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  1. Random Fire Mode strikes again! It happens to all of us, you line up a good broadside, click....and its random fire mode. Mostly it happens to me when I'm trying to quickly click between rolling front and rolling back fire and fat finger the second keypress. I'm sure there are some players who like random fire, and thats fine. But almost everyone I sail with finds it annoying and useless; so if we could have an option in settings to remove it, that'd be great.
  2. Check other ports, sometimes they sell out. Mortimer was sold out the first day. I had to go to Ocean Bight to get cannons
  3. Constitution, Wasa, United States? If thats it, then I think its fine because Wasa has better guns and turn rate. United States being inferior to Connie only makes sense if it is craftable without a permit....
  4. I am pleased to announce that [VCO] Voodoo Shipping Company is recruiting Captains of a Piratical Disposition We are a PvP and RvR-oriented pirate clan with a solid reputation on both of those fronts. Established in 2016, VCO has been with Naval Action since the beginning, testing and contributing to the development of the game. We primarily play a PvP/Privateering playstyle, with a healthy amount of RvR thrown in. VCO’s diverse player roster enjoys our blend of PvP and RvR, with some PvE events and trade operations thrown in as well. We are Content Creators in Naval Action. VCO is an independent clan. We work for our own interests, first and foremost; but we also make every attempt to consider what is best for our nation as well. To this end, we’ll definitely cut deals to work with other clans for a common goal. We have no permanent alliances and every alliance or deal made is made with the understanding that we’ll likely end up on opposite ends of the cannon at some time or another again. It’s a PvP game and that’s just what happens. If you wish to begin alliance talks, or wish to hire us as mercenaries, contact Christendom, Coraline Vodka, or Wraith. In VCO, we take pride of our ability to work together to form the People’s Shipline that provides all of our players with the necessary supplies needed to succeed in the game. You’ll never have to worry about juggling crafting hours, buildings and workshops and shipyards ever again. Just contribute your share and you’ll reap the dividends in on-demand ship construction (with cannons provided to avoid incidents), repairs, and mods. In VCO, we have people from all walks of life, logging in from all over the world to enjoy this unique game with us. We don’t ask much of our recruits, but we do have a few requirements: Use comms: we have a Discord server for text chat so everyone can stay up-to-date on whats going on, and we have a TeamSpeak channel for voice chat when playing together in group events. Have a bit of thick skin, good-natured ribbing is to be expected—don’t take personal offence if you’re the target end of a joke once in a while (as typed by the master duelist who is constantly reminded how he lost Surprise vs LGV). Maturity: we have no real age limit in VCO, and our clan has young folks just out of highschool and retired folks who remember a time before the internet. All we ask is that you have a bit of maturity when the situation calls for it. Our discord has text channels for discussion of politics and beer choices…if this offends you then it is suggested you avoid those channels. Remember that it’s a game. Have fun and if it starts to feel like work, don’t stick around and get stressed. Its not a job and you’re not expected to be online at every opportunity. No Eagles fans. Must understand that Naval Action is at least 70% scrolling through Reddit or watching Netflix while waiting on some battle or a long sail. What you can expect from joining VCO: Regular PvP hunting squadrons. Almost every day, someone from VCO can be found looking for enemies to sink. If you aren’t experienced, we can teach you. RvR action like Port Battles and Screening. We are fortunate to have some excellent Port Battle commanders and tacticians in our clan, with thousands of collective hours of Port Battle experience between us. The best shipline in the game: the People’s Shipline will take care of you. We know that grinding ship slots together makes the grind much more enjoyable, and sometimes you just don’t have time to dedicate to PvP activites. That’s why we do PvE events like fleet missions, cargo deliveries, epic events, trader escort duty, etc. If you’re into it, we dabble in a few other games as well, you can learn more about that on our Discord once you join. Some VCO achievements: Destroying Nations Professional Nightflippers Destroyers of PvP1 75% of the clan is forum-banned for offering critical opinions of various changes Having the longest