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  1. I have no recollection of the first hr of NA. There is nothing memorable in any of the endless stream of back to back battles of the early arena style. But .... The first voyage in OW was astounding. The excitement of leaving shore and venturing out into the unknown, surrounded by sea, will linger forever. Thanks Devs, for long distance journeys and the risk of attack from enemy hunters.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Good to know the mechanics. Do not know of a reference that clarifies these rules. Happy to hear there is no prey too small for all hunters, the war server would be boring for traders otherwise. The defence tag is helpful to survive, but it can not be used from a T Lynx unless attacked by a T Lynx or T Cutter. Sounds unfair to the TLynx but at least it's simple.
  3. So I'm sailing a Trader Lynx and I'm immune to attack if I am only 1/4 the BR of a hunter? Or perhaps hunters can attack me as long as they are in a fleet of 7 or less? Maybe sensibility will prevail and all hunters can attack me, ... although sadly I will be unable to defence tag and gain the weather guage? Strange mechanics.
  4. Silliness? Two nations co-operating defensively creates a richer storyline. Perhaps. Could be argued I suppose. But it creates alliances and opportunities. Although the nuances of war politics are beyond my expertise. But international trading is not silly. It's exciting to sail into the port of another nation to obtain wood from an enemy player. Opening up communication encourages trade between nations and it doesn't harm fighters, in fact it helps them. Fighters from my nation benefit from the resources I obtain, because those same resources are used for our fighter's ships. It's risky, but increases PvP chances. I'm a target when I sail in enemy waters with a trade ship, and my nation's player can afford more ships for our enemies to sink. I would appreciate more game mechanics to communicate and trade with "enemy players". New enemy players benifit from improved communication . It makes it easier for us to give them a start. It should be easier to help an enemy player. Currently one of the best ways to help a newbie is with the gift of a ship and some Reals. It creates good will in the community, and helps the newbie to become strong. This helps create PvP opponents for my nation. The best survival advice, that I have received, has been from enemy players. This knowledge has made me a more skilled opponent. Better for me and for an enemy that appreciates challenging gameplay. For a trader, all players are potential friends. Friends are not silly.
  5. Currently there is a widespread economic depression. Supply is choked off. Most small ports have few goods,. Many have no goods or resources. It's a tough time for the NA Carribean.
  6. A rare ship gift for waiting in port, or AFK fishing, for 4000hrs. Sounds nice.
  7. Perhaps information from ports could be retained by a player, so when we look at the map we see the quantities and prices that were available at the last visit. Other MMOs do this with third party applications. Currently a NA 3rd party app shows only snapshot of the prices and quantities available at maintenance. We could integrate your suggestion and see the information for a region if we successfully complete enough mail deliveries. Also we could hail a passing ship and exchange information. Not sure if the player base is patient enough to allow a game mechanic that required sailing close together to allow the exchange of the packet. Personally I would like to be able to hail a player and then have to sail closely along side to swap trade details of ports visited. Players could refuse to share. NPCs would be obligated. Traders would have complete info, warships limited to items related to fighting.
  8. That type of writing creates a delicious urge to start up NA and do some trading. Thanks for sharing lad.
  9. A weekly newspaper would be grand. Perhaps with some maps, naval symbols, and some big arrows.
  10. Refreshing to see a such helpful posts. This type of player interaction makes MMOs - Openworld environments great. "infested with potatoes" hahaha +10 I have noticed that there are very few (or none) NPCs in zones where the Brits have full control. I almost never see non-Brit NPCs on the South Coast of Jamaica, and it makes sense, why would foreign ships hang about in enemy controled waters. I see lots of Brit NPCs there. On the North coast of Jamaica there are more Non-Brit NPCs, but not alot, and they seem to be traveling directly North/South to or from Cuba. For lots of NPC from various nations look for collections of closely placed ports with variable national ownership. Also I suspect that ports with richer economies will be frequented by more NPCs, and know they have higher Player traffic
  11. Great question. And what if you are running Traders Lynx or Traders Brigs? And does the stern of the TBrigs need different ones? Oh, and should fleet ships have different ones than the main?
  12. I agree, with both points. I think the OP meant a victim will call the hunter a ganker, and even if the hunter had much higher skill and/or BR, it's okay.
  13. I have huge respect for players who are honest and integral. You sound like you deserve respect. Oh, sail smaller faster ships if you want to go solo. Sailing solo is thrilling. I'm glad ganking is possible, otherwise I would travel most places with magic game mechanic immunity. It's the risk that creates excitement.
  14. I sail solo almost exclusively. I plot my routes carefully to avoid conflict. I sail long distances. I avoid high enemy traffic. Sometimes I've gone many months without losing a ship. I was ganked many times years ago. Recently I have been sunk many times, always by a solo player. There have been many changes that have improved the game. Most of the changes that I see demanded recently would degrade the gameplay. There is diversity on the map now. Players can change their risk and opportunity by moving to a different location. Changing the type of ship you sail can have a huge effect on what you can do. For every problem there is a solution.
  15. Players can create more interesting content than game mechanics will ever do. Squadrons of players, using a variety of warships escorting traders. Some groups have a scout sailing ahead, in a very fast vessel that will report back if a threat is found. Other players trade alone and prefer to deliver resources to players rather than grinding goods between port shops. But having trade goods is easy cash for traders, and puts more targets out to sea.
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