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  1. A fight with the landing of troops as the purpose to capture the port. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/21271-the-conquest-part-1-port-battle-mechanics/
  2. @admin Well... I have an alternative idea to clan docks Create ship sale contract in Ship Auction, but only to a specific player so only the specific player (no one else) may buy the ship for the price you set (we already doing this to an extend when we need to pass ships without outpost). Apart from the person who its addressed to, no one else can actually see that Auction This will be very easy to implement Ship transfer sorted without docks No extra dock space involved
  3. I beg to differ. Clan docks is NOT about extra space. Its about making ship transfer between players easier. Or letting other players have free ships for grabs etc. This especially a meaningful feature for clan crafters who, after completing a crafting ship order wanting to pass the ship to the player who is playing in different timezone. Heck, I'm happy to sacrifice some of my personal dock space for this feature. Pros - More sensible and enjoyable gameplay mechanic that makes players life in NA more enjoyable. Cons - NONE
  4. Дело не в реалистичности, а играбельности. Вот именно, что это "ветряные зоны" - ваши слова. Зона это пространственное измерение, а не временное. Вот вы проплавали все лето на яхте. Я тоже довольно много занимался этим видом спорта. Тогда скажите, когда вас догоняет яхта, поймавшая порыв, соперник может изменить курс и поймать тот же порыв ветра? Все было бы хорошо, если бы эти зоны были просто зонами и ограничивались границами, а не таймером. Ни у кого проблем с этим не будет
  5. Thank you! All positive changes! I wish to see that wind gasps are area restricted, not timer restricted.
  6. I just reread your post 3 times and still struggle to understand your point of view on the shortcomings of the CURRENT speed boost mechanic. I mean you jump to totally different subject discussed like purpose of ships etc. What does this have to do with wind gasps discussed. But to answer your question why, its simple. Why do we use trucks that carry 500kg as opposed to those that can carry 10 tonns? Different purpose. Some ships could enter smaller harbours, some were cheaper to run - smaller ships made more sense to protect smaller traders as they carried less crew. They were simply more affordable too. Not all companies could afford it. Smaller ships were used for smaller tasks. Dont even know why we are talking about this to be honest. If you actually talking about the game mechanics discussed then I think somehow you have missed my entire point. I dont argue about the ship sizes as I stated above. Just used bad analogy, but corrected myself already, so excuse me if I wont answer yours since its the same and you can find it above your post. All im hearing is you want to put a thick red line across half of the recent implementations and go back into the past. Make everything basic and vanila. Ok thanks for your opinion, but it feels more like a grunt. If you are not happy, why address it to me lol? What do you want ME to do about it 🤣 Complain to admin lol
  7. That is just not true. While not everything done to make EVERYONE happy, the game have seen VAST improvements. Let's be fair here alright? This game me an idea to make a post about this to remind myself and others of the good sides of the game!
  8. I know that naturally people are more vocal about negative stuff than positive. I myself might have sounded a bit upset at times or overly criticizing. Of course there are lots of issues which are unavoidable in any development. But this game evolve and this is a very positive thing. I want to fix this by remind to myself and the others why I spent over 10,000 hours on this game between all of my accounts Please... join in by adding to the list of what you love about the game. What was fixed or changed to the better What made you stay for so long. What makes you happy playing it. ----- Here it goes: * Battle instances are getting better and better. In fact improvement of fighting mechanics have improved battles! After two year break I have noticed a huge difference in quality of fighters because of that. * We have more ship variations added to the game * Despite economy issues the inflation is of a MUCH lesser issue than it was before when we used to trade sugar and tobacco. I had half a billion with easy trading and the cost of ships were just ridiculous. 20-30 mil for an average 1st rate. * We no longer have dura on ships and you take what you get and you lose what you had! That is proper PVP * Clans now can claim an ownership of a port and have a home place. This is just superb! * We no longer have coastal defenses all over the place making it near impossible to hunt traders * We now have DLC ships that are NOT P2W ships, but give peace of mind and an ability to start PVP without being damaged financially * We now have tutorial and even final exams * We have tons of paints!!!! * We have had new UI * We have repairs added to the ship weight and affects your speed * We have had vast improvement on perks, trims, upgrades and knowledge! * There are no flags, but somehow RVR is still remains dynamic and you can still launch a sudden attack * Leaks are still dangerous and require good skill * You now can find people in most corners of the map, which wasn' t the case in the early stages Please continue!..
