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  1. @admin Any thoughts to fixing the server downtime issues that have driven away almost all of your Aussie player base? Not to mention the location of the global server that made your oceanic players quit. Would be nice to have @Jeheil back for release.... if he could play the game in his prime time. Since my release thread was deleted, I feel like these 2 issues should be at least addressed prior to launch.
  2. Haven't heard this complaint in a while. Good one, after yesterday’s news I needed a good chuckle. Global server is working as intended. Now everyone is equally unhappy, not just the US players. Pro tip for 7up and Spain Don’t attack night flippers if you don’t want to be night flipped. Or just pay for timers. How’s Jags? Either way I’ll be with you on this server to the end bud. Which might be soon.
  3. The grind to 250 crew will take hours for a vet who knows what he's doing. Use logic rather than insults. kthxbye
  4. Come pirate. We need a daytime crew to match our excellence at night.
  5. Admin has since revised a few of his posts on there, but I think that one defines what the wipe will be clearly enough. Your XP will be removed to make a level playing field with all the new players.
  6. edit this so the skulls go out and dollar signs go in
  7. I do find it amusing that we're doing an XP wipe to create a "level playing field", yet the DLC ships will remain and on Day 1 veterans will redeem and slaughter the noobs. Which I guess is the point right? Noobs will either be forced to spend money on a DLC or quit. How genius.
  8. are you saying a rare tester only gift that isn't going to be rare and tester only.....isn't compensation for 3+ years of EA funding and testing?
  9. I don't particularly care about the port, especially since all our resources will be adios. I do care about the 50 ships we'll have stored there after expending all our resources permits and vic marks prior to the wipe tho 🙂 So assuming the clan warehouse has 50k reals, we're good for the first day. Is it confirmed that if the warehouse is empty it will auto hit the clan leader?
  10. I like how anyone will be able to purchase it as a DLC. Kinda like saying, thanks for supporting us for years...but we’d rather have money.
  11. @adminNot sure if this is was brought up before or not. With the first wipe, how much will remain in clan warehouses so our ports don’t go neutral immediately after? Also assuming the map won’t be wiped.
  12. Sounds like Banished has your solution. Stagger the release of ranks and allow your vets to get their XP back in stages. Newbies win and your veterans, most of whom have stuck with this game for years, are not displeased upon release. Seems like a logical approach.
  13. There are no participation trophies. If/When a good review is earned, I'm sure they'll get them.
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