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  1. The website indicates weather, and also says damage from poor seamanship. Will there be a possibility of damage from weather? And rocky shores? Will players have options for navigation, or will a GPS icon show the ship's position on the in-game map? I hope that there will be an option to turn off the text on the screen. NA came close to removing text, but still allows it for Ports and Event Messages. Will there be an option to turn off all text? Will players be able to access the captain's instruments (compass, chronometer, etc..) without looking at a UI? Will we have an option for real time, or will everyone be forced to use Fast Travel? With single player it should not impact other players if someone wants to sail at real time. Similar to the game Sailaway. What is KCD?
  2. Perhaps this thread could be merged with the other that suggested this. Seems that players would likely choose silly, or offensive, names (like their character names). As a compromise, it would be helpful if ships could be named clientside only. The name should appear on the Navy List of the Port UI and the Fleet screen of the OW UI.
  3. Is this new GL "Sea Legends" a remake of the Russian release in 1995? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_Legends
  4. I would prefer if ganking was permitted. There are way too many combat rules and complex restrictions in NA: was hoping that NA2 would relax these and allow more freedom. Without ganking the game may be too constained and 'gamey', but we have to try it out to know for sure.
  5. And I was thinking that soon I might transition from Naval Action to Star Citizen. Star Citizen allows for 1st person view while controlling the ship. Perhaps I'll soon transition from NA to Sea Legends. Glad to see that there may be some possibility of damage from weather and rocky shores. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I'm holding my breath that this game will include some navigation and desperately hoping that there will be an option to turn off the text on the screen. NA came close to removing text, but still allows it for Ports, Event Messages, Aim Bars, and provided only HUD/Text access to the; time, national identification, and compass, in OW.
  6. The game's economic conflict is much more interesting than the rewards for individual competition. Capturing enemy ships could still be possible if we allow scuttling. The captain would need to use skill, and work quickly, to prevent the victim from scuttling. Allow more depth for multiple play styles.
  7. This is an entertaining thread. I don't sail Snows. I used to sail Traders Snows. Can they carry 32 pound carronades? Thats fair too right? No?
  8. Makes good sense strategically to deny the enemy, period. Raiders sink traders to deny us; Repairs for combat, and Reals for funds. It is very reasonable to sink our own ships rather than just give them to our enemies. The game's economic conflict is much more interesting than the rewards for individual competition. Scuttling is not just sour grapes, it's a viable tactic that should be available. If anyone can elaborate on other tactics,(that are available) to ensure that we can make our own ship sink, please advise. Rethinking my previous post, perhaps a wise captain should be rewarded, rather than fined, for scuttling a valuable ship.
  9. What has skuttling your ship got to do with Alt farming? Would it help if the combat news still showed the ship as sunk?
  10. As a Trader-that-gets-ganked Bastard, this idea has my wholehearted approval. I would absolutely love to be able to self destruct. Most raiders are civil and I have no issue with the combat. There are a few that are very offensive. It would be rare that I would use the feature, but on the rare occasion that some ass is being a prick I would easily pay a million reals to sink my own 5,000 real Traders Brig with 100,000+ reals in cargo. Perhaps our Admiralty could fine us a million reals each time we chose to scuttle. A penalty for such a distasteful action. Might help inflation by removing currency.
  11. Respectfully, The high rank does not indicate that the player has much experience or wisdom. The high rank simply means that the player has accumulated XP, nothing more. There is no issue allowing players the option to display their rank publicly, but it would be grossly misleading to suggest that the displayed rank indicates a relative level of skill, wisdom, or experience. There are some very helpful wise players here at NA, ... but a player of the very highest rank can be useless and misinformed.
  12. Very true. Rank does not indicate how well a player can fight. It shows the maximum number of crew and perks only. Big NO.
  13. Sounds are okay as an option. Must be able to turn off the sound of an alert.
  14. Macjimm


    I don't see anyone bashing here. My suggestion was constructive: sincerely (without sarcasm) buy some alts - the Devs will appreciate your support and it will provide you with access to an unlimited number of outposts. While you are spending, buy an Admiralty Connection for each alt. It will give you more docks, buildings, and warehouses. There is a solution ready for your perceived problem. It's your choice to remain limited.
  15. Thanks for adding this to the conversation. Was beginning to wonder about these secret, easy, T Brig-trade-runs that spit out over 3 million per hour, every hour, all day long. I've noticed that the highest profit Goods are not always available to buy. Sounds like others can't always find them also. Perhaps these secret runs are myths.
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