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Found 139 results

  1. After 3 years of being on the front lines of RvR action WO will be fading into the pages of history in naval action. There has been a lot of long nights and hard fought battles. However, with the extreme lack of content and enemy fleets during our timezone, we are docking the fleet for the last time. If the server pop during the USA timezone is ever able to sustain 600+ we may return. Until that time WO will cease to exist as a RvR force. Best count to our memory is that we have a verified Port battle record of 27 wins-5 losses. Only counting contested port battles. also not counting battles we were screened out of. One last trip down memory lane for the history books. These are some of the pb victories. Santa marta Les cayes pb Georges town. San Augustine Kidds harbor North inlet Pointe a Pitre pb Tibron pb PB for Apalachicola Salina point pb AYS PB Bensalem pb Honorable mentions that are not pbs Fair winds and calm seas gentlemen. O7 KoC.
  2. Batman

    Dear Spain

    Please, do not nightflip Great Britain. We want to sleep. Thanks
  3. Red Banner Fleet [REDS] Russian Empire (War Server) For the Great and Glorious Mother Russia! The Red Banner Fleet [REDS] has been chartered by our beloved Tsar Alexander the Blessed to pursue conquest in the Caribbean. Captains taking up arms in our Company are offered steady pay and commission aboard some of the many freshly build vessels already fitted and prepared for the Caribbean Campaign. To join us you must hoist the St. Andrew’s Cross (or plan to do so), you must have Teamspeak, and you should understand English. Find us on our Teamspeak, fleet.red, for an interview with one of our Officers. Server: War Server / PvP Nation: Russian Empire Teamspeak: fleet.red REDS is the merger of clans PLANB, CHAOS/KINGS & RDNN/LEGO. For our freedom and yours! The Russians are coming!
  4. Based on an Old Topic I made way back when: So myself, my clanmates, and I am sure a lot of people have really enjoyed Investments to a degree. The idea was nice, the intentions were probably fair.... the problem is that the outcome has created a terrible environment for RvR and the lack of it. There are other issues with RvR at this time. but i'll leave that to other threads. Investments have turned what should be an active RvR conflict into a no-mans-land of dead content and everyone hesitating to fight each other for fear of "forcing" people to make the choice to stop playing this game. I firmly believe no one here wants people to stop playing, but they also fight the urge to "go pvp regardless of the future population decline." I write this with a clear understanding that port bonuses and investments are probably "too far coded" that the Devs may never revert them. When I originally created the Topic about regional bonuses, I had the idea of what investments became, but I was geared more to economical incentives and not straight up power creep that it has become. So if I had the ability to choose to Kill investments the way they are and completely re-build how they should be --- Yes, I'd kill the port bonus investments. I still think that "regional bonuses" of what I argued before would work - we still have a port county system, the frontline system could use adjustments - but otherwise would be fine with this. So to re-state how regional bonuses would take effect. 1. A nation needs to hold the entire region in order for regional bonuses to be activated (after a downtime maintenance) 2. Nations can "take away" regional bonuses by taking a port within the county to disrupt the stability and defending nations (and all nations in the county) would lose the bonuses. The reason why I believe this would work better is that Overall I feel a large group of players in NA want to disrupt their enemies and have a real feeling of negatively affecting their opponents economic backbone without "destroying" a nation like what we would have if you take someone's invested crafting port. Example: Imagine Russia owning the entire Santo domingo County - all Denmark would need to do to disrupt their economy in that county is to hold Higuey. Or the County of Vera Cruz, you would only need to take Alvarado away from Russia to disrupt these bonuses. Regional Bonus Perks and Investment changes - I originally had 4 in mind and I believe the Devs have at least implemented "some" of what I was looking for. having the ability to invest resources (both rare and basic) is really nice and I think really helps create the idea of building up "your" ports to be these great economic machines. I also feel that the better chances for better ships in ports that can be captured is going in the right direction. Even with these changes, I don't really think it's enough and I advocate again for a change to investments and new additions to be worked on. Investment changes 1. Drop ALL port bonus investments. The intended goal was to create ships with "unique" stat bonuses. but unfortunately it just got geared to a ship outright being better than anything else - Including the side-effect that people not in a friendly list or clan just can't take advantage of this (and only hope that a ship is sold on the market). delete port bonuses 2. keep resource investments as they are - The goal should be to create economic benefits for nations