grudge match in the entire game against Kingy Hated and Loved by the top 5 most prominent EU content creators Content Creation. Some prominent VCO members, and their cheeky titles: Christendom, The Thrice-Banned Night King, Maker of Deals, Destroyer of Worlds the Screen Master, Santi Disaster, Amplify, CNN Reporter, former Lord of Key West Coraline "Cupcake and Craft" Vodka Tiargo "Dont' Call me Russian" Studying Aussie and lady's man, Dusty "Dusty-San" Attenborough skmarsh "Can I take a Snow?" "Master Planner Mcmannis" ElrictheTwo. Or the "faceless man" Louisvann "Oh gotta go, my kid woke up" Boxtel The proud Grandfather, John Paul Smith William Death, Master Demaster, Duelist, Admiral of the fleet, loser of Surprise to LGV, etc. “Duel me brah” "Banned…Again?" Wraith the Master of coin, Aventador Louisvann "Oh gotta go, my kid woke up" Boxtel Lady “here’s some pictures of my silly cat” Hamilton the Grandfather, John Paul Smith Midnightlight, Anime Lord and Master of all things anime and first prize-winner of BLACK’s March Madness Campaign Souless, “You gotta remember, Midnight’s a noob” Spikes, The Sidekick Para Bellum “I’ve got boarding prepped!” Cheeky "I need a first rate" Breeky, Meme-master “Lol he reported me for sinking him” Privateer “Where’d your masts go?” "Anyone got a Christian permit?" Storm Crow “I’m tagging him” …. “Yes I know there’s a fort; I’ll get him before the fort gets me.” Hammy “I’m in my Trinc if you wanna come hunting.” WarlordSquid “We need ‘stars’ guys!” JD Shots “U want an Ocean m8? I’ve got 30 of them” Jack Aubrrey "Oi! I see an LGV over there William!" Fat Thor "I gotta make dinner for the wife" Contacting VCO: Contact any VCO member in this thread, in-game via nation chat, or at the unofficial Naval Action discord: https://discord.gg/pXyNjF2 Someone will direct you to an online-officer who can get you in the clan and get you our TeamSpeak and Discord information. JOIN TODAY!
  5. You ask the impossible question. I've got too many favorite battles....Like Do I post my favorite duel with JPV or Privateer? The time I co-led the BLACK first rate PB fleet to a decisive victory over WO? The time we had a no-loss first rate PB on our side, whilst sinking every single one of the enemy's ships? Some of the massive Cartagena fights? Or maybe the time we had a 4v21 and won? Ehh, I'm just going to post one of the more interesting battles. Part win, part loss, 100% confusing to explain but it was immensely enjoyable. Its actually 2 screenshots of 2 battles, but they happened back-to-back and they are very much interconnected to one of my favorite PvP stories. I really wish I had screen recording software running, it would have made an excellent video. Don't judge the screenshots without reading the text, because it really doesn't seem very special at first glance. Here's the rundown: I was sailing my trusty old teak/wo Endymion with copper and navy hull (back when those were the two best speed mods). All stacked with speed and not much else, I sailed with a disposable Surprise AI to carry extra repairs for my extended hunting trips (I was sailing from Bermuda to the East Coast to hunt, so I needed the staying power provided by a bunch of extra repairs). I usually sent it away as soon as the battle started, because it isn't much use in the fight... Anyways, I found an Indefatigable out and about, and then this battle happened: (Remember I started in an Endymion) The Indefatigable was lightly-built, but had Edinorog cannons, so he packed quite a punch. I managed to disable the Surprise long enough to work on the Indefatigable alone, but their Endymion kept pestering me too. Eventually, I boarded the Indefatigable as my Endymion was sinking. Having taken over the Indefatigable and left my beloved Endymion to her watery grave, I sank the Surprise and scared away the Endymion, which I could not catch. A Few Moments Later.... Now, immediately following this battle, there were two Endymions sailing together outside. I offered a 1v1, which they initially accepted. Then once the battle was a few minutes in, they both focused me....from 1000m away . Truthfully, I was absolutely confused, but having a right good laugh watching them try to snipe my masts from max range. Eventually they moved in closer....whereupon I removed the mizzenmast from one Endy, captured his ship and sank the rotting Indefatigable* I had captured in the previous battle. I proceeded to repair the mizzenmast of my newly-captured Endymion (teak/wo with navy hull, much like the one I just lost ) and began chasing the other Endymion. I demasted him and boarded his ship as well. It was a decent build, but unfortunately I didn't have room in my fleet (darn AI Surprise) and the one I was in was slightly better. So, although I ended the evening in a ship not quite as good as the one I started in, I had a lot of fun in the time between *Let the record show, I have nothing against Indefatigable, she's a fine ship....just the captured build that I was in was quite bad at...well....everything lol
