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  1. The ship trip tab already induces both Port Bonuses and Trims. What do you mean then?
  2. Thanks as always! About the max thickness cap, once again looks like 50% is either not enough or there is not cap at all. Currently this built on the site is capped at 150.
  3. Hello, just a simple question. What influences ship quality? Rumor is that crafting skill and shipyard level increases chances for a better quality, but it’s hard to get real data as all shipbuilders in the end will have maxed out both. I think everyone would appreciate a clear answer. Thanks!
  4. Hi, good job on adding the new wood stats quickly! However, looks like the resistance in the ship comparison are all broken.
  5. Is the Locust supposed to be a new wood type or just renaming Caguairan, as I don't see it in the list. P.S. Would be nice if you guys could unlock the copy-past options so we can quickly make our own graphs.
  6. Having same problem here on PvE. It seems like a desync issue. Here's an example: https://gfycat.com/wideeyedemotionalcat
  7. Now unable to log in the Peace server as well. Many other clanmates have the same issue.
  8. Hi, first at great tool, I use it everyday! I noticed that there is a ship trim called "speed" that gives +50% speed. Is this correct or the correct value is 5%?
  9. New Classic Victory looks amazing, can't wait to sail it in game! Well done!
  10. Thanks for all the comments, however the point of this post was not to start a discussion on how improve my boarding tactics, when or when not board and so on, but rather to report to the developers in a more detailed way than the limited F11 function what I belive to be a bug/imbalance in the boarding system, and if that's not the case hopfully to be told the motivations behind these choices.
  11. Hello, I've been playing around with boarding for a while now and I've noticed how the Elites AI are extremely powerful, in my opinion to a point of being too much. I understand that during boarding Elites should be harder to fight than normal AI, but not such degree. Here's an example. To give some context: L'Ocean (No boarding mods or skillbooks) vs AI Elite Agamennon Target has been graped and crew is down to 160-170 crew before boarding Own preparation and morale at 100 and crew of about 900 Height deck difference of 2 First boarding goes like this, and had
  12. Let sunken ship (already destroyed) stay aflot for a longer time, expecially for bigger ships. This should be a quick and easy fix to help looting, while hopefully you guys will find time to rethink it a bit and make it even better.
  13. Maximum thickness is capped at 106 mm.
  14. Of course it was not my intention, but I just wanted to give my personal experience.
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