and clans, not just power creep on ships. Regional Bonus Perks - Improved - Remind yourself that these ONLY take affect when a nation owns the entire county 1. Reduced Port Maintenance cost - I am bringing this one back again because I STILL think it's both needed and would be a welcome change. When a county is controlled by one nation, reduce all maintenance costs of ports in the county by 25%. Example -- 4,000 reals cost becomes 3,000 while regional bonuses are activated 2. Lower all Crafting resource costs by 10% - If something costs 100 fir logs to make - it now only costs 90. This creates incentives for players to craft in the region WITHOUT restricting them to a port with port bonuses. Port bonuses have the adverse affect that essentially force players to craft ships in that port, if a nation/group lose this port they lose a shit ton more than they really deserve to lose. Now players can be in any port in the region and gain the benefits of it. If a region gets contested - players don't immediately lose their ability to play because players can craft a ship or mod that's the same as everyone else - only you use more resources again. 3. Ship Trims are added to the crafting and "special trims now have a chance" - What I mean by this is the following: ship trims like we have them now, Cramped, Fast, mast, etc are now able to be chosen in your crafting window when you also choose wood types on your ships. advanced ship trims like - "very fast," "very cramped," "Heavy Rig," are now able to be chosen for the crafter to get a "Chance" to get these trims. Elite/NPC Trims like "Redoutable refit," "Bermuda Refit," "Build Strength" that you normally only can find on captured NPC ships now have a chance to be added on the ship you craft similar to how trims are now. Further clarification: A. Agile, Cramped, Fast, Sturdy, and Strong Rig - Crafter chooses which one they want on their ship when in the crafting window B. Very Agile, Very cramped, Very Fast, Very sturdy, Heavy Rig - Crafter can now "choose" one of these trims for a chance to get them on their ship -- If the crafter does not get the trim, the ship has no trim. C. NPC only Refits/Trims like Barbary Refit, Bermuda Refit, Stiffness, Build Strength, etc - When Crafting a ship, these trims/refits now act like trims do right now - crafter does not get a choice on these refits, but gets a chance. Effectively this Regional bonus would become the "NEW Port Bonus" on what I believe port bonuses should have actually been. A Crafter could get a surprise with agile as their choice - and with luck get the liverpool refit for a better bonus on turn-speed A Crafter could now attempt to get Very Fast on a surprise - but still have the chance to not get it (The chance for the NPC Refits still works here too) A Crafter could get a legendary ship with Very Fast and Bermuda Refit for an extremely fast ship. Heck the Crafter got lucky and got a GOLD ship too! A Crafter could have the bad luck of not getting an elite trim and then getting the Shabby trim 4. County Capital owner gains choice of rare resource generation - What I mean by this is that when a County is controlled by an entire nation - the Clan that owns the County Capital gets a choice (after maintenance) to garner support from Europe in bringing in resources to further the war effort. Essentially this would allow a nation to choose the county port to "spawn" Swedish Carpenters, or Spanish Square Sails. These would spawn like they normally do now - on the open market and everyone has the ability to place a contract to buy them. Clan Owner can "change" the support for a different resource, but the cooldown is 2 weeks. So if you chose to garner support from France, you could then choose to get French Sail Cloth or Diplome D'Artillierie (but not both) - You then must wait 2 weeks before you would be able to change your support to a different resource. ----------------------------------------- The ultimate point is that Investments, Port Bonuses, Regional Bonuses - should ALL be geared towards an economic background. Better economy, and better economic bonuses towards crafting would ultimately make the incentives for both controlling a county as best as you can, as well as attempting to disrupt the opponent so they do not get these bonuses.
  5. Recently, Russians asked to take over Cap-Francais in order to launch a war against the Dutch in an effort to expel the cloggers from Haiti. The agreement was set to give Russia temporary control of Cap-Franc until they capture Port-au-Prince to further advance on the Dutch. The reality is that the Russian Empire intends to control the entire world. Rather than taking only CP, they are poised to consume the entire Cap-Franc regional ports. What will the rest of the Caribbean do with this information? Will other nations take heed against the dirty deals from all Russians? Will any nation be able to stand up against the Russian Horde? Will more captains leave their nation as despicable traitors and fly the Russian flag? Will all other nations simply evacuate the Caribbean leaving the Russians with nothing to do but farm their own national friends who "sail under flags of pretense" because there are no true enemies to find? What will the world do? Considering the recent massive emigration from the Caribbean, it looks as though the latter has occurred.
