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  1. William  Death

    Practice Rooms

    +1 to a tournament/practice/duel room. Duels were one of the best parts of NA, I think. Even when we had those rooms, all the duelists I know of also sailed in OW to hunt and RvR so I don't think you'll "lose" players to duel rooms. Rather, I think new/less experienced players might stick around longer and progress through the game if other players have a way to show them what to do and not to do in combat, rather than just tell them. I can tell a noob to angle his ship and hold his broadside till he gets a good shot....or I can just show him in duel room, explaining what I'm doing and not doing. I learned demasting tactics from duelists in the duel room. I showed some how to properly stern rake in the duel room. Taught another how to aim for leaks. Its a valuable tool, in addition to being a fun test of skill without worry of losing anything good. Also, if all us salty veteran players hole up in the duel rooms in our 5/5 ships most of the time...that means we're not out in OW "clubbing seals"...soooooo....isn't that a *good* thing? Let the less experienced players go farm PvP for a bit?
  2. William  Death

    Doubloons in PvP/How to deal with counter ganks.

    Well, I think your suggestion would work, but I also like this one: -Increase doubloon drop from PvP kills (what you get in the battle report screen). Scale them in line with the scaling used on navy hull refits (40 doubloons = 1 PvP mark). So sinking a L'Ocean (35? PvP marks...been a while) would be 35 x 40 = 1400 doubloons straight to chest once you exit battle. -Leave the current hold loot mechanic (whatever you loot you have to take back to port safely if you want to keep it). Do this, and all of a sudden PvP seems more attractive again (I mean real PvP where you fight even if you're not sure you'll win). Then you'll be able to replace any ship after a few successful fights with it. Right now you have to make it back to port, which is incentive not to sink. Which is incentive to fight only battles you know you can win, which is incentive to gank. And/or it is incentive to sail fast builds and run away from fights (that you're not sure you can win) a lot. Currently, if I'm with a small group and get ganked and know we're gonna sink, I'd rather have my friends sink me and destroy the doubloons in-battle rather than reward the enemy for a gank. Until then, like others have suggested, I've been thinking of an alt in a fir/fir failfit speed Requin with loodsman to haul my doubloons around for me... such a sad time when mechanics are so bad you have to consider such crap as that. +1 on increased invisibility (maybe even make it so it doesn't start ticking down until 30s in, or you raise sails/whichever comes first [meant to allow you to change heading]).
  3. William  Death

    Ship Speeds - Testing and Discussion

    Speedcap is part of the equation. Also, modstacking. Having the speedcap means there are multiple ships that can do 15.5kn at the same angles, so you don't see certain ships used as much. Why pick Renommee when several other 5th rates can do the same downwind 15.5, some a little better upwind, all with better cannons and more HP too? If the speedcap wasn't there, that Renommee, upgrade-for-upgrade, would be faster. [Side note: why did we make most of the 5th rates have the same sailing profile again? Maybe its just me but I preferred it when every 5th rate had some unique sailing angle where it shined (or some quality that made it desirable when compared to other 5th rates it shared a profile with).] What would be better system is this: no limit to mod stacking, no speedcap, smaller gap in wood bonuses (excessively large speed bonuses for lighter woods or large HP differences between planking and framing materials isn't historical or good for the game). Then, introduce diminshing returns for mod stacking (like others have suggested). Largest percentage mod on the ship counts 100% of its value. Second largest only counts maybe 75% of its value. Third maybe 60%, fourth is maybe 40%, so on. (arbitrary numbers). So a 4% + 3% + 2.5% = 9.5% mod stack would count (after diminishing returns) as 4% + 2.25% + 1.5% = 7.75% Then you'll have some very fast ships (though I doubt we'll see 17.4kn Renommees again), but they'll have to use every slot and every expensive module to get that speed. Whereas the average hunting ship with just 1-3 speedmods (say copper plating + navy hull + shiphandling ) will receive only a little less bonus than that failfit-speed ship, and still have other slots for brawling mods. Oh, and those are rookie numbers on a shallow ship, if you have any more clocks to waste, I'll take them! . Seriously though, gotta have a ship like that doing 15.5 way before you put any books on it (pretty difficult with a Tlynx's lower base speed though). Then you stack those books and loodsman so you get super speed at more angles of sail.
  4. I've got a generic sink xx ships for fifth rates, one for Essex, and one for Renommee. I've noticed certain ports don't have missions for smaller ships (last I checked, Tortue had mostly 3rd rate+). So maybe it is regional?
  5. William  Death

