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  1. New Classic Victory looks amazing, can't wait to sail it in game! Well done!
  2. Thanks for all the comments, however the point of this post was not to start a discussion on how improve my boarding tactics, when or when not board and so on, but rather to report to the developers in a more detailed way than the limited F11 function what I belive to be a bug/imbalance in the boarding system, and if that's not the case hopfully to be told the motivations behind these choices.
  3. Hello, I've been playing around with boarding for a while now and I've noticed how the Elites AI are extremely powerful, in my opinion to a point of being too much. I understand that during boarding Elites should be harder to fight than normal AI, but not such degree. Here's an example. To give some context: L'Ocean (No boarding mods or skillbooks) vs AI Elite Agamennon Target has been graped and crew is down to 160-170 crew before boarding Own preparation and morale at 100 and crew of about 900 Height deck difference of 2 First boarding goes like this, and had to disengage due to low morale (last turns are missing): From this is possible to see how ineffective any action seems. Muskets have a kill rate of about 2-3%, compared to the enemy 70%. Yes choices are not optimal, and I will not comment on what the kill rate should or should not be, but I believe that given the great difference of the situational factors (size of crew facing, difference in morale, firepower etc.), 2-3% vs 70% seems a bit too much and unrealistic. Now Part 2. At this point I disengaged from the boarding, fired another broadside of grape in the stern and activated a Rum repair to heal up crew. Finally boarded for a second time. Starting point: Few turns into the boarding. At this point things gets out of control. In the first turn the "most effective" choice of Musket volley of 229 against Defend scores only 7 kills. In the last turn in the picture, the enemy scores 60 kills with only 24-30 muskets! I understand that a single shell could kill two men if they happen to be lined up and close enough, but a kill ratio of over 2 seems again just too much. In the end I captured the ship, sadly last turns are missing. In conclusion, surely there might be some mechanic behind of which I'm unaware, and in this case it should be made more clear in something like tutorials or some kind of documentation. However, I also belive that current AI Elite boarding should be toned down to something still hard to fight, but not unrealistic and frustrating. I also understand if more data are needed, and that's also something that can be worked on.
  4. Let sunken ship (already destroyed) stay aflot for a longer time, expecially for bigger ships. This should be a quick and easy fix to help looting, while hopefully you guys will find time to rethink it a bit and make it even better.
  5. Maximum thickness is capped at 106 mm.
  6. @Admin Hello, I'm still not quite sure on how the new cheap version is going to work. From what I've read looks like the current version will recive a price cut, we [current players] will receive a free DLC ship of 40-50 dollars value (so probably 4th-3rd rate ship?), and what "DLC will be set for new players" means? What will the not get with base version? Are all current DLC going to be reduced in price as well?
  7. Is not bad, but maybe a bit too complex. What about the Old tree, but with a label popping up when you pass with the cursor on each arch?
  8. Of course it was not my intention, but I just wanted to give my personal experience.
  9. Hi, try to use lower graphic setting, however it only lower the chance of crashing. Unfortunately based on my experience with AMD video card I think is video card itself to have a problem. I had 3 top AMD video card (all different models) and all of them at some point when stressed had regular driver crash. With the fist 2 video card the Support solution was to substitute them, and it got even worst (infact in both cases I had to buy a new video card). With my 3rd I didn't made the same mistake and I decided to keep it, with regular crashes, but working. Try to google "amd driver crash" you'll find countless topic, no matter what model. My final solution will be to change over Nvidia, expensive but reliable.
  10. 1:12 scale, for a film in New Zeland. Can't find the film unfortunately I can't find the film if has been released. And look at this.
  11. Here I found the picture of a model of the HMS Temeraire. If I found a blueprint for the Temerarie/Neptune Class (better then the wikipedia one) I'll post it. Bow port view Stern port view Side view The only side view that I found for this model, probably the room was to small to take a full side picture.
  12. Here I found the picture of a model of the HMS Temeraire. If I found something better, I'll upload it. Bow port view Stern port view Side view The only side view that I found for this model, probably the room was to small to take a full side picture.
  13. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12707-patch-968/?p=229701 No proof, but it's a start
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