  6. Here are my thoughts on how a Civil War Mechanic should work: 2 days to choose a side, 5 days to wage war, 20 day cool down. Within the same Nation, 1 clan Declares a Civil War against another clan via the Operations Menu / Civil War. From a drop down menu select a clan. (Only clans in your nation will show.) An automatic in-game email will be sent to everyone in said nation announcing the Declaration of Civil War from one clan on the other clan. (Clan X Declares Civil War against Clan Y.) All clans within that nation have 48 hours to choose which of those two clans they want to ally with. Any clan not choosing either clan is not privy to the following mechanics. In OW, all players from one allied side will see all players from the other side as "Traitor Player" rather than "Enemy Player". (Plz for the love of God change "Player" to "Captain".) They can attack each other, same as attacking someone from an enemy nation. ??? This battle will instantly close to everyone from every nation? ??? This battle will instantly close to only enemy nations? (The "Battle Side Locked" will prevent those in the Civil War from joining wrong side.) ??? This battle will have standard OW Battle Mechanics allowing enemy nations to join a side? (Would require listing the two Civil War clans in the Battle Info, so enemy nations can choose which side to help) Both Civil War Clans can raise hostility against each others' ports. Only those clans who chose a side can join in these hostility missions for whichever side they allied with. Port Battles will schedule the same as normal (24 hours after hostility completed) The Port Battle Winner owns said port after server maintenance losing 1 level on each Port Bonus. I'm no game coder, but it seems as whatever tag "Enemy Players" have it would be required that those within same nation would be required to have a Sub-Tag 1 (for one side) and a Sub-Tag 2 (for other side).
  7. I am pleased to announce that [VCO] Voodoo Shipping Company is recruiting Captains of a Piratical Disposition We are a PvP and RvR-oriented pirate clan with a solid reputation on both of those fronts. Established in 2016, VCO has been with Naval Action since the beginning, testing and contributing to the development of the game. We primarily play a PvP/Privateering playstyle, with a healthy amount of RvR thrown in. VCO’s diverse player roster enjoys our blend of PvP and RvR, with some PvE events and trade operations thrown in as well. We are Content Creators in Naval Action. VCO is an independent clan. We work for our own interests, first and foremost; but we also make every attempt to consider what is best for our nation as well. To this end, we’ll definitely cut deals to work with other clans for a common goal. We have no permanent alliances and every alliance or deal made is made with the understanding that we’ll likely end up on opposite ends of the cannon at some time or another again. It’s a PvP game and that’s just what happens. If you wish to begin alliance talks, or wish to hire us as mercenaries, contact Christendom, Coraline Vodka, or Wraith. In VCO, we take pride of our ability to work together to form the People’s Shipline that provides all of our players with the necessary supplies needed to succeed in the game. You’ll never have to worry about juggling crafting hours, buildings and workshops and shipyards ever again. Just contribute your share and you’ll reap the dividends in on-demand ship construction (with cannons provided to avoid incidents), repairs, and mods. In VCO, we have people from all walks of life, logging in from all over the world to enjoy this unique game with us. We don’t ask much of our recruits, but we do have a few requirements: Use comms: we have a Discord server for text chat so everyone can stay up-to-date on whats going on, and we have a TeamSpeak channel for voice chat when playing together in group events. Have a bit of thick skin, good-natured ribbing is to be expected—don’t take personal offence if you’re the target end of a joke once in a while (as typed by the master duelist who is constantly reminded how he lost Surprise vs LGV). Maturity: we have no real age limit in VCO, and our clan has young folks just out of highschool and retired folks who remember a time before the internet. All we ask is that you have a bit of maturity when the situation calls for it. Our discord has text channels for discussion of politics and beer choices…if this offends you then it is suggested you avoid those channels. Remember that it’s a game. Have fun and if it starts to feel like work, don’t stick around and get stressed. Its not a job and you’re not expected to be online at every opportunity. No Eagles fans. Must understand that