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  1. Can't imagine anyone not having Reals or Doubloons with the game mechanics now.
  2. @ Velhelm Von Marrius Thanks for posting this. I didn't see it when I logged on. But I don't know how to access the news. edit - figured out how to access this ANNOUNCEMENT
  3. This would have been my suggestion. I didn't know that NA had already implemented it. Nice to know if I ignore someone I will continue to ignore them even after they have changed their name. Too bad ignore does not work within a battle instance. When we ignore a player it should apply to ALL communication. (OW, Battle, PMs, Mail).
  4. Using PvE'rs to add targets to the war server won't work. There are PvPers that want a larger population. They look at the Peace server as their source of more players. For a long time I've heard arguments to change or delete the Peace server. Players using terms like "boring server" and "kiddie's pool" should try to attract more players to the war server, not wreck the Peace server. Many PvE'rs avoid PvP because of toxic attitudes and the perceived broken NA combat. If the Peace server is deleted or merged, we will lose most of the PvE'rs who are avoiding PvP and toxicity. They will not just allow themselves to be forced into gameplay they dislike. They will quit. Save the Peace server. Leave it alone.
  5. Depends on what you hope to do in game. If you have high expectations and demand constant action, the experience may not be great.
  6. Macjimm

    Map Wipe

    I would like to know this also, ... expect the question will go unanswered. Although we may get some opinions from other players. After the wipe we will find out.
  7. The tally of number of 'likes' is enough of a rating on the forums. The 'ignore' in game should be extended into battles. I don't understand why this hasn't been fixed, and why a toxic player's text is unstoppable in an instance. But rating systems from other players is too open to abuse. Too much ganking by anti-popularity would be possible. Clan co-ordinated attacks could be unfair and hurtful, especially with alts.
  8. Thanks for showing us this. I checked out the steam reviews and confirmed that the 6 reviews you showed ... exist. Too much of a coincidence to be from different people. Could have been alts, I don't agree that it is likely that anyone would; get upset, buy 6 extra accounts, and then put in 300 hours on each, just to leave extra reviews. More likely someone had 6 accounts, was pissed with the game and posted the one line reviews on each account. But regardless. NA low steam ratings don't appear to be caused from fake accounts. 75% of the last reviews are negative. I can't find another game with such a poor reputation. I once posted that I disagreed with the Devs that bad reviews caused poor sales of the game, but that was when there were only 20% of the reviewers not recommending to buy. I now agree that when 3/4 of all the feedback says the game is shit it may start influencing people to avoid it. I still like the game. I left a positive review. But I'm only here for the sailing and the pretty scenery. I think the overwhelming number of negative reviews of NA could mean that the game is flawed.
  9. I think you are confusing the PvE server with the PvP server. The changes you are describing may seem reasonable to you, but they are drastic and will impact the very foundation of the PvE server. Some players just want to have fun and may not want to have other's ideas forced on them. Peace server = Calm, tranquility, relaxation. All nations are at peace. There are no port battles. There is no conquest.. There is no piracy or privateering. The peace server is perfect for friendly. peaceful gameplay. What you propose will alter the very essence of the Peace server, and may attract the wrong type of player. It would be easier to change the War server, or introduce a separate server. It is perfectly okay for some players to enjoy a game that is NOT focused on someone else's form of excitement. Save the peace server. Don't wreck it for those who enjoy it.
  10. It's a great idea. I'd like to hail NPCs. Would be even better if the info provided varied, depending on; how skilled the crew was, and/or how recently the NPC obtained an accurate fix, and/or the weather. A small trader, or fisher, far way from land, will not be much help, but a large warship could be expected to have skilled officers and several chronometers. But I don't expect the Devs will spend any time improving options for navigating. We have the GPS perk, there is nothing else needed for finding our way to the next battle. But I'm pleased to hear other players enjoy a challenge of dead reckoning. I find that charting a course and tracking my progress is much more entertaining than mindlessly watching the sea rapidly rushing past the side of the ship.
  11. Respectfully, how can the Peace Server remain peaceful, relaxing and tranquil if you introduce excitement on your terms. Many players like the PvE server. Perhaps you are confusing the War Server with a Peace Server. Maybe it is best to leave the PvE server alone and let those who enjoy it continue to have fun there. Let players have some quality of life and good gameplay. Not everyone can afford to play the game like it's a job. Newbies need a place that they can avoid getting ganked by NPCs.
  12. What's stopping you? Is crafting and selling Labor Hour contracts not a way of selling hours?
  13. I think some players want zero risk. I just sailed a fleet of TBrigs for a few hrs. Made half a million reals and 4000 Doubloons. I'm very slow, I'm sure most players could complete the journey much faster. I could buy almost 3 expensive permits with the profit from this one trip. (Bought another TBrig on the voyage for 1000 reals because it was too good of a deal to pass up. It is a F/F very fast trim) Because I pay nothing for eco missions, the only thing I risked losing was the cost of my ships. Even if I value each ship at 5,000 each, that's only 20,000 if I lost all four. If I was to create a fleet by capturing NPC ship's they are only worth the cost of repairs. I'm don't see how much lower the risk can be. Gambling 4,000 to 20,000 to make a half a million. Perhaps some players want TBrigs to be free to lower the risk. If a player is extremely risk adverse they could sail a basic cutter and pick up passengers only. It would take longer but the risk is even less. Basic cutters are free, and eco missions are free. So a player can risk zero reals with a zero cost ship and make a lot of reals in a fairly short amount of time. Hours or days. Use the reals to buy a permit. Some players may point out that they are risking their time. They have invested several hours in a few T Brigs, or perhaps a dozen or even a couple dozen hours sailing around in a basic Cutter. Perhaps the players that don't like sailing, should stop. If their time is too valuable, to waste it sailing, this game may not be a good fit. Personally I don't mind risking my time. I like the game, and the risk. If I didn't like the risk I would use the Peace server.
  14. I'm uninformed but for what it is worth: .... A Trincomalee is 25 Combat Marks, I see that CMs are about 50,000 reals (under sell contracts) That's 1.5Mill reals. I see lots of Delivery Missions for massive Reals. You can use a couple traders for cheap. TSnows are about 4000reals. So for an investment of 8000 or 12,000 reals (2-3 TBrigs) you can easily make 1.5 million in a few hours. Low risk. That doesn't seem too onerous for a ship.
  15. https://na-map.netlify.com/
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