Therefore, everything You build this reply on is simply wrong. We knew how to beat it. And according to this post: Show where its mentioned in that topic, that there is a difference in the closing time of the PB? You're just ridicoulus.
  13. It might be. But that's how I feel know, and I'm not gonna pretend. Sorry.
  14. So as difference about when the PB is getting closed CANNOT be found there, and we couldn't know about it, You're going to refund the cost of repairing the New Barcelona, right?
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