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  1. William  Death

    What made you quit the game?

    Well they do. ...At least in Pirate nation. Everyone who is interested in RvR either gets in with one of the major clans, or gets temporary membership for grinding and PB entry. As to why everyone doesn't? Beats me. Some players want the benefits of group play without having to actually contribute to the group play.
  2. William  Death

    What made you quit the game?

    What he said.^ (But I'm only at 4500 hours). NA used to be more fun for me, everything Christendom said above, is what has lowered the fun for me. Admittedly, as a (sometimes) solo hunter, I enjoy the 2 minute timer if I find someone alone in OW. Bbut when was the last time anyone had consistent success at finding players alone out of their safezone (players that weren't new & didn't know better)? But putting aside selfish desires, longer join timers are necessary. Especially with such low population, about the only PvP you find these days is jumping someone who's grinding AI or something. And 2 minute join timers make that almost impossible. (Besides patrol zones which are horrible because of crap ROE). Really dislike the new UI that takes forever to get anything done. Old UI was so much more efficient. Seriously, I'll pay for a DLC of the old UI. New one is pretty but I don't enjoy all the windows and 'mouse-over to see what this item is.' Regarding managing a PB: Yeah...it is always one or maybe two clans, or one or two or three guys with experience and a like-minded vision of how to run a PB that end up managing it. The in-game American Senate/cabinet/war council thing doesn't work because everyone thinks they have "tactical experience" in "running battles." That doesn't work. Sorry but whatever tactical skill your flag captain with 200 hours in thinks he has...he doesn't have. What does work is one PB commander with one or two other like-minded commanders mulling over a strategy and keeping their maps open to make on the fly changes as needed. Regarding clan-based advantages for filling a PB: Because when we had PBs centered around the nation as a whole and not clans, we had major problems. Alts joining the PB to hold up spots, randoms joining because "Screw you man! You can't tell me what to do! I have a Cerberus and I can SHOOT STUFF!" Seriously. When I was US we lost at least 1 (its been so long ago, I'm sure more than one was lost, but one sticks clearly in my mind) very, very important PB because a few random players joined, taking up slots, and refused to get on TS or do what we ordered. They rammed one of our guys ashore and another left in the middle of the battle because he had to go to work (please don't join a PB if you don't have the full 1.5 hours to play). They weren't alts from the other side or anything, just new players eager to help out but ultimately shooting their nation in the foot. Appreciate the effort but please don't "help" without checking first to make sure you're actually helping. This is, after all, a multi-player game and nations (generally) share a common goal so...ask first Sorry, but randoms/no clans don't get a free spot in important PBs. Otherwise how do you prove that the guy who takes that 4th rate in there and gets sunk was a real player with good intentions but made a mistake? How do you prove he's not an alt from the other side sent to sabotage? Too many loopholes when there were no requirements to join other than a nation's flag. For the new/inexperienced players looking for PB experience, we schedule PBs for less important ports to forge new players in. Then once they have a good skillset built up, you start taking them to the important stuff. But when you go to attack Cartagena, or want to defend your main crafting port, you don't invite Mr. No-Clan-Sailor-Man in his cag/sab Bucentaure to the PB. You ask him nicely to screen so your A-team can get in there and wreck face (or get wrecked in a spectacular blaze of organized cannonfire). So, benefits of clan-based PB system: Clan that owns the port gets to decide who can and can't go in the PB. No excuses for alts getting in the PB other than incompetent leadership. If one clan doesn't like the clan that owns the port, they can refuse to help defend it if it gets attacked. Clan that did the work gets rewarded with the profits of the port (or stuck with the bill if its a worthless port) Benefits of nation-based PB system: Nobody feels left out Everyone gets to angrily type to each other in nation chat after they lose ...I can't think of any others As it is, all you have to do to get in a PB these days is either: Join an RvR clan Prove to an RvR clan that you are worthy of going into a PB & either get on their friendly list or get a temporary invite to their clan Set the PB yourself (kinda hard to do but hey, if you want it bad enough )
  3. William  Death

