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  1. Because of multiple window UI I would like to suggest that we have an option to adjust font size or better still resolution of the windows including icons. Having multiple windows open we are quickly running out of screen space. Don't know if this has already been mentioned. If so I totally support this idea of whoever posted it before me.
  2. Just my 2c Below is strictly related to the player driven economy (goods that used by players and bought/sold by players). It does not relate to hauling NPC goods A to B: 1. Port taxes are way too high. At least capitals that should attract the highest population and therefore markets should have their fees lowered. They are trade hubs, lower fees attract traders; 2. To create truly competitive market we need an ability to adjust contracts without canceling them and loosing port fee that was paid for creating contact. Adjusting contract should be done for a small fee; 3. (Not sure if its already done as I haven't checked FPs yet) Free Ports should have lowest contract fees (like 0.5%) and free contract adjustment. Also Free Ports should have green zones around them (size of Reinforcement zone) where Attack button is simply disabled so no FP camping and makes it easier for traders to get in and out and makes gankers work harder too.
  3. koltes

    Looking for Wapen von Hamburg PvP footage

    Yeah for OW hunting its a bucket. But then Wappen can turn on a dime and outplay pretty much anything of its rate. Undergunned becomes less of an issue with thicker armor as you are in control at what angle you are being shot at. For hunting/running? Nah. For fixed fights where you and the enemy are committed? Oh yeah
  4. koltes

    Looking for Wapen von Hamburg PvP footage

    ^^ This will never get old Especially the verbal diarrhea that comes out of his mouth every time he sinks 🤣😝😆
  5. koltes

    Looking for Wapen von Hamburg PvP footage

    @Sovereign this was filmed about a year and a half ago. Not sure what and how much she has changed since, but as @Wraith has said a decent dueling ship
  6. Content and economy. We have had quite a few players including myself who were very interested to work together and offer our hand to devs in creating interactive economy model which would solve lots ongoing issues. Some of the aspects of interactive economy model: 1. player created delivery missions (so I can have same account fighting and doing trading asking other players to deliver from A to B for a price); 2. money sink in-game insurance system to help with the collateral of the delivery goods; 3. in-battle trading to allow ransoms to be paid instead of sinking traders (money sink for traders, but not a deal breaker); 4. interconnected trade hubs - brings people together (including pirates). good things with those that you can add them or remove as you need when managing traffic; 5. professions - so each player can create or do something unique to his profession. this too brings player driven interaction. trading professions. crafting professions (even if its just a profession to give bonus for creating better masts. Thus to create best ships in the game will require either lots of money to buy perfect parts from trade hubs or have lots of contacts (read player interaction); 6. conquest of ports should always equals to ether ownership and management or raiding and plundering. Cities needs to be built and developed. Clans needs to be able to invest time, money and resources to build their home. give purpose and player interaction. This is what imho is lacking in the game. This is what needs to be done with the game to give people purpose to play. This is what comes before conquest or leeway mechanic (now don't get me wrong here, its great to have more immerse naval combat, but in my view it was not a deal maker).
  7. koltes

    An advanced PvP guide

    @vazco Good fight mate. I have to admit I do miss NA days and some crazy shit we did Just some notes: 1. The entire fight consists of mini engagements (when you line up for a broadside) and disengagements (when you are protecting your weak or angling). Think of Messerschmitt Bf 109 air combat when they would drop down from the sky and engage while building up kinetic energy during the dive and then disengage using built up energy to go back to the high altitude where they cannot be reached again. Trinc does is brilliantly with its long hull and decent speed inertia. Your fight was more like a dogfight circling each other, which is a pretty hard thing to do in a Trinc and is really not utilizing his strength fully; 2. If you choose to sink him and work on one side then select the leeward side and try to maintain same overall course when you disengage. What this means is that a) you will do more damage to the crew as well as the armor; b) if he shows you his strong side (windward) then you give him leaks, either or he is in disadvantage; 3. When both of you moving in the same direction and you just gave him a broadside, then you tried to turn away to make a circle so you could unload again into the same side, its very easy for him to control the positioning. He just needs to sail brake and maintain on your six and stern camp you. With 4 bow cannons its not a very hard task to take out your rudder and therefore win positioning. Instead it might be a good idea to initially maintain about 100m distance when you move side by side and after you have fired a broad side circle into him instead. This way a) you are taking your weak side out of combat and b) give him a choice to either take another broadside into his weak or expose stern for raking. Either or is bad for him; 4. Manual sailing was off few times especially during the tack. Trinc is not a very maneuverable ship (unless it was completely revamped in the past year). I don't know if you got stuck in irons and game him an opportunity to board or your tried to break his bowsprit. If it was a duel with no-boarding agreement then all good, otherwise something to consider. I haven't sailed for a year and ships speeds I believe have changed a lot. Back in the day a perfectly executed tack on the trinc was around 8-9kn. Yours was 3.4kn when you faced the wind thats why it dropped so fast and you almost got stuck. Of course you have not built up enough speed when you decided to execute the tack, but this is also a thing to consider. I just want to point out that the Trinc does not like the bow tack like you did. Its when you flip your back yards just before your bow passes the wind (@10:36). This way you lose lots of kinetic momentum. Instead you should have flipped back yards @10:21. This way your entire turn would have happened lot faster and you would have retained more energy to pass you through the tack. You would probably still loose all the speed, but that would have happened when you were further on the other side, which means your acceleration would have been notably faster. Anyways, its already a long text. Good fight regardless. Definitely a great example for a new player what they should be doing during the combat. Keep in mind that I haven't played for a year, but if NA is still "true" to the sailing combat which I hope it is, then the above should still apply.
  8. Beautiful suggestion thank you! I would also love this approach like it was used in the Heroes of Might and Magic series of games where you manage your town just like you suggested. This would make port management very unique for all nations (just change the background picture) and more immersive.
  9. koltes

    Success as a solo player

    lol Since you mentioned me, what the fk is DLC ship? haha Hi by the way
  10. koltes

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    This is good, but what is the reason why you can't trade with other nations? We can when docked in the port. Shouldn't it be player's choose and freedom to act? Also trading in battle is what REALLY would spice the game. Specifically hunters. As I have suggested before, an ability to offer to pay ransom instead of loosing the ship and the cargo is an awesome feature. Again it will be up to player whether they want to trade or not. After all it is not compulsory.
  11. koltes

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Oh WOW! Good work guys! This patch has really got me excited for the first time in a while 👍👍 Hurah to everything, but especially to the following 👇
  12. koltes

    RvR - Bringing back a better Flag

    Howdy, I think the issue will always be PVE content mixed up with PVP. Flags gave us instant PVP, lots of action, lots of activity, brought life to the game. Taking it away dulled the conquest at once. Had flaws - yes, but the idea was (and always should be) that in RVR as global player vs payer on a larger scale as team work no PVE should be involved. It should strictly be PVP only. In a game such as this PVE should be just the "filling"content. Something that you would do to pass time, if you want an easy solo play or learn the game or do some missions. The RVR process should instead be only PVP oriented. I have offered before another look at the conquest. Specifically how hostility is built. Basically marry the best of two together. I'm not playing much, but keeping my eye on the progress and to be honest still prefer this idea raised exactly a year ago. With all due respect
  13. koltes

    Pirate Dens around the map

    lol I was not aware of that. So Forged Papers no longer allows to swap nation permanently? Is it a temporary switch?