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  1. They had the balance right for a few months (this was sometime maybe a year+ ago). Pavel was the fastest, best turning, and thickest of the two second rates. Buc had the HP and the firepower, but lacked in other areas. Then they nerfed Pavel again. Suggestions I've come up with and/or read elsewhere: Return Pavel to her previous balance, as above; keeping her lackluster firepower to balance superior handling and angling abilities OR: Buff speed and handling some, but mostly buff the cannons. I suggest allowing Pavel to be the only all-carronade SOL (bigger than a 4th rate). (insert historical accuracy complaint here) Let her carry 42 carros on both lower decks, and 32 carronades on the upper gundecks. This, combined with speed and maneuverability will see Pavel become a good brawler. I'd even go so far as to suggest 68pd carronades on the lowest deck, but that would probably be OP with the new damage model. OR: Buff speed and handling, also increase the middle deck to 32pd longs and the deck above that to 12pd longs/32pd carronades. OR: Buff speed and handling, increase the upper deck to 18pd cannons/42pd carronades With ALL of these suggestions, add bow chasers to Pavel (and Bucentaure). They have plenty of room up there for a couple of chase guns. There is absolutely no reason why a captain couldn't/wouldn't move a couple small guns there if he wanted chasers. That being said, I still use Pavel, but only because I really dislike Bucentaure. With patch 30, it lost the one last little advantage it still had (hull shape, which matters less now than it used to). How to use Pavel now? Use it to club smaller ships. Equip OP musket mods to one-shot or two-shot players who you manage to board. Use it to snipe masts and make sweet stern rakes while your friends tank damage for you and complain that you're in a Pavel. Equip mega mast mods so you don't lose your own masts while you try to board. Equip super carpenter mods so you can zombie-heal whatever damage is done to you while you push ships into the wind. Your bowsprit is a toothpick, even Constitution can snap it off, so don't ram anything unless you are prepared to lose it. You will ultimately fail to board because of DD your crew is too low, so have to have a friend ready to rake him for you. Finally board him and musket him. He gets the shame of being defeated by a Pavel. Now go repair because your ship is paper, even when you're a tank build. Really though, Pavel struggles to find a spot. And if you don't put the right mods on it, and handle it very well, it will live up to its reputation as a garbage ship.
  2. Uh huh. Just like we sold the additional brake pumps, Cerberus paints, and fine/mastercraft ships, right? “Just sell the stuff you don’t want!” They said. It’ll be fine they said. Of course there will be a market for all permits, because every ship is liked, by someone. That’s not the point. The point is, adding one more chest tier so that the RNG permit comes from a smaller pool of available permits is better, because it’s less frustrating.
  3. Whoa I didn't say I don't want them, Endy is one of my favorite frigates too. Just that its nice when RNG isn't such a big part of whether you get the permit you want. If you make it so there are only 3-4 ship permits per chest type, and you can pick what missions you choose (so what chests you get rewarded), then RNG is less of an annoyance.
  4. This is the best. I like @admin's plan, but I like this more. Both are solid, but I think adding the extra chest tier makes Privateer's suggestion better. I really don't want to end up with a stack of Indef or Endy permits when what I really want is a Santi or Bellona permit, and although RNG chances might be equal to get those permits, we all know that a Santisima permit will be worth more than Indefatigable permit because the ship it makes is better and more useful. This suggestion would help us, as you say, have a higher chance to get the permit we want. Also, as others said, what about Santa Cecilia and Diana @admin ? I had always envisioned Santa Cecilia (bloody Hermione) being an early access tester only gift ship, and the base (yellow and black) trim Hermione being maybe a permit or DLC ship. That way we (the early access players) have a truly special ship, but its really only cosmetically different from the ship that players can obtain post-release. But really, I just want assurances I will be able to access two of my favorite frigates post-release.
  5. Simple fix: Oak and Fir farms available at non-capturable national ports (capitals and surrounding ports). Teak, Live Oak, White Oak, Mahogany, and Bermuda Cedar farms available at all captured ports. Sabicu, Oak, Fir, and Caguarian are provided by freeport shops. RvR incentive is the rare-resources that ports produce that go into upgrades like French rig or Cartagena refit. The original 2016 system was similar to this (all woods available to everyone), and it was much better. Players didn't have to worry about losing a good ship, because the woods were easy to get to rebuild it.
  6. Yes, that's the point. When all players sink/escape, battle should end, regardless if the join timer is still open. A fleet should join together (or within a few minutes of each other). Sending half a fleet in, escaping/sinking, then sending the other half in makes little/no sense, and mechanics shouldn't allow it. So yes, they could have joined a few more ships, but realistically, they weren't going to do that, or they would have joined all at once to fight. Why waste time waiting for more to join, when it was already made clear that the fleet didn't wish to fight? I'm NOT suggesting that join timer be reduced, mind you. Its fine if a fleet is delayed because of screening, late log ins, etc.... but what I don't like is wasted time watching points tick up after you already sank/ran off all the ships that joined.
  7. I don't remember the exact time, maybe 25 minutes into the battle... Anyways, point is, when all players on one side sink/escape, they should insta-lose, regardless of how late/early it is in the PB.
