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  1. I thought that anyone can change nation anytime they want to. Did we remove the option to delete our own character and restart as a different nation? It allows everyone a personal option to have a "wipe" without imposing it on other players who don't like "wipes'.
  2. Thank you for the clarification. This is reassuring information. I can continue to enjoy NA. Thanks @Admin
  3. What is a map reset? A wipe is when I lose all my resources, reals, doubloons, .. my stuff. My plan was to play casually and it should take till next April to build a comfortable set up. By then I will be a Flag Capt and have a decent trading business. A wipe would completely wreck all of my plans. This thought of wiping out all of our assets is very troubling news. Depressing.
  4. What does this mean? It sounds like there will be another wipe in a few months. If that is true, I think a lot of players may pause - until the wipe is complete. For me; I would like to know if there is another wipe coming.
  5. Another wipe would be the worst of all the bad ideas.
  6. This would be exciting idea. It's been suggested, ... sort of. Suggestions like: Allow ships to sail as AI. Send them on trade/delivery trips. Include waypoints, be able to vary speed and allow players to retake control during the voyage. The Devs have said they will not allow players to send fleet ships as NPCs because the risk of sinking or capture is too high, players will be upset. Also I think that these mechanics would be too complicated for the game: there is only so much horsepower.
  7. Thanks for the clarification, that's how I remember it. And 200-300 during the low off hours. Yet there are continual urgent posts claiming the number of players online is falling, and soon the game will be empty. Funny, ... if the population has been dropping dramatically for three years ... there should be no one playing now. But instead the numbers have stayed the same. Sounds like mythical predictions of impending doom. "Quick! Change NA now, to satisfy my wishes, or soon we will have no one playing it !" My prediction is;. 3 years from now we will still be hearing urgent warnings that the numbers are plummeting, but 600-800 people will play at peak times, and there'll be 200-300 at low levels. And it'll still be lots of fun and highly addictive.
  8. I don't understand this either. Brits sunk 7 first rates in one battle this morning. (None were port battle kills.) Just counted and there were another 36 players sunk in the last hour alone. (No port battle kills ...yet). Must be interesting for the devs to read these posts, when they can see accurate PvP stats. Could be that there is more PvP now that ever.
  9. Sounds like; "Quick, change the game to suit me, or everyone will leave!!" The game has had a few hundred players for years. NA only has large populations for very short periods of time. Just cause people say it is dying doesn't make it so. Lots of us have lots of fun with a few hundred players online. It looks like years from now the population will be similar to what it was years ago, and what it is now. Depends on new player's expectations. If you want to have 30 ships, 10-20 million reals, 100 thousand doubloons, stockpiles of resources&repairs, 8 Outposts, 10 buildings, and a whole lot of friends to help you, it will only take a couple months playing casually WITHOUT an alt. If a new player wants to lose big ships every night after playing for a only few days, or weeks, ... this may not be the right game. Allowing others to use alts doesn't affect me at all. They are more prosperous than me, but I'm still having fun. Their success doesn't wreck the game for me.
  10. But you miss the point. There is a distinctly different feel to the Peace server, because there is NO PvP. You would change the type of player that is attracted to it ... if you allow any PvP. Be very careful about the type of player that you encourage to join. Instead of risking messing up the PvE server you should make changes to the War server, because it is already saturated with a mindset that accepts PvP, competition, etc. If you add PvP to the Peace server it will change it. It's a "Peace" server.
  11. Why screw up the PvE server? It's greatest appeal is the lack of competitive toxic culture. It's a Peace server. Recommend those PvP changes to the War server. Leave the Peace server alone.
  12. If you recognize trading to players as PvP (Player to Player trading) then you are welcome to join SCTS. We specialize in trading with all other players. NO job is too big or too small, We sell resources, deliver anything, and will transport your ships. Need rum? We speciallize in Rum production, trade and speedy delivery.
  13. I own the Forger. I've never used it and never will. I wish I had known that I could not keep my warehouses and buildings before I bought the DLC. The effort and time to move all of my resources to free ports is much too high. As a trader with a high volume of material, the current deterent is very significant. I wish that I could keep my assets just as I do in ports that are captured. I had hoped to use the Forger as some diplomatic papers to enable me to conduct business with a foreign nation, for a month. It would have been sweet to spend the time to collect some resources and conduct international trade. But the cost of destroying buildings and outposts and the time moving everything is prohibitive. The added inconvenience of removing 3 ranks, once when I move to the nation, and again in a month when I move back, is extreme.
  14. Does the Peace Server not provide an entire map with DI? Great place for Noobies to learn. I think that alot of your concern would be solved if a new player receive a large bold text message to avoid the capital. Brit Example:. "KPR is an extremely dangerous area, with a high population of skilled enemy. For your safety, and enjoyment, you are encouraged to avoid sailing within 50km of this port, until you become proficient at PvP"
  15. Macjimm

    Fix login

    redii, did you try restarting the game completely? Steam? I often get that message when I am starting the game with NA still open (but not in the game), especially after the daily server maintenance.
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