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  1. My comment about the "grey area" was in regards to when, dependent upon mods, I might or might not be able to demast. EX: Santisima vs Bellona. On a stock, or non-mast-mod Bellona, my Santisima guns easily penetrate the masts. But if he has a good mast mod, or the mast and rig bonus, or strong rig, etc. I will probably not be able to pen the masts without using double charge, a pen build, or moving in very close. So, I have to fight a Bellona with my Santisima. I'd like to demast him so I don't get raked to death. Can I do it? Maybe. Depends if he brought a proper build with mast mods. Many players do, some don't. Some I cannot demast, some I can. Therefore, grey area. So what do I do? I make the best choice I can, given the information I have. Usually that choice comes down to the clan tag and name of the player, and any past experience I have fighting them. When its not a grey area: Bellona vs a 5th rate. I don't think any sane 5th rate captain is building his ship to have masts that'll stand up to 32lb long cannon penetration. You shoot the masts, and you will penetrate them. We can agree to disagree. I've fought many players and asked myself whether or not I should shoot masts. At the end, when I cap or sink their ship, I inspect their mod choices. I'm right in my decision more often than not.
  2. You sure about that? I know basic pen values, basic mast thickness values, etc. I know whether or not a ship can be made un-demastable by the cannons I carry. If he has no chance at making an un-demastable ship vs my guns, then I can safely target masts. But if he is in the grey area where I might or might not be able to demast him, depending on his mods; then I can make a pretty well-educated guess, based on the clan and name of the player if he's going to be smart enough to run mast mods or not. Obviously, if I think that my enemy does have mast mods, then I'll not waste my time shooting his masts. Hasn't failed me yet.
  3. Fair points. Ultimately, mast HP is a tricky one. Since its so low to start with, the bonuses on mods must be absolutely massive in order to make a difference. As it stands now, most of the upgrades that increase mast HP that I know of are not worth running. In many cases, the amount of additional HP you get is barely equal to one or two cannonball hits to the mast, which is hardly worth a slot that could take northern master carps, muskets, naval clock, etc. Thickness mods, on the other hand, make a very big difference, as we all know. A 20% mast thickness increase seems insane, but keep in mind that at the moment, many ships are borderline unplayable without those mods. Who would take a 3rd rate into a brawl that contains 1st rates, without at least ensuring his masts have a good chance of holding up? Or who would sail an Endymion without mast mods (unless he's fir/fir and can just run away)? Therein is the tricky part with demasting changes. You adjust one value, and it throws another one off. So you fix that one and then the other one has to be tweaked again. Basic stats values have been juggled around for a few years now, and we seem to keep coming back to something basically like what we have now. Make the masts have a higher HP without adjusting thickness and demasting goes away almost entirely. Keep HP the same and lower thickness and masts fall in every battle (we had this in mid 2017 for a few weeks). One extreme to the other. Small changes one way or another is the key, so you can "walk" the stats into a happy balance. I don't quite understand this part maybe. Do you mean that if the sails are all set, the masts will be easier to pen, effectively? That'd be one way to do it, but it does seem maybe a bit...troll-able if you anticipate your enemy trying to demast you so you take in sail quickly to deny him the ability to pen. Like turning mast invulnerability on or off at will in the middle of the battle. Partial penetration damage would be neat, but I don't know if thats possible with the damage model. As an example, if you hit a mast, but didn't have enough penetration value to get a full pen, but instead you get some % of your full pen damage value. The only issue then becomes balancing this so the machine gun builds with 4/6/9/12lb cannons on all decks sniping masts from 500m by just spraying shots into the rigging aren't viable. Liquicity mentioned when it was like this, and I can confirm it wasn't particularly enjoyable. Again, a tricky thing to balance.
  4. Good proposal overall, but you have the masts too thick. At 100m, many ships cannot bring guns to bear on any mast, so you'll never get to penetrate the lower section. The way the penetration values for most ships are now is generally ok: rule of thumb is: Whatever the largest caliber guns you can carry are able to penetrate your masts out to ~250m. Of course the shallow ships (like your Pandora) sometimes follow modified versions of that rule, since those engagements happen at closer ranges. But as the ship size increases, the "demastable" range must also increase. This works out very well, and scales nicely with the current % thickness buff mast mods. You can build an almost un-demastable ship. One where your lower sections only become vulnerable at 50-100m, which is a range where many ships will struggle to elevate their guns enough to even hit your masts. This is one-half of the current counter to "mast sniping." The other half is your own skill. What are you doing to the enemy while he's plinking at your masts? Unless you face a superb opponent who gets a perfect broadside off...chances are you'll have at least one or two broadside reloads to make something happen. So maybe players shouldn't sit there and watch their masts fall without at least trying some kind of counter-tactic 😜. Yes, there actually are counters to an opponent who is shooting masts. Most people just don't like them because they involve expensive mods or an admission of a lack of awareness in positioning and knowledge of tactics. Admittedly, they're weak compared to the counters we have for most other tactics, but they have indeed worked for years now. Other than the ranges being off...I like it. Its been proposed for ages now to tie mast HP to amount of canvas set, or to sail HP, but most ideas haven't been fleshed out very well. But you've got the most detailed sensible proposal I've seen yet, hopefully the devs will take a hard look at it.
