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  1. Buying alts will add more dock space.
  2. The home cam adds realism and immersion. I use it extensively when on long sails and it makes the travel much more fun. It allows for an interesting first person view, and movement about the ship. Walking on deck, climbing the rigging. We should be able to control the ship when using it. The addition of ship control to the home cam would be a fix, or workaround, for the broken transparent sails. Removing the home cam was done before. It made sailing very boring. I was very pleased that it was reinstated. If cheating is a concern, (sounds like it is) it makes sense to limit the range to a few feet from the ship. Unless we are stopped near Port or land. It's not cheating to allow views from; the port towers, forts, and mountain tops. There is no use for underwater views. At least not to fairly aid gameplay, realism, or immersion.
  3. Or do the Protection Fleets range to the extent of the capital influence lines on the ingame map?
  4. Lars, Question (not rhetorical). what you described is about a 25km radius hunting zone for Protection fleets. The Virgin Islands are densely packed with ports. Perhaps port battles in areas with ports very close together will require ingenuity and co-ordination? Tough to capture but not impossible?
  5. I've been playing this game for half a decade and I've never crafted a ship. I've never needed a shipyard. There are lots of friendly shipwrights who will build ships if I provide them the required resources. There is no shipwright in my clan. I have only one account. The one downside of not building your own ships is that higher craft levels increase production of resources. The only way to increase craft level is to build ships. Don't worry about not crafting all your own resources, you can always buy resources. It provides a reason to sail. Unless you hate sailing it's not neccessary to have all the buildings. If you do hate sailing you can buy extra accounts (alts) and Admiralty DLCs: you can have unlimited numbers of buildings, outposts, docks etc.
  6. I miss storms. Too bad they were removed. The big waves were fun to frolic in. But the game can't handle them. I like the foggy, foul, rain showers we get occasionally. It makes; me harder to find, and it easier to avoid hunters. The overwhelming majority of the weather is fair, and the current small amount of dirty weather makes the game interesting. Provides variety, and a wee bit of navigational challenge, especially for those of us that; do not use the GPS Sextant Perk, and seek shipwrecks in the fog.
  7. One Man Clans: What's wrong with that? A player's earns enough to set up a clan - gets more dock space, more warehouse space ... Buys the Admiralty DLC: gets more ... Buys a alt: gets more, including an extra Tow & more outposts/buildings The dude will be logging serious hours of game time. How does this hurt someone who chooses not to use these features for extra spaces. I don't have enough time for more gameplay, but I don't begrudge others from using the features in game to get ahead. No big deal. Enjoy, relax. It's a game. I'm a casual player, but if someone else is serious and puts in the time, they should be able to earn and reap more benefits. I can do the same if I choose. Why should I limit others just cause I don't have as much; time, or dedication, to play. Multiperson Clans: The real beauty of allowing clans a repository for ships is the convenience of exchange. If the port can make tax, and some currency is removed, mores the better. Could be a clan auction (with set rates), or a fee per deposit and withdrawal of each ship.
  8. The danger from raiders enhances the War Server. Worrying about gankers increases the excitement and sense of achievement. Increasing speed of sailing and eliminating long sails will not improve the War Server.
  9. ? On the Peace Server ---- How do I avoid gankers by giving the windboost a wide berth? ---- And how would I endure a raider overtaking me at turbo-speeds? (Because of the Wind Boosts) And how are tows or teleports different on the Peace server? Perhaps I missed your point. Was it that the OW experience should only be allowed on the Peace server? And there should be no long distance sailing, and open ocean feeling, on the War server? Perhaps you are suggesting that only the Peace server should be balanced, and it's okay to turn the War Server into a simplified combat-theatre, without OW.
  10. Perhaps the claims that new players have no chance is exaggerated. The Admin has stated that players should be helping smaller ships. And perhaps some additional NPC coast guard will be added. If nations are organized and players coordinate there is hope that these small gank ships can be defeated (sunk or chased away). "Protection of newbies from light ship raiding is also the responsibility of players. We cover for heavies very well.We are considering more privateers, but expect nations to cover for light ships hunting (which is much easier than hunting organized heavy fleets like it was before). Overall the situation is much much better these days than it was before. But rookies will still lose ships. Its part of the experience."
  11. I have the opposite playstyle from Yoda. But the game accommodates both of us. I can avoid the windboosts and often this evades gankers that loiter near the boosts to ambush traders. I don't have to use the teleports or tows if I chose realism. I like the foul weather and use it to hide in the fog. There is a balance. I'm okay with windboosts because it doesn't force everyone into supersonic speeds, I'm willing to endure raiders overtaking me at unreal turbo-speeds, and having road signs posted out at sea, because I have the choice to avoid them. One of the key appeals to the game is a feeling of traveling long distances and the open water. Travel is fast enough. Increasing open world speed would remove the atmosphere of sailing. NA would become an arena combat game.
  12. You sound reasonable, but often there is nothing to listen to. Many raiders refuse to communicate with their victims. I've not received a response during my last four battles, just rapid attacks that left me without a ship, and no word from my opponent. I've tried translating my text messages to other languages. Many players are just silent, they want to earn their Combat Marks, and have no interest in communication. Bubba's idea has merit. I would like to practice with a mentor. Engaging a cooperative real player would be very helpful. The experience gained from repeatedly trying; offensive tags, and shoot and scoots, could improve a trader's chance for survival. A mentor sign up program could pair willing players together, and they could agree to meet in game. Great way to build better players. Terrible idea if we want to keep the seals weak and easy to kill.
  13. Perhaps mentors could help anyone who is willing. Not just new recruits. NA action culture is not helpful with PvP combat training, or international cooperation, but there may be some experienced captains who would spend time with players of another nation and teach them how to fight or flee.
  14. I asked previously, if this new version that GameLabs is creating, is a remake. Included a link. No response.
  15. This should be optional, so that modest players can avoid the announcement.
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