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  1. Don't think of it as "sniping." Think of it as a skilled gun captain aiming for the rigging of the enemy ships. We don't have rigging damage in NA, so the only way to make a mast fall is to hit the mast hitboxes. We don't have gun crews that can carefully aim individual cannons at these hitboxes, so we (the captains) have to do it ourselves. IRL, you'd shoot chainshot or even ball into the rigging to cut shrouds, stays, etc. Do enough damage and the force from the sails will cause the masts to topple. If a few shots clip the mast then so much the better (pine masts don't bounce cannonballs). Even destroying the chainplates on the hull could make a mast fall. None of this damage is modeled in Naval Action. We make do with simple hitboxes and having to aim cannons ourselves to hit them. We don't have sailing masters turning our sails for us to tack, we don't have marines shooting from the tops, and we certainly don't have competent gun captains aiming shots into the rigging. This is why we single-shot 'snipe' masts. Seawolf is right, ping has nothing to do with it, so long as you have stable ping. You get used to the lag. When PvP2 was merged into PvP1 in 2018, I went from 30ms ping to 130ms. It took me a few hour's practice to reliably hit masts again. Sorry to burst bubbles, but 'git gud' applies here. Side note that I spam every time demasting comes up: Balance masts with high HP, and thickness that allows the largest caliber carried to pen out to 250-300m. Remove mast thickness mods, and instead have the mods buff HP by meaningful amounts (like 50-200% buffs, not the laughable 20% buffs that do almost nothing).
  2. NO square rigged ship had ANY kind of decent sailing capabilities beyond a close beam reach 60°. Not frigates and not SOLs. Sailing closer than 60° is hard to do with square rigged ships. Almost impractical because of leeway. The point stands that, in their best conditions, the faster SOL designs were simply better in every way than frigates. Had navies had the money to sail only with first rates and 74s, you can bet that they would have. Have a few disposable frigates for escort duty and scouting. I don't want to see that happen in game though, which is why the insane bonuses from wood types and mods needs to be toned down, as in my suggestion above (that I have been suggesting for over a year now...its not going to happen but I'll keep spamming it in every such thread that arises). Hard caps like so many are whinging about in this thread will not get us to the desired balance.
  3. Hard nerfs and restrictions don't work at solving these issues. They will, however, create more new fun and engaging metas . Building a game with balanced bonuses/negatives does work. We didn't have these issues in early 2016 when the maximum bonus from all speed mods and lightest wood was less than 10%, and the maximum speed negatives from all tanky mods was less than -10%. Since I doubt we'll ever go back to that simple system, maybe try something similar but a little different: Wood type should have minimal effect on any stats of the ship. The difference in tank between an oak/oak and a lo/wo should be 3% at the most. This will remove the need to have meta woods to be competitive Books and upgrades should have minimal effect on the speed, turn rate, and HP/thickness values. Instead let us spec books for other things, like turn acceleration, gun reload, crew morale, faster sail handling, etc. Things that don't make-or-break combat as much. Return to diverse sailing profiles. (see more below) This is part of the answer to this question: Diversify the sailing profiles: There was a time when ships actually had vastly different sailing profiles, instead of the variations of the same profiles that we have now. Profiles, that I might add, are (to my knowledge) derived from the in-game sail plans, which are incomplete for many ships (look at how few ships carry the full suite of staysails, royals, skysails, studdingsails, mizzen topgallants/royals, etc.). So while the profiles are maybe a little more realistic now (but not too realistic--we're still moving forward when we're 45° off the wind lol), they're certainly not better for balance. Back in the day, a teak 5th rate was good for OW PvP. If you came across a fir or bermuda 3rd rate (which weren't all that common, as they could only catch noobs who ran downwind), all you had to do was point upwind and sail away (or go in close and rake him to death then laugh as he rages in chat). If you were in your Agamemnon and didn't want to fight the Bellona that tagged you, you could point upwind and get away. This is because we didn't have massive bonuses from mods and woods, and didn't have almost identical sailing profiles across similar ships. All that being said, even now a teak/teak Trinco or Endy can outrun a light 3rd rate upwind, but you cannot ever get in range of Wasa's 6x 9pd chaser chain + gunnery reload bonus or you're done for. #properlybalanced Theres nothing wrong with a speed fit 3rd rate to hunt down fifth rates (that was, after all, part of the real-life 3rd rate SOL's job description). But there needs to be a balance such that frigates stand a strong chance of escaping when a 3rd rate comes into sight. Hard caps or restrictions are not a path to that balance. To the people complaining lineships are too fast while simultaneously wanting historical realism: you do know that larger ships were, on the whole, faster than smaller ships, given moderate wind/sea conditions? Hull speed and all that. Victory was an excellent sailor, 12kn+ by some reports. The Spanish third rate that was in development was reported as doing over 14kn IRL. I'll just leave that there for you, and suggest you consider that there can be a happy balance between historical realism and playability of the game. And that balance does not involve further limiting the kinds of ships players can use or build.
