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  1. The Admiralty Connection DLC can only be purchased once per account for $13.40.
  2. Thanks for the answer. 😀😀 It sounds like this required mission may be intended as a tough form of kindness for some players wanting to use the War server. It could act like a barrier to entry and may encourage some to apply for a refund, because they are poorly suited to the competitive PvP of Naval Action. It seems harsh, but it ultimately will be a favor. But it is possible to enjoy the trading, crafting, sailing, sightseeing, and fishing without combat. Perhaps rather than a forced fighting exam we could include a helpful message to use the Peace server. Respectfully, players can have lots of fun in a relaxed environment without combat, unless the test is designed to turn away weak players who are not wanted.
  3. Wow. This is bazarre. I've never had to use discord for any game to receive support. I don't know what a national cluster, or an alliance leader is. I wouldn't know how to find out. Will Game Labs provide a list of national clusters and alliance leaders so that players know how to obtain support, or are player's expected to guess? Doesn't much matter as I've always used the "Ignore" feature to adress offensive players. But if GL wants players to report all incidents of toxic behavior, the process should be clear and easy to understand. Perhaps it would be easier to elimate ALL in game communication and only allow a select few to post on the forums. Let players use third party apps to insult each other, and GL wouldn't have to be involved at all. Crazy times.
  4. Is there no way to bipass the mission and just play the game? Is every new player forced into combat before allowing them to play NA?
  5. A method to purchase extra dock spaces and outposts is available right now. Check out steam. Lots of dock spaces and outposts are on sale, for $17.37. And there is no limit. Players can buy as much as they want.
  6. Get on Global chat and ask anyone to meet up with you for some combat. They can jump into a battle with you and discuss tactics of your combat against AI. Have fun enjoy learning. This would not work on the War server.
  7. A timeout less than 20 minutes would be very disappointing. I doubt that it is by design. I remember Admin saying that playing AFK is acceptable now. The timeout was implemented when there were too many players for the three servers. When a server was full, new players had to wait to join until the population dropped below 2,000. We don't need a timeout at all anymore, unless the population increases.
  8. Excellent question. Many games do this.
  9. Too bad that NA is not designed that way. Trade should be the blood of a functioning nation. I'm a trader. The risk from gankers adds excitement and makes the War server more interesting than the Peace server. It is unfortunate that trade is not important.
  10. We could have mechanics where the prize ship must be sailed by the capturer. Leave battle in the chosen ship, and upon arrival at any port there is a popup option to take control of the ship remaining in the battle instance. If the option is rejected the ship and crew, at the instance, are forfeit. We could have a requirement for a minimum crew size to sail each prize ship.
  11. Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Imagine the thrill of a game where the weather and sea is the greatest threat to ships, and rocky shores and reefs kill more sailors than iron and gun powder.
  13. Absolute NO ... to wiping out all my achievements and earnings. It has taken over a year to build myself back from complete destruction. I'm just starting to feel comfortable and can sail a fleet of Indiamans, with partial crews. I don't play the game as a race or competition . I enjoy experiencing a relaxing virtual alternate world. I see no reason to wreck everything that I've created just to appease players who are bored, and focused on winning something. If they don't like the structure of the of the situation, they should rearrange it. Create a clan, organize and rally other players, and change the world. Don't ruin it for everyone else to suit your prefered style and flavor.
  14. Now that's encouraging. I used to game with a community that would spend about one week every two months training. It made the game play more fulfilling and helped us sto improve teamwork. In NA, I've almost connected up with players of a foriegn nation several times, but it's difficult to co-ordinate with individual players, and the current mechanis discourage us from communicating internationally. The concept that you have described is encouraging. Send out a squadron with foriegn papers (Prolific Forger) as opponent to practice with, for one month. The clan could co-orinate battles with clan mates or with other clans that want to hone their skills and try new techniques. After the month the squadron could use their papers to return to their home nation. The next time practice was needed, different clan-mates could rotate out, as the enemy, for a month. I can't imagine a plausible story line to support this type of action, but it would enable a great training opportunity. I'm glad you suggested it Hethwill, I would be concerned about getting banned, or disiplined for some sort of metagaming, if anyone else had.
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