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  1. Hence why I recommend to give this to the hands of players. Take the ban work and blame off your hands. Allow leaders/diplos of clans to manage who their clan may chat with in Global/Battle chat by setting standings for other clans. You already have clan lists in your friends list. Its just another parameter just like the friends list. Sorted. This will be the leaders choice and targeted at specific clans only. On PM level let payers themselves to ignore those who abuse.
  2. The majority of players are good folks. These so to speak "measures", such as removal of the battle chat and PMs from enemies can and most definitely will backfire to the rest of the community. MMO type game must have means to communicate by the definition. As a pirate I want to be able to talk to my prey and try to get them to pay ransom instead of sinking them for example. WOT removed enemy chat because there is no reason to have it. It has no role apart from trolling the other side. In NA however it has many roles and purposes that will affect the game of the good community. Think someone is an ass hole? Simple Ignore button works like magic. Why bother with the rest?
  3. I think you nailed it mate. If they allow pirates to stay unchanged then I’m all good for this patch. This COULD be the difference pirates needed for a long time. Glad someone thought of this while I was upset killing a good drop of whiskey over my issues 🤣
  4. Thats right and any change of mechanic that leads to further decrease of player population IMHO is wrong priority. When RVR is done and does not drive people away. When players start enjoying crafting without even fighting. When players will have fun doing econ. When online population gets on a rise. When alliances done and make sense. THAN such a change would make a priority. Until then its a wrong time for it. Also proper mechanic should be implemented not as Karma. There should be properly done criminal mechanic for green-on-green for example. Not hard coded, but with game consequences, such as getting criminal tag that would allow your own nation to sink you without penalties etc Besides 600 players in your timezone is also pretty low to keep players happy.
  5. Sorry, but I read them over and over again and this is how I hear them
  6. Sounds like a Tall Poppy syndrome to me. Ram was accused of anything but not about being unfair to what he brings to the fight as he usually faces more than one opponents on larger or equal ships than his. Your arguments about OP ships or OP players have no relation whatsoever to the issue at hand - reduction of means to attack other players. We have already been through this many times since players "like you" dont like being attacked by "players like me" and you want immunity and hard coded mechanic to protect you. - Hence why we had rebalance after rebalance of ROE. - Hence why we had green on green removed - Hence why we had implementation of coastal defenses and soon after their removal (because guess what? removal of coastal hunting also reduced ow hunter and made game dull for everyone - Hence why alliances were created and then removed again as they didnt work - Hence why map grid was removed so ganking would be harded - Hence why join timer was reduced so it would be harded to gank, but it bite back as ganked could not get protection - Hence why self balance join was introduced The list can go on and on and on. Maybe we should just go primal and remove all restrictions and make it free for all to attack, anywhere, anytime, anything. Maybe THEN more players will comeback (again). Changing the game aspects THATS what reduced player base! I remember when we had 2000 players online and it was normal. We were very vocal about warning that implementing more restrictions will damage the very core of the game model and therefore reduction of interest. I dont want to sound like "this is the last nail" or "this patch will kill this game", but it surely will make it no better. We all care for Naval Action as we invested plenty of time in it (Im personally over 10k hours). I have seen it all from all angles and directions. Lets be honest here and look at the hard facts. Today we have 300-600 players online. If you believe that with online like that this game is playable you are kidding yourself. Its just dragging on. You could still play Asheron's Call after 17 years but it felt like ghost land. Especially to those of us who remember trade hub being so full you had to jump so people would see where to come to trade with you in the crowd. I stand my ground - I'm against this Karma patch for the reasons explained above. It reduces PVP further. It kills the very basis of the OW hunting. While proper RVR mechanic would have easily fix current issues while creating lots of PVP content. Period. But fails or wins is all about the choices people make
  7. Make all battles free-for-all. Everyone join under their own flag. Let players to police themselves. If British guy cause damage to British player in a battle he gets reported to players and soon the traitor will find out the hard way that the whole nation will start hunting him down. No pvp denied to anyone. Players take matter to their hands. No more green on green tribunal posts. Issue solved During green on green in pirate nation that made nation chat the most friendly chat pirates ever experienced
  8. I beg to differ You should never stop carrying about players who make the game glorious. They are those people who carry this game through time. You remove them by making their game less enjoyable and rookies will exit the room soon as they entered it. Instead of bringing everyone to rookies levels you should bring rookies to everyone's level.
