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  1. Reasons for my personal disappointment When I first encountered NA I saw this game having a huge potential to turn into a gem. Bellow was my view where this game should have been aiming and eventually become. in the Core of the game The game should have been aiming to reduce PVE content to a minimum slowly replacing PVE with PVP content. This game was originally called a PVP game. This is how it attracted its INITIAL player base. So it was supposed to be a PVP. Even in trading or crafting. This means that in proper PVP game anyone can attach anybody regardless their nation or religion. Its an open world sandbox after all. There should have been danger everywhere. This means that proper PVP title will offer this thrilling freedom to act where everything becomes consequences of your actions which are truly shaping the world. The game should in no shape or form control players let alone restrict from making a choice of any kind. The game should encourage certain behavior and discourage other, but in no way it should put hard restrictions preventing players of doing something they want. To keep players interest game should have targeted the following making the below interesting and entertaining as well as challenging: a.) Character progression; b.) Recreational activities; c.) Competitive activities; d.) End game content West Indies territories and Nation mechanics The way nations were portrayed in NA defined the whole RvR mechanic. IMHO players should not have been controlling the RvR on a nation level, but rather on a clan level. Governors of the West Indies did not have power to decide if they will declare a war on another nation. They simply did what they were told by their royalty in Europe. This would have been an excellent opportunity for the devs to incorporate on going store line through regular updates as well as "manually" balancing nations. Clans and alliances Players on the other hand could retain their affairs on a clan level no matter the nations giving them total freedom to act, but on a smaller scale that did not affect other clans of their nation. Then diplomacy would have been run clan vs clan basis. Imagine you sail in OW and see this ship on the horizon. You dont know if he is your enemy or friend. Then you check his "standings" that were set by your clans diplomats and those would tell you who you are facing without even knowing the player personally. Rules of Engagement and Honor Points Anybody should have been able to attack anybody no matter clan or nation. Soon as the player sails out in the open world this means that he is completely exposed to attacks from anybody. Sounds harsh and scary right? Yes it is and this is what true PVP setting is all about and what makes you sit on the edge of your seat all your game time. Clan Politics includes WAR, NEUTRAL, NON -AGRESSION and ALLIANCE statuses and simply tells players clan political standings against other clans. Breaking clan laws have only clan consequences decided by players themselves. Nation Politics would have WAR, NEUTRAL or ALLIED statuses. Breaking national laws would flag you as a criminal against nation you have committed the crime. This attacking other players whos nation is at WAR with yours will not flag you as criminal. Attacking a player from Allied or your own nation will flag you as criminal. When players has a criminal tag he becomes an open target for the nation against which he committed the crime. Fortifications and patrols These are NPC fleets that patrols the areas. The stronger nation's influence in the area the larger and stronger the patrols, e.g. capitals will have a largest and most numerous fleets defending their waters. NPCs can attack players on sight if players are enemy or criminals to the nation. Conquest of territories All nations have non captureable territories in close proximity to their capitals. That allow new players to learn and get comfortable with the game. Its also the place where less hardcore players can enjoy easier, safer environment. Conquest is done on a clan level. Each captured port will needs to be build and fortified. The further away the captured port from the capital harder it is to protect, this making conquest non absolute. Port battles is where there is an opportunity for an equal fight. Unlike OW RvR is done fair and square. PB contain 2 battles. Screening and Land battle. Screening is a fight for points. Attackers must win screening battle in order to get access to the Landing battle. In landing battle there should be fight with the port. There should be landing and fort capture. Economy Hauling goods A to B is no economy. Its a joke really. Economy is when all those trade goods are involved in crafting and all final goods crafted are used by players. Right now there is only one consumable thing - ships. There should such consumables as: Cannonballs Gun Powder Canvas Rigging Rations Musket bullets Uniforms, clothing Rum Tobacco etc etc All the above needed on regular basis as part of maintenance or consumable. Is craftable by players and is usable by players on a daily basis. Ship building consists of few stages and many parts. End results vary. Exceptional ships rare, expensive and cannot be crafted by one crafter - there needs to be other crafters involved who is able to deliver exceptional quality parts. Those ships are not bias, but they are better and CAN give you an edge in a fight. All parts of ships are built separately. Hull, rudder, masts, sails ect ect. Those parts can be combined or replaced from other ships, thus upgrading your ship with better parts from captured ships. Skills There are no perks. There are skills. Skills are of two types: General (navigation, combat, wind prediction, expert carpenter ect) and Ship specific - turning, rigging ect) Professions Professions are separate skill trees that allows player to specialize in one thing. Crafting professions allows players to specialize in crafting one part of the ship with end result building a better or exceptional quality. For example top level sail master can craft best sails that are lighter and stronger then others. Of course those will be sought after by other crafters. There should be such professions are bounty hunters (allowing tracking down