  5. Indeed this is fake news. I "snipe" masts (by which I mean, I point my individual guns to disable the enemy's rigging to bring down a mast, just as the gunners did IRL), but I loathe sailing the Le Requin. I'll sail it if I'm forced to (since it is mandatory for RvR), but I do not like it. I do, however, enjoy snapping Requin masts . To the point of the topic...I'd be fine with all the information being available to everyone, but I can understand how that'd...influence...some fights one way or another. I think if you're a good enough player, and well practiced at demasting, you'll know your pen values, be able to gauge the skill of your enemy, and make a decision on whether he was smart enough to run mast mods or not and then decide if you want to continue trying to demast or focus your efforts elsewhere. Furthermore...I think if you're a good player and your masts are being hit, you should know what the pen values of the enemy's guns are, and if he can hurt your masts or not. But maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing to have a color-gradient red/yellow/green scale for each mast to make it easier for people who aren't inclined to learn anything about mast pen and such.
  6. So...how did the broadside take down the masts if the cannons weren't aimed individually? Did the captain just turn broadside while the crew touched off the cannons, saying, "Damn I sure hope some of our shots hit the enemy ship!" Or did the gun captains point each individual captain at the target so that they'd have the best possible chance to hit what they were aiming at (rigging, chainplates, tops, yards, the masts themselves, etc.)? Tell me how, in game, I'm supposed to simulate pointing each individual cannon at a target without single-shotting them? Because the AI convergence doesn't take into account the motion of the ship after the broadside begins firing. The guns aren't all pointed at a target, but rather trying to converge at a certain range, or stay parallel. Neither of which is what gun captains did IRL, because they'd have plenty of time to point his gun the way he wanted it, wait for the opportune moment, and fire. Much like I do when I single-fire cannons. Broadside demasting works, but it doesn't simulate the control over individual cannons. Which is why you'll see a good demaster use both methods to take down masts.
  7. We don't want your logic here! I remember demasting you a long long time ago. I think one of the last times we encountered each other you were the one shooting my masts. Its nice to see at least someone got better and learned that you can, in fact, make yourself an un-appealing target for a "mast sniper."
  8. Did you read anything I wrote in the 5 or 6 posts I've put in this thread? Or did my comments in my last paragraph resonate a bit too much with you? I never said rigging damage couldn't be simulated. I just said that since it isn't currently simulated, then the only way to have demasting in this game is to have the cannonballs hit the masts. And I further explained how, IRL, you'd aim cannons to take out the rigging. We've already established that in the current damage model, hitting rigging IRL = hitting mast hitbox in game (again, since rigging damage isn't modeled). We established that gun captains pointed their guns individually, not as a whole broadside group trying to converge at a certain range or whatever. The ONLY way to point guns individually in NA, is to single-fire them one after the next after the next. Call it sniping or whatever you want, but until rigging damage is properly implemented, its the only way to demast ships. And your simple suggestion to tie it to sail HP will not work without some very large modifications, for reasons I hope are obvious if you do any competitive PvP against good players who know how to sling chain better than the average noob. You can complain that its not a skill...but I dunno. Took me the better part of a few hundred hours practice to get reasonably good at it. Countless duels with good players, experimenting with ranges, sectors, angling, approaches, turning while firing, etc. Seems about as close to skill as this game gets. But maybe you'd rather see all battles end up in raking or hull pounding competitions where everyone builds their ship for tank and turn and masts magically never fall. Seems pretty arcade-y though. If I thought demasting was "bullshit," I wouldn't make all these posts. I'd just agree with you and move on. Neither would I have argued in almost every demasting thread that comes up that the current system needs to change some to make demasting harder to do, but more rewarding. Mainly by limiting repairs to one per type, buffing mast HP significantly and lowering thickness. But go ahead and take your potshots at my abilities and viewpoints. I'll continue taking potshots at your masts .