  4. I’m just gonna throw it out there that, IIRC, it was admin who posted that “double charge” is actually a full charge for the cannon. Most of the time gun crews used half charges to preserve powder, keep the guns cooler, make them last longer, etc.; and it was sufficient to do damage. Makes sense. In muzzleloading rifles, we have “target loads” and “hunting loads.” For example, I use about 45 grains for a target load in my .45cal flintlock. If I used it for hunting, I’d use a full charge of about 85-90 grains of powder. I imagine it’s a similar thing with the naval cannons. In game, it feels like double charge is most effective at taking away that initial HP and structure that is very tough. Then swap to double ball to deal more damage. It seems like once that initial 1/4-1/3 of sides and structure is down, the ships take damage easier. Double ball against a full health ship of similar size doesn’t feel worth using: save it till he’s beat up. And of course, charge is great for demasting, where pen is everything and damage per shot means little. I really want to see some hard stats numbers.
  5. Admin, the new paints are very nice looking. Great job to the artists! I like the Ingermanland paint you introduced, but I'd also love to see a black Ingermanland with weathered trim all around. Like oxidized/corroded/patina-ed copper and bronze. Almost like the Disney Black Pearl (minus the black sails, which, while I like the look, might not fit in well with the game...): (just look at the bronze trim and the worn/dirty decks and weathered hull) This would essentially be like the current Trincomalee Scarred paint, but for the Ingermanland, and with more blacks/greys instead of the Trincomalee's battered black/white color scheme. I'm terrible with paint skills, but here is what I'm thinking: (feel free to laugh, its terrible I know) Imagine all the bronze trim old and turning green, and imagine the green-ish color on the bottom as weathered copper plating. Weather the decks a dull grey and the masts a dirty and rust-speckled black.
  6. So tonight I had a bug which I don't think I've ever had before: transparent sails aren't working. I have applied the beautiful Surprise-Unite paint scheme to my ship. This might be the issue? Several clanmates had this with the new Surprise and Requin paints as well. I toggled the transparent sails off/on a couple times, still didn't work. I sent an F11 report (report number can be seen in the upper left). (If one of you role-players comes in and tells me to clew up to battle sails to fire my cannons I'm going to lose it )
  7. 30% the last time Ink posted about it.
  8. No. Facts: US had superior BR in the PB. Somehow they actually had more BR join than the PB limit (and no ships escaped to facilitate this). Still scratching my head trying to figure out how that one worked. I'm supposed to know how all the exploits and loopholes work, I'm a dirty pirate . Furthermore, our Santisima, Buc, and 2 of our Wasas were out of the fight for the first ~30 minutes because they had to join as soon as they could click the port (because of dutch screeners trying to tag them). US had both greater numbers and superior ship composition during this time. They could have smacked into our fleet and crushed us, had they had the guts to be so bold. More Facts: It was not VCO who took the American's main crafting port from them. It was WO (your new nighttime overlords). It was not VCO who insisted on having lopsided battles every time, we tried so many times to set up 4th rate fights, arranged BR limits for larger ports, etc. with them. Their 'leadership' refused. Their 'leadership' were the ones who ran that nation into the ground, not VCO. Get your facts straight so you don't make ignorant posts. Also I seem to remember you happily "taking candy from the baby" after you joined pirates when said "baby" didn't want to let you lead them to greatness. Huh. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed with your abilities in the pirate nation either, and now, unsurprisingly, I hear that you've joined yet another powerful nation to ride their coattails to victory.