Naval Action is at least 70% scrolling through Reddit or watching Netflix while waiting on some battle or a long sail. What you can expect from joining VCO: Regular PvP hunting squadrons. Almost every day, someone from VCO can be found looking for enemies to sink. If you aren’t experienced, we can teach you. RvR action like Port Battles and Screening. We are fortunate to have some excellent Port Battle commanders and tacticians in our clan, with thousands of collective hours of Port Battle experience between us. The best shipline in the game: the People’s Shipline will take care of you. We know that grinding ship slots together makes the grind much more enjoyable, and sometimes you just don’t have time to dedicate to PvP activites. That’s why we do PvE events like fleet missions, cargo deliveries, epic events, trader escort duty, etc. If you’re into it, we dabble in a few other games as well, you can learn more about that on our Discord once you join. Some VCO achievements: Destroying Nations Professional Nightflippers Destroyers of PvP1 75% of the clan is forum-banned for offering critical opinions of various changes Having the longest grudge match in the entire game against Kingy Hated and Loved by the top 5 most prominent EU content creators Content Creation. Some prominent VCO members, and their cheeky titles: Christendom, The Thrice-Banned Night King, Maker of Deals, Destroyer of Worlds the Screen Master, Santi Disaster, Amplify, CNN Reporter, former Lord of Key West Coraline "Cupcake and Craft" Vodka Tiargo "Dont' Call me Russian" Studying Aussie and lady's man, Dusty "Dusty-San" Attenborough skmarsh "Can I take a Snow?" "Master Planner Mcmannis" ElrictheTwo. Or the "faceless man" Louisvann "Oh gotta go, my kid woke up" Boxtel The proud Grandfather, John Paul Smith William Death, Master Demaster, Duelist, Admiral of the fleet, loser of Surprise to LGV, etc. “Duel me brah” "Banned…Again?" Wraith the Master of coin, Aventador Lady “here’s some pictures of my silly cat” Hamilton Midnightlight, Anime Lord and Master of all things anime and first prize-winner of BLACK’s March Madness Campaign Souless, “You gotta remember, Midnight’s a noob” Spikes, The Sidekick Para Bellum “I’ve got boarding prepped!” Cheeky "I need a first rate" Breeky, Meme-master “Lol he reported me for sinking him” Privateer “Where’d your masts go?” "Anyone got a Christian permit?" Storm Crow “I’m tagging him” …. “Yes I know there’s a fort; I’ll get him before the fort gets me.” Hammy “I’m in my Trinc if you wanna come hunting.” WarlordSquid “We need ‘stars’ guys!” JD Shots “U want an Ocean m8? I’ve got 30 of them” Jack Aubrrey "Oi! I see an LGV over there William!" Fat Thor "I gotta make dinner for the wife" Contacting VCO: Contact any VCO member in this thread, in-game via nation chat, or at the unofficial Naval Action discord: https://discord.gg/pXyNjF2 Someone will direct you to an online-officer who can get you in the clan and get you our TeamSpeak and Discord information. JOIN TODAY! Gone out for some vodka, recruitment closed for now. 8/27/18
  8. [SNOW] is now recruiting. Applicants much use Discord, be over 18, and have passed the final exam in-game. Please PM a SNOW member for more information on our recruitment process. English speaking clan with a few peculiar foreign people such as Germans and Greeks. PvP/RvR focus. Benefits of membership are to be accused of being a ganker solo in a snow and to make excellent puns such as, "you stand snow chance of escaping" or "it's snow problem sir!" This is the SNOW Discord link: https://discord.gg/9J8YHBt SNOW is a democracy, upon full membership you get to vote, use clan warehouse and use our fun GoogleDocs spreadsheet. We pride ourselves on being a modern clan and have made an effort to boost diversity and be an inclusive clan. We have a token Pole, a woman and a stereotypical organised German! Believe it or not we know Dean Martin and he was kind enough to record our official theme tune which can be found below Bing Crosby not wanting to be outdone had a crack at is as well. You get the general gist. Be a special snowflake today!
  9. fix port battles BR, i.e. lower them. RVR Is dead I would say entirely because of BR. need anything else be said?
  10. Bytt nation? Precis börjat spela? Söker du gemenskap? Vi ser helst att alla medlemmar hjälps åt med resursproduktion där målsättningen är fri tillgång på skepp. Vi pratar givetvis 100% svenska och spelar såklart i Sverige. Skriv till någon av oss officerare in game: Rigge, TraxxxoN, Tjomb eller Demsity Åldersgräns 20 år - Då våran medelålder ligger på cirka 35. Vi har heller inget aktivitetskrav. Men vi ser gärna att du tittar in då och då! Vi finns på PVP servern. Välkomna!
