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  1. That explains where Batman went. I know. I miss you too
  2. I'd settle for pirates being different than any old nation. But I can only dream...
  3. New damage model is designed so the Ram Dinarks of the world who sail a lone 1st rate into enemy waters can devastate even more lower class ships that flock out and attack him. It'll make good streaming I guess, but probably won't be fun for folks who aren't in big ships.
  4. Prussia is more powerful than some, but active PVPers does not always make a RVR superpower. If you can counter hostility with 50 captains of even middling ability, you can reduce any threat to your nation. GB can do this. That said, I like having a powerful GB. It's more targets and it annoys the Spanish, which pleases me greatly. I do get a bit annoyed when the usual shitbirds who flock to the zerg nation and get carried talk shit in global. GB has their share of those.
  5. Lars would need to leave the safe zone to do that.
  6. Wasn't that just PVP kills next to the fort. Kinda like GB was waiting for an excuse to do it. Not that I care mind you. The closing or "merging" of nations needs to happen from the devs. Some folks are too caught up in their nationalism or whatever to leave and would rather quit than move. The game does not benefit in this situation. Also the fact that it costs 15 bucks to move doesn't help. Folks have a hard time swallowing 15 bucks for a DLC to change natons in a game that hasn't been released. Just my 2cents.
  7. Having fought them in a number of PBs at night, GB easily has as many players in the US time zone as the US nation. They just don't have an "evening rediii" to marshal the troops at night. They could easily attack your timers.
  8. The point is not diluting GB, the point is filling the other nations not named GB to the point where they have a similar number of players as GB. to the great wipe GBs numbers were countered by having alliances. Now there is no counter to their numbers.
  9. 3-4 main nations - have them be starter/PVE nations that do not RVR, but still do everything else. Create a "catch all" faction that is clan based and can fly various nation flags. This faction fights itself in clan based wars over the 200 or so other ports in the game. Problem solved. I thought this game had too many nations when we only had 8. Now we added 3 more to sell copies of the game. The player pop is too diluted if you aren't in GB.
  10. HAVOC joining GB is far different than when we joined GB on Global. GB was in a similar boat as the US. At least the GLOBAL brits. They routinely lost battle upon battle to the pirates. Too many clans, no leadership to speak of. Cordova, as you might already know, is the Lionshaft of GB. Doesn't organize, plans poorly and is reluctant to lose ships. CKA did not have the same influence it used to have in GB post merge and GB is better off because of it. The US is less fortunate in that regard. In fact majority of the top "global" brit clans either don't exist anymore post merge or were ridiculed out. GA and Capt Hardy, forced out to Spain for being useless. CKA and Cordova, still around...but a shell of what they used to be. ARMED? Don't exist. The competition was far better on PVP EU and we were better players and more organized clans. After we were exiled to PVP Global we expected similar types of playstyles and were left disappointed. VCO appears to not play well with others, but in essence we demand common sense things like....prior planning, organization, showing up in PB quality ships, good mods and the use of voice coms. All of these seemed to be anathema to the PVP 2 world outside of pirates (and BLACK was even terrible in this regard) and we expected other folks to put in the effort our clan did. When we came over post merge to Russia we got along fine with everyone there. North and Anolytic put similar efforts into equipping their shipline, planned out rosters, planned out hostility days in advance and we had similar levels of organization we were comfortable with. Unfortunately we flew a little too close to the sun and had some shit diplomacy....then everyone quit and we tried to bring that same mindset back to the US. It didn't work. We don't need to call the shots, but those who do...need to be competent. Point being, the US still suffers from that PVP 2 mindset. GB does not.
  11. You know exactly whom I speak of. The US is full of them. One of my favorite anecdotes while being in the US was when we were trying to fill spots for a shallow battle and we needed 1 or 2. Someone indicated that they had a rattler waiting. I asked it it was live oak / white oak. He said it was mahogany oak. I’m like you really need to be in a PB ship for a port battle. He then proceeded to tell me that “no Hillary loving yankee is going to tell me how to play my game”. He then proceeded to die 10mins into the battle. This mindset is prevalent in the US NA community and holds them back considerably. All enemies the US might encounter are superior. No way around it. I’ve offered to teach them, make deals helping them and a litany of other things to assist a nation that doesn’t seem to want to help itself. Frankly the best thing for the US player base is to shut that nation down and let the players filter elsewhere. The game is far better experienced outside the US. My offers still stand BTW. Little River and Marsh will be returned. In exchange I need to be approached by some form of unified leadership that doesn’t include Drax or Lionshaft and I’ll happily strike a deal. We will also match any ship comp you want to bring to make things even, provided you tell us after you flip. @Sir Texas Sir
  12. Majority of our players and even WO’d at some point were part of the US. You were there when we were. Twice. We attempted to help the nation, but most of them were unwilling stop following a self appointed leadership council that did nothing but log on and talk on Sundays about things they wouldn’t do. That’s Drax and the Congress. Paper leaders who managed to get players to listen to them despite not showing up. The other camp of players, of which you fell into, stupidly follow(ed) a moron who refused to put any thought, planning or base level effort into taking ports. I am of course talking about Lionshaft. To this day the dummy still streams US battle plans live on twitch for everyone to listen to as you’re forming up to attack little river. His “reign” upon the US has been plaguing the nation since the PVP2 days and has only led to half ass attempts at port battles while he usually runs halfway through. As I’m sure you remember, majority of the territory won in the Bahamas that you have since lost was won by VCOs efforts against the Brits and Prussia in some of the only US won PBs in the last 2 years. I’ve since made several overtures to the nation to return little river and marsh harbor, which have gone unanswered. We even offered to give you training fights where everyone shows up in 4th rates. No answer. All we’ve asked in return is that the US ditch lionshaft and not have him run port battles again. (you’d be much better off). The US in game is unfortunately what it appears to be IRL. A bunch of Trump loving dopes who prefer to fight amongst themselves. Life imitates art? Let’s not forget that VCO and WO fought each other constantly in and out of game for the better part of 2 years. You remember the constant drama on global and on the forums. I’ve been enjoying the less toxic atmosphere lately. Both our camps decided it was in our interest to ignore each other the best we can and team up to fight the brexitzerg when needed. So far so good. Myself at least made an effort to cut the drama in global as much as possible, the drama you referenced above.
  13. Appreciate your comments sir. I await your screen shots.
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