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  1. I'd also love to see "insta lock" if battle is very similar on BR in it's first 2 minutes. We should promote a nice equal fights
  2. Please stop with "Pirates should do what they want, because history" If so, I'd like to see other nations beein able to join and fight side by side in PBs, because history - like f.e. Spain and France fought together in Trafalgar. No double standards please.
  3. What would have been a nice 3v3, all on 4th rates battle, turned into ridicoulus waste of time. When was the last time WTF actually took part in a proper battle?
  4. ARMOR HP, not ARMOR THICKNESS was a 30% hard cap. Never thought about thickness cap, but it looks weird.
  5. Crafting straight from the clan warehouse, so we don't have to withdraw every single resource type...
  6. Winter 2018 - we had such a cool PB's. Every other was different with lineup, and with tendency that more 3rd Rates is better than spam of L'Oceans. All gone. Poof! "We had a better idea"
  7. 3rd Rates should be a benchmark for PB. BR equal to 25x 3rd Rate should be a maximum.
  8. You made terribly long, terribly off-topic post here. What anything of Your post has to do with the income for the port owner? Look at the total balance sheets per every maintance, and You'll see what I mean.
  9. Well, when regular trading became obsolete, with much easier (and much safer) delivery missions, upkeep of the port came quite high. There is no more tax income, as almost noone does trading. Maybe a taxation of delivery rewards would be cool? So there is some more income from the port?
  10. Still should be below 16k to have it a mix of 1st and 2nd rates. Everything higher, will be a mono battle
  11. 3rd rate should be a benchmark for PB. As it was a workhorse in reality, as it should be here. Biggest BR in the game beeing equivalent of 25x 3rd rate value (12,500 BR)
  12. OjK

    Tows per day

    You're the only person to sail around NA Globe. Please don't
  13. What came up to my mind - how to encourage people to NOT stack at biggest alliances? Make the port upgrades scalable with amount of players in the alliance And then, let nations make their own alliances I wonder how would that encurage everyone to jump on bandwagons
  14. Well, they can't really revoke the nations, as there is plenty of people who paid real money to get the flags of their selected nation. Therefore, Alliances are probably the only way to go... But is there really any sense in hard coded alliances? I don't see a point. With proposed values, people will quickly use their forged papers, to screw the balance one more. What we're now proposing is basically: HAVOC, HRE, CABAL (plus some others not "revelaed" transfers) vs BF, REDS, HANSA, ALOHA You really think other Alliances will want to fight that?
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