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  1. I must say, that with all the changes the game had in last half a year, the ratio of time required to invest to the game to amount of fun You can have went totally wrong. Amount of time required to build a proper ship and equip it is so vast, that if You loose a ship in a Port Battle, it means You'll need to spend tens of hours to get it back. And even the type of ship in the PB changed for worse - now You need to bring L'Ocean almost every single time. Winter 2018, we had a nice balance, when 3rd rate ships were the backbone of the fleet, so You could afford participating PB without some big sacrifices. Now, we were forced to switch to much bigger and much more expensive ships, and also their price (or time required to craft and equip) were increased a lot as well. So barely 2 months after release, and we are down to the same numbers of players online like before. It's the best example that something went completely wrong. Maybe it's time to reconsider some way of "keeping" the ship after it got sunk? For example, if You loose a 1st rate, it's in the 7 day cooldown for "reconstruction" If You loose 3rd rate, it goes on 5 day cooldown. Current system, where a ship You spent 20 hours can be lost in 30 minutes is simply bad.
  2. They normally do. It's only Leogane and La Mona, where they don't count, as it is cosidered "Frigate Patrol" And no, don't ask me why Agamemnon and other 4th rates are eligible for Frigate Patrol, despite they can't be consider Frigate.
  3. Also, if the fact is battle going to be visible in OW depends on some artificial 13% value, how about we get the AI fleet total BR value visible? How can I know will the battle be visible in OW if I see f.e. only "2 Medium Ships in Fleet" where the span of it's BR could be from 400 to 100 BR points?
  4. Well, here I can see completely different problem. My idea was to attack stronger target, get battle closed and just play it out, as after 2 minutes it won't be visible in OW. If every battle NOT within 13% is visible for 20 minutes, it's like a huge mark on OW saying "COME HERE AND GANK ME WHEN I'M FINISHED!" Which after all will make me just even more restricting with picking up targets...
  5. Well, that's fine then. But that's just another problem with so much stuff given in random places in forums, and having really "scrimpy" patch notes. I'm 99% sure, that during the discussion on forums, admin said that You have to be prepare for battles were attacking side with smaller BR can't be reinforced. Looks like it never actually made into patch notes after all.
  6. Yet again, problem with Rules of Engagement. If attacker side is lower BR than defender, shouldn't the battle be closed after regular initial period? Why over 10 minutes after the battle should be closed alread, on 600v700 setting, the battle was still visible in OW, and allowed other player to join my side? EDIT: Ooops, looks like accidentaly posted in Tribunal instead of Support. @Ink please fix!
  7. Crafted one more today, just before maintance. Exactly 7500. 110% sure. Maybe You didn't realise the rest is still in the money chest, as the crafting takes from Warehouse first?
  8. Can we have this paint available for few more ships in the game? Christian would probably look amazing with that L'Hermione - Dark Red
  9. Update to the current one, or another one? Any chance for Port BR limits adjustment?
  10. With allowing DLC ships to have Port Bonuses, this is gettting bloody ridicoulos. Brace of Rattvisans spam incoming. Will You at least remove the Doubloons cost from Agamemnon then? So I don't have to spend 20.000 Doubloons a week to have a 4th rate to sink everyday if I don't have Rattv? What's next? Golden Canonballs with guaranteed penetration for 0.99$ per broadside?
  11. Until someone will actually find a reason? To not takeover 25% of the map? To not capture almost every 55 points? To not wipe out the nation which was 10x smaller? It's Your problem that You don't know where to stop.
  12. You see? That's the problem of this game. How about "trying to rebuild"? Finding a "balance"? Just no - let's go other super power to make it another super power. That's SUPER BORING. Forged Papers are absolutely worst thing that could have happened to this game.
  13. Including BF, I'd guess they would have same amount of ships today, Russia only.
  14. The Union for Santo Domingo The day have come. "Enemy of my enemy is my friend" has never been more true than today. From all 7 top quality ports in Caribbean, Russian Empire held 5 of them - until today. Those who days ago were shooting each other, now combined their power - only for today. Despite the itching feel to shoot different direction, they forgot their differences - only for today. And that's today, when Denmark, Sweden and Holland worked together to remove Russians from Hispaniola 50 Danish Ships, 40 Swedish and another 40 from Dutch. Even some Prussian ships were noticed in the area, and few British captains - despite their own Port Battles. Almost 150 captains, just to fight the biggest nation of all - Russian Empire. Swedish flotilla engaged main screening fleet of Russian Empire: Danish screeners took care of the other group: Few others scrambled on hunting down single ships, which result in taking over at least 2 Russian artisan ships: All this allowed, what couldn't be achieved before - Danish Royal Fleet finally reached the city of Santo Domingo, and had a shot at taking it over. The battle was absolute massacre - Danish came clean, without a single ship lost in the Port Battle. After all: Russian Empire lost almost 40 ships, at least 4 of them beeing captured. Amongst them, 10 were the 1st rated Ships of the Line, and another 9 were 2nd rate. The results are still not final, as many smaller battles could have been missed in the chaos that emerged in southern Hispaniola. One thing is sure - Russian is no longer in posession of any capital on Hispaniola Island. And they can be defeated if all nations works together the greater evil. The price of that success will be lost port of Bluefields. But coalition of nation is going to fight Russian Empire there, and everywhere else. Until balance is restored in the Caribbean.
  15. That would be really, really good option.
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