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  1. Hi Team I have a question regarding the calculation for stacking of trim, port bonuses and upgrades. I'll use speed as an example but assume it applies to other measures, such as cannon dispersion, as well. If I have a ship with a baseline speed of 12.40 kn and it has the following applicable trim, port bonus and upgrade: Trim - Very Fast +3.0% Sailing Bonus 4 +3.5% Copper Plating +3.3% Are these each calculated off the baseline speed individually, e.g. Trim - Very Fast +0.372 kn Sailing Bonus 4 +0.434 kn Copper Plating +0.409 kn And then a
  2. This is brilliant! @admin You guys are really on the right track with your most recently announced planned updates and releases, in my opinion. I think it’s going to be a much more historically accurate, nuanced game if the execution lives up to the intention. I’m looking forward to it, even if some changes negate some of the understanding of mechanics and “skills” I’ve developed to date.
  3. I have, Seasoned Fir and Seasoned Bermuda Cedar separately, from Imported ships that used them in the Frame or Planking. It occurs randomly and not very often so you may need to keep trying. I just wanted to confirm it’s not impossible, at least in my experience.
  4. Unlike some other players, as a Lieutenant Commander two-thirds on the way to Master & Commander (second time, first time was in Early Access), I’m actually very pleased with a DLC Trincomalee. I was planning to sail the Trincomalee after mastering the L’Hermione, as I have a soft spot for HMS Sybille, a captured Hebe class frigate, that the Leda class design was based on. Now, I won’t need to grind to add Trincomalee to my fleet. I don’t have an issue using DLC ships, as many of the DLC ships in Naval Action represent my favourite classes / ships of the period, including Concorde /
  5. I’d like to request a paint scheme for Pandora to reflect this painting I found of her sister-ship Eurydice: https://hazelhurst.co.za/eurydice/ NOTE: I will find a better quality image, which I’ve seen before, but it’s evading my Google Fu right now. The Eurydice had the most interesting combat record of the Porcupine class ships, including being present at Saumarez’s action off Guernsey on 8 June, 1794 and commanded by Nelson protege William Hoste from November 1804: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Eurydice_(1781) I would love to have a ‘Eurydice’ paint scheme for Pandora, to
  6. Thanks @admin. I’ll no doubt give it a go if/when I obtain a Loki Rune. The mechanic is interesting, based on the premise that everything on PvP server is dangerous and has the double benefit of upskilling PvE players to PvP standard more quickly (albeit with a few hard lessons and tears along the way) and giving those in possession of Loki Rune the ability to enhance their PvP skills at little cost (the opportunity cost of time spent only). I may regret it if I lose my primary ship to a Loki but, as has been mentioned, that should still be difficult if you’re choosing a PvE target(s) of
  7. Thanks, this is also helpful. I didn’t even think to look for an announcement in Combat News but will do so in future if I suspect I’ve fought and won against a Loki. Surrender is indicated by a white flag right (my detailed understanding of game mechanics is not deep enough here)? Because there was definitely that, but I just can’t remember how a PvE victory ends (presumably no white flag?) to confirm it was a Loki I defeated. If so, it was my first — if unwitting — PvP win.
  8. Thanks for this and @Macjimm’s previous answer. Based on this, I’m 90% certain I went up against a Loki Russian Traders Snow last night. I picked the juicy target for my Niagara but found myself in a full-on, twisting knife fight I wasn’t expecting, with repeated missed attempts at boarding from me. The Traders Snow eventually surrendered with zero crew, but my Niagara was badly shot up and I remember thinking “Wow, that was more aggressive AI than I remember encountering before. Either that, or I’m even more incompetent than I thought!”. I wasn’t looking for, and didn’t notice, the rank chang
  9. Streamline Port Bonuses proposal Reduce the number of Port Bonuses to 1-2 per port to force a decision on the qualities of ships built in that port and encourage port specialisation within nations. Currently ports have the ability to develop Port Bonuses along five axes: Crew; Gunnery; Hull; Mast and Rig and; Sailing. Ports are encouraged to progress as quickly as possible along all axes to produce the most powerful ships possible in that port. This encourages nations to develop ports with maximum bonuses (1-4) along all possible axes, ultimately reducing diversity among ports and be
  10. Reading this thread about the Loki Rune has been interesting but I’m keen to understand from the ambushed player’s perspective, how do you know when your AI opponent has been “possessed” by a human captain, turning your PvE engagement into a PvP one? Is there any indication in-game, via UI for example, other than a potentially hard to identify change in opponent behaviour? I couldn’t find this mentioned in the thread and am intrigued to know, as I’m currently building up to PvP ability through a focus on PvE targets, so am more likely to encounter someone using Loki Rune. Thanks in advanc
  11. Gun ports closed in Open World sailing. Ships' gun ports are closed, rather than open, in Open World sailing. Currently, ships' gun ports are open when sailing in the Open World. Normally, while cruising, a ship of this period would have its gun ports closed to prevent ingress of water (which could ultimately cause sinking, e.g. Vasa, 1628). Default ships' models to closed gun ports during Open World sailing. There could potentially be an animation to open them (i.e. running out the guns) when you enter the range circle for the battle instance, but this would be a bonus rather t
  12. Coastline artwork customisation. Introduce customised coastline artwork that better reflects the geography and vegetation of the real world areas and regions reflected on the map. In the current implementation, coastline geography and vegetation is monolithic and lacking diversity across the map and therefore relatively bland and uninteresting; integral to the game as a feature (you can’t sail on land) but not adding value from an immersion point of view. Develop differing coastline geography and vegetation that better reflects real-world locations. This would add immersion and
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