    Basic cutters in patrol zone

    5th rates aren't too expensive to craft. In fact you should be able to harvest pretty much everything you need, except the wood for the ship itself (assuming you want something other than fir or oak). And you can capture the fancy woods in traders. Furthermore, when it sinks you get a nice amount of insurance. I got something like 40 or 50k reals from sinking one of my disposable Wapens yesterday in the patrol zone. Granted thats a 4th rate, but still; insurance will apply to 5th and 6th rates too.
  6. William  Death

    Low quality PvP

    ^This. Fine for patrols, but it opens too many options for exploiting it to split up OW hunting groups (which are normally spread out enough to cover several horizons) and ensure they get ganked, one-by-one. Just increase PvP rewards for damage done (end battle report doubloon drop) in line with the cost increase of PvP mark modules (40:1). Then the ganking will go back down to normal (pre-patch 27) levels. Right now all incentive for PvP besides capturing ships relies on getting RNG looted doubloons back to the dock safely....which means not engaging in battles where you might get sunk....which means you gank more than you fight even battles or fight against the odds.
  7. William  Death

    Low quality PvP

    Repairs NEED to be limited. I've read and posted quite a few times about that. Current system of unlimited reps simply is no good. It really throws off the balance of combat, making it even more gear/"repair tactic" centered than it already was, pre-unlimited reps. I like 1.5x BR, especially for patrols, but IIRC, we had that for a bit in OW battles, and people didn't like it because it basically created this situation: you (medium ship), me (big ship), and captain noob (small ship) are sailing OW and hunting together. I get tagged by a fairly small ship and you're about 30s sail away from me. BR won't let you join, now you're alone in OW with captain noob. He can't join either, because of BR. Then more enemies sail over the horizon and tag both of you in a gank and you get sunk. Basically it created a way to split hunting groups up so everyone gets ganked in the end (after I sink the small ship that tagged me--or he leaves--I get ganked afterwards by the same fleet you got sunk by). But it would work nicely in the PvP zones. I still hold out hope that someday we'll get good ROE for those zones, and the whole safezone camping and going after players who really don't want to be involved in PvP at that particular time (the "sheep") will reduce. Everyone who sails to the zones will be expecting a reasonable fight that they may win or lose, but will certainly get some rewards from. There'll still be hunting the "sheep" (always will be), but proper PvP zones may cut that down some. A better way to encourage more fair fights in OW, I think, is to implement worthwhile PvP rewards (the rewards you get in the combat report that flashes across your screen). They were recently buffed but it wasn't enough. Needs to be 40x the old PvP mark amount, to match the PvP module cost increase. Furthermore, introduce a BR calculator (I could have sworn we had this at one point) that looks at your BR vs enemy BR. If yours is roughly equal, you get the base reward. If you were much lower BR (fighting against the odds), you get much higher rewards. If you were a lot more BR than your enemy (ganking), you get very low rewards.
  8. William  Death

    Low quality PvP

    Would just like to remind you that attackers are on the left side, defenders on the right: you chose to engage us, not the other way around. Also, a fair fight in OW PvP is a gift from your attackers, not a right. Some players often forget that... But, I do agree (at least somewhat) with the sentiment. Due to low rewards for PvP, I have almost no incentive to go out and fight a fight I may not win just so I can get sunk, lose an expensive ship, and get 35 doubloons from it all. Better to fight fights 1v1 or more in my favor because I can sink all but one in a 4v1 and get nothing for it (because the last guy managed to sink me and I lose all doubloons in my hold). So blame the mechanics that promote unfair fights. Poor scaling of PvP rewards compared to cost of PvP modules. Nice mechanics there. Real nice.
  9. William  Death

