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  1. I miss seeing and chatting with foreign players in OW more than anything. also: crafting barrels and gold coins, NPC reinforcements near KPR, AIs delivering Goods and Resources, increasing my labour wallet limit by crafting things, exciting forum posts filled with hopeful enthusiasm about exploring, treasure, and economic trading, and using F11 to get co-ordinates.
  2. Free Towns can not be attacked in a Port Battle and captured, but ... they attract hunters, and can be dangerous places. They are rich with activity but unsafe. The images in the Word doc are created as examples and are not representative of my assets.
  3. No problem. Spend some time looking over the different screens in game and at Felix's map. An hour (or two) can go by quickly while you learn.
  4. -How to know which building can be build in a port ? This question may be strange, but in order to plan your settlement i don't imagine i will choose my first port randomly. However i didn't find something in game that show me what kind of building are available for a specific port. Filter Felix's map - using "Show port relations" I added content to the Word Doc -What type building do i need first ? i imagine that there is a kind of "must have" buildings first to start in a good condition. It depends what you want to craft. For Repairs - you will need Fir, Oak, Hemp, Coal, Iron and Sugar. That might be a good start. Or keep it simple - set up a Sugar Plantation and a Workshop. You will soon be able to craft Rum with Sugar alone, and no extra Reals. Sugar cost 9 Reals to grow and collect. You can sell rum for hundreds of Reals. Rum is light 0.1 tons per unit so you can carry lots in a small ship. Rum running can be lucrative. Those two questions are to help me to plan how and where i will set my crafting zone. Moreover i would say that it could be interesting to be not too far from a players' hub, i mean a port in which players are selling their goods. It is true or not ? There is nowhere that is very far in Naval Action - the Open World speed is amazingly fast, like high powered speed boats rocketing across the waves. Most production to market trips are less than an hour travel. Once more, i just imagine that some ressources needed for the highest craft are not producible but can be only buy to players. Is it true or not ? and this is the reason why i would say that it is better to set not too far from a player hub. All resources are not accessible to all players, but that creates scarcity and enables trade. Without scarcity there would be no economy. Each player could be self sufficient. I don't worry to much about where the market will be, single transactions can be very profitable if made player to player. Often players will come to the buyer to make a purchase. "produces" is it a list of ressources that could refer to the buildings that you can set in this specific harbor ? I think that this is correct. "drops" is the list of goods sold in the harbor. However i went at one of them and all the goods were not there. So i guess that a player already bought some, which means that the port produces only a specific amount of those goods per a certain time. Which time ? at which period does the harbor reset and refill the goods it is producing ? and in which amount ? this amount is the same for all goods or different ? Drops seems to mean that the item can be purchased in the shop. Or it is available by a Buy contract. "Consumes" is this a list of all the goods that i could sell in this specific harbor ? Consumes seems to mean that the Good can be sold for a profit after it is purchased in a port where it is "Dropped". In the description of the port, there are some other details like taxe income, net income, trader company level and labour hour discount level, what does this refer to ? Taxes are set by the clan owning the port, the income is the amount claimed yesterday. The trader company level, and LH discount, is bonus realized by the crafter in port - higher is better. Finally, on the circle we can see when zooming at a port, there are three small circle inside, listed as A, B, C, what do they refer to ? There are two smaller circle listed as "1" and "2", what do they refer to ? These are indicators for port battles, fort locations, capture zones, best explained by our combat officers rather than a trader like myself.
  5. Depends what you would like to craft. There are lots of possibilities. I made a quick Word Doc ... let me know if it helps.
  6. Lots of people complain that all features must be in game. But it really doesn't matter. Felix does a great job of supporting his map. Pressing "m" is not much different than pressing "Alt" "Tab". For players that have an extra monitor, (or an extra laptop/tablet) using 3rd party apps is better than having everything in game. I can play the game and see the map simultaneously. I like to use Shrouded Recluse's map. There are many draw programs useful for plotting a course and tracking progress. It's fun and interesting and adds something to do while sailing. And I can see OW at the same time. With 3rd Party Apps we can access a map from inside a battle. Many players learn to note which way the wind is blowing, and the RL time, just as the battle starts, so they can determine the best point of sail as they exit. It can be handy to use the 3rd Party App and maintain a view of the battle. I have heard that the Devs team is only two people, and guess that they are focused on making other improvements. Using "Alt Tab" with Netlify (or ShroudedRecluse's Map) is better than developing the in game map. But granted you don't get to use the "m" key.
