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  1. Ya that is my complaint. The buildings are cartoonishly large compared to the ships
  2. Why the hell does this keep getting ignored by the Devs? We really need more slots for both ships and outposts.
  3. I have been playing the game for some time and I would really love to see this. I agree with the Outpost deal as well. We need to be able to buy more ship slots and outpost slots. Why are we still stuck with so few?
  4. We need more ship slots and added outposts. With trading as it is its hard to balance trading ports with ports I need for other clan bussness.
  5. I was wondering if there is a way you all could set it up so traders dont get hit by the kill fleets? Its bad enough for traders to be hit by players but to have to worry about kill fleets. Hell traders dont pose a threat to anyone.
  6. I have taken not of these 5th rate kill missions and well I have to say that this mission more then others are killing the game for new players. Why because long term players go around with this mission just to pick on new players. I had a conversation with said newer player who decided to leave the game due to this very reason. This mission is killing the game for new players and driving them away. I feel that this mission should not be available to those who have reached the rank of admiral. Further more these Top players use the mission to horde rewards. I was t
  7. Besides that still does not change the fact that i have to choose what ships to own and what not to own. I pvp I still replace a Trinc with a Trinc. Still wont open another slot for when I buy a Christian or A Locean does it? I dont want to have to choose what ship to own and what not. I want to own them all. And no An alt account is not the same. I would have to have both running at the same time to make the transfer. Much simpler to just have more slots on one account. Adding an account is just a stupid waste of resourses.
  8. Well To the devs I guess there is no point in adding new DLC ships because they take up too much space in the docks so dont even bother I have no reason to buy any more
  9. Sorry I am not going to buy an alt account I dont have enough time to play the one account as it is.
  10. I have noticed with more and more ships that you plan to bring out but nothing on more dock space for said ships. Its sad enough that one cant own one of every ship in game and have space for them all but to also have to pick and choose what ships to own. Other games I have played have aloud players to buy an unlimited number of port slots for said ships however here if we even buy the DLC we are still limited to just 30. Not Near enough for the play style I play and not near enough to justify buying more DLC ships. I would love to be able to buy more spaces to add to my growing fleet of ships
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