    Ship Slot Exp waaay too high

    I agree, slots are too much XP and too much of a time sink. I was a fan of all ships auto-unlocked because I feel that as you rank your character up, he becomes more capable in ships (seriously, you made it to Rear Admiral rank but you don't know how to give commands to marines or carpenters on a frigate?? hmmm....). But it seems like devs want the grind, so I came up with this system I proposed ages ago when it was on testbed (but I'm not sure if devs ever saw it): Here's the topic but the relevant part is below: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/19868-a-different-take-on-leveling-up-ships/ /quote Lets use the 4-5th rate category for demonstration: Trincomalee is my desired ship, slots cost as follows: (arbitrary values) 1: 1,000 xp 2: 2,000 xp 3: 6,000 xp 4: 10,000 xp 5: 25,000 xp So I grind her up to 25000 xp and I have a perfect 3/5 Trinc . But wait! I want to sail a Constitution into a port battle now. Do I have to grind up a bunch of xp on it to get some slots open? I mean, I know so much about the Trinc, I can't image a Connie is too terribly different? No! You don't have to re-learn the Connie, some of your experience on the Trinc will transfer nicely, but you'll still have to sail the Connie a while to get used to her particular points . Here is how it works: Frigates (4-5th) rate ships have an xp pool of 30,000 xp and any time you earn xp sailing ANY frigate, the pool fills some. So I gained 25k xp sailing my Trinc, that xp has gone into the pool. Here is how the pool works, each time a certain amount of xp is reached, a slot unlocks on all the frigates, whether you have sailed that particular ship or not. The pool will only unlock the first three slots: 1: 10,000 xp unlocks 1 slot on all frigates 2: 20,000 xp unlocks 2 slots on all frigates 3: 30,000 xp unlocks 3 slots on all frigates So for this example, I have earned 25k xp sailing the Trinc; which means 25k xp has gone into the pool, and I have unlocked 2 slots on every frigate by specializing in the Trinc. I'm also only 5k xp away from unlocking 3 slots on every frigate. After I earn that xp and reach 30k in the pool, 3 slots become open on all frigates, but I have to sail the particular frigate I am interested in to unlock the last two slots on it. This means that you can sail ANY frigate to gain ship xp that will transfer to other frigates. If you are just leveling up, you will have time to try out different frigates, till you find one you like, and you have not "wasted" any xp unlocking slots on a ship you don't plan on using. \quote In addition to that, implement diminishing returns to mod stacking, others have made similar suggestions, here's mine: (doubloons replacing PvP marks remains to be seen if its going to make mods more available or not...so far...doesn't seem to, given the abysmal rewards for PvP damage) Lastly, for Constitution Classic and Diana, I ground both ships to 3 slots via AI battles (couple missions a day for a few days), then got most of the rest of the XP from PvP. Currently Diana is sitting at 5 slots for me, and Connie Classic at ~4.75 slots. Its not ideal, but it works and is a little more enjoyable than the mind-numbing AI grind to 5 slots (been there, done that for all 3 first rates).
  10. Bingo! What harm can come from someone sailing in a sabicu/crewspace/shabby SOL? Pretty much any crafted SOL is better in every regard. I mean, crafted ships will ALWAYS be better. There will ALWAYS be a market for crafted ships. It promotes PvP. Low investment ships have proven to increase PvP (see Hercules and Requin), especially in patrols. I think it should stay.
  11. William  Death

    Pvp Rewards

    ^This. In addition, lets remember that back in the "good old days" when we didn't have significant rewards for PvP (just the 2x modifier on xp and gold), we also didn't have anything that you needed any currency for. Everything could be bought, crafted, or traded for gold, labor hours, resources, or mid grade notes. So back then, it didn't matter what I did in PvP. Win, lose, board & capture, hull & sink, demast & leave,.....no matter what I chose to do, the rewards didn't matter. Now the rewards matter. Because now we have modules that you need PvP marks and PvE marks (collectively, "doubloons") for. You need doubloons to craft some ships. You need doubloons to teleport. You need doubloons to function. Two weeks ago, you needed PvP and Combat Marks to function. But you got enough from PvPing to satisfy those needs. You don't get enough doubloons from PvP to satisfy those needs unless RNG is exceptionally kind to you. The issue is now this: rewards for straight PvP damage kills & assists are garbage. Rewards from RNG loot are hit-and-miss. Fortunately for us though, I've seen two posts from Admin addressing this, indicating that they're going to bump the rewards and RNG rates a bit to make PvP more enticing again. So, yeah, I PvP for the enjoyment of it and the endless variability...but I also have to have some doubloon income to cover the cost of modules on my ships. The main reward for PvP, for me, is the enjoyable battle. But due to current (as in, since the introduction of PvP marks) game mechanics, if I want the good gear and wish to have sustainable PvP, I have to care about the rewards. Its no longer enough to say GG and get a screenshot...those days died with the big wipe and combat model update...and thats ok because I don't think this will be a bad system, if the numbers are tuned right.
  12. William  Death

