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  1. I use my fir fir no canon Pandora as a 32 knot fishing boat on pve.
  2. Steam was down here in the uk for a time.
  3. You can sell them in the shop Its 4 reals for 1 Doubloon
  4. the swines lol. ok thanks.
  5. I had 7.5 million reals now i only have 50000 thousand on pve server.
  6. the new AIS [ automatic identification system] perk is great. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:1.1/centery:51.2/zoom:9
  7. I got 18779 reals for a indiaman with a full load of sugar sunk in battle with a herc.
  8. You can only get in that port with a trader now.
  9. cant leave any port with a trader to go anywere without being attacked by a requin before I raise the sails.
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