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  1. Roadkill

    blame prussia

    A fair fight a few minutes earlier IA
  2. Roadkill

    Hercules OW Spam

    The DLC should just give you a permit to rebuild as opposed to a new ship everyday. I believe there is a place for both DLC ships but a free one everyday is way too much. If not a permit then make it a monthly redeemable like forger. I certainly think reducing the ability of the Requin to push ships into the wind needs adjusting but as a once a month redeemable it would hopefully make some captains revisit other ships rather than camping around capitols to find new players.
  3. Really starting like the way this game is heading. There are plenty of things to do now when logging in and you can finally play the game as you would like. Is is perfect? no. But am I more optimistic with each coming patch? Bet your ass I am. The conversation amongst clan members is more and more about what is good and improving with new players joining us regularly. Hell there is even some love now for the new UI. Keep up the good work guys!
  4. This a great post. Great passion. Full admiration from an Englishman ☺️
  5. Roadkill

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    Is it the same day here as on the moon?
  6. Roadkill

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Yes before I could sink more of you lol - btw that was my only redeemable test Requin
  7. Roadkill

    [Caribbean] the state of pvp

    Totally agree. What is even sadder is that said 'hardcore PVP-ers' also use alts to exploit the knowledge of which players to attack. I've taken a break from game because alts have even started following our clan around (in the real world stalking is a crime). As far as I'm concerned you lose the right to call yourself hardcore if you have an alt. I can live with trade alts and I guess there are always going to be spies but if you think you are good enough go play the game as one character and really prove yourselves as good players. Not everybody has deep pockets and so much time that they can spend their whole lives on here.
  8. Roadkill

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    This sounds like a formula for battles around KPR. You need to get out more 😊. Everybody last night was on TS, everybody. The overall command at the start of the battle was to fight and that's exactly what most did. Just badly led. That is not an attack on the leader because he took charge when nobody else did. The PB leader didn't make the battle. He was put on the spot and made the wrong decision initially but with the best intentions. This was not a run from the start. I initiated the escape when we'd lost 2 line ships quickly because effectively we weren't all fighting so I tried to buy time for others to get out, so blame me. You know better than anyone that there is a tipping point in a battle. My original suggestion at that point was to tack back against the enemy and leave them stuck in the wind, but it was clear that coordination was difficult. Screenshots don't show any of this though as you know well. I can't be sure about the build of others ships but mine was Cart caulk l/o w/o - I go in with my best ship not a throwaway ship. if I criticise I'm whining? I'll let others judge what I say - I don't think I've complained once, except against the whining. I have tried to learn what could have been done better by asking the guys we fought and I have given a true account of what happened.
  9. Roadkill

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Just think about what you are saying. Which clans castigated Hachi, all of them? Or was it a few of them? So you outright refuse to help anybody because you have a grudge against 1 or 2 clans. I'm confused. I've got a lot of respect for you as I've sailed with you and I know you can call it in battle under pressure but you can't keep lumping every clan together. Even then there are often others in those clans that get a bad name when most of them are innocent. I can't be held responsible for anything my clan members say and likewise they for me. Go and talk to the clans in chat, sail with them a bit outside of battle. The reason we lose is because we don't know each other unlike our PB fleet prior to the exile where it was the same people over and over. I play this game competitively but it is a game, however hardcore. If you want things to improve you've got to start looking at yourself first and what you can do to make it better.
  10. Roadkill

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    He spoke highly of you. To be fair I was trying to make a point about something, not having a go. He's a good guy, very funny after a few jagermeister . He was genuinely chuffed you remembered him in battle. He does like his banter but he is also an extremely gutsy player. He never gives up. Just wish there were a few more like him.
  11. Roadkill

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Thanks for the kind words, you sum up the bigger picture pretty well. Truth was our only chance really would have been to stay grouped up and attack you. Hachi is partially right and there is some truth to a lot of what is being said. But the fact is that half the players in that list were actually dragged into battle and the Danes/Dutch took the best wind prior to tagging, and the player tagged did not notify any of us he had been tagged so we were scattered. We then had the others joining away from us as the player leading wanted us to fight but tried grouping up downwind effectively seperating our players. Therefore it needed everyone to think about where they were - giving headings of 270 is pretty useless if it is taking you away from the enemy. But some people were doing just that. There were some brave guys in there who genuinely wanted to fight but don't have leadership skills but plenty of guts. I was the one after losing three ships heading downwind who offered to turn the enemy fleet to prevent further losses as by that stage we were out of range of our later joining ships and had noticed one or two people who were intent on running ( no names mentioned). I hate giving cheap PVP marks and that was starting to happen. A few other guys joined and we fought hard and it's true that had we gone in there looking to fight we could have won. I respect what you have said and agree. What I am fed up with is the most experienced players in our nation constantly whining about how useless we are. There are too many people holding grudges against others and not willing to help because of old scores. Grow up, I've seen some of you cocking things up. I play with players in SALTP who stand head and shoulders above you in courage and willingness to cooperate. There haven't been too many battles over the 4-5 months that I've been a member where they have not been involved in either hostility, fighting or screening and there is never a bad word between any of us. I bite my tongue if I'm working with others and they do things differently. Hell, I'm pretty sure everybody has wanted to tell the person barking at them but these are pixels on a screen. It isn't the guys that sailed yesterday that are making me consider quitting this game today, nor the ones who sank me. They helped me learn. It is the guys who should know better who simply say 'bunch of scrubs' or 'noobs' always uncoordinated when they refer to everybody rather than going on their own experience and understanding how a battle goes wrong. That's why I asked Hachi, I respect his opinion and knew he'd tell me the truth but even he forgets not everybody is playing this game to lose. Some of us hate losing, I do. So to everybody who liked or made opinions that we are rubbish at battles, dust off your prejudices, settle old scores and join us in battle to lead. I know everybody in that battle last night would have been desperate for your leadership and all would have fought. The only way anyone can learn to lead is seeing someone who is good at it in action. I am tired of having to learn by losing. HMS Vanguard you would be welcome into our clan immediately if you ever returned. We enjoyed sailing with you and I know you feel the same about this game as I do.
  12. Roadkill