  9. You are totally right about the historical aspect. Perhaps I used term wrongly. Let me rephrase it. 9.5kn Agamemnon should not be able to catch 12kn Belona when same wind conditions applied to both ships, which they are providing both are at the same place and time. Same applies that 12kn Belona should not be able to catch 10kn fore-to-aft rigger that is going tight reach. Current game mechanic allows both to happen
  10. Yes and if you read historical ship building the Ships of the Line of Napoleonic era had lots of rework done to the hull design and allowed to speed them up dramatically. It doesnt say how old those frigates were or other factors. But you are right - generally in bad weather heavier ships were better keeping a course than the lighter ones. But as I explained below - we are talking about ships responding to ONE condition, while in the game right now we artificially creating TWO different conditions that causes other separate issues. Yes, but that is not the issue. You are talking about two vessels in one location dealing differently with the SAME wind force. I have no problem with that whatsoever. I think the issue is that today we have two vessels at the same time and place dealing with two SEPARATE and Independent wind conditions. One that HAS the wind gasp and the other that DONT while being in the same place and time. Also this argument does not apply to the identical vessels. Then WHY one should be faster than the other being in the same place and time being affected by the same weather (air and wave) conditions? Both dealing with same conditions in the same way. If there is a wind force in place in the area that makes heavy vassel faster than lighter vessel I have no problem with that, because its a variable constant that a captain of the lighter vessel should be aware of and have a chance to avoid or else get caught due to his inexperience. If you can do that with the game this will be amazing! In general I totally support that in stormy area heavier vessels will be faster and more stable on their course than the lighter ones. In fact MUCH faster, because lighter ships (even frigate class) would have to reduce sails exposure to a minimum or even take them down altogether and prey not to get washed ashore. Heavier ships also may get in trouble but in general less affected Yes, I think to achieve faster sail between long distances we can have just speed increase far away from the land. Its a VERY rare occasion when you can see anyone that far away in the ocean anyway. 99% of PVP happens near land when speed can get back to normal. Wind Gasp could just be replaced with an area on the map that gives such boost, but still needs to be activated manually. The duration of the boost should not be TIMER restricted, but rather area restricted. If you leave the area - you lose the boost The strength of the boost should again be area dependent. Further inside the wind channel you get more boost, while closer to the edge of it - lower boost. This all will sort itself out beautifully. I think everyone will be happy with that And THEN those different wind boost areas could be turned into different types. Just low/high pressure where only speed boost is applied. Some areas could be stormy and thats where heavier vessels will will coefficient modifier to give them upper hand in a storm and then constant trade winds and calm waters areas where lighter vessels will have upper hand instead. This will make sailing in OW require knowledge of different weather conditions. Again those weather conditions does NOT have to be dynamic. They can just be patches on the OW and change after each downtime.
  11. You are right there but again you are mixing up apples and oranges. If larger ship had better hull profile that allows him to catch smaller ships then this would be the case with or without air pressure difference. But if the ship is heavy and sluggish and under normal conditions cannot even closely outrun the faster ship then no magical force should be making it doing so. Again speed difference from the edge of low/high pressure zone is not high enough to turn slow ship into a fast ship. It would only give slight speed increase. This is due to both vessels being in the same location. Of course if some vessel is inside the storm and the other is outside of it then they would have different winds applied, but the distance between those ships would be by far beyond visible.
  12. Sorry man, I think your are making this up lol. Yes it COULD be possible that heavier ships catching up with faster frigates, but ONLY due to being on better wind or other factors like if Frigate spent much time on voyage and have not done the careening to remove biofouling organisms growth on the hull, or had damaged sails or a drunk captain lol. But definitely not because the heavy Line Ship somehow had different wind approaching the Frigate from parallel reality. That is a fantasy
  13. I think there more issues than that actually. Issue #1. low/high pressure difference should give an edge to same or similar speed vessels, but as you said in no way could push a square rigger to catch fore-to-aft vessel on tight reach. In other words a Vic should NEVER be catching anything unless it has some diesel engines installed. No wind or pressure difference between two vessels that travel in a nearby location would create such magic; Issue #2. Both vessels must have same ability to enter or exit low/high pressure areas at any point which means that the ship that is being chased should be able to adjust its course and enter the area where it can also receive better lift. Currently its not possible; Issue #3. The current mechanic is an attempt to address two separate issues. 1) to reduce travel time; 2) to make sailing with a extra twist to give temporary edge and I dont think that both can be married up like that. To cut travel time the speed boost must be dramatic as it is now and is very sufficient. But for PVP purpose the speed difference is way too high. To address cutting down speed travel time we dont need to go with any realism at all. We already have different speed in OW and battle instances that have no realistic explanation. They are there to make game playable. With the same principle we can simply have vast empty areas having higher speed than areas near land. It should be very gradual increase (not sudden). Issue sorted. I like the idea of low/high pressure zones, but I think this should be a hidden areas in the OW which sailors may use when they are entering them. Speed boost should be maybe 10% at max +/-, Then there can be a barometer to give hints of the nearby pressure pockets. Pressure pockets may change around a bit, but should generally be in similar location. So those to bothered with the barometer can have slight speed boost even near land and those who didnt may still adjust later. I think doing it that way will marry everything up and make people more happier in general
  14. No, you cant really avoid them. I got gasp boost between Santiago de Cuba and Montego Bay, sailed around to Savanna la Mar and all the way through KPR back to Port Morant and tagged player neat Port Antonio. All aroubd Jamaica on the same gasp boost I got north of Montego. It took me less than 15 mins
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