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  1. Admiral de ruyter gifted for compensation?
  2. UP? Or should i hunderstand br clossing + green on green+ fake battle are allowed?
  3. You should rename " Run my lit boy"
  4. No cheating , no bug here. I remember this situation. You go upWind With 81 sails , busard going downwind with 1 mast less. He got a lit faster than you cause you going to close to the wind when he go downwind
  5. Pls @admin @Ink Do something about this , my post have 4 day already , in 4 day , they make it atleast 5 time already. Pls answer
  6. Again PinKg. Most Pinkg player passed Prussian, they tagg they clan mate without guns ( Leopard) , when we come in , leopard rush us for blocking)
  7. You have more chance to get on fire when enemy shooting you
  8. 2nd time , same player Krake. Pinkg Player follow me for spot, and give all information. When Prussian tag me , this time 2 french player in requin come in battle for br close+Linx Pinkg Requin Make green and green+ block us in battle What excpect from old Lama player.
  9. Pirate Player "Gongzige" Clan PingG The clan PinKg is a friend clan of Krake ( No pvp between them , help each other ect ect) I w8 5 minute before tag to see what happened outside beetween them , Prussian ( Krake) and pirate Pinkg don't even try to fight , just stay together front of port This player come in my battle for close br and instant leave to be sure one of my friend ready to join battle can't join in my side
  10. Why change port bonus ? , they are like need to be. I'm more interested in skill craft for player. Exemple: -After maxing craft, player can decide a specialisation ( Speed/Tanky/Mast/Crew/Turn rate/Slots) -This specialisation add only 5% more chance compare to other bonus to get this one. This will make player have a lit bit more chance to get trim ship he want , but most of time will still same random ( 5% is not a lot) Player can choose only 1 specialisation
  11. Lt Sekiro

    36 pd

    With the add of new ship ( Ruyter , Implacable , Redoutable) 36 pd became a very famous gun. Maybe add Navy gun /Bloomfield for them in ia elite?
  12. Lt Sekiro

    Quarantine Stories

    I actually didn't work for 1 month in totale and its not over yet. After the 2 week of holidays ( i work in a school) , my country ( Oise in France ) became a "cluster". (All school closed , people work from if they can) All this start after a men with the coronavirus stay in the reanimation service in my city hospitale without bein detected he got it+ the military airport of the city get contaminated (They are the soldier operated for the evacuation of the french people living in Wuhan)
  13. Maybe less radicale change. Actually , mast hp is 15% of hull hp Just up them to 30% of hull hp(Maybe less for 2nd/1st rate or too OP) BUT in this case nerf mast upgrade , less hp bonus from the upgrade but same mast thikness bonus. Like this mast will be more tanky and give more chance for player getting mast sniped to stay alive or get better position during fight.
  14. See you own mast hp and penetration?. No too , cause you will easily see upgrade of enemy ship ( french gunners , gunpowder ect ect) + know how mutch hit left before you lost you mast Choose if you repair you hull or keep you repair mast if they fall when someone try to demast you is a important part of the game. The prob will that it will be more simple for everyone to know witch repair to use.
  15. bad idea i think. If you show to ennemy , he will fast know if you use any mods mast. When you use one , you should know by yourself when you mast will fall ( With experience). Keep this hiden ,is the best
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