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  1. Christendom


    I’d like to see negative rep affect a player if you sink too many of your own faction or sink players with very high lopsided BR you start getting kicked out of certain ports and then have to live out of free towns. Keep doing it and you become a pirate (only way to become one).
  2. Christendom

    Gear sticky?

    your speed mods are gazelle and navy hull. I use copper, navy hull and spanish rig + art of shiphandling. If you wanna play, you gotta pay. Sail trash and you'll only ever be trash. Players spend time in this game to properly equip their boats with some of the better mods. Stop diminishing their effort because you have neither the competence or the inclination to do the same.
  3. Christendom

    Black Veil Griefing

    "the person who enters the battle should fight in it" nuff said
  4. Christendom

    Very Low quality PvP

    I'll reiterate my first point - read and comprehend my posts. Nothing fancy. Gotta spend money to make money. But then again.....you're still using gazelle. Was this a gank? Nope. You're just a part-time player who whines because he can't win fights. I'll give you my suggestions one more time before ejecting out of this post. 1 - don't sail fir/fir 2 - properly equip your ships 3 - find a friend to sail with 4 - less time whining on the forums and more time learning how to fight. Later bud!
  5. Christendom

    Oak and Iron kickstarter

    I'm only capable of growing what I like to call.....the Martin Van Buren
  6. Christendom

    Very Low quality PvP

    1 - read my post and comprehend it. 2 - a t/t or t/wo trinc can go 14knts with gear. If you were to have accumulated PVP marks you'd know more about it. my pirate frigate that has sunk many a US player on your coast and the very Pfrig you ran away to the forts from a couple nights ago that was faster than your endy, is t/wo. Sink a lot of players and you too can afford nice things. Fir/fir is for chumps. 3 - if you haven't been reading these forums or global for the past 2 years and have not caught on.....I'll let you in on a little secret. I don't care how the public regards me. It's a game. Here's a fight where you lost badly a week or 2 ago. I sat next to you side by side with a t/t endy with no upgrades (stupid UI...) where I was already 50% dead and still beat the crap out of you. Zaphod had a nice bellona and we took it home. In this fight you embraced every aspect of being the fir/fir gank noob you are known to be. You and Django outpaced your big ship, let me split you up and sink you 1 by 1, you went side to side with a better captain while I pinned you upwind and well....died. Nuff said.
  7. Christendom

    Oak and Iron kickstarter

    Wish I could grow a beard like that dudes.....
  8. Christendom

    Very Low quality PvP

    You misinterpret my meaning. Solo play is important and viable and it should remain as such. EASY solo play should not. Going out and solo'n enemies and doing it successfully is hard. And it should be. Going in, snatching that one frigate or trader while you have 5 enemies join your battle to chase is fun. Any schmuck can go out solo these days in a Slim McChain special, fir/fir, and snag a kill or 2. Making it back home is a different story. Being a good solo pvper is a skill and it should remain as such. And in terms of the gankbox, a large portion of my pre-doubloon wealth was all the PVP books + best mods + somewhere between 1100-1200 PVP marks. Majority of which were done solo. Other players had more I'm sure, most didn't get them solo. I prefer the solitary hunting style of play and only really pop on TS to play with the clan once they all get on after work. There is something incredibly satisfying about de-masting a spanish herc, boarding him and then hitting the jets out of battle in a 14.2knt trinc while the 7-8 Habana reinforcements attempt to catch up and insult you in Spanish. All that said, solo PVP should be hard. Good players will always be good at it. Bad players....... will just make posts complaining like my pal Slim here.
  9. Christendom

    Very Low quality PvP

    You primarily sail alone and defensively in waters that are heavily ganked by multiple nations. The East Coast. Branch out more and solo hunt elsewhere. I don't know if I've ever actually seen you get a kill on combat news, so if you do collect doubloons from PVP you must be doing it with other people...aka ganks. This is a MMORPG with an emphasis on multiplayer. It's meant to be played with and against others. Solo hunting, while still viable, should be the exception rather than the rule. I've done my share of solo hunting up on the east coast, spanish area and down by belize.....it's not easy. It's far easier to go out in a group and gank, which is why everyone does it. You've been a rather big proponent of Admin and his doubloons change, well this doubloons change does nothing but encourage ganking since they are 100% necessary. You can't have it both ways. Marks or Doubloons will always encourage ganking in numbers. Here's a failed gank by your nation in US waters. Looks like fun. Not all battles in this game are won by superior numbers. TLDR - whine less on the forums and go out and hunt.
  10. Christendom

    Very Low quality PvP

    News Flash at 11.....Slim tries to gank and then gets counter ganked. Now now Slim, you need to give out the full details with your posts here. Slim likes to sail solo fir/fir gank boats up and down the US coast trying to hop in battles started by other nations for a quick gank. He unfortunately does not have the skill or the numbers to do this effectively. Last night he joined a clan mates battle, did a lot of chaining and then ran to the forts when another person joined. The night before he was trying to separate out group of 4-5 pirates by tagging the slowest of our guys and then immediately running in battle to waste time. Both evenings he was eventually sunk. Pro tip - If you want to sail alone in trash ships and attempt to get kills you need to leave the east coast and go play in less shark infested waters. You will always lose to us. I put up a lot of marks around Cuba and Belize area in ganking trincs. Another Pro tip - stop playing like a coward. Sometimes you gotta fight. PS - Stop calling Wraith and myself Trash in battles. We’re both far better players than you and we are both capable of getting solo PVP kills. You are not.
  11. Christendom

    Low quality PvP

    Because this is the game play that was desired. RNG doubloon drops that you have to cart home or capped ships encourages ganking in numbers. PVP zone where you have to literally farm damage to get doubloons....encourages ganking. This is, as Admin describes, an open world full loot PVP game and that is unfortunately what people do it them. Marks/Doubloons....whatever you want to call them will always inherently lead to ganks. Especially when you make them 100% required in every aspect of the game.
  12. Christendom

    BAITY + repp.

    where does SORRY fall on this chart?
  13. Christendom

    Moderation rules

    this won't go over well...
  14. Christendom

    Forum post deleted

    "With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured...the first thought forbidden...the first freedom denied – chains us all, irrevocably."
  15. Christendom

    Match the Hostility to the new cost of 1st rates

    BR is fine if they introduce max ship rate caps. Otherwise people will always big the biggest dicks they can to a PB. The side without 1st rates will usually lose, hence the snowball effect. If we're going to limit 1st rates...well then we need to limit them in PBs too. I'd bring back the 25 on 25 4th rate battles for some ports and maybe introduce another option of 3rd rate PBs. Point being, we need to adapt other aspects of the game to go with the changes.