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  1. Thank You for the reply. Appreciated. Here is hope to hear soon more about this fine game. Regards
  2. Selling this company to Stillfront, does it and if, how, will this impact Sea Legends? Congrats though on the business. Regards
  3. Thanks a lot for your time and research Bonden. Appreciated. Can't wait to get my ship. Regards
  4. @Yachteru I think it will. November for being notorious for "gain". Good starting point to lunch a new franchise. I wait till 1st November myself I just discovered the scope of Sea Legends yesterday myself. Whats missing in NA is to be found here very nice indeed. Mr. Zasov, will the world be flat like in NA? Are the ship customisable to a point? I like a meaningful single player game to start there seems to be a good plan. Will other players be able to enter my combat instead of AI? I would like to have this. Like the Loki rune in NA? Thank you for the oppo
  5. Repair and revive of the crew and ship, instantly or almost.
  6. .....Or simply get rid of that RUM cheat, problem solved and not just only in Le Requin.
  7. Thanks Admin, wonderful news! Pandora is great, please gift it as eternal redeemable ship, since I am not crafting, Thank you.
  8. Ahoy Allons! Bin gerade dabei nach dem Tutorial zu bauen, großartig das sich jemand die Mühe gemacht hat sowas mal zu dokumentieren, hilft mir immens. Auf dem TS werd ich mich mal blicken lassen, Danke für die Einladung! Rev
  9. Ahoy, Seeleute! Bin seit kurzem in Naval Action und begeisteter Pirat Um als solcher anständig unterwegs zu sein, hätte ich standesgemäß gerne einen Privateer, die Schoner gefallen mir am besten! Kann jemand von euch einen guten bauen ? Wenn nicht, was muß ich tun um selbst das crafting zu erlernen? Cheers!
  10. Greetings Macjimm! Thanks you for the tips mate! I understand how the team, tried to make the boring parts as short as possible and I am not complaining. Approaching the problems involved with accessibility in mind is understandable. I understand they are just a very small team building all this, is, an accomplishment! For now, I am a happy little Pirate. Cheers! Revenant
  11. Probably no fun at all Prater, but I want to have a choice here, sailing along that beautiful beechhead, looking at those steep cliff, or getting my bearings - as long as I like - that's not in right now and at least the small craft look (IMO) look stupid bobbing like crasy.
  12. Ahoy Ladies and Gentlemen! Here comes my first post ever. Playing the game since last night - and loving it, Aye! First impressions: Game is split in three parts. Harbour game Combat instances Time accelerated sailing Part one is fun, maybe a little sketchy right now but OK. Part two is the strong point of Naval Action, heavily instanced, right, I am not sure how this turns out over (long) time. But fun and entertaining. The last part is the weakest, if you ask me. I expected proper sailing - including a live environment, a proper sort of navigation, dynamic weather; I would lo
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