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  1. "Salty Jack" This sailor throws all the useless salt overboard, when Fishing is active. Very usefull on long distance sailing AFK. Ingredients 500 Rum 100 Doubloons Pro: You don't have to delete salt manually and only fish will stay in the hold. Con: Can't sell catched salt to ports anymore (for 2 Reals per unit...)
  2. The interest is: Trading. Making money, buying, collecting and selling stuff. Without unwanted interruptions.
  3. No problem at all, but 'cause this change affects both servers, you also have to endure my opinion here, Angus ^^
  4. Not on PVE. You didn't even have to carry guns on the ships until now...
  5. Okay, dev's, don't forget to add an option for PVE-players to choose, if they want to be attacked or not. Such an option has to be available on PVE, since there is... Please dont forget this option, I'll count on you...
  6. In chat PvE players report attacks from fast AI-fleets on their traders since last patch. Even with a warship in front and traders as fleet, they'll be attacked. I just want to say: That should stop on PvE (the former peace-server^^). At least there should be an option to avoid such interferences on traders. You'll loose lots of peaceful players, not very hard to predict and fully deserved in my opinion ... please give peace a chance, dev's!
  7. Survivors from a longboat must be delivered to a port of their nationality and that gives a reward like a passenger mission. That would make sense to me...
  8. Trade in this game is so much more than just hauling stuff from the store from point A to point B or doing missions. You can buy decent priced ships, books, permits from other players and materials from your forests and mines and sell this stuff with lots of profit to your outposts in capital cities. Set contracts, if you want to achive better prices. Trade may cost you time and effort, but trade here is one thing not: Dead. So, if you like more trading, expand your horizon and simply do it! It's all already in the game, it's more than PvP and missions.
  9. Oh, no problem ... you may fix this in the next patch. 😉
  10. Two paints per day - praise the dev's! Great job here...👍
  11. On PVE we should have a turn-off switch to completely avoid aggressive AI. It's the Peace Server, players should not be forced into battles... 😕
  12. No. Simply no. But if this comes, I want to be able to turn off ANY attacks by NPC's, 'cause I don't want to be interrupted by anyone on my trade runs on PVE server, just as now.
  13. Not answering a straight, repeatedly asked question in dev's forum, could be an answer as well... (...and, what ever an answer would be, I'll never ever trust a given promise by dev's again.)
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