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  1. Percival Merewether

    We want outlaw battles!

    Perhaps this could be solved by disabling outlaw battles in the safe-zones (Reinforcement-zone)?
  2. Percival Merewether

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    I definately agree with you, but I wouldn't shoot down the idea of it being a perk before trying it out. There are numerous examples of things that I don't think should be a perk: Prepared Fleet Ship 1 Double Shot Double Charge Area Contol But with the system we have and considering that it's a game, think of it as trading the ability to know perfect navigation with something else that you yourself find more useful.
  3. Percival Merewether

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Don't underestimate the value such a perk brings to a new player who wants to explore the OW for the first time. Who cares if he/she removes the perk after the first two weeks. EDIT: Do not forget that they intend to remove the trader tool, it could aid players doing trading. They spend a lot of time sailing afk, it's nice to know where you are after 30min of sailing.
  4. Percival Merewether

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    I'm worried that this will render the very small vessels useless by decreasing their important further. However, it will also bring life to a class of ships that have remained unused for as long as I remember. Will be interesting to see how this plays out once the patch is deployed. Overall, sounds pretty good 👍
  5. Percival Merewether

    Empty sea

    I think the most important thing to do is to focus on what YOU, as a player, think is best - stop wondering what others may like. That will only get us haf-arsed suggestions and solutions. The player number problem as I see it is (All numbers are fictitious): 1st release: 3000 players, Major patch 1: 30% dislikes changes, 70% likes them Player count = 2100 Major patch 2: 30% dislikes changes, 70% likes them Player count = 1470 Major patch 3: 30% dislikes changes, 70% likes them Player count = 1029 Major patch 3: 30% dislikes changes, 70% likes them Player count = 720 The reason for this negative development is that without an influx of players liking the new changes, you will only weed out players who dislikes them. This is perfectly reasonable for a game that is currently in the testing phase. I personally believe that this negative development in player numbers will stop once we're at the final release version. Remember that with release comes marketing, thus creating a public awareness of the game that it hasn't seen since it was initially put on steam as an Alpha.. (2015?) a long time ago. Lower player-numbers during testing does not mean a decrease in product quality, it merely means that the game is moving forwards. It's a very niche game and cannot be expected to generate the same attention as many well established titles can. I can GUARANTEE you that another patch will see player numbers drop even further, regardless of it being the best or worst patch yet. Without incoming new players, the only development in numbers you will see is the one cause by a minority disliking the changes - someone will always oppose change.
  6. Percival Merewether

    AI Boarding

    That sounds about right - the AI has always been OP in boardings.
  7. Percival Merewether

    He buys salt to help other players

    Double post, delete please
  8. Percival Merewether

    He buys salt to help other players

    Yes. They actually did.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_salt#Ancient_world https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sečovlje_Saltworks Bonus info for you: The game is set from 1600-1830 with a focus on the early/mid-1700's, currently including ships spanning from roughly 80 years before and after 1750. This has been discussed over and over on the forums. If I remember correctly then the Ingermanland is the oldest ship and the Trincomalee is the newest (May have changed with recent additions). Anything within the 1600-1830 timeframe is considered possible in Naval Action hence my inclusion of:
  9. Percival Merewether

    He buys salt to help other players

    "Farming" salt actually happens all over the world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salt_evaporation_pond Notable salt ponds include: The Salterns of Guérande, in Loire-Atlantique, France, the last artisanal salt production in France. The salt produced in the salterns are a Protected geographical indication in Europe The Salineras de Maras, Peru, in the Cusco Region The El Caracol solar evaporator, on the outskirts of Mexico City, Mexico The Sečovlje and Strunjan salt ponds on the northern edge of the Adriatic Sea in Slovenia, The San Francisco Bay salt ponds in the United States, operated by Cargill,[2][3][4][5] including Charleston Slough The Dead Sea salt ponds in the West Bank, Israel and Jordan The salt ponds in Salina, Malta. The name of the village is the Maltese word for salt pan The Port Hedland, Dampier, Lake McLeod, Useless Loop and Onslow salt ponds in Western Australia Yellow Walls, Malahide, Ireland; active from 1770 to 1837.[6] Until World War II, salt was extracted from sea water in a unique way in Egypt near Alexandria.[7] Posts were set out on the salt pans and covered with several feet of sea water. In time the sea water evaporated, leaving the salt behind on the post, where it was easier to harvest. San Francisco Bay salt ponds
  10. Percival Merewether

    Improvement in Flags DLC in battle

    A small animation of the flag being hoisted would be cool too No pressure!
  11. Percival Merewether

    Helping friendlies from the inside?

    Is green on green not allowed in this scenario? I'd have warned him not to get in my way and then focused fire on him til he's dead or retreated regardless of ROE. If he poses a danger to me I'm not going to care much. If pirates are allowed to act like pirates, then surely a naval officer is allowed to act like a naval officer and accept no kind of piracy regardless of the side of the battle they have chosen.
  12. Percival Merewether

    Better Ships for All!

    Would be cool if they were capturable but that it would be impossible to gain XP on them without the DLC. Then the DLC ships can still be captured, but can't be sailed effectively without buying the DLC (Stuck with 0 knowledge on them).
  13. Percival Merewether

    Better Ships for All!

    Would be a very interesting statistic, may be completely different from what we expect though
  14. Percival Merewether

    One of my favorite ships in game is...

    His Majesty's Ship "Agamemnon" of 64 guns.
  15. Percival Merewether

    The State of PVP...........

    Anyone knows if the devs are still planning on changing the mini-game/boarding mechanics to something different? They talked about it a long time (years?) ago - can't remember what the conclusion was.