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  1. @admin Can we please have a topic started by devs specifically discussing raids?
  2. Put my like and then hesitated because of this... its a mistake
  3. Roles management tools are actually pretty easy and requires basic level of programing. Just sayin
  4. We need more ranks and we need ability to adjust them. In fact, remove Diplomat and Officer ranks altogether. Allow us to make our own rank, name them and give them specific privileges/responsibilities. The abilities that we need to be able to assign to custom ranks are: - Recruit new players (send clan invite); - Promote to specific rank (for example recruiter can promote from recruit to member; - Give adjustable access to clan warehouse. Limits or restrictions are set for each rank. For example clan’s ship crafter may withdraw specific amount a day of some specific resources; - Clan warehouse access: View content (yes/no), withdraw limit (yes/no) if yes opens windows where you can set limit per time per resource; - Clan warehouse should have sections. We need ability to assign different sections to different player ranks, e.g. normal members gets access to specific sections where they can take anything they need without limit. There should be sorting section so all items that goes to warehouse at first go to sorting warehouse; - In such there will be warehouse manager role; - Ability to promote or demote ranks (recruiter may be able to give the recruit member rank, but cant give officer rank etc.) - Ability to set message of the day (pop up window that all clan members get on login); - Ability to take hostility mission. Yes because its clans politics etc, clan leader needs to be able to restrict that if he wants to specific officer rank. If thats not an issue then clan leader can set that anyone in clan may take hostility mission, but as clans grow, it would be good idea to restrict newcomers to potentially cause so political issue for the clan; - Ability to manage port etc; There are quite a few more that I have in mind and I’m sure other will comeup with more. Bottom line is, devs dont need to think on what ranks should be in the game. Just give us ability to make our own ranks and assign all the above parameters. This will make running the clan so much more immersive Thanks for your attention
  5. Agree with OP 100% I think the idea of original RvR is good, but not correctly implemented. Its just so logical that at first smaller towns need to be a “buffer” before the grand battle as well as the “reach” of hostilities decrease Eventually no matter how much buffer there is clans SHOULD lose their ports. This is always at risk. To make it lesser of an issue, port structures should remain in place so if later the clan returns its own port it gets all its buildings back.
  6. There are sell orders in Mortimer, so people do sell Rum, but you cant buy it. For some reason it shows that there is zero for sale and Buy is greyed out.
  7. That would be an interesting fight indeed! I wanna do it now 😋
  8. RvR wise because in 10,000 BR PBs you can fit 25 Wasa's while only 12 Victories or 11 other 1st rates. Taking into account speed of Wasa smart battle caller will segregate 1st rates even further sending 15 wasa's vs 2-3 1st rates, while others simply kite the rest of 1st rates.
  9. Я тоже считаю, что захват должен начинаться с регионов, а не сразу со столицы. Нужно захватить по крайней мере половину региональных городов, чтобы открылась столица для захвата.
  10. Нет, все с ремками ништяк. Чего ломать, что работает???
  11. Before we had Locked and Unlocked. What is the Unlocked equivalent now? I mean when each and every cannon is strictly perpendicular to your ship rather than all shooting at one spot. Is that "Parallel" now?
  12. Thats not a mission mate. Its a passive reward for being active in OW. Mission is when you are given certain area where you go and kill some AI. Its predictable grind. You know how much time it takes and can make a decision if you are gonna do it or not at any given time. Search & Destroy (while probably best option of course) is just that. Go, dont know where. Look for some targets. You may complete in a day. Or may complete in a week. Is it doable? Yeah of course, but how much of my gaming time do I dedicate to that to even remotely call it a grind? Some say just take it and it will reward you. Then its not a mission. Its a passive "some day" reward
  13. Thats fine but my point is they complaining about newbs being hunted but lets for a second imagine actually being new and inexperienced. Players killing them outside capital. Upsetting? Maybe but not everyone. This kinda is understandable by most players who start on pvp server. But then what ELSE is there left for the new guy to do? Passenger delivery missions? Ok big deal - 40 hours week sailing. What else? He gets to cargo delivery missions? Oh wow, “same egg just from different viewing angle”. What is there for the new guy to hold on to? This game is about fighting. So eventually he will want to fight SOMETHING. Are we really sure that new guy will have an easy time killing AI? Ive met few actual newbs outside KPR (some of which ive let go btw) and they all complained loosing ships to AI. Missions? They gonna have just as hard time doing missions. Get sunk newb! Then back to deliveries! Repeat this circle couple more times and goodbye newb. No wonder they dont go above brig Put AI on previous damage dealing “incapability” just give it more HP and it will be fine. Grinding 1 middle level is fkn nightmare for those who have to work for living
  14. Yeah we can do it, but dude this is still insanely hard. 3 times more BR for the buffed up AI. They all feel like Raid Main Bosses from WOW lol. There are probably only handful of people on the server who can do these missions. They want to make hunting newbs impossible, while those same newbs cant even do the missions there lol Maybe there are all the other reasons why these newbs leave? 🤨
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