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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys! For a while now, it has been a problem that people leave when they see who you are in battle. Sometimes people prefer an easy fight, other times they tag someone they realise is a friend. Other times they have heard rumours of the person that they have attacked and prefers to stay away from whoever this person may be. This problem first started back when names were removed from Open World. This was not too bad initially, although I personally wanted the names to be displayed. With the latest changes to tagging I see some new problems arising in battle. People now spawn much closer than they did before, and it takes a lot longer to leave battle. While I am personally in favour of this new mechanic, I do see some of the old things being somewhat out of date. If people join and decide to leave because they will not fight the person they have tagged, it will now take 8 minutes to get out of battle and for both sides to continue playing the game. I do not wish to discuss the mechanics already implemented, I am sure that the developers have had their reasons and I am fine with that. What I want to focus on is what is now outdated. I suggest the following two solutions to the problem: Make names visible in Open World again Make names invisible when the battle starts and only reveal them after 5-10 minutes For this feature I would also suggest disabling battle chat until the end of the ‘reveal timer’ or until one person has died from the opposite team. With option no. 1, we will satisfy a lot of people who are worried about tagging players in Open World, but it is likely to introduce a reluctance to PvP against some people thus reducing PvP combat. Option no. 2 is the one I personally consider to be the most interesting, this means that during the initial phase of the battle you will not know who you are up against. This could keep some people in battle who would otherwise leave very early. Feel free discuss; maybe the third option is to simply leave the mechanics as they are. 🙂
  2. Me and several others don't fully understand them, and know of several "issues" and "benefits" of the system. Use bellow to post any tips, benefits, problems, solutions, you found out about them please :). 1 - I found that if you shoot the enemy your timer resets but there's continues until you do the required damage, meaning you cant tell how long until they escape. 2 - Sailing upwind to escape means the chaser has no choice whatsoever but to give up ground in order to do the required damage 3 - Stern camping is a great way to escape now. 4 - Control perk is now essential if you want to pvp, imo.
  3. This are all the ports one can attack as a dane,. Yesterday the topic was close before i got an answer if this is acceptable. The sweds decided that danes no longer are allowed to play RVR unless they stay up all night. And as a player all i have left is to come here and complain abot the situation hopinng the devs will throw us a "bone".
  4. I would like to suggest a change on the attackwindow timers. Now I understand why ppl set nighttimers and I understand that is a valid option to minimize multiflips. I don't understand why you set nighttimers to completely avoid being attacked, that's just... low. My suggestion is to have a cooldown for the the attack window. So you put a timer , let's say 03-06, timer lasts for three days after that you have to renew the timer but with a 12hour difference. In other words if you have a nighttimer once you HAVE to have an evening timer next.
  5. Problem: timers being able to be switched at any point. Solution: port timers can only be changed at the start of the week with a new conquest round. Example of problem: In order to attack Bermuda its a multiple day operation. which can be easily be made impossible to attack if the Russians just move the timer around every day or few. This needs to be solved.
  6. I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere, I did not see it when searching/reading. The recent invisibility timer change seems to me to be too much of a reduction. If you come out of battle in a direction opposite of what you want, you can barely turn your ship around before the timer runs out. What am I missing, or does anyone else have any comments on this? Thanks.
  7. Please remove the battle timers from the small battles. When getting beat, you run and you end up getting stuck running for 10 minutes because you cannot leave the battle. Once you can leave (after not being hit for 2 min or whatever) you should be able to.
  8. Today, the Denmark-Norway faction on PvP1 assaulted Oranjestad, and as of this writing the battle is sill ongoing and not yet decided. This is not a post of whiny unfairness (such as the "We can't autowin with 3rd rates anymore"-thread), but rather a look at mechanics currently in game and how they are contributing to unfun game play and in some cases resulting in exploits. The beginning of this thread is the fact that when the Danish attacked Oranjestad today, their entire fleet of 3rd rates sailed right past a well prepared blockade fleet, without any chance for us to engage them due to their invulnerability timer. And when I say "no chance" I mean that in the mathematical sense. The formula: invulnerability time + time to engage(20s) > time to sail from Fort Baii to Oranjestad, simple maths making it entirely impossible to stop any ship willing to enter the port battle from just docking at Fort Baii before sailing there. This pushed me over the edge and I decided to create this thread. I had prepared for 30 mins to intercept their fleet and yet despite doing everything right and being in the perfect position, there was nothing I could do. From this experience I have a couple of suggestions: The invisibility timer should be removed once you raise your sails. This allows you to pick a direction and then speed away, while giving some much needed grace time for slower machines. The invulnerability timer when undocking should be a maximum of 15 seconds. Should you undock into a world of s**t then you can always just dock up again. The radius for entering a Port battle should be lowered to a range requiring you to actually be close to the port. Currently in the Swedish nation we have a serious problem with lower end ships entering port battles. This kills the port battle as a well organized fleet of 3rd rates won't care about a few Cerberuses, and with current BR mechanics they take up valuable space needed to maintain the BR difference. My suggestions for an overall improvement of Port Battles are: Change the BR difference system entirely into a ticket system. Each team has x tickets, lose a ship, lose y tickets. If your tickets are at 0, too bad, you lose. Larger ships lose more tickets for your team. (The important bit here is that your Cerberus might sink, but if it is worth a 10th of a 3rd rate then whatevs.) Allow for assault fleets to be formed using a group system where the flag carrier can form a "raid group" (see the solution of raid groups in MMOs like World of Warcraft) containing 25 people in total. These people are given priority to join the port battle, preventing randoms from sneaking spots from an organized assault. (The raid group should also have its own chat once formed, allowing "raid leaders" to communicate with a fleet of randoms easily.) A "Quick fix" for the BR gaming currently abused with under crewed 3rd rates is to scale the BR with the undercrewed penalties. And now for the general over world PvP experience. Reinforcements are the most unfun mechanic I've seen in a long time, it completely discourses people to actively engage the enemy anywhere near their territory except for in missions. People engaged in missions often have no other option then to abandon their mission as they can not call for help. My suggestions for general over world PvP fixes would be: Remove AI reinforcements everywhere but in the immediate area around ones capital. Should an enemy join your mission, convert it to a mission open to your friendly faction for 10 mins. Mark battles that has fleet members in them with red swords instead of the regular ones. Add a limited time to the post battle screen, currently it is possible to sit in it seemingly forever. (Id suggest something akin to 3 mins.) Finally I would like to add that regardless of what I have written here the devs should follow their own minds and plans. I know from experience that players writing design suggestions on forums often miss core values of a game or lack an understanding of how systems are built into each other to create a whole. And as always there is the most precious commodity, time to be spent on implementation, and there I can't give you any guidance (Or well, I could, but you would have to hire me )
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