specific players), trader - allows trading distantly, merchant - running extra trading ships in a fleet ect ect ect Piracy Pirates are not a nation. Its a social status. Each nation should have their own pirates. English pirates, french pirates etc. When pirates join nation and fight along side their nation they become privateers or corsairs of that nation. Otherwise they are outlaws to even their own nation with a permanent criminal tag. Customization This should start with a character portrait and finish with ship paints and ship names. I want to be able to name my ships. Admiralty Store If there is no model for devs to make $$$ then the game is doomed to be abandoned by the team. F2P model works well. Dont charge monthly fee but make premium accounts which gives you bonus xp and gold rewards. Admiralty store needs to sell cosmetics for the ships. Paints. Flags. Ship name plates ect Cosmetics. XP boosters. Labor Hours ect Leaderboard We need proper killboard. Who kill who, how much xp earned, damaged dealt ect. This is not just for the fame. This is also as a proof to certain actions players conducted against each other. Content As clans we need to be able to fortify our ports. Build NPC patrol fleet. Build docks, buildings that everyone may use. Pay maintenance for it. Charge taxation for using the facilities. Clans needs proper clan management tools. Ability to charge clan mates a tax for trading or doing missions and these funds goes directly to clans account. We need ledger. We need customizable clan roles. Players need story line. This Caribbean needs their Morgans, Captain Bloods, Drakes, Flints NPC characters that bring content, quests, exploration, missions ect. Right now its not a Caribbean its a Dead Sea. What is end game content if RvR is dull, there is no economy and only 300 online players in average?
  2. I agree with your entire post. The moment NA began to cater to casual players or players that were less PVP or hardcore oriented it had nothing, but negative effect on the game and the community. In comparison to EVE right from the beginning of times it was getting harder and harder and harder. Yet it grew its player base. We have seen lots of things done to make game less hmmm challenging... Flags removed. Speed caps. Leaks nerfed. Coastal defenses. Limited chains. Anti gank measures. Timers, timers and timers. Circles after circles that were surrounded by more circles. Crafting was way more complex before and way too easy now. Quality of ships mattered. Even getting materials was harder then. Patch after patch the game have become easier and somehow followed the Colt's moto "God Created Men and Sam Colt Made Them Equal" - Colt in our case being the game design / mechanics. It was pointed out many many times before by hundreds if not thousands of players that are now long left - When the game will become so restricted it will turn away the hardcore. When hardcore will leave, the snowflakes will celebrate... then die from boredom and leave too.
  3. Sorry I must have missed a lot, can someone just in couple of words explain me what this new system is? Thanks in advance
  4. Спасибо, я приму ваше пожелание к сведению
  5. The guide is 1,5 year old now and needs to be updated. I have quit about the same time so unfortunately cannot answer your question. I have heard that Endymion is a better choice for solo hunting atm, but I might be wrong. Someone might have a comment here to answer your question. Otherwise its a good idea to ask in the game... few times When the game will be released I will check it out and If I choose to play I will keep this guide updated to my best ability. Good luck
  6. No mate, you didn't get my point I think. I don't believe there should be pin point location GPS at all. Even with those map tools. So when F11 is gone, when trader tool is gone, it becomes a discipline to plot your course and keep notes on the map to know your approximate location. If you were slack at making notes, then after logging back in you will have to do it the hard way. Fair call. Time * speed = distance. Knowing how much distance you have covered will allow for plotting the course and following waypoints. The Truth is there was no way to pin point your location. Sextant would only give you the Latitude. They even had established the Board of Longitude because it was a big issue. The only way to tell Longitude was to have accurate timepiece, which from top of my memory did not appear until the end of the 18th century. I think John Harrison was the inventor. But navy really received it years later in the beginning of 19th century. I might be little off with time here, but point is there was no way to accurately tell your location unless you were making notes and plotting the course. For this we just need map tools (including coordinates and distance) and Open World Bearing. Thats it. I wonder what portion of those players are just testing the new perk and are not going to use it in the future? Map tools proposed are not asking to change any mechanics in the game. They simply allow some drawings on the map. All you need to add is Open World camera oriented compass that tells you the bearing where your camera is pointed. Living in New Zealand I have been sailing for years myself and navigation is just a hobby of mine. I agree that Sextant perk have right to exist, but should give MUCH less accurate location. I don't think that the Sextant perk should be deleted either. I think that game should give you tools to navigate that by default are available to everyone. Those who want to make it easier, or who are bad at navigation, or just can't be bothered then they would have a choice to have Sextant perk, but it needs to be less OP and cost more. So if we are talking about what Sextant perk should be then I think it needs to: 1. Cost 3 points; 2. Gives you a button to use once an hour to draw your approximate location on the map; 3. Circle should be a diameter between Mortimer Town and Baracoa (pretty precise for the era if you ask me. If you got lost it tells you what you need to know - your approximate location on the map so its easier for you to find way home. But no way it could be used for ganking or communicating exact locations of enemies etc) Below is the example of the size of the circle.
