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  1. This is what really would make players happy. 1.) Enlarge doubloon wallet capacity (why do I have to teleport back and forth just to bring enough doubloons to buy a building?). I dont think this limitation serves any purpose or has any benefit to the gameplay; 2.) Reals... Make them that we can pay someone instantly no matter where they are. Right click on person's name > send money. This teleport to one place to transfer amounts between players or characters really adds nothing to the game. Just another time sink and extra 10 clicks.
  2. I dont get it. Where in description does it say there is a BR limit? Or ship rate limit? No description on the map either But when you try to join the battle it says in the heading that this is Frigate Patrol Battle and there is a BR limit. Shouldn't there be a description available BEFORE you equip the ship and head to the zone???
  3. I could and I did. Doesn't fix the problem at hand. Does not fix it at all actually
  4. koltes

    Server down?

    EDITED: Its back now Game booted me out and cant comeback
  5. @admin 1. I think the all three of 1st rates are a bit unbalanced. I mean what is the reason for Victory now in the game? My proposition: Leave Vic weaker in HP and ordnance and speed, but because its a shorter ship out of other 2 increase its turn rate by 30% Leave Santi as it is - a brick tank. Buff LÓcean's speed a little 2. After the patch we went into PVP zone and registered no damage for damaging AI ships in there. Is that a bug or are we missing something? Is the damage dealt registers when ship is captured?
  6. Like how is that a part of the argument that bonuses wins PBs? You comparing apples and oranges. If you wanna talk about player made alliances or one nation having more population hence being stronger etc, then its a separate issue that IMHO should be sorted by allowing different entrance into Port Battles - like having immunity vs screeners so even small nations that could just master 25 players could still be competitive in RVR. Screeners should still be incorporated so more people involved in the RVR not just PB fleet, but their purpose there should be different, not tagging the PB fleet.
  7. Wrong. At Santiago we were fighting under the fort. We were not fighting in perfect builds (all were built in Nuevitas). Yet we faced GB defenses crafted in much better port. Its easy to say that mods and bonuses are a done deal. But thats just BS. Fleet control, comms, players skills, coordination on command and individual level, teamwork always and I repeat always will be the most important winning factor. Only when you have 2 forces of absolutely equal teams then better ships will tip the balance. Otherwise its all about how you use your advantages and hide weaknesses
  8. I said my piece. This topic is a dead horse
  9. But you are not getting it. We CANT block them from the game and should not. But we can block them from OUR assets and so we should. Big map. If they are so damn good as they portray themselves then let them work for their own assets. Go organize their own force, attack national ports. Claim it. Build ports, bonuses. There you have it. Just keep your hands from mine that I worked for.
  10. Why? Because everyone have to hold hands or be able to troll with immunity??? 1. If my mates and I have invested efforts and time into something - this should be our choice to share or not to share; 2. I would totally be ok with Friends list replaced by GnG; 3. I even be ok with GnG replaced with war declaration aka Clan wars Pick any
  11. Never had an issue with Ed, which I stated many times. Well until now anyway when he started throwing tantrum and cursing everyone, but whatever. Reason why his clan is rejected is because he admitted that he cant control if VCO’s alts wont make it into his clan. We pointed at few. He still have some and even mains who were trolling us and still do. Never supported our cause. Never seen him in our battles. Can someone enlighten me as to why pirates who were hard working together, together achieved lots of shit and had some great battles together why should we allow someone to feed of our results when all they did is trying to stop us? Even to date they are trying to be a nuisance. But that is what they always been and ever be. A nuisance. VCO have never done in 2 years in our absence what we have done in 2 moths. They are now biting their lips being butt hurt jealous seeing our results. We told them if they dont pass the port to pirates and stop milking us we will take it ourselves. They didnt believe us. We took it. They cried. We told them to stop smack talk in chat or they will lose all their ports in pirates. They didnt. We allowed for these ports to go and will take them back in due course. Purge is under way. They cry again. We told them to stop smack talk in nation, they didnt. We told them to stop fkng with La Guanaja, they didn’t. We took SdC. Not them. We took it. Our work and efforts. Privateer shows up and start grinding its satellite port. No asking nothing. So why should that lot to be allowed on the friends list if they are no friends of any pirates? Why should we allow any clans who take them to be on friends list? In our mind they’ve chosen the side. These are just the consequences of their decisions, which we were always open and clear about. Further more, we are always open to work with good people. There are still some people in VCO who we have no problems with and will never pursue them. They can join any clans we will never have an issue with them using our ports. So its not just VCO. Its certain members of it. They have a choice to be trolls. We have a choice to fk them up for that. Today that they are jumping from clan to clan trying to get the access to the crafting ports, today they are crying about the consequences of their own actions they just forgot that yesterday they were laughing at those consequences. Members of VCO (specifically their leadership) have put so much shit on these forums its beyond comprehensive. Their clan of alts have made over 40 tribunal posts that I could count. Let that sink into your heads. Over 40 tribunal posts! What all around them are cheaters? All around them are exploiters? VCO guys are the best out there. So pure. Never exploited anything. Were never involved in such unspeakable thing like gold ships duping. Karma is a bitch and its not going to stop there. I think she is on some kinda mission here 🤔 Whatever we have in presence is the results of our decisions and actions in the past.
  12. Можно вопрос, если так легко защищается, а тогда какой смысл в таких атаках? Что это добавляет для игры? Просто поденная работа получается? Chores
  13. @adminI dont like this simply because this is not PVP raids, but I'm excited to test new PB battle mechanic. However my VERY strong suggestion will be that you first try this on NPC attacking SMALL ports that are satellites of the 55 point ports. Reason behind that is that your mechanic was never tested. It will be buggy. It will need balancing. Players loosing 55 port with full bonuses investments due to a bug or a bad mechanic gonna cost you and us more players getting pissed off and leave. Lets test on smaller towns first
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