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  1. I have used a a storm to finally disengage from a long counter-gank when I was solo hunting...I found them quite helpful and an interesting random factor that might help the underdog the most.
  2. @admin Sorry to @ you, but I know personally of clans that have split up/changed nation/etc because they cannot fit onto the main crafting port's owner's friend list. There are also lots of players who enjoy a smaller or lower profile clan than the big main ones. Is it possible this will change? Maybe even in the upcoming hotfix =] The system as a whole could use more granularity (PB-friendly list vs Crafting-friendly list), but this would be a good start to accommodate the excellent pop numbers we have now.
  3. @Wraith This could be implemented as a perm mod you get from the admiralty. It could even be two mods, one to mount bow chasers, and one for stern. So an Essex could get full chasers but at the cost of 2 perm slots. Belle would only need 1.
  4. I think this sums up my problem with it really well...My friend is crafting cannons for sale, but is always running out of labor. Everything requires labor now, you can no longer just buy teak, white oak, live oak from producing ports, you now need to invest labor to pull it out yourself. I was also engaged in buying labor from other players (turning my oak logs into oak planks etc) to increase my shipbuilding capacity. There is now no way to do this, everyone needs to pull resources themselves. We only get 5 buildings...why does every player need a shipyard to level crafting? People should not be limited to 1000 hours if they are engaged in any way in the crafting process (pulling resources, making cannons, etc). It is up to the devs to determine a reasonable craft xp reward for these items, but it should be nonzero.
  5. This would be so cool, but I (personally) dare not ask for so much lest we not get the basics we need =P We have definitely had times where we would rather some clans not be able to join PBs, simply because the BR limitations were/are very exacting and they were not coordinating with the main group. Very good suggestion!
  6. I was wondering why I had so few LHs now, completely forgot about this mechanic. I would agree that players are being penalized for not having a shipyard to level their CL and missing out on LH capacity.
  7. Heya devs, Would it be possible to increase the number of friendly clan slots? Since the introduction of port bonii, it is more critical than ever to be on the clan friend list of the port owner (or you do not get the bonii when building ships). Currently we are having some trouble keeping everyone on the friendly clan list that we need; and this is with "only" 1200 players online. When the game grows, this will be even more of a pinch point. Could we increase the friendly clan list from 15 to 30? or perhaps make it unlimited? Thanks lots!
  8. Devs, there seems to be a problem with the forum. I can only like this once, when I want to like it 100x. I have never used random fire intentionally...
  9. @Sir Texas Sir That Wilmington fight was crazy, both in the logistics of getting people there, and then the battle itself. What a furball!
  10. If you won't post it, I guess I will! This was one of the most tense battles of my NA career, co-calling this PB with @William Death. There is a full write up of the battle in my history somewhere.
  11. Best of luck on the launch guys, I hope it goes quickly and smoothly! Speaking for the players, we would love to see some patch notes/balance changes/etc...
  12. When I brought my friends into this game (wayyy back when ships had durability) they lost SO. MANY. SHIPS. to AI boarding. There is a real learning curve here and people are going to lose their boats very anticlimactically to OP AI boarding. Hell, on my first day back I lost my Surprise to a Belle I went too close to while tacking. There's gotta be substantial rewards in place so that you can earn up a new ship within a few combats/missions to account for loss to AI and hunting players.
  13. There should be some account given to the overall size of the engagement, not just each individual ship's BR. Sinking multiple ships in a same-size ship isn't a trivial task and should be rewarded as such. EDIT: Devs should do the above at the very least, I agree that the rewards are too low for PvE in general as well.
  14. Good idea, the old info (and even older politics) should be cordoned off.
  15. Congrats Admin on the launch announcement! I personally am returning after a long break due to the news, and am having fun trying out the new damage model and getting slots up on the Pandora. I hope there is an advertising push or something to get the word out about the game release.
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