  7. Sextant perk is an easy feature to implement I get it. But the map tools offered are also VERY easy to implement and give much better immersion with the game. Way more Its just as easy as it was with the Protractor tool. So there it goes: 1. Ability to draw on the map and make notes that stay on the map (including navigation drawings), thus allowing us to mark locations, distances, time, angles etc; 2. Protractor Tool needs to be adjusted how it should properly work, e.g. show degree angle. For this the first click needs to be the starting point and the target to have the protractor on. This way it will tell you the bearing to the target allowing you to triangulate your location using bearing system. Right now its the other way around. See pic below 3. Dividers needed to measure distances on the map and to assist in triangulation 4. Ruler to draw a straight line between waypoints allowing to plot the course. 5. Having this tools in place would allow to plot the course and then simply change to the right bearing once a waypoint was reached. See example below: 6. Longitude and Latitude added to the grid. Without pinpoint GPS dot on the map everyone still have to figure out their own location and it will never be OP. But coordinate system did exist in this era and not having it is just poor mechanic. We need the grid to communicate and make notes. 7. Spyglass bearing - need to be able to tell an angle degree while in OW. It could be while aiming with your spyglass at POI or a landmark. Or it could be a button that switches your OW compass from Ship oriented to Camera oriented. When in camera mode the compass marking should change to degrees.
  8. Great news about hubs, however I find this information quite insufficient as the question raised quite complex. 1. How many hubs are there planned to be and their locations? 2. Will their stores be linked with other trade hubs like it was proposed (you could buy sell in one hub while docked in the other (delivery still physical)? 3. Will players be able to create player made delivery missions for other players to take? 4. When you say "resources" are those just trade goods that have nothing to do with player consumption or are they resources that players consume, e.g. to craft ships? 5. If those resources that needed for crafting what are the plans to make them available to weaker nations (linked trade hubs would sort this issue out of course if you are going to make this happen)? Example: Spain is a strong nation and is able to snatch required crafting resources from all regions. Dutch is not so strong nation and is not able to sufficiently acquire resources to be competitive. What are the options Dutch will have? Dug out from 2 years ago (scratch anything that is NPC delivery related. It was proposed at the time to remove Free Port deliveries - no longer actual)
  9. 4th rate ship of the line - HMS Kingfisher was an amazing pirate hunter frigate masqueraded as a merchant ship. In the battle that made her famous she have fought Algerian 3 sail ships and 5 galleys for 12 hours and won with 8 casualties and somewhat 30 wounded. Same year she have sank Moroccan pirate and few years later captured Sophia 12 gun ship. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Kingfisher_(1675) https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/gallery/album/1738-hms-kingfisher-lss-by-jeff/
  10. I'm forever grateful for his job on Renommee!! Pandora indeed looks VERY promising!
  11. And all of them are better than any 6th rate I'm just not sure that shallows should see 5th rates altogether. This puts your 6th rates to a complete waste and you are going to achieve exactly the opposite - empty port battles or port battles where newbs cant participate. Shallow PBs are the way for new captains and casuals to get some RVR without breaking the bank. Now they wont be able to do it, because all these Mercs, Rattlesnakes, Snows cant compete in shallow waters. What is going to be the use of those ships?
  12. Please dont or remove from DLC. In fact any DLC ships should not be allowed to start PVP battles, e.g. attack players. Basic Cutter rules. Instead they should give extra XP and money bonus when used fro missions or attacking AI so people would use them simply as money makers or xp grinders. Else sounds promising
  13. I have suggested this option some time back. Done through spyglass. Spyglass itself does not give you all the info by default. Better the glass - more info you can see. Best glass is among the rarest and expensive things. Average (decent) glass could be bought as DLC. There are 3 flags on each mast plus the nation flag. All 3 have different color meaning. When you are looking at a specific ship, the color of flags will be specific to you only. Other players looking at the same ship will see different color flags according to their circumstances. Thus flag color system delivers the information if the guy is a criminal, or enemy to your nation or just an enemy to your clan only (yes clan needs to have diplomat role who is able to set standings against other clans). Name of the person showed as part of details is arguable. There were people in the sea that were recognized and feared for example and therefore avoided or hunted. Anyways just my 2c
  14. Because of multiple window UI I would like to suggest that we have an option to adjust font size or better still resolution of the windows including icons. Having multiple windows open we are quickly running out of screen space. Don't know if this has already been mentioned. If so I totally support this idea of whoever posted it before me.
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