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  1. PvP works for me and PvE works atm, I'm logged in for more than five minutes now ... so maybe only a temporary problem.
  2. No, I don't have atm 😕 There are no connection issues reported by my internet provider and I've recently run some tests on speedtest and similar sources without result. But since noone else seems to have my kind of trouble, it may be a temporary problem on my side and I'll simply try to join again later successfully. Thank you so far!
  3. Thanks for your fast reply. I join the game, see the port, my ship, the chat box and seconds later the chat box closes and any other window, I just opened and I'm out. No message at all...
  4. I just tried six times to join the game on PvE and got always kicked out after seconds. Tested my internet connection, no problems with upload/download/ping. My location is Germany ... any known server-issues??
  5. Is this already implemented? 🤔 Can't see it on the map (v10.0.2)
  6. *Bump* (Still no blueprint for me from any source...) The shortage on Tools is still a pain in the a***. I'm in La Navasse and travelling to Tiburon, Baracoa and Savanna la Mar took me 1,5 hours and got me ZERO tools available in the shops. What a waste of time! Dev's - Time to change this bottleneck for all crafting activities!!!
  7. In ports, like contracts. And yes, in everyones characters menu should be an entry, showing the personal wishlist and the port(s), where the player has placed his requested item(s) with the price, he's willing to pay for it.
  8. I'd like to see a possibility to obtain special and rare items, which are not procurable via contract. e.g.: Let's say, I'm looking for a Tool's blueprint 😉 and as a lonely trader I won't go to fight AI-fleets to win wooden chests, where such blueprints drop from. I want this blueprint (or whatever rare item) NOW and I'm willing to pay very good for it. So I'd like to place my wish on the wishlist and also the price, I'm willing to pay for it in Reals and/or Doubloones (both currencies!). Everyone can place his wishes on the list, even for the same items for different bids. W
  9. Thanks a lot, that sounds like a useful explanation, why I still did not found it. And I'm pretty sure, no one would ever sell it, when this blueprint is so hard to achieve 😕
  10. Yes, I'm reading that too. I found a captain, who claims he had over 200 raids against privateer fleet, but never got a blueprint for Tools out of a wooden chest, only for seasoned woods. That's why I'm asking, if it's already in the game or maybe not...
  11. I need some clarification, please. I don't like to collect Tools in certain ports and to move them to my homeport. I'd like to craft the ressource "Tools" by myself in my workshop / forge. The Naval Action map shows under "List admiralty Items and recipes" the item "Tools" and what Tools consist of: 10 labour hours 1000 reals 5 Iron Ore 5 Coal = 1 Tool I've got told, there's a Tools-blueprint from a Wooden Chest, but I have not found anyone, who has such a blueprint for the ressource "Tools". Blueprints from this chest, which captains find
  12. Thanks a lot, I'm a trader in an Indiaman like many other captains on PVE and wouldn't even consider to attack a privateer-fleet of 8+ superfast Trincos / Pavels / whatever... I need a lot of tools for crafting labour contracts, but since we need 20 instead of 4 tools for one LC, tools became rare on ports of their usual appearance. Placing a contract for tools is also impossible, so I'd like to make the suggestion here, that these rare tool-blueprints are also available in the admiralty-shop and not only as a 20% random drop from a Wooden Chest after battle (if i manage to win and not got
  13. We should be able to craft Tools ourselves. Tools are not always available when needed and can't even be obtained via contract. Please make Tools Blueprint / Tools Note available for Doubloons in Admiralty Shop.
  14. Since the amount of tools for crafting a Labour Contract was increased from 4 to 20, I'd like to have the opportunity to craft tools in my forge. Another solution could be a higher droprate of tools in the ports, where they usually turn up. And, by the way: I'd like to read an explanation for this change. This game is out of Alpha or Beta, a deterioration of game mechanics should be announced / explained to the players. But it was not:
  15. "Salty Jack" This sailor throws all the useless salt overboard, when Fishing is active. Very usefull on long distance sailing AFK. Ingredients 500 Rum 100 Doubloons Pro: You don't have to delete salt manually and only fish will stay in the hold. Con: Can't sell catched salt to ports anymore (for 2 Reals per unit...)
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