  11. Beware the rise of the blood moon [SNACH] Scalawags Naval & Charter Haus We are the scourge of the sea always looking to expand our international navy of scalawags who are not afraid to shed some blood upon the decks of our enemies. Our focus is PvP/RvR and are part of the all-call rats ready to join any battle anywhere. We also dabble in econ and have a few blacksmiths and shipwrights ready to build armed fleets for our squad and others. Simple requirements: Participation - Be ready for the call to arms. Be willing to help fill the warehouse with reals, doubloons, resources, and materials for our blacksmiths and shipwrights. Be willing to participate in the grind helping everyone to rank and gain ship knowledge. Be willing to help build our ports. Be willing to use your labor hours for materials. Communication - Once in clan we need you in TS as often as possible, even if it is only to listen. We are primarily English speakers with a couple French-Canadien. Maturity - Be an adult. Be courteous to all, even our enemies. Be confident. Be courageous. Be ruthless. Pixel Fodder - Remember this is just a game. Don't be afraid to lose a ship or few, for they can be replaced if everyone does their part. OG Founders: Big Balls Buck - Squadron Commander, Ball-dragger extraordinaire, Hunter of the big buck - USA TZ Nek Von Kraak - Diplomat - CAN TZ Yonar YawWalker - Diplomat - CAN TZ Dread TakeFam - Diplomat - USA TZ Poonhound - Officer - USA TZ Farrago - Officer - USA TZ Rhumb - Officer - AUS TZ Vinnierial - Officer - USA TZ van der Clam - Officer - USA TZ Onbekende - Officer - USA TZ Scalawags: billy bowlegs - Officer - USA TZ Captain Grundal - Officer - CAN TZ Egregious Twat - Officer - AUS TZ Harley Davison - Member - USA TZ John Jean - Member - CAN TZ Mishmash - Member - USA TZ One Eye One Horn - Member - USA TZ Purple People Eater - Member - USA TZ Speedy Gonzales - Member - USA TZ Be not afraid to shed some blood and join the SNACH squadron!
  12. So is it intentional that the Mortar Brig has to be in firing range of a fort now to be able to hit it, while dealing almost no damage to it with mortar hits? Are forts supposed to be indestructible in battle now and if so why has the mortar brig's reload and accuracy been nerfed instead of simply removing it from the game entirely? Am I missing something? @admin @Ink Please clarify, thank you.
  13. Since release not much actual RvR which wasn't against NPCs has happened but what I am noticing is many clans/people are afraid or incapable of doing any meaningfull RvR with the current frontline system, as they lack players to fill a 20-25k BR port and also have screening. I agree the frontline system made RvR a lot better, but I think some teaks could be done to it. So here are a few points I think could be changed in the frontline system to make it more interesting (all below are my personal opinions): 1. Make it so a Nation has to take 1/2 "small ports" before they can attack the Capital that belongs to them. Advantages: A nation can not loose it's crafting port in two days, loosing crafting ports will dirve players away from the game so some stability there would be very nice. Smaller BR ports are easier for a smaller nation to fill and would probably lead to more RvR. A Nation has more time and tries to defend their Important ports, and the closer a nation gets to the main port of another nation the mopre people will get involved In my opinion taking ports should be hard. At the Moment I see many nation giving up entire regions when the Capital falls. Nations don't have much reason to attack small ports, as there is no reason to take them to get to the Capital you want to get to. Disadvantages: Very hard to hurt a nation, by taking the crafting port. Upgrading ports is a great money drain so the more upgrading happens the better for the games economy. 2. Decrease the range of how far away you can take missions for Ports .At the moment Denmark can attack Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata and Grand Turk from La Mona. I feel this is a bit too far. Advantages: . The idea, at least for me, behind a frontline system is that Nation can not just appear half way across the map with 1 or 2 port battles. This again leads to less RvR as you can just "skip" regions you are not interested in. Disadvantages: Some regions of the map will probably never/rarely see any RvR as they are too hard to get to (Mexican Gulf/Central America) 3. Give some great rewards for taking ports to all people in the nation (or at least to the ones in clans on the friendslist of a defending/attacking clan). Yes Victory marks are great but probably gonna inflate soon when port upgrading is done. THis could lead to people being more interested in RvR. I am thinking of Admiral chests, maybe some ship Permits or the sort. Advantages: Casual players have more reasons to participate in offensive RvR People have a few more reasons to go and attack/defend small ports once the capital has fallen. Disadvantages: Can't see any feel free to add them in the comments Hope we can start a discussion about RvR here and maybe find a common line most players would like to see in RvR
  14. Can anyone share their experience with the Mortar Brig post release / nerf? How effective is it against ships and fortifications compared to previous stats / performance? How did the damage model rework affect it? I remember the MB was already not very popular generally in PB lineups, just if you needed it someone had to sail it... Is there any more efficient / faster / enjoyable way to unlock its slots than fighting tiny bots with its broadside?