  8. There is a 30 minute timer for the fleet, in case they're late. Nothing will happen differently in the PB unless the enemy joins and then leaves, or gets sunk. If they never join, the battle *should* go on until the join timer for the enemy side is up, then insta-win for the side with players in the PB. (thats the way it should happen, what actually happens is one side has to get to 1000 points, which isn't hard to do in 30 minutes with no opposition). If you join with a spy alt, thats 100% on the clan that allowed an alt into their ranks, and/or on the clan that added to friendly list an alt clan. Game mechanics have allowed us to completely exclude alts from port battles, so the only excuse for one to get in is the clan's incompetence. Its that simple.
  9. So this evening, we discovered an annoying mechanic. When all enemy players in our port battle had sunk or escaped, the battle didn't end. We feel that once all players on one side of a PB are sunk or escaped, the battle should automatically win. This will encourage fleets to join together and stick around and fight. Otherwise, its a massive waste of time for a fleet to sit there after they sank everyone (or everyone escaped). Hopefully this simple mechanic can be slid in the next patch. EDIT: in case anyone was wondering, they left/were all sunk by around 800 points into the battle. This left us to sail around and look pretty for a few minutes longer (waste of time).
  10. @Teutonic, basically this: GB and Swedes were in the area, we were running a few minutes late, so we decide to forsake the PB in favor of a fight with the screeners (ultimately, we didn't want the port, as much as we wanted a fight). Unfortunately for us, the Brit fleet and US screen fleet, in typical fashion, kited and ran most of the battle, with the only notable action being the Swede fireship attempt. After the big screen battle where nothing really happened, we ganked a ship or two and they did the same to us. Honestly, I can't blame them. After patches 27-30, why bother risking any line ship in a fight you might lose? Because replacing a decent ship is darned near impossible these days (exaggeration, but nobody wants to spend weeks getting stuff for a ship). No point in fighting a "good" battle anymore, unless you're confident you'll win. RIP Naval Action (but that's a topic for another thread). I shudder to think about all the PvE grinding I'll need to do to replace my ships after the wipes. We had planned to flip Ruatan earlier in the evening for a proper primetime fight where we could have a PB fleet + screeners, but stuff came up and the grinding got pushed back till later. Shame we were a few minutes slow in winning the screening fight, as it was, we nearly made it into the PB, missing the join window by mere minutes.
  11. Screening fight for Ruatan. We set a PB for Ruatan at a terribly late hour... Our PB fleet got screened by some US players who decided to stay up late. This was the result: (thanks to random disconnect in the middle that reset numbers of hull hits, sails, etc....making it look like I did nothing in the fight LOL). Anyways, thanks for the fight US.
  12. If they popped out of battle and were in a battle group, they’d get pulled in with the tag, assuming that their cannot attack/be attacked timers were up. At least, that’s how it works with normal OW ROE. I don’t think that ROE is any different for the patrol zone, in that regard. You said you looked around before the tag. Is it possible that they could have been under invisibility while you were looking around? The timer difference between cannot attack and invisibility isn’t very long, it’s quite easy to drag your whole fleet in this way. At any rate, patrol zones are for getting ganked. I avoid them at all cost unless I’m with the fleet that’s doing the ganking and can fill the BR limit.
  13. Decent, but I think I've got one better: ALL wood types accessible via farms that can be built in any capturable port. Capitals and non-capturable ports provide oak/fir only. Free towns provide sabicu, caguarian, and mahogany. Encourages RvR, but doesn't unfairly punish those who don't have alts or are otherwise unable to access the actually-useable woods. (insert comments about how oak/oak or sab/oak or whatever silly combination is useful because "I sank xxx with my sab/oak xxxx git gud noob" also "but you can purchase teak from traders or even loot from AI...blah blah blah.") No thanks. I'm talking about players actually being able to make decent ships to go out and fight in, and hopefully not too expensive either. Hitting AI for a week to afford/find enough live oak or teak or white oak to make a large-ish ship is unacceptable. I remember 'back in the day' when we only had 4 wood types, with a much smaller difference between specs. And all were easily accessible through farms from any port. Believe it or not, people still RvR'd even without the "incentive" provided by rare woods. Also, shockingly, players were more willing to fight when they knew they could afford to sail decent ships and replace their losses. Risk vs Reward is important, but it has gone too far. Let the rare resources that make mods be the "incentive" to RvR. After all, with the new PvP shop mods being as good or better, in most categories, we finally have multiple ways to get good gear for our ships. I think the prices are a bit high considering the reward amounts per ship sunk, but thats a topic for another discussion. Tone down the 'hardcore, full-loot mentality,' make it easy once again for players to stay in ships, and online numbers will increase again. PvP will occur more often and the quality of PvP will be better because players aren't trying to either overwhelm or run from their enemies every battle.
  14. Indeed, thank you developers for a beautiful ship. Also, if anyone wasn't sure, it can sail in shallow water.
  15. Now available for purchase! Fueled by the salty tears of your opponents who don't buy the DLC, this Ship of the Line Fourth Rate will surely rule the seas! Meanwhile, in the boiler room:
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