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  1. I think that for a cost reason and to dont spread the playerbase with the many alts around serves devs will keep only one. So to balance the situation what about rework the pb in 2 rounds? in the first one is the port battle timer, so defenders could manage it. during the second round are the challengers to set up the timer Probably with that mechanism you ahve to find a new way to set the points
  2. If we want to have big cargo ship also in shallow water port we could take into consideration the idea to stop them in some areas, outside the shallow waters, and using a count down simulate the movement of the cargo with little boat. Like when we found a sea bottle that we have to wait a little.
  3. or a trim that if you have marines when you shoot from stern you also shoot with muskets to the enemy crew
  4. probably the PvE is a test to see how it work, and move then in the war server
  5. I'm not sure that Shroud Cay is a safe place actually. I will suggest admin and devs to close the area and ask to Russian and Sweden to join their forces . Charles Darwin is sailig to Nassau on the research vessel Monarch, to give his support and investigate. Good Luck
  6. why from Shroud Cay and not grom an other free town? i know that the nation without a secure capital all start from there but why not change and keep them in Trinidad?
  7. South of Saint Nicholas going north west? Is all so thrilling
  8. Looking at Danish situation for example , actually I just see the alternative for them to change nation, run an alt in an other nation with port bonuses and in both situations they pay to be competitive.
  9. How you call have more than one game? And use a third part software to make them run in the same time? How many redoutable do you see around? How many can you use in a week? How you call change name and faction, paying to still have pb bonus? Open you eyes
  10. China is coming, Poland is gone small nations struggle in that RvR whitout quarter whit alts, spies betray, more or less like on Black Sails series or in Game of Throne. The idea is simple A DLC to craft ships with port bonuses. You buy it and the first time you use you select the bonuses and the levels till reach a fixed value. To increase the diversity of the ships devs could add more diversity whit new stats. That DLC could add also more building an extra building slot, outpost and a clan drydock with the possibility to place here ships for clan members. Clans that own a city with PB could receive the DLC for free. And instead PB in these cities they can have access in a more easy way to seasoned woods and the special cannons. o7
  11. To make fast cash just some DLc for doubloons, chests, painted sails, extra outposts, extra warehouse space, port bonuses and so on
  12. The rebels are moving on south with cart and mules but there are not free towns in the South of Cuba 🤔 ahh the island ..so they will start to Guauaguayare
  13. The empty ports are not lacking and it would not be so catastrophic for the gameplay to give each faction 1 capital and 3 unconquerable ports. I think it can be a first step to make many players happy, without great dramas
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