  7. This is a reasonable way to look at it. It's just offensive to suggest we wreck the Eco Delivery missions because the Shop trading is not working well. Just leave the Eco Deliveries alone: Just because they are more profitable than Shop trades doesn't mean they are broken.
  8. +1 Zorg makes sense. But .... I have no delusion that more effort will be spent improving shop trades. I suspect there are many players who would complain if the trading with goods was more complicated. So many players want it easy to earn Reals and Doubloons. It's not enough that there are simple Econ Deliveries, there must be no other systems that confuse them, or they will whine that they must spend too much time at PvE.
  9. I miss having other business options in game. A combination would be great. Skilled fighters could build reputation, experience and be awarded wealth, ships and assignments from the Admiralty. Others could earn fast, easy no risk Reals and Doubloons and buy ships,equipment and supply. For me, Farrago, Jim, Wyy and others ... we can enjoy the details of a labor roles, spending time as tradesmen and working shops, mines and plantations. It is those details that hold our attention. Seems like there should be easy money mechanic, and also other methods that result in higher profits for those willing to put in the time. I think the Devs may have been overwhelmed by the waves of complaints from players who only want one easy way to get wealth (and ships). Any added complexity just detracts from the single minded goal of combat, and more combat. Perhaps intermediary businesses, and trading was removed and Econ missions were added to quiet the raging hoard.
  10. This excuse of "new players" that need stuff is often exaggerated. Lots of vets will help new players and give them stuff. Occasionally a player may complain of a "new players" need, when it is really the player himself that wants stuff. Probably is not the case with this OP ... but it does happen. If you don't like that the price of rum is too high, then place some sell contracts for a lower price. Problem solved. If you want a little rum for a cheaper price there are lots of solutions: 1) place buy contracts of your own. 2) Craft some rum, 3) contact a trader and buy direct, 4) join a clan 5) trade with your mates. 6) ask a random player for rum. Removing the option to place buy contacts is the worst of bad ideas in an open sandbox style game.
  11. I like storms and would like to see them put back into the game. I also like the foul weather we have now with rain and lightning and it would be a huge loss if it was removed. But I agree with the OP and it seems reasonable to remove the fog and poor visibility from the combat zones. The poor weather is not extended into the battle instance, and storms have been completely removed from the game, so it won't effect fighting much if the combat zones were made into fair weather areas. Those of us that like dirty weather can simply avoid the combat zones. Easy.
  12. I'm grateful that this was posted. Thanks @Ink. I didn't grow up gaming and had no idea that it was forbidden to use real world currency for ingame items. I remember reading an article more than a decade ago of players playing games for hours to 'level up' those who would pay for it. Heard of players selling virtual real estate for real currency to players. Those who are rich can pay others to 'grind'. I'm way too cheap to pay someone for anything in game. Glad to know that it is offensive and against some rule. This is another one of those gaming things that we are not born knowing.
  13. I might have been too wordy previously. The OP seems to be a suggestion to ruin some players fun ... for no good reason.
  14. I enjoy fishing. I've fished near ports in the past, but haven't done so since long before the last wipe. The volume is much higher out on open water. Tuna and Dorado yield higher tons per hour. I like to fish while sailing between ports and often adjust my speed so the hold is close to full when I arrive. I can make a good amount of reals from fishing and have sold provisions for as high as 300 reals a ton. I've seen them for sale at 400 reals per ton. Sold a thousand tons like that recently. There may be other players like me that like to fish and sell provisions. It would be very sad if the Devs removed fishing from the game and eliminated the business of selling provisions. Please be considerate when you think of removing game mechanics. I'm not sure how players, who don't like easy fishing and using provisions to build ships, will benefit from removing these mechanics. Those players that don't like fishing near a port, or AFK, don't have to do so. Allowing players easy fishing doesn't hurt anyone. If you hate fishing just buy the provisions, put up a contract. If you hate AFK fishing then don't do it. AFK players really have very little impact on players who are not AFK. If the Devs remove easy fishing and the market for selling provisions it won't necessarily force players to play the game differently, but it will very likely push them to quit. Often it is the little things that make the game interesting.
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