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  1. Rather than nerfing the Econ Missions we could improve other methods to create wealth. Don't wreck the Deliveries - focus on fixing trade. Players seem to like making a million Reals and 50k in Doubloons, and then they spend it more freely. But please DO NOT reduce the deadlines for delivery. Nine days is not a long time for those of us that only play a couple times a week, and do not sail for hours in each session. A single journey with multiple waypoints can easily take more than a week.
  2. Econ Missions: Tax the delivery mission at completion to improve port owner's profit. Implement a penalty for failed delivery. Will never reduce a player's wealth to less than zero. Trading:. Trading should be improved. Vary the weight of items to increase profit. Not all trade items should weigh 100 tons. Provide higher profits for some traded goods. Vary availability of items to stimulate interest. Having a port continuously producing the same number of items is unreasonable. The production number should decline if the items are continually removed, and the purchase cost of the item should increase if demand is high and continuous. Have random drops of high value items to create prizelike opportunities. Vary prices: the price received for repeatly selling an item should decline if the shop is oversupplied. Do not reduce the purchase price of an item below a basic minimum per item (to prevent abuse).
  3. Does anyone know if there is a better site to get answers about Naval Action? Perhaps a Reddit forum or such? Or perhaps there is a different section of these forums. Seems like so many questions go unanswered. Why all the secrecy?
  4. This is a fantastic idea. Wasn't this what was happening before? You could; 1) spend a bunch of money and just buy all the parts from various shops, 2) for less money you could buy the resources and craft the parts, or 3) for much less money you could collect resources and then craft the parts (but you had to first build mines, plantations and forests). This created niche businesses for some of us. I made barrels and had a profitable little operation. I knew a guy who made lots of money from producing another material. Seemed like wonderfully complex processes integrated into the game. But instead of players just enjoying the choices to spend more (and buy all the parts) or spend less (making their own parts) a bunch of them were confused and complained unceasingly that the game was bad, because it was too complicated, and they couldn't figure it out. I think players couldn't easily find the shops to buy the materials to build ships and they got frustrated. So the devs changed it. Simplified it. And there is less choice on how to build ships now. Then again ... perhaps I'm confused. But I miss my barrel business. I enjoyed making them for shipwrights.
  5. Good. Sounded like you might be asking for escorts to be able to teleport to a trader's location. I should learn to read. I really like the idea of syncronizing speed and heading in a group. Max speed based on the slowest ship. Regulated by the leader. I play solo and have found clans very helpful and friendly to me. They help me trade. You can trade or help a player and receive payment or reward from the player, or trade/help a clan and receive support from the whole clan. Player made content is great.
  6. Destraex So you are asking for a "teleport-to-a-trader" function? I like the idea of player warships escorting player traders, but you know that is happening already. The reward is paid to the warships by the clan, or the trader herself. Not sure if teleporting to another player would be helpful. Before the wipe? Is there another wipe coming? What's the point buying up anything before a wipe?
  7. Really good questions. Are there only a few ports (like Porto) where we can build an Academy Building and craft Extra Labor Contracts with Tools + Provisions + 500 labor hours?
  8. For me the best trade is selling/delivering stuff to/for players. Crafting items for shipwrights used to yield great business opportunities. Now crafting cannons or repairs are the only choices. Shop trades were always somewhat of a grind. But now buying and selling in shops is so simplified it is dull. Delivery Missions provide easy wealth but take no skill. they would be interesting if skill was required and there was some risk. Trading would be exciting and important if it formed more of the game's strategy and was a required element of national strength and prosperity.
  9. Yes. Yes. Yes. We should be able to chat with all players. It promotes international trade and co-operation. We could have a hail feature for other nations and if an enemy chooses to he could refuse a chat request. This way traders could attempt to bargain with a raider, before they are tagged. Or foreign traders could try to arrange mutually profitable deals. Those who hate chatting with enemy could refuse the hail. The ignore function should work in battles. Seeing toxic chat should be optional not mandatory.
  10. I enjoyed reading the posts from excited players suggesting ideas to add. Interesting concepts about discovery of rare items or treasure along remote coastlines. Or encouraging trade that was interconnected to national production and strength. But those type of posts stopped ... long ago.
  11. I would love to be able to name my ships. It would be handy to find a specific ship. Other players don't need to see my names, and I don't want to see the goofy names that some players will choose for their own vessels.
  12. Yeah, but we may be playing a finished game with the threat of future periodic wipes.
  13. I was misinformed. Or misunderstood. Thanks for the comment. I amended my post.
  14. As I said. I wasn't aware that the Devs had made promises. I didn't expect anything less than a full wipe. But there are some companies that can be relied on to fulfill their commitments.
  15. There is the forum and there is the game. The atmosphere in game is much different than the description of it in the forum. I talk to lots of players in game that refuse to read the forum. Others in game are not permitted to use the forum. Most of the gamersI never knew that the devs made promises. I know stopped playing NA years ago. I think they didn't enjoy the overall strategy, but some saw no point in building personal assets that they would lose in a wipe. A lot will try the game again at release. Don't care about XP wipe. Disappointed to lose knowledge. I never knew that the devs made promises. It's not okay to break your word, it shows the world that you lack integrity. People without integrity don't value it. If a game company lies it's not insurmountable, just an indication that there is no trusting them ... unless we are simple minded. It's still a good game. I never expected to keep anything after the wipe. Be wary, don't expect so much. I am prepared for more wipes after release. I'd be a little stupid not to.
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