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  1. To Ferdinand de LaSalle, I concede that your perspective from a poorly organized nation may be different from a stronger nation. You are welcome to join our nation, I'll help you as much as I can. 😀 Good luck. Fair winds. I'll leave you to your comments here, and stop making suggestions to help. Macjim M&C Ret [SCTC]
  2. Sometimes I think the Devs have changed the game because players have complained. I hope that the Privateer Fleets remain. Seems like they work well, and we have a little security close to our own national trade centers. Players who are hunting Privateer Fleets can find them easily, but they can be also be avoided. (Stay clear of Foreign Capitals). A port's "AI Defence Fleet" should be overwhelming and deadly to a solo player. I know players who team up and hunt them, so they can be sunk. When they are defeated the rewards are healthy. Sounds like the Devs have created a Defence Fleet sweet spot. Hope they don't cave to pressure and change it.
  3. Awesome clarification. So once again the Devs have left choices for players. Use large traders safely within home territorial waters. This is mostly what I do, and I make decent profits now. We can trade with Foreign ports. Just keep our ventures modest, and limit the manifests to 3700 tons. For big trading runs, team up with fortified escorts. It may be possible for a bunch of large traders to slip in and out, while the Privateer Fleets are simultaneously under attack by players in Warships. These are high risk runs, but the reward is richer. Not sure if the Devs planned such versatility, but it's marvelous to have a wide range of options and still have these deadly guardian squadrons near the trade centers.
  4. Is this true? Will a TLynx or TBrig sailing without a warship, and NOT attached to a group with a warship escort, be attacked by Foreign Privateer Fleets? And is it just in the Capital Zone close to the capital, or the larger proximal area? I thought 6th and 7th rate traders had diplomatic immunity. I can understand having risk for Indiamans and LGVs, but it seems reasonable to allow all port access to a Traders Snow.
  5. The Devs have done nice work with the memory of where the screens are positioned. Shouldn't be too tough to add another keybind (double h) to bring all 4 up.
  6. I'm not much of a gamer. Never had any interest in most arcade popular titles (like COD, Warships, Pirates in the Sea Burning, etc) I've played some online PBEM combat and about 10 years of two other online multi-player games. The years zip past. After 5 years of Naval Action it's all I play now. It's relaxing after a day of work. The visuals are soothing and there are lots of mature chaps who are easy to talk to. I'd prefer a game with more content for sailing, weather, communication, and navigation, but it's a very good game. It rarely crashes and is easy to start and shut down. There are tons of things to do. For each situation that some players dislike there is a method to avoid the situation. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. All the best in 2020.
  7. Macjimm


    Sail with a sextant and no warships, just 3 traders. You will be fine.
  8. Gotta agree. I've never been chased by Privateer fleets. Some of the lads like to form a group and hunt these fleets. If you don't want to deal with a Privateer fleet avoid places where they patrol. The Windward Channel has always been dangerous, now even more. But it is a good place to pick a fight with a Privateer Fleet, if you want it.
  9. Macjimm


    There are no issues with Privateer fleets. Anyone who doesn't want their attention can just avoid Capitals. I've not been harassed by them at all, and am pleased to see them near my Capital.
  10. I love reading this forums. There are some amazing ideas here. Who would have thought of suggesting free XP.
  11. I have earned XP from sailing. It doesn't take very long to rank up. Just don't return to the departure port. Didn't complete the exam. Not enough patience. Enjoy the game. It's not a race. If you play often and fight alot you will be at the maximum rank quickly. Then you will be setting new goals. You can learn alot sailing smaller ships. Some players farm XP, after their friends help park offside a huge canoe ... but where's the fun. That's for players who are really bored with NA combat.
  12. Sorry lad, not understanding what you are referring to. What is "this" and what "things" are getting worse? Remember I'm not playing the game as if it were a competition. My goals are to increase my wealth very slowly over time. My fleets are inexpensive, and their maintenance and upkeep costs nothing. I plan on very slowly upgrading the speed of my ships. I enjoy the game and am not in a hurry. I was suggesting that there are not many players that can dependably make 2mil in 20minutes.
  13. I thought I was making good coin on the trading. I haven't found any ports that will provide 2 million reals in 30 minutes, every day. I suppose that most players are like me an must spend hours to make 2 million, and they can only do so when they are lucky enough to find some excellent drops
  14. An outside resource (NA maps) is used by most of us, frequently. Not sure about all games, but the others I've played (Elite Dangerous, ARMA) have a huge amount of outside resources that are also widely accepted and used. I've read about developers that are expecting, and encouraging, outside resources.
  15. Hard to say if it would be worth it for someone to create a Buy/Sell site, or a NA CraisList. I've no idea how so set it up or maintain it. I would contribute cash to start and maintain it if someone wants to try.
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