  15. Extending Life to RvR - Regi’s Theory We all want this game to have longevity, so I was thinking today about different tools and mechanisms that could be used by the devs in this game to assure longevity in this game. Let’s face it, RvR and PvP is key to keeping a hardcore player base, so how do we make sure this game doesn’t become stale in 12 months (or less as most players are coming from EA). To start, let’s look at Why are RvR and PvP so important? In short, it takes the burden off Developers to create content for the player base by creating a Positive Feedback Loop. If players fight, they make content, and if there is content, people keep playing, thus creating more content, which draws new players, etc, etc. (Eve Online is a perfect example of player driven content keeping a game consistently fresh). Further to this, I see three fundamental reasons to play an RvR MMO. Firstly, the fight/challenge is enjoyable. Secondly, there is a reason to fight. Lastly, there is Hope that you, or your clan, will become ultimately successful if you continue fighting. If one of these three is lacking in a game, the feedback loop is broken, or has the potential of working backwards. Fights become boring, players become disenfranchised, less content, bad reviews, new players don’t bother buying. We’re already seeing this to an extent, so how do we avoid this happening? There are two game mechanics that have been consistently brought up in the forums that I would like to explore as examples. Port Battle BR Limits and Trading (the latter will be focused on reasons WHY to own ports). Lowering Port Battle BR Limits and BALANCE: With what we saw at the end of EA with the current BR limits was that the best way to fight a capital port battle was to have nothing but 1st rates (L’Ocean Blob). These are not only incredibly expensive to partake in requiring significant resources from a nation or clan, but also offer no opportunity for diverse tactics. There is a high probability that this will become stale, if it has not already. The most common argument for maintaining the current BR limit is that “people will always find the most powerful ships at the available battle rating, so what is the point?” Well, yes, there will always be a “META” as naturally players will find the optimal way to win. However with the current model, there is no availability for the META to change, which is primary point draw back to this current system. Before going further, lets look at other advantages of lowering BR Limits (not bothering with historical, only focusing on gameplay). A lower BR limit in port battles forces the decision of which ships each side will and won’t take. Lets take Mechwarrior as an example here. Each battle or “Drop” has a certain maximum tonnage which means you cannot just take 12 of the heaviest mechs possible. This means that there are viable selections to be made before each battle which makes things interesting. Projecting this effect to NA, a lower BR Limit would: 1. Reward preparation, organisation and discipline of clans involved. 2. Mix ship types to require more advanced strategies, or at least a higher variation of strategy being deployed in Port Battles. 3. Allow smaller, more elite clans to be competitive as an organised unit could beat a better economic backing All three of the above points cover two of the three “Fundamental Reasons to Play and RvR Game.” Fights will be enjoyable long term because: · Dynamic strategy means PB’s are less likely to become routine · Mix of ship types allow players to specialise in roles outside of just first rates. · Leadership challenges prolong the interest of clan leaders or competitive groups. Hope is given and is important because: · A competitive clan with less resources can elect to bring only heavier ships and have a fighting change · Developing new strategies could be what gives the edge over fighting a clan with 100% port boni L’Ocean Fleet, but is unorganised · Hope of winning means people are more likely to make risks, risks mean more content. More content = good. Let’s get back to the META concept. Firstly, I agree that in the current state, the playerbase will 100% find the optimum ship composition to enter the port battle within 2 months. We actually want this because it provides the opportunity for BALANCE. The Dev team has the opportunity every 3 months to make balances based upon the stats in port battles and player feedback. Each balance can mean that the META changes, and if the meta changes, players and leadership have to continually rethink strategies and compositions every few months. This is what keeps a game alive. You look at League of Legends, or Dota, and you see that minor balance tweaks each season is what provides longevity to a game that is essentially unchanged since release. It is a tool for a small Dev Team to consistently provide minor tweaks that have huge impacts, but in order for it to work, there MUST be an overall ruleset/framework that remains unchanged, and I would suggest that this framework be a reasonably lower BR. TRADING and Map Ownership Since this post is getting long, I’ll try to simplify this. There has to be a reason to own ports, beyond just having a place to build shiny ships, or a staging point for battles. Currently there is no reason to own a port on opposite sides of the map, unless you just want PvP action, and with the ability to invest in ports to create resources, there are no points in the map that all factions want. Fixing trading is a must to allow for a better high risk, high reward mechanic to make money. However it is also an opportunity to go further by making this mechanic improve ports owned by clans over time, with bonuses relative to the distance, or the resources involved. It could increase the bonus to ships, or simply just the income a Nation can gain. Or it could be another way of growing a port to become more impenetrable (think Citadels in Eve Online). This solves the second “Fundamental reason to play and RVR game.” Let’s take an example where a clan or nation has an established hold of the Lower Antilles. Why would they ever want to venture as far as the Yucatan or the Gulf of Mexico? If there was a bonus to bring resources from such a distance, it would incentivise organised nations to establish and defend a colony or outpost on the other side of the map, and rather than just turtling for the sake of PVP, actually have to sale trades across the map. This opens up opportunity for mid ocean PVP where raids take place against player made convoys. The opportunities here are numerous but I am hoping people and Devs see the potential here. The idea is to create a sandbox where the players have the opportunity to make content, and that the content does not become stale over time and is easily rejuvenated through small manageable balance changes, rather than wipes and large changes that have the potential to shock the player base (as we just experienced). But it needs to be done sooner rather than later.
