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  1. Well said PG. People will quit for all kinds of reasons. Can't relate to the idea of real "Danger" in this game. I'm always safe in my home when I play. A "little danger" sums it up nicely.
  2. That seems clear. Any ship that is 100BR, or more, will be attacked by large Capital Defence Fleets (CDFs), and small Capital Defence Fleets attack any ship of 30BR to 99BR. Seems like a great way to protect Capitals. One more question Hethwill. Will an aggregate Group BR attract CDFs, or is is sufficient that each member have individual ships that are less than 30BR? Example: Can my Group of 6 players avoid the attention of all CDFs if we all sail Lynx?
  3. How much does a USS cost? I'd help by contributing some Reals.
  4. It was colourful and a little interesting. Might require a bit of effort, but it was fun learning about those two battles.
  5. It's a chance to vote for smaller ship (5th rates) duels, or epic Naval battles with huge fleets of the ships of the line. Try the Google machine.
  6. Thought it was obvious. There are two types of servers. Point is that they are distinctly different. PvP is inescapable on the War server, and there is no PvP on the Peace. People seem to know this, and are okay with it.
  7. Fantastic. So versatile. 👏 NA's industrious Dev knocked this one out of the park.
  8. Does the BR limit include the sum of my main and fleet? Example: Traders Lynx with Traders Lynx in fleet = 50BR? This mechanic is quite brilliant. No more immunity to gank using a smaller ship. Groups of players can co-ordinate and harvest chests from big CDFs. And yet all ports are still accessible in a small trade ship. Good for everyone.
  9. The Capitol Defense Fleets sound great. Can someone post up the specs please. The large CDFs seem to attack any foreign player with over 100 BR, and this includes the BR of the player's fleet ships. Will CDFs attack Traders? and ships without cannon? What is the BR limit that will trigger the small CDFs? This sounds like a wonderful improvement to the game. More choice now. Gankers can avoid CDFs by choosing to hunt in CDF free areas. New players can be safe near capitals, or they can choose to venture out in to dangerous waters. Win Win for everyone.
  10. I was thinking of something similar to that also. But .... A player could just ensure that one of his alts had very little wealth, and then use the alt to cause issues, and the penalty would have no effect. Soon the base price of the game will be cheaper, thus alts more affordable. People are very crafty, and it will be interesting to see the results of testing. I'm curious what the penalty will be. Some players are clever at gaming whatever system is set up. They work the restrictions to their advantage.
  11. This is well thought out. Mez's wish list is right on the mark. Great ideas. Unfortunately, these changes will unlikely happen. The developer doesn't have time. The game engine will probably not handle the process(s). Not everything is possible with limited resources and money. NA has a development team of one person, modifying the content, and there are only so many hours in a day. So much to do. NA is a good game with beautiful ships, cool scenery, and Game Labs is very pleased with the combat mechanics. For me, I like trading and enjoy the excitement of fleeing from hunters on the War server. I'm not a noob but I know that, as a trader, I am a target for gankers. It's much less satisfying to make a successful run on the Peace server, but it's an option for traders who don't like risk. I know that I will lose ships and can seldom convince a ganker to allow me to escape.
  12. Global is not always worse that other channels. I don't think your method will bring success unless you remove All chat. The content that I see on "Nation" and "Help" is just as bad or worse that "Global". I report every instance of discrimination that I see. If I politely ask players not to be rude on "Nation" or "Help", I am immediately met with insults. The ignore button works, but nothing else does. Sounds like you are dealing with trolls. They have an agenda and are motivated by conflict. They are seeking a fight before they log on. You will not defeat them if you expect that they will not use "Nation" , "Help" and "PMs" to hassle people. They won't go away if you leave them anywhere to play. If they use enough alts they can access all nations. I respectfully suggest that you invest more messaging into encouraging players to use Ignore. And fix Battle Chat so that ignore works.
  13. Not impossible. Restoring one's reputation must involve harsh penalties. If the fine can be worked off in hours, or a few days, it would not be a deterrent. 5k Doubloons would be nothing. 5,000 Dubs is about 1.5 million Reals 50,000 Dubs ~ 15 million Reals 500,000 Dubs ~ 150 million Reals. 150mil Reals can be earned in less than a few weeks of trading. 15mil Reals is less than the cost of some ships and can be earned in a couple days of trading. The penalty to restore Karma needs to be strict, not just a cost of doing business. The point is to create a disincentive for unwanted actions, not to make a pay-as-you-grief system. To buy back NRP Karma a second time the cost should get much more expensive, and perhaps also include loss of dock space and outpost slots.
  14. This thread is morphing into a pro-pirate topic. Admittedly it relates to NRP Karma, but perhaps we should start a new thread. NRP Karma must apply to all players, including pirates, otherwise it allows pirates to join battles and grief. The solution, that is sought by this change, will only be happening in those battles without pirates. Anyone who wishes to continue joining battles and causing problems can simply become part of the pirate nation. Also: If pirates become more than just the name of another nation, there must be limitations to balance the special pirate privileges. No port conquest. No 1st rates. Also: The cost to buy back damaged Karma must be extravagant. 5,000 Doubloons is trivial. Such a meager sum is a trifle and is not a deterrent. 500,000 Doubloons is more reasonable.
  15. This new mechanic is great for trading. I was sailing 3 Traders Brigs today and got tagged by an Ingermanland. I managed to turn on a port tack , to my best point of sail, and reach, with the Inger following. He was slowly gaining on me, and consistently hitting my sails, and hull. His shots restarted the leave timer once, but dispite his continuous scored hits on my hull and sails, I was able to leave the battle easily after a few minutes. I would have been sunk or captured before the change. This new change will make Trading very easy.
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