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts enters testing phase

    I'd be interested. +1
  4. William  Death

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    I think letting the little frigates into the shallows is ok, but they wouldn't need to go there if Hercules and Requin were a bit better balanced....anyways. That being said, anything that encourages use of Surprise/Reno/Cerb might be a good thing. Comparing Hercules to Surprise, Renommee, and Cerberus...well Hercules beats them in pretty much every category but side HP and crew. Hercules has: speed turn rate mast HP broadside weight Surprise, Cerb, and Reno have: crew (well, not Cerb) side HP (Reno has +1cm thickness hull and masts) Cerb & Reno sail a bit better at extreme downwind angles, Surprise at extreme upwind angles. (very slight differences) To get even the same speed as a Teak/WO Hercules, the Surprise/Reno has to be made Teak/Fir or lighter. Keeping in mind it'll still have worse turn rate, broadside firepower, mast HP, and roughly equal side HP, but less thickness. My experience fighting a decent player in a Hercules with my Surprise supports this theory that Hercules is just plain better than Surprise: I was Teak/Cedar with lots of speedmods and I believe my opponent's Hercules was Teak/WO. I barely had a speed and sailing profile advantage over him. Firepower was laughably in his favor as was thickness and HP. I had longs, he had carros. 5-6 hits and my mainmast was gone. It took me like 7-8 hits to take out his mast. I repaired and gained range. I tried the usual strategy of a fast ship with longs: stay at range where his carros won't pen me and I smash his hull with my long cannons. Well guess what? At a range where 32 carros wouldn't pen me, 9pd longs bounced off his curved & easily angled hull. I got tired of playing the repair game (run in, deliver 1-3 broadsides and run back out to repair) with him, so I chained and left the battle. No point in sticking around to sink a DLC ship that he can just redeem again the next day. Especially since I was risking a very nice 4/5 hunting Surprise with good mods. Furthermore, others I've heard from had a similar experience fighting Surprise vs Hercules. I highly suggest a buff to Surprise/Reno/Cerberus mast thickness and HP. Also, a nerf to the super tiny masts of Hercules (which are very hard to hit because they're so slim). This should be done whether or not these ships ever make it into the shallows. I love dear old Surprise, but its just impractical to sail right now because the masts are so laughably weak.
  5. William  Death

    Hull/sail/rum questions

    Nah. Last week I took a teak/wo Buc to grind up a shallow port. I took 200 hull reps. Repaired 3x in battle and 2 reps in OW. After all that, I had about 80-90 reps left. Just enough to go back to port safely, but instead I got a resupply from a friend since we thought we had some action coming up. Oh, and a proper LO/WO first rate with carpenter mods? ~25-30+ hull reps per use. Figure another 30-40 to repair to a reasonable state in OW after a battle. You burn through them FAST. And on frigates: My teak Endy takes 12 hull reps per use, IIRC. So 72 hull repairs is 6 uses. That amounts to 2-3 good brawls, or a number of smaller engagements. Still does ~14kn+ on the card. Lots of players say I take to many repairs....I say they take too little. If I need to run away from the gank squad, I can delete repairs and pick up speed. I'd rather do that than lose a good ship because I ran out of reps, or maybe have to turn down a good fight because I'm out of repairs. But if running with a light repair loadout works for you, don't let me discourage you. I just stated what works for me, 100% of the time. Guaranteed not to be the first in a group to run out of repairs (there is always that one guy with 3x of each repair who has to go back to port after a battle or two).
  6. William  Death

    Hull/sail/rum questions

    You can repair as often as you like in battle, you're only limited by the 12 minute cooldown timer between repairs. (and however many repairs you carry in your hold) EX: Repair hull, 12 minutes later you may repair hull again or sails. Then 12 minutes after that, you can repair again if you wish. Crew (rum repair) runs on an independent (24? minutes? something like that) timer. As to how much you should carry, a good rule of thumb is almost as much rum as your crew count (so for a ship with 240 crew, maybe carry 200 rum). For hull and sails, your best option is to look in battle and see how many repairs you use per cycle (there will be two numbers in the corner of the repair buttons, one tells you how much you have on board and the other number tells you how much it takes per use). Then, whatever that number is (say, 10x hull repairs to perform one hull repair in battle), multiply it by 3 (minimum) or 5 (recommended); that is how much to take. So you might take between 30 and 50 hull repairs in that ship, which amounts to 3-5 uses of in-battle repairs. OW repairs don't seem as efficient, so cautiously repair a little damage at a time till you feel comfortable. If it tells me I need to spend 30 hull repairs to get to 100% health, I might only spend 12 and get to maybe 80% health. Try to repair in battle when you can. This thread may help you, there is a neat tool there that helps you calculate how much you need based on ship type and upgrades. Once you play a variety of ships and upgrades, you get a feel for what you should take. Basically, the more HP the ship has, the more repairs you need per use. The more repair mods you carry, the more repairs you need per use. In general: Rates: Hull/Rig/Rum 7th: 20/20/40 6th: 30/30/120 5th: 50/50/200 (small) 5th: 70/70/280 (large) 4th: 90/90/350 (light build) 4th: 120/110/400 (heavy build) 3rd: 125/115/500 (light build) 3rd: 160/140/550 (heavy build) 2nd: 180/150/750 1st: 200/160/900 (normal loadout) 1st: 280/190/1100 (hostility grind loadout) With some ships you can get away with carrying more or less repairs, the above are just some guidelines you might use. If you're not already doing it, choose the carpenter perk for your captain perks, its pretty much mandatory and is one of the very best perks you can choose.
  7. William  Death