  16. Some pics first to ilustrate current state of things. 20k and 25k BR ports are providing us those screenshots. 20k allows up to 22 first rates and 25k is full fleets of 25 first rates. Some exceptions with the inclusion of mortar brigs to snipe on the distance first rates (which is pretty stupid to see btw). As a consequence, almost full fleets of first rates with little diversity (mostly Oceans) in which the outcome is decided in one massive brawl. Circles become quite irrelevant, so as diversity and complexity of tactics. Second and third rates have no place in battles where there can be so many first rates, so the side which come with those ships instead of first rates is screwed. Again, another advantage to the biggest nations. Devs, if you really think all those 20-25 players like to sail always the same ship, the L'Ocean, for port battles and for hostility missions, then you are quite wrong. You have killed those players who like to sail other ships like Bucentaure, Bellona, frigates... Furthermore, in my view, those engagements are neither historical neither fulfill the potential of limited BR on port battles. All your hard work and all those hundreds of posts of forum feedback on the issue throw in the bin in the lastest patch. Discuss.
  17. Is a Front Line system something that would work in NA? IMHO, even though it is unrealistic in naval warfare, it could add some fun strategic depth. But only with some additions. As we have seen in recent threads, there are areas for improvement. IMO, the following items must be added. Hostility cannot be dropped from Free ports. Because of this, the so-called impossible nations need to have capitols (the gulf and panama need love). And as we have just covered...the clan who initiates hostility must become the port owner. I'm sure there are more areas in need of refinement. For me, without a front line system that works, there is little point in the Port Investment scheme. Should this idea be tossed out?
  18. I would like to suggest a post release wipe front line suspension for a couple of days. Why? Right now we experienced a bottle neck (2-3 capitols limit per free town) with clans not being able to expand anymore and even tho we wont have big boats post release we might get more clans and players coming back willing to expand. Flippin a port with hercs just might take a little longer but wont stop organised clans to start taking one of the few available capitols. With the wipe just being an artifact and to ease the tension in the beginning I suggest a suspension of the frontlines for a couple of days so missions for all capitols can be taken from any port. Everyone can settle in the place he likes, no whining, then after the couple days we go back to frontlines with current mechanics. Discuss.
  19. A simple suggestion, but probably not so simple to do. I think the ability for a clan to hoard the resources entirely, as much as it benefits my clan, is not the direction we should go, and it has been brought up multiple times that solo players, small clans, and clans that aren't "in the group" are shunned out of it. I suggest the clan delivery mission gets split up. What we have now for wood: 1 million logs - clan basically controls who gains access. What we should have: 1 million logs X amount is owned by the controlling clan that owns the port and subsequently anyone in their friendly clan list. Y amount is publicly available for the Nation as a whole The clan that owns the port should have SOME control over how much is available. with the smallest Public amount being 200k, and largest public amount being 800k. Clan should be able to manage it in the clan window of port management. Once the clan has decided on the split, it cannot be changed. This 100% insures that a clan controlling a port will ALWAYS have a secured resource supply of wood, but is also insures that a Nation will always have the ability to also gain in the spoils. If the clan wants to keep the majority for themselves, they are able to. Alts be damned, I don't care. I think this is the best solution for the arguments on both sides. So 2 missions would be in the ports. a Public mission and a Clan mission. Same can be done for rare resources like copper ingots, and cartaghena tar.
