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  1. Right on Macolm! It's almost impossible to figure out where you are, and communicate it, after you are being tagged. You need to know where you are at all times. If you can navigate without the GPS sextant perk, tracking your location is a process that you do continuously and it keeps you very busy. It's a lot easier when you can sight a landmark. But, because you keep track of where you are, you can Alt Tab to the grid map and note the co-ordinates even from inside the batttle. If you are using the GPS sextant perk, you can screen shot the ingame map quickly just before you are tagged, but even with the GPS sextant perk it is wise to always keep track of where you are.
  2. Having everything the same is not better. Currently the experience is rich and varied. There are areas of open ocean, away from shipping lanes, where no NPCs are ever seen, and there are hot densely populated spots near capitals that look like international regattas. The thick packed clusters of enemy ships on the capital doorsteps may not be as realistic as the rest of the map, but they provide easy targets for Newbies. The mechanics are interesting and complex. I can remember when Great Britain owned most ports in the center of the map: it was satisfying to trade and fish among British NPCs and reasonably never see foreign ships. At the same time a group of British players could always find plenty of enemy NPCs when they sailed across the line into foreign waters. Having some variety gives the game more flavor and colour. There are areas with lots of enemy, dangerous areas and safer areas. Like fishing, some spots are quiet. It would be dull and boring .... If all areas of the map were the same.
  3. I think the intent of removing the F-11 coordinates was to make it harder for players to communicate their location. It is actually fairly easy if; you keep track of your position, AND your mates are able to do the same. But removing the F-11 made it difficult to communicate your location because most players cannot use a map with a grid: they need a simplified system - (Like the GPS Sextant perk). If you and your mates have a grid map and use the GPS Sextant perk it is very simple. Compare the ingame map to the grid map. You can also use NA-map but it takes a few seconds longer. Also, anyone with just a little skill at navigating can use the maps quickly without the GPS Sextant perk. I agree, there is no way to determine your position from inside a battle instance, unless you can see a landmark. Jamaica - Old Landmarks I
  4. Farrago, The NA rules are made for wolves NOT for sheep. They promote fighting. I'm guessing that a defensive tag -without cannon, is only okay if you allow yourself to be sunk or captured. It seems that you can defensively tag, with cannon, only if you fight and do not flee. I suppose you can defensively tag anytime ... if you fight. You may defensively tag ONLY once if you flee, but only if you exit the battle as soon as you are able. I think that staying in battle after you are able to leave is considered griefing if your opponent stays in the battle with you, but you are allowed to stay if your opponent decides to leave. It's very complex...if you try to flee. Keep it simple - Attack Always, with or without cannon.
  5. I'm not the best to give advise about XP. I got all mine from sailing. I have more than I need now. There has been lots of research into different types of gamers. Goes without saying that people are motivated differently, but you are wise to focus on enjoying the game. After all, what's the point in putting in hours, advancing towards a goal, if the gameplay is no fun. If the game seemed like a grind, I would log off...immediately.
  6. Do you have proof of why the servers were merged? Lots of people complained about the low population after server2 was removed.
  7. Welcome back. I remember that you seemed to like the politics, had a healthy thick skin and a sense of humor. It's still a great game ... with overflowing cups of briney muck.
  8. The confusion thickens: Poisoning with districts? Laying in the fat? Disguise as a IA? Gatchimbi? I still don’t have any idea what workers dislike about conditions that could not be better.
  9. @admin How can an Endymion (without guns) keep a player in battle? Can the raider not just stop firing for a couple minutes and then leave the battle? if I get attacked, on a trade run, in a ship without cannons: It sounds like I can only use a defensive tag if I leave the battle at the earliest opportunity. This will respawn me in OW where the battle started, and will place me at a disadvantage. Are we confusing fleeing with deliberately trying to annoy players? Seems if I am attacked, when I'm without cannons, I should just close with the raider and allow my ship to be sunk or captured. Is it okay to flee if I do not tag? Please don't think I am being disrepectful. I find the battle mechanics very confusing.
  10. Does anyone know why the workers are upset about conditions that could not be better? Is this some sort of reverse phsycology politics? Is the recent news suggesting that the workers are never satisfied, even with the best arrangement? Is this news some sort of sarcastic code that means the workers are very pleased with foreign influence? Chinese laborers on Trinidad who recently arrived from Macao on the British ship "Fortitute" have demanded an improvement to workers condition. Obviously this is happening because of foreign influence and the working conditions could not be better
  11. I like sailing. If the long distance, open sea travel was removed the game would be boring to me. But I dont want to be forced to do meaningless tasks. I keep a log book, navigate, plot the course, estimate when I will arrive, time my travel in dangerous areas (to have the wind advantage), watch for enemy, hail other ships for info. Etc. There is lots to do without making up stuff. Keeping the log book and navigating, while watching for those supercharged speedboat raiders is enough. When I can be resonably sure I am far away from shore, ports, and wind boosts, I enjoy a little break. AFK is nice for part of the journey. Brew a cup. Hit the head. If more make-busy-work tasks are added, I sure hope they are optional. The game is busy and rushed enough without adding unnecessary content, considering the rapid pace of travel in OW. I would like added; Control of the ship from a proximal free view. (Ship controls from a camera view within 2 meters of any part of the ship). Enough OW manual sails to tweek speed. Auto match the speed of the slowest member of a group. Toggled lookout that alerts when a ship or land sighted. (Must have On/Off keybind)
  12. Cetric, I would be very pleased if you were correct. Trading and strategy is more interesting that arcade style combat. From what I understand; The NA game mechanics are limited. There are limits on number of objects, calculations, players, NPCs etc. The Admin/Devs have said that they are focused on the pew-pew, and other games allow more detailed trading. I've never played PTOBS, but I'm guessing that the experience of sailing wasn't nearly as realistic as NA. The videos of combat look somewhat cartoon like. Not sure if there is much point comparing clip art to a photo, or Donkey Kong to ARMA3.
  13. Perhaps someday there will be an age of sail game with an interwoven player driven economy. Ports require material, resources, goods, services to remain productive. Manpower and finance is critical to a nations strength. Even a powerful country like Russia can be strangled and brought to it's knees by killing trade to it's ports. I would love it. Many others would also. But that is not this game. Naval Action is based around combat. The focus is on lots of fights that happen easily, quickly and frequently.
  14. Allowing skilled players to Loki inexperienced players in capital zones is mean.
  15. Macjimm

    Battle Ranson

    It doesn't matter if there is a game mechanic to prohit a second attack. It's a war server, the risk creates opportunities and allows choice. There is risk in trading now. I can agree to deliver goods to a player and there is no guarantee the buyer will pay. Shipwrights can build a custom ship, and discouver the player refusing to provide the agreed payment. I could make a trade for a specific build of a ship and find out after I have paid that the ship is not what I paid for. The list goes on and on. Risk. Trust. Player vs Player relationships. But I would love to be able to pay a ransom inside the Battle Instance, and inside the Open World. It starts with communication between nations.
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