  6. Some of us are curious about stuff other than paints that were listed on the development roadmap. Many of us have been playing since the beginning and we know what kind of content exists in Naval Action that is just not being used. Things like flag mechanics, lobby battle rooms, Martello tower port battles, etc. that could be modified and brought in as new features. We’re just asking if further development of actual mechanics, new ships, and content can be expected at or after release. No need to be snarky to players who are asking legitimate questions. We get it, you like the game, cut the devs a break, blah blah. I like it too and wish Game Labs all success at release. I don’t think it will work out (because of numerous issues already mentioned) but that doesn’t stop me from hoping. It also doesn’t stop players from asking if further development will happen.
  7. Yes exactly. No more excuses for these last few days if everyone can get the best gear. Shoot make all mods and books free too since it’s all getting wiped. Then everyone can pvp without hiding behind the “op gear” excuse.
  8. Yeah let’s at least have a last hurrah before the end of this phase of the game. Till release: Make all ships free redeemable in whatever woods, with all 5 port bonuses applied to it. Bring back duel room and small/large battles room. (This could stay after release too 😃)
  9. I suggested that a long time ago, got no response. I assume thats too much coding work. I can only imagine how many bugs we'd encounter with shallows too.... would add a nice tactical layer though. "To bring light ships or not to bring light ships". You could still win without them, but you'll have to rely on winning the brawl or dominating the other circles. Suggested that too a long time ago. Have all ports be 25000 BR by default, if you want less, you pay for a smaller BR cap, much like a port timer. Again, no response from devs. I think it'd work. Santi is one of my favorites. I spend plenty of time sailing smaller ships too. But big boy RvR takes big boy ships. Leave the small fries for OW stuff. And actually I don't like BR as a balancer at all. Its not an accurate representation of the worth of a ship in battle. 2x frigates are not equal to 1 heavy 4th rate or light 3rd rate in a brawling capacity....but to kite circles 2>1. Thanks I hate it I don't argue for everyone to have to sail the same fleet of 25 first rates. I argue for there to be a reason to sail smaller ships in the port battle. And I state above, that reason can't be some silly artificial number that creates situations where some ships are usable and some are not. Look back through the battle results thread. Every port "class" (~2k, ~5k, ~8k, ~10k, ~20k) consisted of similar fleets (minus a few of of us who insisted on being different). You'd start with a couple first rates, leave enough room for some of Bucentaure and 3rd Rate spam, add a couple Hercs or light frigates to kite circles, maybe fill additional BR with an Aggy or similar.... How is that much different than Ocean/Santi spam? You're spamming the same fleet comps every time, not every ship is useful....its not diversity, its fake. Its an illusion of balanced PB fleets. How many times will BR be "rebalanced" (creating new metas) and create new "diversity"? Just give an actual purpose to have smaller ships in a battle, is all I'm suggesting.
  10. This ^ Give reasons to sail something other than Ocean/Santi in port battles. Capturing circles with small ships or fitting in a few more players isn't good enough reason. Thats part of the reason why I liked the old Martello tower Port Battles. You brought a fleet of big ships and you fought to the death. May the best fleet win. I understand devs put a lot of work into the new PBs with land and circles, and thats nice. Maybe the Martello tower "Port Battles" could come back as some sort of raid feature that economically hurts the clan that you attack....or maybe just some kind of weekend event that happens a few times every Saturday and Sunday....seems a shame to let a fun mechanic like that collect dust (looks at the duel room/small battles room as well) And although I personally didn't care for 4th rate PBs as much, I can definitely agree they were fun and good for the server as a whole. Especially since a nation could test their fleet in cheaper ships before risking their first rate fleet on a big port battle. 4th rates can be balanced to be cheap to build and RvR at 4th rate ports will probably increase. Its amazing how when ships are easy to replace, players tend to fight more....