  20. RVR, Timers, the flow of WAR and exchange of territory -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I was just sitting down in a chair and I was thinking about Planetside 2 and their conquest. What about their system makes people O.K. with losing bases overnight? First thing to come to mind was that well, bases in planetside are expected to flip hands many times a day. That's what makes the game interesting. Unlike NA there is no making residence in a base. Things are constantly getting reset so new fight always happen, no this is not a suggestion for map wipes. It's a better idea. Next thing to come to mind was the idea of "Front Lines". I remember @admin mentioning recently about a plan to add them in some way shape or form. This got me to thinking, what if instead of timers, conquest worked more similar to the lattice control system of other RVR games. You take ports in an order, along a path. Some ports branch off into multiple paths giving strategic options. For example you work your way along a coast, jump and island, and cut off the enemies lines to their capital, possibly sending ports into neutral status. What does this accomplish? How does this solve timers you may ask? Well it's simple. Along the front lines, heavy fighting is regular. It's expected for the front lines to shift periodically. So what does this mean? Along front lines, there is no need for timers whatsoever. For one, if you hold a port and right next to it is the enemies own port, why would ever think to yourself that you could safely base their, and not expect the enemy to come charging in at any time? So with that, why do you need to set such a time window to prevent that from happening when that's what war is all about? You're probably still not with me. Imagine 7 ports lined up along a coast, 3 ports on the left are owned by the brits, 3 ports on the right are owned by the french, the port in the middle is contested, being taken by the french initially, captured by the brits the next day, recaptured by the french the day after that and so on. Isn't that normal to happen along the front? Do you really think anybody should have enough things stored in the port to even warrant setting such a strict time rule on it? They hardly own the port let alone the space around it. What gives them the right to lock it under timer and stall what is quite literally the flow of combat? I strongly believe the locking of ports should be earned, pushing at least a buffer of 3 ports or more before a port can be secure under timer lock. With that flags can be reintroduced. Flags should be what push front line gameplay, as in you can attack at that moment with whoever and whatever is available, like a real attack generally is. Timers should protect ports within territories, non border and non contested ports. If you want to cut deep into enemy lines, sure you can do that but as a penalty you have to fight on their ideal time. Otherwise you push the line. So what does this whole thing grant us? It grants us constant reciprocating action across lines thanks to instant actions and ever flowing push and pull of the front. It returns the flag system which people loved, in a way that is conducive to it's style, which is you grab everyone you can and attack, at that moment. That's a type of extremely fun play that is not possible at this time. Disclaimer on details of the suggestion: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have come up with a starter rule set for this gametype of RVR if you'll call it, but I'm kind of banking on you guys already knowing the general details. If need be we can discuss things like variables, prices, or whatever else but I expect that sort of thing to ultimately be decided by the developer. The idea is more the realm I want to stick to. So on that note, let me know what you think, does this sound like a big improvement to regular RVR? Anything you would add, take away, dispute the idea as a whole? Let me know
  21. Should any DLC ships be allowed in Portbattles at all? Feel free to elaborate on your opinion.
  22. "SAIL HO! Two points off the starboard bow!" This is a place where you can post sightings of enemy captains, or you yourself can post your own location, so people can find OWPvP easier. This obviously is directly related to a few recent posts of captains having a difficult time finding each other in this beautifully vast world, or directly complaining about other captains "hiding" in their safe zones. Here you will be able to find others to hunt. Examples: Someone else posting my location... "Dutch captain van der Decken was recently spotted in his Trincomolee around Cojoro in the Gulfo de Maracaibo between the hours of 09:00 - 12:00" or, Me posting my own location... "You can find me sailing around the Gulfo de Maracaibo between the hours of 09:00 - 12:00. Come get me!" Same thing would apply if a squadron ("clan" title in this game is inappropriate) of enemy captains were spotted, or if your squadron is hunting for other fleets. Feel free to make your post below and I will try to keep this OP updated weekly. FYI, another way you can find OWPvP is by posting in-game Global Chat your location. Either of these ways should ensure those who want PvP will indeed find it. It would have to be assumed that if those wanting PvP do not post here or in game obviously are not truly that interested in finding PvP. Date Server Time Nation Captain Name With Squadron Location 02-18 16:00 VP Hendrick van der Decken Yes Coquibacoa
  23. So we had a little Fracas over at Key West this week vs Spain and I've been a little salty about the amount of doubloons received at the end. 2 Vics sunk 3 Bucs 1 Bellona 1 Wasa 1 Belle Poule + 1 MB Total amount of dubs collected off the sunken ships was around 7000-8000. I think the highest amount received from the battle screen was around 200. Not even enough doubloons to replace 1 of the 1st rates that were risked to successfully defend the port. And we were lucky enough to be able to loot these ships. Most fights you are not given the flow of battle. Spain received nothing for their effort. ---- Rewards seem a bit abysmal no? We could probably get more doubloons capping AI trader snows in the span of an hour or 2. What incentive does Spain have to do a repeat attack? Sure we get to keep the port, but it only pays for itself 50% of the time if we're lucky. What would the alternative be? Dropping the port, not giving a shit about PBs and just sinking AI traders? Overall there's been far less deep water PBs since the doubloons patch. I see why. To be frank, this system sucks. At the very least we need to bring back chests with paints and random ship notes. Edit - more of a rant post than a suggestion, but whatever.
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