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  1. Why does the China default flag get to be so baller? Gold flag for pirates now! 😭
  2. For some of these mechanics, there needs to be some way for port owners to "hand over" ports to friendly clans without going neutral etc. In fact, there must be some sort of in-nation port transfer mechanic in general; currently dead clans can own ports forever, and the nation will not be able to set timers as needed.
  3. Can we get a pic of the new flag please?
  4. I'm not sure this is the right thread to post this, but I'd like to give my 2c on this particular point. I don't think it's pay to win; Redout is a fine ship, but can certainly be reasonably beaten by other 3rd rates and 2nd rates in its class. Rather, there is now no role for 5th rates on the open world. The role of 4th rate is diminished to tagger, and the minimum you can bring for OW pvp is now a Wasa (and you should probably have something a little bigger). New/inexperienced players are still bringing Trincs to coast defense against Redouts, because it is all they can afford to lose, and they make little to no impact besides feeding kills and taking up BR. Can a good captain in a 4th or 5h beat a Redout? Of course! But the margin of error grows ever slimmer the bigger the target ship is. Frankly, it just feels bad to be forced into larger and larger ships for casual OW pvp. On top of that, you can never cap a redout, so there is no chance of you getting a sweet ship off your enemy. Nor are you decreasing the power of your opponent, they will just redeem another tomorrow. I honestly wouldn't know what change to make to address the situation, but adding more and bigger DLC ships will certainly make it worse.
  5. I think it currently does fire the broadside a little bit faster than Front/Stern. That being said...I'd rather it was just removed (or had an option to remove it) so I stop shooting it accidentally. I'm willing to bet the number of times anyone at all on the server used random fire intentionally can be counted on one hand.
  6. I'd like to second this notion...Le Requin is a requirement to win port battles, as there is no other ship with its sail profile, HP, cannon loadout, and crew to fill that role. I dare anyone to find a contested port battle screenshot without a Le Req on the winning side. I don't think it exists... It seems to be pay to win port battles. If your side doesn't have enough people with the DLC to deploy them regularly, too bad! I guess you lose your port battles. I saw our team just today struggling to find someone who has the Requin DLC. The pirate attacks on Atwoods didn't succeed twice despite us winning the big ship fights, simply because we did not have enough Requins. This problem could be easily resolved by making Le Requin permits available for 5-10 CMs. This way anyone can sail the ship needed to win PBs.
  7. I think this change was an interesting one overall, and I think it will shake up and refresh RVR overall. However, the way it was implemented with no announcement means that nobody could set a timer, leading to out-of-prime flips which nobody wants... Were I in the dev's shoes, I would cancel all port battles set yesterday and give everyone fair opportunity to protect their territory.
  8. He did indeed get the kill. However, if we both got about the same damage, I think I should have received a chunk more of XP due to the BR difference. When I have hulled down a Le Gros in a Niagara (90BR), I get 500xp. When I do it in a Prince (65BR), I get ~650xp. Given the Belle Poule is 180BR and the Niagara is 90BR, fighting a 340BR ship, I would expect to get (pure guesswork here) 1.5x the reward he got?
  9. Hello devs, I was recently out hunting this weekend in my Niagara with my friend in a Belle Poule. Last night we came across a Rattvisan and sunk it. I did 10k damage and got ~550 xp; my Belle Poule friend got 11k damage and ~650xp. I was under the impression that higher BR differences between ships would yield greater XP rewards, and expected to get a lot more XP than the Belle Poule. Is there some sort of cap on the scaling? Thanks, Doug Maoz
  10. Hi all, The drop-down when you hover over your character name and rank should always be on top of all other windows. Currently it is behind all other windows. When I want to check my labor hours or XP, I want to do it quickly and easily, not have to close all the windows I have open first. Short & sweet, I'm sure many of you are thinking the same thing... Devs, thanks for continuing to work on the game, looking forward to the ship/cannon/BR rebalance!
  11. You may not be able to balance their broadside weight or HP directly, but sailing profile & turn rate (i.e. ability to control the fight) could be a way to give the smaller 5th rates any advantage over the heavier ones. If the Trinc is simply the best or comparable to the others, that leads to a stale open world meta. Just my 2c.
  12. I don't actually have a problem with the permit ships being better than their in-class permitless counterparts. If you are risking the permit, you should get a better ship. I simply think there should be a reason to sail other no-permit 5th rates than the Trinc.
  13. This is exactly right in my book. Currently the Trinc has a good all-around sail profile, good upwind ability, good speed, great armament, and massive HP versus every other 5th rate. There has to be some reason to sail the others... It is a fact that the ship that is fastest upwind controls the battle. If the trinc is good enough upwind to chase other frigates, its 4x 9lb chasers (which no other frigate has anything close to) will overcome any difference in speed fairly quickly. This plus the other factors makes it the only go-to 5th rate, when there should be more diversity. I would like to see other 5th rates get better upwind power than the trinc to help balance its excellent armament + HP; I look at this much like the Indefatigable, which has excellent armament and HP, but a mediocre sail profile to balance it out a bit.
  14. I personally would feel bad denying this excellent ship to any of the other nations, so I do not support nation-exclusive ships. Where would it end, only France could build the L'Ocean?
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