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  1. Agreed...particularly as this has a major impact on the ability to take additional ports. You'd think someone was trying to stop GB doing that.........
  2. The Nassau Port Battle has crashed within a couple of minutes of starting. The players in battle have been thrown out and for those outside the swords have disappeared. Can someone please look into this as a matter of urgency.
  3. I enjoy your positivity even as an adversary. i agree there are many ways of playing this game to get enjoyment out of it. It will always help to playing in game and learn rather than complain on forums.
  4. It would be good to know exactly how long it is based over and for it to update every 5 minutes as stated
  5. I can confirm the TAB screen didn't work on our side either. Was also surprised by the low score for Fort but it was a good fight otherwise.
  6. Like this idea.....would help RVR and enhance the need to protect the ports of smaller clans that form part of a county.
  7. I'd like to complain about Liq being able to join our battle and sink us xD
  8. Loved the Indefatigable first time I sailed it. First solo PVP kill in one. It's firepower set it apart as a 5th rate not so sure as 4th. Starting to fall for the Endymion as well, and Trinc is also a joy to sail. 5th rates have given me some of my favourite battles....even when losing I've usually had my money's worth of fun.
  9. No...I have quest slots available as did each of the clan members who tried it
  10. I am an officer in a clan trying to take a clan delivery mission in a port belonging to our clan. I drop the 50k doubloons as required into the exchange chest but repeatedly get the message 'couldn't generate quest'. Other clan members have tried and are getting the same message. What are we doing wrong? We spent a lot of time getting the dobs together moving them to the port and there is no obvious reason why it isn't working.
  11. Thanks for your honesty Tom, especially knowing you to be an excellent player even if you are too modest to say it. For average players like myself who sometimes do ok, and probably form the bulk of the players, the change in the group missions is a shame. Talk in our clan has been about the changes as a whole including the wipe and many of us feel a bit deflated at the moment but play the game because we enjoy each other's company. We have spent the last few days trying to work out ways of playing the game going forward that will ensure that the casual players amongst us (players who may only have a couple of hours a day to play) can still sail together whilst possibly earning the ships that will allow us to get involved in RVR and PVP. We all thought the group missions were a great idea (although tweaking to allow any number between 3 and 6 would be ideal) but with these changes we have lost another option for enjoyment pre-full wipe. These missions would have been tough but potentially possible (albeit mainly for experienced players) prior to the changes to damage model but now they are impossible. Your suggestion that players will learn to do it is already open to ridicule from some very good players but the other reason that may not work is simply down to the fact that instead of an avenue to earn ship notes it is now just another potential ship graveyard for casual players who will not want to risk their ships in there. I am genuinely concerned we are now going to lose the players in our clan who have commitments in the real world but who have been a mainstay of this game.
  12. I thought this was a place for people to leave their opinions or possibly ask sensible questions. I am fed up of seeing people repeatedly giving their opinion on other peoples feelings on the subject. Yes a forum is a place for debate but can everyone please respect the opinions of the individuals one way or another. there are strong feelings out there but trying to impose your thoughts on someone who has strong feelings about it isn't going to change much. Let the developers and admin know how you feel, leave them to decide and give those people wishing to leave an honest opinion a break.
  13. Really coming round to the new battle damage model....initially some of the battles have been quicker. Did single shot a player Hercules in a L'Ocean but that is more realistic than what went before. It takes a lot more tactical sailing now for smaller ships to take down a larger ship. I am particularly enjoying some of the group missions which have been challenging but with great rewards. Have noticed how much more damage occurs through the stern but again it adds a level of challenge and good sailors will still be able to use the wind and tactics to achieve the best results. Feel really positive about the way the game is heading at the moment.
  14. I'd go for a) but have drops on Freeports encouraging people to use them....also will help for PZs.
  15. To be honest since the first talk of the release wipes I have spent the last few months concentrating my play to improving knowledge on certain ships in the hope that at least something would be worthwhile from my time playing now. I get that a clean wipe is a good idea and I would have happily accepted that had you not misinformed us by saying that certain things such as XP and Crafting XP were safe. I now feel cheated....I don't care about a full wipe but you should have been honest from the start. I'm now going to fill my time trying out some other games rather than play on in a game world devoid of any sense of accumulation. Good luck with launch...probably be back but next time...be honest.
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