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  1. I'm quite sure to have see last year the npc raiders attacking Saint George Town
  2. What about make more hard the production and/or the labor hours generation? More big= less resources and the labor hour slow down
  3. Is the respawn time of the goods 30 minutes or is also part of the example?
  4. I'm agree but is possible to have also a way to evade to pay taxes? 😂
  5. Same reason I suggested this thing Could be simple like the window where you see the friendly clan in your nation.
  6. Hello, what do you think to make a sort of board for comunication in the chat window in game? A sort of place where clans cound put in a very simple way status with other enemy clans or nation and only diplomats could change status example [drop down menu for the clan of your faction] [status] [dropdown menu for clan of all the other faction] CLAN1 war ENEMYCLAN2 CLAN1 truce ENEMYCLAN1 CLAN1 commercial truce ENEMYCLAN3 CLAN2 truce ENEMYCLAN3 CLAN2 war ENEMYCLAN1 CLAN2 commercial truce ENEMYCLAN2 o7
  7. What about just improving with a perk the Admiralty insurance? Now it cover the cost of the ship if is sinked, with a perk also if is captured. Dunno how it work if take into consideration the upgrades and weapons cost and, in traders case, the cargo value.
  8. But lower br don't mean also that big nation can attack multiple towns in the same day or anyway be ready to strike more often in a week?
  9. I will just add a ruler to have a way to say an approximately distance
  10. Hello Captains, wanted to ask you some explanation about these two perks. If i'm right foreman helps you to make more faster labor hours and oversee just to increase the max of your hours. is correct? o7
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