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  1. The weather conditions in port reflecting those outside port in the Open World.
  2. The 3D model of the Pandora displays the swivel guns even if they're not fitted. I like how Naval Action shows 3D models of longs, mediums or carronandes on the gun deck(s) depending on your selection. It's pedantic but it would be nice if the swivels on the Pandora were shown or not shown depending on fitment.
  3. I agree. I was going to add this in "Little things you'd like to see" but I think the architecture, layout and (possibly) prosperity of ports could be better represented, with more customisation based on national styles and using drawings and paintings of the period as a reference (e.g. https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/A_Picturesque_Tour_of_the_Island_of_Jamaica#28). This could include a main road / track running down to the wharf and town and waterfronts that are spread out a bit more horizontally. Perhaps also some variation in terrain, vegetation and rock types across the Carribbean based on historical geography so that different regions look and feel different too. It would require research, art and development resource but result in a map and game that was more immersive and encouraged travel across the map for more than just resource collection.
  4. Yes, I noticed the price of a Shipyard skyrocketed after last night's update. I now need to do some hard grafting as a delivery boy to amass the required Reals and Doubloons despite having, what would have been previously, a modestly healthy bank balance. PvE or PvP just ain't going to be efficient enough!
  5. Historically the Pandora was a sixth-rate post ship (commanded by a post captain) and not officially a frigate, so closer to a Cerberus (an earlier frigate design) in capability than any later, true fifth-rate, which may help explain its comparative combat performance in-game. I've ignored it until now but am looking forward to giving it a try (as a Teak / Mahogany DLC substitute for my crafted Surprise) this evening.
  6. Nation: Britain Clan: Australian Squadron Tag: AUSQN In-game name: Commodore Sixty Four Forum name: Commodore Sixty Four https://forum.game-labs.net/profile/29201-commodore-sixty-four/ Language: English About: Australian Squadron (AUSQN) is a Naval Action clan established in May 2019 primarily, though not exclusively, for Australian and New Zealand players. It has one member and is focussed on recreation of realistic fleets, squadrons and tactics of the Royal Navy during the period from the beginning of the American War of Independence to the end of the Napoleonic Wars (1775-1815). Historically, the Australian Squadron of the Royal Navy was assigned to the Australia Station in Sydney and tasked with the defence of the colonies of Australia and New Zealand from 1859 to 1911. If you are interested in the Royal Navy of this period, speak English, and able to play Naval Action in the Australia and New Zealand time zones you are welcome to join. Please PM Commodore Sixty Four to inquire.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to respond but my post wasn’t a complaint, simply a request to understand the mechanics of Clans’ friends lists better. It sounds like there is a way for solo players to access to access port bonuses as a friend of a Clan (assuming they can find one willing) and that’s good to know. If there wasn’t I’m sure most solo players would factor it into the cost-benefit of being a solo player and make their decision on that basis.
  8. How can a solo player tell if they're on a Clan's friends list? Is that list administered by individuals within the Clan? Does the solo player need to request an invitation to the friends list or can they be added independently by the Clan without their knowledge? As a solo player without the intention to join a Clan at present I'm interested in the mechanics to access the port bonuses as a friend or "ally". Cheers
  9. Yes, which is the same as Basic Weighted Gunpowder, which is fairly common, and an alternative path to the same benefit using a permanent Upgrade instead of Knowledge slot.
  10. Thanks for this. I was asking myself exactly the same question. At the moment my Shipyard is located in non-capturable Kingston / Port Royal. To attract the increased chance of a special ship I need to relocate it to a non-capturable port, such as George Town for example, is that correct? If so, does anyone know, or has estimated, the increased chance of a special ship crafted in a capturable port versus the baseline received in a non-capturable port? This improvement in chance will determine whether I invest in moving my Level 2 Shipyard to a non-capturable port or not. Thanks in advance!
  11. Ouch! That's an expensive Upgrade, but thanks very much for confirming. It's less of a priority for me now.
  12. Thanks for the prompt reply. Is one treatise limited to creating one gunpowder or can one treatise create multiple gunpowder, based on quantity of available saltpeter? Thanks again!
  13. Hi Team I recently acquired the ingredients to craft Guacata Superior Gunpowder to obtain the benefit of its +7% penetration, including the relevant Note, Guacata Saltpeter and the Treatise on Making Saltpeter. As I hadn't made Guacata Superior Gunpowder before I didn't "Use" the Book as I would with other Books and add it to my "library" (or knowledge ) for future use, I simply retained it in my Warehouse. After I'd made the Guacata Superior Gunpowder I noticed the treatise had been consumed and was no longer available to make more Guacata Superior Gunpowder. My question is: if I'd "Used" the treatise as I would normally with other Books, and it became included in my "library", would it be available to make more batches or is one Treatise on Making Saltpeter needed for each batch of Guacata Superior Gunpowder? Or, another way of asking, did I limit my ability to make Guacata Superior Gunpowder by leaving the treatise in my Warehouse rather than "Using" it? I'd like to understand the process before trying to source and invest in (a fairly rare) Treatise on Making Saltpeter. Thanks in advance!
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