  9. My issue is this. Since this game only has 300-600 players online (specifically on the lower end during my prime playing time) it greatly limits me of finding targets to attack. This might come as surprise for someone, but about 1/3 of my engagements are joined someone else's battles. I dont really care which side I join. I only care to get a kill. Exiting battle I might re-engage my "ally" and kill him too. There were nights where I couldnt find anyone and all I saw where already started battles. Since everyone is an enemy this means that as a pirate I will never be able to join any battles if there are no pirates involved. Any hard coded mechanic that limits or grants players some kind of ability or inability will only cause more issues on the other end let alone finding way to exploit it. One of the things comes in mind for exploit is picking up an alt that is enemy of your enemy and attack him in OW to prevent being attacked. Easy solutions to complex problems DO NOT exist and will never work. What works for Fallout 76 with their online average of 30k players will kill rest of the PVP for solo hunters in NA with its 600 online players. That is my issue
  10. wtf? can you enlighten me what is my agenda? This will negatively affect OW hunting. This is a PVP game. With RVR mechanic so much lacking that its content driving people away from the game what else is there left? OW hunting. But with 300-600 players online you dont have a choice of hunting one nation. I have outposts to visit GB, US, RE, FR, SP, SW, DN... Not always you can tag someone in the OW as they are already fighting. Now this is gonna limit me even further with PVP...
  11. I would really wish if you would have spent your "very limited programmers time" on more important things that really matters for this game and players. RVR Economy Crafting Also this is pirate's life is to attack everyone. In a week time I will attack every nation on the server and then what? Cant join other players battles anymore? Who would have stopped me to side with someone in the OW or attack someone in the OW? Karma or not. Am I not the owner of my actions anymore?
  12. I believe that leaks are still way unbalanced in comparison to other ways of sinking ships. Its much quicker and easier to demast as you can shoot from whatever side or wind position for example. Loosing wind should be more punishing so positioning and maneuver to get best wind will become more crucial Either reduce number of leaks required to sink any given ship or make leaks cause more penalties. Heavy penalties for getting so many leaks. More leaks = more penalty E.g. Immobility, 75% of turning reduction, pause repair, reduce cannon reload by 50% etc. More leaks = more crew is trying to save the ship. Its insane when ship receives 10+ leaks and is still saved...
  13. I'm not sure guys that I support your skepticism about this. Just not enough info how its going to be done. However... In this current state RVR imbalance is killing the game too. New mechanic - maybe. No screening - maybe. But current mechanic - definitely. We have players now leaving the game as a whole clan as they got tired bashing their heads against the wall. Yes screening provides some action, however "screening" is the consequential outcome of the actual broken RVR mechanic in the first place that allowed larger nation to have dominance in RVR. You are voting for keeping the screen, but somehow server low population numbers is outside your concern? No mater what we believe, the fact is an inconvenient thing and it tells us that something in this game makes people to stop playing. Most of us say that this is the current RVR mechanic. An ability for a clan of 25 players to be able to attack AND enter PB of a clan of 250 players in my view is a great way to promote RVR among smaller clans and nations. Yes screening is gone, but it also opens a possibility for these small clans and new players to launch PB attacks of their own and participate in the actual PB rather be doomed to grief in screening all their RVR game time. Also because screening is gone maybe this time devs will finally get to work on Raid mechanic that would bring all of that. I always said that RVR as a conquest should be slower and fair for everyone even small clans, while one clan cannot be the owner of half of the map. Raid on the other hand should be instant action that can have screening mechanic and flag attacks etc while only granting the attacker a temporary ownership of the port.
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