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  1. My kill mission for 4-5th rates was at 9.4/10 when I fought an ai surprise and a player joined using a loki rune (was actually captain reverse as he streamed it xD). The kill took my total to 10/10 but am unable to claim mission and there is no tick against it. I am now stuck unable to start another kill mission unless I abandon this one. Screenshot enclosed (have also F11'd)
  2. Agreed. Once you are able to make money the pain of losing ships starts to pass and you begin to learn each time you lose. Do miss the days when trade goods mean't something and back then getting goods from A to B whilst avoiding attack could be fun in itself. Now a traders brig is easily replaced so trade runs become boring and ships throwaway. Think there is some responsibility for experienced players to help newer players but if there is no difficulty there is no pleasure in getting better.
  3. A lot of good points on boths sides here. If you could take the best parts of everybody's suggestions it would be an improvement. But I agree with Hachi the underlying problems have been there for a long time and the developers are not going to make the necessary changes. I genuinely believe some people will never learn and a lot never do because they never taker a risk. The best players have learned by fighting the best and losing. I agree mods are limited help again a top player but the willingness to ask them how they beat you and learn from it is more priceless then the best upgrades
  4. Now those videos do take me back......memories 🤤
  5. I'm with KoC on this. I miss the old storms, gave the underdog a chance and was dramatic. The open world storms where you can't see anything are just irritating. Have the rain effects but make it easier to see but I'd love to see the old storms in battle back.
  6. I mean't within the battle....not enough concentrated fire. Think the guys outside did their job. Too few experienced players with line sailing experience in battle. But so many experienced players leave their countries to join zergs 😜
  7. Sadly not enough people actually engaging the Russians from the GB fleet....my screenshot...similar stats to Jorge but no kills. Had we focused fire would have been a lot different but we were outsailed fair and square and had a lot less experienced players.
  8. Admin Would it be possible to bring back the tournament room with ships actually being lost. I completely get that keeping people on OW makes sense but if we lost our ships in room it would limit the entrants and additionally only open the room one day a week say. Some of my best memories of the game have been playing against and with guys from other nations I didn't get chance to sail with otherwise. Also great for players to test how their skills have improved. I do understand the reasoning but is there any was of giving it us on a limited basis. So many players would love it.....m
  9. Come and join our clan Macjim, you know our guys would love to have you. We'd allow you to play the game the way you want it but if somebody wants to fight you then you will have a clan of players who love pvp to back you up. The way you play is the way I started playing and I still enjoy trading as much as I enjoy PVP. You talk a lot of sense and I hope i will one day persuade you to join a clan who will actively work to ensure you can play the game you want to.
  10. The tournament rooms were always a great source of entertainment with inter clan challenges and cross nation fights where you could find yourself sailing with guys you don't normally get the chance to sail with. I do understand that PZ zones are there for PVP opportunities and I understand that the concern of having people using the tournament rooms may detract from the open world. But how about we go back to losing our ships in the tournament room and have it as a chance for players to get instant PVP with equal BR and as the ships will be lost players will still be active in the open world
  11. GB SALTP We are a clan driven by the aim of having fun together. We active in PVP, RVR and PVE but our main aim is to sail together. We want the game to be fun whatever your style. All levels of players are welcome and we will actively help new players of the game.
  12. I would like to become a moderator. I have always played the game as courteously as possible and am fed up with a lot of the name calling and toxicity of both the forums and in game chats. I spent 30 years working in an industry which sadly required a high level of moderation and I have both experience within that industry and previous games of moderating. I want the game to succeed and believe a lot of the responsibility for that remains with the players.
  13. I am comfortable with the wipe....not happy but I accept it. A level playing field is never going to be possible but I get why. What I am fed up with is people being criticised for having an opinion. This is a forum and everybody should be able to give their opinion without be labelled, whether it be a 'whiner' or anything else. I am in the centre ground on this but I respect the strong opinions on both sides but as soon as somebody starts name calling you forfeit the right in my opinion to have anybody take you seriously. My only concern at the moment is the lack of information as we app
  14. Is it possible to get an answer on the introduction of alliances? It would be helpful for individual players to make plans for the forthcoming release. i know of a number of players who would change nation due to the nature of the proposed alliances in the poll. It would be good to know if this is an included item at release and if so what the alliances will look like so that players can plan accordingly.
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