    No Names During Battle

    Shhh keep yer voice down, I've got most players convinced by now that I'm some carebear noob that can only sail fir boats and gank. I've got an image to keep up and I can't do that if you imply that I might be half decent on occasion! LOL Back in the old days, on another server, under another name, I had a little bit of a reputation built up. And yeah, sometimes my reputation would prevent players from engaging the scary pirate. But other times I'd find eager captains in purpose-built ships just to run me down and try their hand at sinking me. It balanced out. Thats the thing about having a reputation in NA: half the players want to run away and the other half want to send you to the bottom. Joking aside, I really, really disliked the removal of names in OW. I attempt to follow, as a general guideline, a "sustainable farming" technique. Basically if the guy is less than Master and Commander rank, he gets demasted and left adrift (or I don't even bother tagging if I know what rank he is in OW) unless he starts the smack talk, then all bets are off. Now, with names and ranks removed from OW, I can't tell if the guy I'm tagging is someone who I can mercilessly sink and have a clear conscience about, or a new player who is just trying to figure the game out and deserves a break. Maybe that element of uncertainty counts as "immersion" for some, but for me (and many others) its a major annoyance. I think removing names in battle would just make the game less enjoyable for most of us. Why complicate one of parts of NA combat model that works perfectly well? Perhaps instead, have an option to turn names off if you like the more immersive gameplay? Just accept the tribunals when you green on green me because you can't tell whether I'm friend or foe.
  8. William  Death

    No Names During Battle

    Nope. Officer: "Hey, isn't that ship we're shooting at the same one we've been sailing with for the past 4 days, Captain?" You: "Err....I dunno....hard to tell, just keep shooting till he sinks and ask questions later." Fog of war can be nice, but I don't think it needs to be like this.
  9. William  Death

    Should the Cerberus be given Shallow Water Access?

    Not quite. This^ Draft (or draught) is the one that matters. That refers to the distance from the waterline to the bottom of the keel. 33 feet is plenty of water for all but the largest of frigates in NA to float and sail. But wave action, tides, and storms make such shallow depths impractical for larger frigates. "Hold depth" is a pretty meaningless measurement (at least in reference to how much water it takes for a ship to float). Even establishing a common measuring start and endpoints for it can be confusing since maybe one architect measured the hold depth on his plans from the top of the keel timber to the underside of the gundeck, and maybe another measured from the floors to the top of the clamp. Much like "moulded depth" or "length of waterline," it can be a useful measurement to compare relative size of a ship's hulls, but only if you know what the measurements are coming from. Otherwise we end up with situations that make tiny frigates appear to draw almost as much water as the battleship USS Missouri. It'll be interesting if Cerberus, Renommee, and Surprise make it into the shallows. I'd still say Hercules beats all three unless the masts and maybe hull thickness gets rebalanced, but at least they're better competition for Hercules than the other shallow boats.
  10. William  Death

    Bow guns for frigates without?

