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  1. (maybe a big ! near your rank when you try to use a ship without having enough crew and a pop up, in cas of newbye, that remind you to complete the tutorial) Talking about the new woods...is planned somehting for the seasoned one? i mead reduce the cost of production to make them more friendly?
  2. nice, you have a very skilled guy that work on your 3d model
  3. What about: Clan dockyard: 5 slot you pay a rent in reals every day If you dont use it to give crafted ship to your mate you place indiamen or an other tship inside one or more slots, flag an option for trade and add an amount of doubloons. Before the maintenance you have the result of the trade with an amount of rare woods and other special rare resource. Like clan warehouse only officers have the rights to move the stuff from the tradeship holds into the clan warehouse only. If you dont pay the clan dockyard you dont have the auto trade service but you can use a daily clan dockyard mission where you have to go with the trade ship inside an enemy port, like a cargo delivery mission and come back.. in this way you find a note for fixed quantity of rare wood that you decide ( but ist depends by the dimension of the trade ship you use ). Since you have five slot you can take 5 mission daily and use doubloons too. Alts: i dont think they could be useful since is a clan thing and just officer and more could use it Big nations: the strong clan could use the basic system and wait what the fate will bring or use the mission, in this case you can hunt them Little nations: could use both the system due the clan dimension and clans could work together to built up a pb fleet
  4. Is a simple good idea, and for the Nations without a capital is not a problem since is full of ports that are not used
  5. what about make the bermudas a pve area where tow is disabled ?
  6. could be funny also to fight in storms with big waves and more ship movements
  7. Maybe I missed some parts of the discussions, but in recent months the problem was not the casual and annoying players with the super ship, but the undisputed big nations that govern the map. I don't know how he can get new timber scattered across the map, controlled by russia, to help other nations to fight his supremacy
  8. Maybe was better just to work on port bonuses, moving them from the port to the players
  9. Basically to collect rare woods we have to travel around all the map or they will drop in every ports? Or at least in many inside the same region? Ex Bahamas
  10. I would like to know more about rare woods: quantity and if their will be all available everywhere or just in some places
  11. I dont understand how it work. Just mean that the woods stats are changed? Or also the forest will change too?
  12. I was imagining a design as the devs know how to do, with the style of the time. for example an arsenal with a dry dock, cranes, stacks of timber and, gradually as the various pieces are made up, you can see the ship taking shape .. it does not need to be 3d enough in perspective but with the style of the designs of the time. for each ship the different shapes of the eyelashes of the trees .. maybe just a perspective rendering of the various components of the 3d models that are available with some sepia and artistic filters in the background, a drawing table with inkwell squared compasses and goose feathers
  13. i noticed some post in the forum about that system and i was really sad to dont try it..anyway now a solution like this one will just reward big nation with big clans well organized. is like going to a restaurant, is nice to have new menue with a lot of oprions but if you dont have money you just take a main course and some sides.. if you are rich you can take starter, ,main second ,sides, dessert and coffee and tips for the waitress
  14. i'm looking with interest at what will be the other changes in the ships blueprints
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