    Pvp Rewards

    Well, the other day when I captured that Bucentaure in Kawazz's screenshot , I had zero intentions of keeping it unless it was 4/5 or better, or 3/5 with perfect mods equipped. That decision wouldn't change no matter how expensive they are to craft. Too much effort taking it back to port and I'd rather maybe get a half-decent amount of doubloons out of his hold (assuming RNG is kind to me) rather than get a mediocre ship and have to deal with getting it back to port. Then, when I capped it, I saw that it was WO/WO lol. Instant sink button for that garbage. Comparing that to a few nights ago when I went hunting with two others, we boarded a Bellona (because none of our ships were in good enough condition to brawl him to a desirable conclusion). We had every intention of sinking him after the boarding too--its too much risk and effort to haul a ship back to port--however, his ship was 5/5 with one decent mod so we kept it and risked the sail back. Fact is, no matter how much more perceived value there is in keeping a ship, it'll only happen when its convenient for the capturer and/or the ship is something super special. I mean, look back to the various iterations of the game when there were no extra rewards for PvP (other than a 2x gold and xp). People still sunk ships. Part of that time we can lay the 'blame' on durabilities ("nobody wants a 1 dura 2nd rate"); but at another time, we had no PvP marks, only combat marks and yet we still sunk ships, even valuable ones. Why? Multiple reasons, really. I know myself and others often sank ships just to be petty and spite the enemy. Another reason is that it is just so much more convenient to sink the ship, get whatever rewards you're gonna get and move on to the next target, rather than go out, have one battle, capture a ship and have to run it back to port. I'll leave the roleplaying privateering with capturing ships and spiriting the cargo back to port to those who enjoy that playstyle. I prefer longer cruises that give me enjoyable battles that don't always end in "rock/paper/barricades/last-second-defend (crap his ping is better than mine!)." And, at the end of the day....I know that realistically I'll never use the majority of ships I'd capture. Wrong builds, don't like the ship, poor mod choices etc....and selling the ship is even more effort: getting it to a place it'll sell and waiting for someone to buy it. Or, if I wanted a disposable lineship, I'd just capture one from the AI (which you can now do). I'm all for incentives to keep good ships, I think we have that (and really always have). And I can even get behind moderately expensive lineships to promote the use of frigates and fourth rates. But at the moment, I think they're too expensive, keeping them out of the hands of casuals and limiting them only to the more "experienced" players. Fine on paper, but we have to remember that casuals make up the numbers of this game, and make good targets in their big ships too. But that's a discussion for another topic...
  13. William  Death

    Pvp Rewards

    Glad to hear it. In that fight, I got 9 doubloons for boarding and sinking the Bucentaure and also an assist on a Hercules. Didn't feel worth it. However, the 1156 (or something like that) doubloons in the hold of the Buc was nice, and I felt it was a good mechanic for me to have to transport them safely back. But I think it'll be best if you scale the rewards handed out after the battle so that the people who get kills/assists will receive meaningful rewards from doing the damage, in addition to whatever the person loots from the hold of the sunken ship.
  14. William  Death

    Pvp Rewards

    Yes, thats how it works. But it needs to be different, because the scaling is horrible and the amount in the hold seems to be determined by RNG. Battle Report doubloons should be scaled to the same 40:1 ratio as the PvP mark modules (like Navy Hull) were scaled. That way you have some guaranteed rewards from PvPing. And any player who gets an assist will get a portion of that. Right now we only get maybe 1-30 doubloons (following the old PvP mark distribution system) from sinking a single ship in the battle report. Anything else you loot. This isn't good, they need to be scaled so that it will give us meaningful rewards in the battle report. Otherwise, only the person who loots the ship gets worthwhile rewards from the fight. Scale the rewards you get in the battle report, and then the RNG loot that you carry in the hold can satisfy the desire to have people carrying around loot that can be captured.
  15. William  Death

    Pvp Rewards

    They need to scale the doubloon rewards for PvP by the same factor they scaled navy hull and navy structure refits, 40:1 (40 doubloons = 1 PvP mark). Then that 13 doubloons reward you got from sinking the Trinco would become 520 doubloons + whatever came out of his hold; and all of a sudden PvP looks much more enticing. Then PvP will be worthwhile again (besides entertainment value). You go out, PvP, you sink some ships, the rewards for sinking them go straight to your wallet. Any doubloons you loot out of their hold you have to take back to port in your hold. This way, if you get sunk on the way back, you lost a significant amount of your rewards (the doubloons you looted), but at least you have what you earned from sinking the ships. Playing properly, that'll be enough so that you can recover without having to spend hours grinding doubloons from AI to pay for the ship you just lost. I mean, right now, I go sink a ship and I get practically nothing from the actual combat + sinking him; the big reward is whatever RNG grants me in his hold. So what incentive do I have to sail anything other than fir/fir or similar and gank stuff? I certainly don't want to risk any fight where I might get sunk because I'd lose everything I gained on the trip. In fact, I was considering the viability of having an alt sail with me in a speedcapped + loodsman Requin to haul my doubloons around for me (sink a ship and trade my doubloons to the alt). But if the rewards were scaled properly, I wouldn't be trying to work around what would otherwise be a good mechanic (having to haul part of your rewards around with you, under risk of losing them with the ship).