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  1. From what i see , you have more chance to drope better ship for lower rate ship More hard for 1st rate
  2. Maybe Use leaderboard for that? Give Flag chest for people who get in leaderboard? Will reduct pve farming for pvp clan, can't be counter by alt cause of you new anti farm systeme + point needed for be on the board? And will give something good to be on it
  3. When anolytic connect all is alt at the same time
  4. Lt Sekiro

    No damage on PZ

    Did you get sank in sp from a player kill you before on patrol zone?
  5. Sekiro alone vs hdf , Sekiro Win Already did 2 time ,)
  6. Port bonus count on that cap If i remmeber correctly : For speed no cap Thikness (hull/mast) 50% Reload 30% repair no cap turn rate 25% or 30% Maybe i'm wrong , long time i tested this
  7. Yes n hdf make normale battle , you can join side with less br like other battle
  8. Yes you can, but everyone in cutter or small ship
  9. The flag plenting are supposed to be the new "screening " systeme. If you can't have good battle in this , we just lost screening and miss a lot of gameplay. I think is sad we don't have any resctiction event for test , cause we can't see if the timer they make was enof for make battle/react. You just go flag for farm chest , pve for moment
  10. For moment everyone us less than 100 br ship for test everywhere i see hostility mission , and most in basic cutter. For test i think its okay , but the futur do you think this will work @admin ? Maybe for release of port battle some ship restriction should be apply. Cause with 30 min timer , if pple got only small ship it will be very hard to counter a flip. At least 3rd for carry a flag ? Give answer at this pls
  11. Multy flip at same port happened cause no pb was set after the flag was plent , check patch note. They just test systeme about flag plenting and battle
  12. This happened cause everyone got flag for test. In the futur flag will be hard to get , so its not a game abusing , they testing work like dev ask
  13. If i remember correctly , tream/slot depend on the class you craft. You have more chance to get a good ship when you craft a 5th than a 1st rate. But its not a 1for 10 even for 1st rate. Maybe more a 40% chance blue , 40% trim/slot, 15% purple, 5%gold
  14. Option 2 is good , make pple fight until they know who they fight , and will create battle and less run. Option 1 will kill more ow battle , long time ago when we know enemy name in open world , pple start ganking fleet when someone call the name in nation chat. Do you really want this come back ? Option 3 ok If you tag someone , you don't have to run just because of a name , you should try you best at the start without know who you fight , and maybe lot of player will improve cause they not fear a "name"
  15. Not only for patrole zone , or open world pvp will fall very fast and everyone will stay in pz. We need something for player they to have chance to fight everyone. Maybe a corsaire flag. You pay each day X doublons , lost 30 % reward , but you can fight and help everyone Raise the Real Pirate flag
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