  11. I've suggested before to increase invisibility for players exiting battles. Specifically, to have it so you can turn your ship for 30s while invisible, then raise sails and your invisibility timer (additional 30s invisibility) starts ticking down. This way you're not spending half or more of your invisibility timer waiting for your ship to turn the direction you want to run in. Also, it'll help those players who take a bit longer to load to OW. If sails aren't raised within that 30s "turning" timer, invisibility automatically starts counting down.
  12. Exactly. I love to duel and have 'good' battles where the teams are evenly matched and skill shines through. But save it for the duel room (RIP Duel Room 2016-2018). Or arrange it beforehand. When I'm patrolling the open world looking for something to sink, I'm not going to limit myself to something around the same size as my ship in some attempt to be magnanimous or chivalrous. If that makes me a "ganker" then so be it. But I maintain that you cannot gank 1v1. Every ship can escape or outfight another (unless you've got a bad build).
  13. Or just get in a hunting group and go where you think the enemy is. Maybe you find one player, maybe you find 10. Thats the way 90% of us "gank." Then the counter-gank: one guy gets sunk, he tell his friend where the battle is and they go there to try to sink the person who sunk their friend. Thats the way 90% of us "counter-gank." All this extra work and logging in alts to do all this is funny really. I've got a couple alts and I can't be bothered to do anything other than run trade missions with them. I promise we're not really super spies monitoring every port waiting for some poor guy to sail out so we can warp in a fleet of death-ships to sink him. Thats entirely too much work and not worth the effort. Oh, and a final note: I control what ship I sail in, and whether or not I'm in a group. You control what ship you sail in, and whether or not you're in a group. Very very few players are going to leave you alone because they're not in the right ship to give you a fair fight. There's like 120-400 people online...PvPers are taking whatever targets they can get. Remember that always. Which is why I find it hilarious when I'm in a Connie, for example, and sink a Mercury or something. The guy goes off in chat "oh it took you in a big ship to sink me bet you feel mighty powerful", etc. Uhh...no. I was sailing in my ship, I saw a target, I sank the target. Forgive me if I don't run back to port, craft a Mercury or similar, and come back out to give you a "fair" fight. See how silly that is? The Mercury should have been smart and I'd have never had a chance to sink him (by him being in the shallows, for example). Its an OW game, ganks happen. Learn how to sail your ship, learn what ship to use and when, and you'll die a lot less in ganks.
  14. Yep^ I had the same old speed-built Endymion for many many months in the old PvP mark days. It earned me I'd guess 2/3 of whatever Loodsman cost back then. It was fast and I never got caught by something I couldn't handle (and that was before I put Loodsman on it). I had to limp away sometimes when I bit off more than I could chew, but thanks to light and fast build, I could do so. Sounds like the OP was in something slow and unsuitable for solo hunting, thats why the revenge gank fleet caught them. If you want to solo hunt successfully in a slow ship, you either need to be very very good, or your opponents need to be very very bad. Look back over the past year or so in the great battles and small battles threads to see some examples of this. Otherwise, sail something fast and light, and just accept that you'll run across stuff you can't beat in combat, but can at least run away from. Use a tack hammer to drive tacks, and a sledge hammer to drive spikes; the other way around isn't very efficient .
  15. Congratulations on nearing the end of the development journey. I'm happy to have been a part of it these past 3 years. I'd like to suggest whatever final wipes you do occur on a Saturday, if possible. That way everyone has a chance for the rush of port grabs, not just EU players or US timezone players who can log on in the middle of the day. Also, I hope you consider allowing players to at least keep ship knowledge slots and books, that would truly be an appreciated 'thank you for testing' from the developers.
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