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  1. I had a lot of fun during this war. GG!!! : - )
  2. Ja, chociaż to już czas dokonany. Pozbywanie się okrętów przed wipem już rozpoczęte.
  3. Wipe, że wipe. Gra od nowa, porty, pieniążki, statki, materiały. Tutaj zaczynam wróżenie z fusów, bo ktoś musiałby mi to potwierdzić. Z tego co kojarzę, exp też ma być zwipowany.
  4. Naval Pay For Action? If you feel that it is a good way to take ppl out, then i dont agree and thats all. You cant buy skill, thats impossible, otherwise game would be dead for months. But buying at least small advatage is kind of pay 2 win, and I cant agree with something like that in pay to play game. However, only the first screen shot makes sense if we are talking about DLC ships impact and if you are trying to tell me, that it is not big, so as i believe, other two are posted only to show good battles : - )
  5. On screenshots posted above i see non-DLC ships aswell. Most of them were you victims while using Herc. Whats more, the only sank ships on your side is Rattlesnake Heavy. I understand, that you are good player who can use every ships and kill your enemies on it, but average player experience is that DLC ship is the only way to win against other DLC ships. So please, dont try to prove your rights when rediii and Pala pointed something which is pretty much destructive for the game. No proszę cię kumplu : - (
  6. As i think better word would be still Now Jeg spytter på deg even more than you at me... Why!? Why you destroyed everything for what we fought!? What was your plan when you were joinig to this shitty war making sides unbalanced? I trusted you! When the light side became so strong inside your heart?
  7. All i want to say is, when HAVOC in VP attacked Poland, then old PFK hid behind Swedish fleet and HAVOC was outnumbered. When DK attacked Poland, new PRIV hid behind HAVOC. @rediii YOU DISAPPOINTED ME! (Dont punish me, master ;-;)
  8. I will vote yes, if rediii will rename his main account into his real nickname which is Horatio Hornblower
  9. I believe that it will be craftable. Such a big ship in current DLC model would only destroy eco, cause why somebody should craft an Endymion or something else, when can get Consti for moreless free. I believe, that Devs have plan to release this game and earn some more money, than try to get as much as it is possible from current player base and decrease it once again. I believe that Naval will be Pay to play, no pay to win. Oh, and i forgot to add, that I am an idealistic optimist : - )
  10. My i doświadczeni gracze. Weź już nas nie przeceniaj, kumplu D:
  11. What are you talking about? Of course they will! They are doing it for more than 2 years and look, they are great! However maybe not in fighting, but in storytelling : - )
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