  9. Why wouldn't my crew aim each gun individually to hit the called target? Remember in NA we don't have rigging damage modeled. If you wanted to demast a ship IRL, you'd shoot away the rigging and it'd fall of its own accord. Basically any cannonballs pitched into the rigging would be likely to sever some ropes and cables holding the mast up. We have only one way to take a mast down in NA: hit the mast hitbox (which is the slender mast itself, or the slightly larger tops). I've said it before, I'll say it again: its not "mast sniping by shooting one cannonball after the next" as some say. Its the gun captain of every gun pointing that gun to try to hit what the master gunner told them to. The only way to simulate this in NA is to let you, the captain, aim the guns one at a time. I'd even go so far as to say many people probably don't have a problem with single-shot accuracy in a video game. Its the annoying BOOM .... BOOM ... BOOM of one cannon going off after the next and hitting their masts, while they go around spamming broadsides and doing little/no meaningful damage to their enemy. Then the mast falls and they rage about mast snipers and how unrealistic it is. Its demoralizing, so people grasp for anything to argue against it, rather than take the time to learn counters to it. Oh, and dereliction of duty shouldn't factor into our considerations. Its in the crew's job description to carry out tasks while under fire.
  10. I want the old UI back. I'll pay DLC money for it. Functionality > Aesthetics. Tabs > Pop Up Windows Names > Symbols
  11. Everything above. Also, double charge, Blomfields, damage to your structure... The good news is, your masts should be immune to 24lb and below unless they build full penetration and are firing at very close range.
  12. I think a lot of people are not seeing the issue here because they're not considering roughly equal skills, and are instead placing themselves behind the wheel of the ships. Sure, a great player can take a Constitution, Wasa, or Bellona and sink a noob player in a Redoubtable. That same great player could probably do that in an Endymion or Leopard if the enemy is bad enough. Anytime you compare the strengths of two ships, you should assume roughly equal captains. And the outcome of the fight should not be automatically decided by ship. Take a first rate duel between Santisima, L'Ocean, or Victory (before she was nerfed, rest her soul). Given similarly skilled captains, each with a preference for the ship they're in...it'd be hard to call a winner before the fight even happens. Not so with the Redoubtable: put good player who likes Constitution vs a similarly-skilled player who likes Redoubtable and the best the Connie can hope to do is not lose (by running away upwind). I'd hardly call that balanced. I don't particularly care about the rating system...its much easier to think of ships in terms of their gun caliber and abilities. But since the game assigns meaning to rating (solo patrol as the original post mentions), the rates ought to at least have some amount of balance within each rate (which is why Connie needs to be a 4th rate...but that horse has been beaten enough already).
  13. A simple and logical solution. Let us hope it is considered.
  14. I'd be fine with that...but also...as a skipper, you *should* be able to judge the state of your masts. To sail a ship effectively, you should know: what cannons can demast you, and at what ranges (remember gunnery 4 perk, double charge, pen mods, etc.) by extension, what cannons each ship has (so you know if you are demastable) how many hits it'll take to demast you with the cannons you're facing (an approximate number is fine: ex: 5 hits for a Surprise) how many hits your masts have taken thus far in the fight. pay attention judge the hit markers on your masts from cannonballs learn to bait shots into your angled hull don't be afraid to trade a bit of side HP to save your masts if the player you're fighting is any good if he can hit masts well, and he has the required cannons to take your masts...its probably best not to take that fight if he's missing most of his shots...you can probably out-smart or out-damage him Not to sound like "git gud" but essentially...yeah. I've been demasted plenty of times. Rarely has it been a surprise event for me (except when they demast through shooting hull...that one is almost always a surprise ). But I've also denied being demasted plenty of times by use of a well-timed rig repair, or pulling out of a losing fight. Again, I'd be fine with a red/orange/yellow/green gradient scale for each mast. But I think the enemy should also know this information . If we already magically let them know how healthy our structure, side HP, and crew count is, why not also tell them about the masts? Be careful what you wish for, it might backfire if this is implemented.
  15. No. Emergency repair is already on a short cooldown. Add in emergency master and you're unlikely to ever lose a mast if you spam emergency repair every time it is available. Demasting is in an OK spot right now. Its not perfect, but its not as badly balanced as the rest of the combat model with the OP gear we have these days. I suggest: Go back to a single rig repair, and a single hull repair. No magically regrowing masts every few minutes. No pulling away to print a new ship and come back again over and over. Bring back the focus on skill, reduce the importance of gear.
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