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  1. I raised my flag from the very beginning of this game for casual players -- to no avail, unfortunately. The devs simply don't want this game to reach a wider audience. Calls for making the game easier to play, to consider players who do actually have family remained unheard and never answered. Very bad, but I have to accept this. I bought this game three years ago, I am in fact a huge fan of the old sailing ships especially frigates and I spent many hours in this game. But I do have a real life, i have a fulfilling day job and I have a lovingly family. Sadly, this game isn't for players like me. Latest patch is the best example -- fought a battle in a vic against 7 (unforeseen strong AI enemies) - sank one Ingermanland, managed to escape, got 2000 reals, paid 2000 reals for repair. Okay, no problem, spend 12 hours a day ingame and you'll be happy.
  2. Now that we have the first DLC - two further questions: - what happened to the Pandora? It was announced as a giveaway - what happened to the santa cecila - can we have it as DLC redeemable too?
  3. mikawa

    Major problem - new player experience

    If I would hate this game I would not have spend 800 hours in it. :-) And I know that the gameplay changes you've implemented took much effort and caused new bugs like fleets sailing through land which was already fixed before the megapatch. UI and new players-related, to stay on-topic: - not showing option "5" during boarding but it is possible - "tow to port" is absolutely useless because you don't want to teleport to a port you are already near - not showing views options like spying by flying around in OW outside of ship - not showing needed materials for a ship you are not allowed to craft (tedious when a clanmate wants to craft it for you and you don't know how much material is needed) - not showing combat news by default - no clue that combat marks can not be sold when in captains chest These points cause frustration even for experienced players but even more for new players mainly because you have to gather informations about this tediously over forum / user videos ... The next step should be to provide a good documentation of the game mechanics and the changes made by every patch.
  4. mikawa

    Latest Patches

    I usually do not use AFK sailing so I didn't notice this. Thanks for pointing this out. But it should be changed because it makes absolutely no sense to be forced to have a third party software running only for AFK sailing ...
  5. mikawa

    Latest Patches

    What has been changed in the lastest patches? I don't remember having read here in the forum anything about it. Yesterday I realized that OW AFK sailing is now impossible without auto logging off due to inactivity. Was this already the case before the yesterday patch? Crossing the map from O to W completely means now you sit 2 hours in front of your pc doing NOTHING. Really, devs?
  6. mikawa

    Major problem - new player experience

    Don't expect new players to stay in this game for long - no explanation of game mechanics - no up-to-date tutorials - no user-friendly UI Atm this game aims not for gaining new players. Instead it fiddles with bugs that were already done before all the recent "big" patches.
  7. mikawa

    Free port of Viques

    You did get me wrong. I never said anything against pb system (clan grinding hostilty and then sets up pb battle able to invite anybody the clan members want to, avoid alt jumping or newbies in frigates, that is all ok and good) but the port should belong to the nation. The whole tax / open port system) is a mess as expected ...
  8. Das kann ich nur voll unterschreiben. Wenn du gerade mal eine Cerberus bemannen kannst, wird es echt schwierig, sich da hochzuleveln, wenn eine Frigate als Gegner spawnt. Altbekannt, geändert hat da bislang keiner was dran. Es gibt einen ganzen Haufen solcher Punkte. Leider haben wir ja immer noch Alpha Phase. Die Befürchtung, NA könnte auf dem Stadium wo es jetzt ist stehen bleiben, ist schon durchaus begründet, wenn man die lange Entwicklungszeit betrachtet. Spielen tu ich es trotzdem immer noch gerne ....
  9. mikawa

    Free port of Viques

    That's the top of nonsense. It should be not YOUR pb it should be the NATION'S pb instead.
  10. mikawa

    Free port of Viques

    This case study shows that we needn't friendly fire when we have port opened in the heart of a nation ... Anyways this is a game so lets take this with a wink of an eye ... RVR is not nation stuff it's private stuff now and this is what I feared but nobody wanted to listen ... Ok, here you have the result
  11. Tutorials: Es gibt einige gute Kampftutorials und auch Segeltutorials, nur muss man da ein wenig Geduld aufbringen und Youtube durchforsten. plak.rocks beispielsweise hat ein sehr gutes Tutorial zum manuellen Segeln rausgebracht, das ist auch "heute" noch gültig, da sich an den Segeltechniken nichts geändert hat. Schiffsverlust: mein Tipp: mit einem neuen Schiff erst mal deutlich schwächere NPC's angreifen (die segeln ja überall rum) und sich an das Schiff gewöhnen. Jedes Schiff verhält sich anders. Ist man da mal dran gewöhnt, kann man die Missionen bedenkenlos fahren. Bei Übermacht (bsp. 2x Cerberus AI gegen die hauseigene Renommee) einfach wegsegeln. Timer sein Dank ist das kein großes Problem. Gold: Inzwischen gibts ja wesentlich mehr Marks und Gold für die Kämpfe, so dass sich Verluste relativ leicht ausbügeln lassen. Nicht entmutigen lassen, hin und wieder verliert man halt ein Schiff weil man zu waghalsig / zu wenig vorausschauend agiert hat. Geduld ist hier wichtig, wenn man die nicht mitbringt, sollte man lieber auf NA Legends warten. Abwechslung: einfach mal in den Nation Chat gehen und schauen ob man nicht mal ein paar Kumpels zusammentrommeln kann dann gibts gleich viel mehr Optionen wie Fleet Missions oder PVP ... oder sich eben einem kleinen Clan anschließen, wenns einem nicht (mehr) gefällt kann man ja einfach wieder "gehen". Spieler die sich am unfertigen UI stören oder keine Lust zum Testen / Ausprobieren haben sind in der Alpha oder Betaphase eines Spiels einfach Fehl am Platz. Wenn was stört, schreibs doch einfach unter Feedback ins Forum. Soweit, Beste Grüße ...
  12. mikawa

    Increase ship spot distance in OW using spyglass

    I think I've proposed both earlier (greater distance with spyglass & info only when ships are a bit closer) for at least 3 times -- but got no response at all.
  13. That is a very important information, I've never read anything about this before. Thx for pointing that out.
  14. mikawa

    Change Ship Skill System

    Remove the ship XP system as it is atm. We have 2 different types of ship bonuses: 1.) Bonuses based on ship physics - better planking - additional sails - copper plating - more crew space ..... These bonuses should remain as they are, provided by skill books & mats. Very good. 2.) Bonuses based on crew skill - faster sailing - better turning - faster repairing - faster reloading - faster switching battle stations ..... These bonuses should be calculated as malus depending on hours in battle when sailing a specific ship type. Example: Player A has spend 60 hours in battle with a Endy. He gets malus of 5% on all crew skills. Player B has spend 5 hours in battle with a Surprise. He gets malus of 15% on all crew skills. In the end the experienced Endy captain might turn nearly as quick the newbie Surprise captain. Maybe a player who spend 100 hours on a specific ship type reaches all the ship attributes without malus. The numbers have to be adjusted, but my idea is to reward players for specializing on a specific ship type. This would be a nice addition, because it varies battles outcomes. And it is pretty realistic too, because you now learn how to get the best out of your ship by the time.
  15. @admin, can you please explain the reward mechanic atm? I observed that I got fewer rewards in a battle where AI fleet joined together with me against LGV (maybe call it bad tag) as if I would have fought alone (Though I got the kill). This reward mechanic is the heart of every battle, so I ask you to explain how it works in depth ... Thx in advance.