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  1. Macjimm

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Yes, the mouse pointer while hoovering is enough, ... but you need to be careful to grab the dead center spot ... it is possible to grab the compass on a spot that is not the dead center, and if you do it is a wee bit more difficult to get a precise reading. We need to judge the center by the look of the compass circle around the waypoint dot. Felix, your compass is very good. You can leave it as it is, it works fine. I was offering the suggestion because I sense you are a bit of a perfectionist. By the way: More testing, and the timings of the journey seem accurate. If I click on Delete Last Leg one too many times the Journey function freezes and I cannot place new waypoints or drag the compass.
  2. Macjimm

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Felix the new compass looks great. Very functional, by dragging it over a waypoint a new direction can be measured. The only suggestion I could offer is a darker small dot in the center, for orientation when positioning. Great work. Thanks for the ability to clear without removing the journey details , I use it often. The timings are okay unless I am very loaded with cargo and my speed has been reduced
  3. Macjimm

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Compass is excellent
  4. I used to be able to craft some material, transport them, and sell them to players and shops. Had a profitable barrel business Used to be able to trade with players, for my labor, to craft materials for them Now I can only craft Repairs and Cannons, for sale to players. There are less opportunities now.
  5. Macjimm

    Basic cutters in patrol zone

    so many rules ... is there no ship that is effective at countering a basic cutter.
  6. Perhaps a Global Trade channel would help players find traders willing to provide resources and goods to shipbuilders. If a player like Kilo wants Teak/WO/LO there are traders who will deliver it to him. Last night I heard several players texting in Nation Chat that there were capping multiple traders loaded with White Oak and Teak. Would be exciting, for some traders, to ship resources from a hot spot to crafters in need. I know some traders are willing to venture into dangerous areas, for a profit, or for Doubloons. And there are captains ready to provide escort and support to such traders, for the chance to fire broadsides at the enemy. Communication is key.
  7. There seems to be a lot of options for various national trade and limited international trade. Profit and the type of trade depends on how players are willing to engage with; the game, and other players. Sources for obtaining goods/resources = Shops, crafting, contacts, pillaging and direct trade with other players. Selling options = Shops for Reals(Rs), Contracts for Rs, Player's trades for R's or Doubloons (Dbls). Most Brit shops that are close and safe have a limited supply as a source, but ports in dangerous waters have lots of high value shop goods. This seems to make sense and provides an incentive for Brits to venture into enemy waters. It also makes sense that the profit is higher if I sail a trade ship into an enemy port, but the risk is also higher. I like trading with players and have been enjoying transporting resources for clans developing and maintaining their stocks. I would also use a bulletin board, if it was available, that could match buyers to the traders who are willing to haul for a fee. I would love to see mechanics improved to allow international trade. I traded cannons and R's for Dbl's, with a foreign player today. We were unable to trade in OW or in a battle instance. We had to trade in a "Open to All" port, and I tried to assist by hauling some goods for him. When we returned to his capital there was no option for me to give him the goods I have transported for him. He had to attack and capture me, in order to receive the goods. I could have facilitated trade if I was sailing a trade ship, but still must enter a port. It can be dangerous entering ports. Meeting in a remote location, to exchange R's for Dbl's, would be preferable. Some goods are light enough they could be exchanged anywhere. Even heavy items could be transferred between ships in the calm water of a sheltered bay. Allowing trade between enemies, both in OW and in a combat instance would create more content and opportunities to resolve hunter - trader interactions. Not every attack needs to result in sinking or capturing. Traders might offer R's, goods, resources, Dbl's or services in exchange for release. Communication between nations would also improve trade. There are ways around it, like using 'find' to locate a player, or starting comms in global, and then texting by PM. Allowing communication between enemies, even with a hail, would make things simpler; especially for newbs. Trade options have different values viewed through the eyes of a trader, verses a fighter.
  8. NPC travel routes: I'm enjoying the atmosphere in game. Rather than finding enemy NPCs everywhere they seem to be more concentrated in some locations. Some ports appear to have high traffic, and other ports are quiet. The NPC patrols seem to stay near to coastal waters and ports. NPC traders appear on routes between ports. Trader players can now find passive areas with very few foreign NPCs (and enemy players). I've heard players chatting, in game, that they cannot find NPCs of a suitable rate or number, and other players reply that there are lots. I read chat reports of player's finding hot spots with many NPC traders carrying White Oak, Live Oak and Teak. Other players text that they sail for hours without seeing a proper target. Players now need to know where to hunt or trade. The general feel of OW has been improved. I like that enemy warships are not common deep within my nation's waters. It seems less like a homogenized, continuous, combat simulator and more like a variable open world. It is very good there are lots of NPC ships concentrated in strategic spots, and they are not spread out everywhere. I hope there are locations with a greater number of small ships, for newbs.
  9. Macjimm

    New players and trading / shop ships

    Just spotted a Admiralty T Brig in KPR for 5k reals. It has Copper Plating, and Gazelle Bow Figure. 13.98 + 2.03 knots. Nice ship, I could outrun Requins in it. I can trade 100 tons of Shop Goods for 2500 Reals. So I could pay for it with two trade runs in a basic cutter. There is a Trader Snow (Player built) for 8k Reals. 12.04 + 1.09 knots
  10. Macjimm

    Low quality PvP

    This means that when I am sailing in a Trader Lynx I can not be attacked by a Prince, Le Requin, or any 5th rate. Or am I missing something?
  11. Macjimm

    New players and trading / shop ships

    I'm not sure why players should be completely dependent on gifts instead of having free basic traders. Interesting question. What is the cost and availability of a basic trader lynx? They used to be very affordable.
  12. Macjimm

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Felix, Compass with https://na-map.netlify.com/ Tried reload F5 Internet Explorer - No Map Chrome - map works with 16 pt compass Mozilla Firefox - map works with New 24 pt compass Problem could be clientside. Thanks for for your efforts and suggestion. Delete Last Leg The delete last leg is a useful feature; Combined with dragging the compass it is easy to determine a bearing when arriving at a way-point. Clearing map without clearing Journey Currently when I want to clear a selection (Single port, Ports, Goods, Ships, Woods) I use the Clear button in the upper right. This also clears the Journey, including the ship type. Is it, or would it be, possible to add a nothing selection in each search, so that the Journey is not cleared also. Example: I have selected Teak as a good, I am not able to un-select teak without deleting the journey.
  13. Macjimm

    New players and trading / shop ships

    I was given a few T Lynx and cash, by helpful players, and I have done the same for others starting out. Friendly interactions create a good atmosphere.