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    There is truth in what you say. I won't say which particular bit but I think you know what I'm referring to. Let's say a reduction in our firepower. I'll mention no particular names but you cannot honestly tell me that tacking back for Felix who was gone within minutes would have helped. Tacking back yes, you had seperated our light ships from the 6 line ships we had in a group. Realistically the only fighting ships we had were downwind when you tagged and I don't apportion blame too much for the leadership at that point. We had broken up after the port battle to return to different ports so we were not an effective fighting force. Not sure who you are referring to in my clan, regarding RVR, Scarborough had sunk one of Exile in the last week and he's a new player. People have off days I guess. Never occurred to me we'd do any damage with 2 Bellonas, it was just me and Scar followed. The point was to ensure no further losses because it was a clusterfuck. I've sailed with you and most other players in this nation, actually quite enjoyed it because you are a passionate player who can sometimes hand down some good lessons. But you can also be like a kid who throws his toys out the pram. Think there is a lot of that in this game. You just happened to come across players that did the same to you but you couldn't show you've got the mettle to change things. I still hope that might change - you once told me you'd fight until we had just Jamaica but only one of us is still fighting that cause. I respect your ability but, heck, to be the better man you go through shit and you carry on regardless. I'm couldn't give a toss if someone is shouting good advice at me or telling me I still learn. Guess people couldn't cope with your style but believe me there are plenty who would sail with you again. We now practice regularly in fleet missions at SALTP and you'd be surprised - we can all manual sail πŸ˜‰. We've got you to blame for learning in fleet practice. Hell we'd be happy to take EXILE on in there. I appreciate your feedback, as I said it ties up with what I was feeling at the time although the wind direction definitely played a part in the confused start for us but that was more an in-house thing. It'd be good to see you back in nation but I'm one of those people who deals with shit and carries on regardless so I will always be GB. Hope you think about that fleet practice thing, if you don't want to work with players who don't want to learn try some that do 😊.
  13. Roadkill

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Tactically you beat us from the start by taking the wind and unfortunately the player tagged didn't let us know he was tagged (sorry Mr Pellew remember doing that to you once - now know how annoying that is). The result was that the the ships were scattered and Felix Victor had lost his ship before we could reorganise. Testosterone stood up to provide leadership but it was clear that our biggest guns weren't able to bring their guns to bare :/. Horatio was in trouble too and our fleet had just gone downwind separating from the other half of the fleet. SO I take responsibility here for saying I was going to cut into the wind a sail across your 3 lead ships bows forcing them to slow and turn. Scarborough followed, because as you realised from his chat he has some bottle! We sailed back through your fleet and I genuine believe that had we had 2 'Loceans groupped up with us at this point we may have stood a chance. I wanted to have you facing in all directions which worked causing the others be able to escape - but despite putting some damage into you guys me and Scarborough were up against trying to keep you busy (Don't worry - Scarborough is very like you (frighteningly so and he also likes his banter). I know players ran and there are one or two who need to look at what they contributed to that battle but there were also a few of us who wanted to fight whatever and having got on the windward side again we could have caused you more damage than we did. The truth is only a small group of ships in that battle were ever able to get into the fight (I do understand your frustrations with certain parties both in and outside the fight. But if you get a minute I'd love to hear what we could have done better. Did mine and Scarborough's actions save any of the other ships and by regaining the wind would we have had a chance. I am not interested in personal grudges - I know you will be annoyed that we decided to fight a defensive action to save the greater number of players but I'd also genuine respect and offer of advice on how we could have handled it better because that's why I play this game. PS tell Vanguard to remove the Defender Perk, he's better than that :))
  14. Roadkill

    Please remove the 3 cancellations of combat mission

    I can see both sides in this argument. I do agree with the OP that sailing 20-30 mins for a mission is frustrating when there is a land mass meaning that in terms of proximity it can be a long sail when you are looking for instant action. But the counter argument is true, you can get around this by moving to a port away from the capital and levelling ships out of the way. If you organise this properly you will also have clan members or other national players who are close by for reinforcement. The missions and OW fleets all close in 3 mins so it is a small window of vulnerability. To be honest the chance that a player might come along adds to the fun but I have great sympathy for newer players. Anybody ranked Rear Admiral shouldn't really have too many complaints as you have had plenty of time to understand the mechanics whilst having had the benefit of cancelling missions up to now.