    +1 I think all ships should have bow and stern chasers, because its really not hard to move a broadside gun. Or, if weight is a concern, add a 4lb long gun which isn't very heavy at all. I even made a topic about it ages ago, but most of the responses to the negative were based on "its not historical" and "you can't just put a cannon wherever you want." To the first, "historical accuracy" complaint, I point at the various accounts detailing crews moving a broadside cannon to aim further forward or behind to serve as a chaser, whether or not the ship had chasers (but if you look, a large portion of plans I've seen included bridle ports that could be armed with small forward facing guns). To the second "putting a cannon wherever you want," I urge the consideration of weight. Lets say a long 4lb cannon, with carriage, weighs about 1200 pounds (maybe a little more or less, different websites seem to have different numbers). Sounds like a lot of weight...but is it really? Thats about 10 120lb sailors. You mean to tell me the foredeck of a frigate can't hold 10 sailors? Go sell that to someone who hasn't been on a wooden boat before. And regarding tackle for controlling recoil: a competent carpenter and his team should be able to knock together a suitably sturdy set of posts to withstand the modest recoil of a small cannon. I mean...when you've got 5+ inches of oak ribs and planks making up the sides of the ship it surely won't take much more reinforcing to allow you to place some eyebolts for cannon tackle. So...yes. Give all ships bow and stern chasers. It is downright frustrating when sailing a Pavel or Bucentaure, you look at the massive open deckspace at the bow and think "Nope, no way I could have some guns here, carry on!" Or thinking about the Essex which barely sees any use because it lacks the chasers needed for hunting and is outclassed by other ships when considering it for a support role.
  11. William  Death

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Port Battle: Marsh Harbor Pirates vs. United States, Pirates win. Commanders: Pirates: Christendom United States: Sir Texas Sir ("Suicidal Tendencies") Summary: A small squadron of VCO frigates and friends sailed to Charleston on Wednesday evening, looking for a fight. Upon waiting outside the United States Capital for a few minutes, watching their fleet of 1st-5th rates sail around aimlessly; we issued a challenge: fight, or lose Marsh Harbor. Fifteen minutes passed. Despite the multitude of clans and players available, the Americans refused to meet the challenge. Therefore, with calculated efficiency, we sailed the dread fleet to Marsh Harbor and raised hostility Thursday evening, and set the PB for Friday Evening. Throughout all these times we could have been challenged by the US fleet, but we were never engaged. The port battle Pirate fleet consisted of some regulars from VCO, RDMP, and ORCA, along with some new recruits as well. We saw some veteran names on the US side, as well as a large number of new players. Our fleet's mortar brigs took out the enemy's strongholds ashore with outstanding efficiency, and the battle quickly evolved into an out-and-out brawl. Our ships with carronades and marines made short work of several the enemy's ships. Despite our attempts to give up the circles, the battle was still won on points before we could sink more. Overall, good fight US, o7.
  12. William  Death

    Should the Cerberus be given Shallow Water Access?

    I like the idea, but be careful with how you justify it. Surprise only draws 14 feet of water....I don't know what Hercules and Cerberus draw, but if we're going off some kind of comparison of historical stats...things can get muddy. Regardless, I think Cerb/Reno/Surprise all need some mast buffs. Right now its nearly impossible to be effective in Surprise without Elite French + Navy Mast Treatment (+35% mast thickness). And even then 1 well aimed broadside from an 18pd frigate will remove masts. Its a combination of the masts being quite large targets (compared to the slim masts of Hercules) and their very low HP and thickness. So, yes to the idea...just...maybe reason it for gameplay balance and not on any sort of historical realism.
  13. I could understand a timer. But 5-10 might be a little too much. Maybe 1-3 minutes. 10-12 seconds per cannon? Enough time so you risk being shot at/boarded before you can get all cannons unloaded, but not so long that you're "forced" to waste your time at the end of every battle.
  14. Oooooh. I like this. I like this a lot. New players can capture an NPC, take the guns to use on future ships, but still sink the NPC ship afterward for the XP reward. What if you could do this with players too? If you capture a player who has Edinorog cannons on his ship, you can take them off and put them in your hold. I mean...why would my crew sink some super-high quality cannons if they could instead transfer them to my hold? Ships could easily rig a yard with block and tackle to sway the guns over to my ship. One other question for @admin, regarding looting NPCs. Is there a way we could see what build an AI ship is without having to put it in our fleet? Sometimes I capture an AI and wonder if its a good build maybe I should keep it, but usually end up sinking it because I get more XP and reals that way.
  15. In the past? 2-5 hours per day, almost every evening. Now, post-patch 27? Ehh...if I bother to log in, maybe 1-3 hours a few nights in a week. Hopefully some stuff improves and NA re-gains some of the luster for me again...but this isn't the thread to discuss that... So, +1 on the "too much" category LOL. No, I don't make a habit of letting the game idle on the login screen or anything like that. Sadly, this is time when I'm logged into a character. Granted, a decent chunk is sitting in port waiting on PB fleets or AFK sailing but still....thats a lot of gametime. Also, a thank you to @Wraith for his continued support of my PvP endeavors. If he's at his computer I can count on him to log in and bring the rescue squad when I bite off more than I can chew.