  9. Port Battle for Rio Seco: ATTACKERS: Pirates DEFENDERS: United States OUTCOME: Pirates Win Despite overwhelming numbers and two nations screening against us, the Pirates managed to get in and win the battle. So satisfying to watch the US and Dutch fail at screening. Much of the battle was spent with the fleets kiting around each other. Props to the US for making a pretty line (and once again proving how useless a line is against an enemy who intends to counter it with a brawl). When the fighting happened, their line fell apart and we managed to sink their Bellona. More kiting ensued, but the final few minutes were spent in a close-quarters brawl, where we sank a Wasa. Tip of the hat to our brave captains who contested the circles until reinforcements arrived to sink the enemy there. And a nice little fight after the battle. Screenshot is a little confusing, but I was in the Wasa, CheekyBreeky in the Herc (without hull reps). We sank the Rat and capped the Trinc. It had naval clock on it so I took it home. The old Wasa made it home safely too. #outsmartthezerg #creatingcontent #failedscreeningattempt
  10. I wasn't going to post it (at least not in this thread), as its not too spectacular, but since @King of Crowns actually posted the second battle of his "war" with pirates, calling it the first battle, I thought I should post this to jog his memory. This was the 'first' battle of his war, fought less than an hour before the battle he posted: This was the Trinco we sunk: Ouch....I almost feel bad for the guy....almost. That was a nice Trinc. Also it should be noted that KoC's Pavel was a purple elite drop. RIP Also RIP my cag/fir USS United States, she will not be missed, (but I probably could have saved it if I hadn't fatfingered 5/2 instead of 5/1 in the battle that KoC posted).
  11. If this is true, then good. The Ai was too frustratingly buffed. Very annoying to fight. Regular AI should be easy to kill, as the low rewards reflect. Save the super buffed Ai for epic ai ships. The amount of players who had difficulty sinking regular AI of the same rate was too high. “Git good you noob! Learn to play!” is perfectly valid for PvP. But simple AI grinding should not be so frustrating. That just drives casuals away. Also, glad to hear the cannon angles are fixed.
  12. There’s mast mods available in the shop for combat medals (good ones, too). The majority of my combat medals come from completing the kill missions (which count both PvE and PvP kills). You don’t even have to PvP to get them. The patrol zones (as much as I hate them) make getting combat medals easy because you can buy/redeem a disposable ship, go get sunk a few times, and redeem 6 medals (just make sure that you do some damage to the enemy while you’re sinking). Good mods are available to ALL players who want them enough to spend the time getting them. I agree with the sentiment, the entire game is geared toward heavily punishing the loser, and it’s hard to recover. That’s a fundamental game mechanics issue that is bigger than demasting.
  13. Elite French Rig + mast bonuses + strong rig begs to differ. I laugh at similar sized ships aiming at my masts. If you’re complaining that bigger guns snap those little 5th rate masts in a few hits....then you’re correct. New damage model does not encourage fighting big ships in small ones.
  14. In a way I like not being told if my mast hits are doing damage. I feel like it makes you learn pen values and gamble if he has mast mods or not. Demasting is a high risk/high reward tactic. If you’re not sure you have the caliber to do it, don’t try. Still, I wish for low thickness masts with high HP. Anything (within reason) pens but it takes a long time to demast unless you have a similar or greater caliber than the enemy’s ship.
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