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  1. Le clan NN n'existant plus , le clan MaMa ouvre sont recrutement. Actuellement chez les polonais , l'objectif est de monter cette nation au rang RvR + dans sa continuité pvp Pour plus d'information, me contacter
  2. you don't need dlc , you can probably change voice in game in files like a lot of game
  3. Salut , je viens de voir ton message. Oui les NN recrute tjr , passer sur le ts russe russ.rdnn.eu pour discuter si tu veux
  4. Not really , cause its very hard to aim for top mast. Top mast meta was years ago. Victory got the beau pre of all ship , make him very strong in pvp for slow ship
  5. Actually First rate are all good compare to old day. Santi is Hp ship with very good firepower but bad wind angle and need more time for react Ocean got the good hull make him can angle better than santisima and got the more crew , and can use 36 pd , who are very good (lit less dmg and penetration for better reload and less crew needed) Victory got less crew of the 3 , but best hull angle and thikness , but less hp and the 68 pd on top deck 1st rate meta is good actually
  6. If you read patchnot , dev say clearly they won't anymore have the rageboarding with pushing a ship front of the wind. Rage board is fun killing actually. Should be used after you make some dmg in the ship and not like a GOD MOD like lot of player us it for a long time. You want board a ship, aim the mast , destroy the ship ,ect ect , like in reality a ship never get instant board in a fight , you need to take advantage in fight first
  7. Yep this exploit is used a lot actually. Maybe another option. Take a mission " sank HDF ship" where you need sank "X" hdf fleet ( 10 for example). Mission can be reward only on the port you take the mission. + You need sank HDF of the nation the closest to you port. If you are are in aves , the mission need to sank HDF fleet from sweds, in la tortue , Pirate , ect ect
  8. "Reduce thikness inflation" -From admin 3 day after add carta 9% , navy hull 7%, navy planking 10 . I hope this will fix a lot of unbalance in the game actually. Carronade so op in shallow when long gun are usless. Maybe Medium guns will be intersting again , long time ago they was a viable gameplay in pvp
  9. BUFF boarding? WTF Actually boarding is very op ,full musket mod can ez win and chain board a lot of ship. If you can't make big dmg in boarding is only cause ia use lot of book , and have improvement for nerf rush pve farm. In pvp , redoutable musket + marines + five ring you can ez win boarding with 1/2 crew of enemy
  10. With all the new change in wood, maybe its time to add some new trim for crafted ship: 2 proposal for that: 1-Make crafted ship have chance to have refit trim ( liverpool refit, nassau refit ect). Some of them are very intersting cause they give bonus you can't have anywhere ( 2%speed+staysails power for example) 2-Create new trim who can work good with new wood systeme: -Well disagned : Repair time needed -10% - Good disagned : -5% - Large porthole :Gun reload time -5% - Good porthole : Gun reload time 2
  11. From what i see , you have more chance to drope better ship for lower rate ship More hard for 1st rate
  12. When anolytic connect all is alt at the same time
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