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  1. Not answering a straight, repeatedly asked question in dev's forum, could be an answer as well... (...and, what ever an answer would be, I'll never ever trust a given promise by dev's again.)
  2. Please read this: I want to see this promise kept!
  3. For me it's okay as it is. I'd rather add an option, to completely turn off the day-/night-circle to play only on daytime / nighttime. The same could be thought about weather effects - I don't like any beside sunny days. It's a game, I'd like to customize it!
  4. ...which is fairly okay in my opinion, when they add one more clear statement to it: "Captains on PvE-server, your skills and ALL of your possessions are safe on game release." Nothing less, nothing more. That's what I wish, that would be a true, kept promise for the inconveniences we had to go through here - a true compensation.
  5. Promises ... I want to see them kept. And there's no mentioning of players possessions. I don't want to see this stuff erased for "better chances to everyone", as it might be called on release.
  6. I wish that too. And I want to keep all of my stuff on release, unwiped.
  7. I don't want to talk about all the annoyances of the last crashes and rollbacks on PvE-/Peace-Server. I want to suggesst a proper option to compensate players of this server for all the "inconveniences", as Dev's always called it. Here's my suggestion: Don't wipe PvE on game release. Let players keep everything they've achieved until this date: Knowledge, ships, money, outposts and all the stuff in their warehouses and chests. Everything. And: Add an option for Hardcore-PvE players, to start the game at release from the ground, if they like to (with no need, to delete their account). Some may now complain, there's way too much advantage for pre-release players to new players. But the thing is: Without a wipe, new players jump into a busy world full of diversity of ships and experienced, motivated (pre-release-) players, much of them willing to give help and assistance to the new and unexperienced captains. This is a Win-Win-Situation to everyone on the Peace-Server. Have a nice day and Happy Sailing!
  8. There's gonna be a rollback for sure - the same, as today before maintainance. So ... don't worry, your fleet is save. ^^
  9. Here we are again ... server is dead.
  10. I've lost round about 8 Mio Reals again, yesterdays shipsales and trade missions. I wasted my time and effort (and can not prove it by photo or so) ... whatever happens, there's no adequate compensation. I'm tired and angry and I think, that's it for me here, until the technical part of this game is as reliable, as it has to be for a game, I've paid real money for.
  11. Compensations for last crash were just announced and the server stops again ... please take an eye on this. (I hope, there's no rollback required)
  12. I really can't accept decreasing my crew. I'm swedish Flagcaptain and had 650 men, now only 500. I could accept changes to new ranks, but not at already existing ones. I bought ships for several millions and it will take a lot of time and effort to be able to crew them at next rank. Thank you ... NOT.
  13. I do accept it, especially as it can't be changed. It is, as it is...
  14. ...on PVP! You see, I can, from my point of view. As a trader on PVE-server I enjoy the beautiful views and magnificently enemy warships, without any fear, to be pulled into fight, what I'd really much dislike...
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