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  1. This is exactly what was already foreseen: It's now up to the nations and to the experienced players among them to defend their rookies from being cannon fodder to the gankers. But we don't have nations no more. We have clans who think in clans dimensions, not nations dimensions. A fact I would never ever be capable to understand.
  2. I think the tutorials are a great way to learn the game mechanics though. As I learned sailing, there were no tutorials only a few videos on youtube and it was a really hard process. The tutorials let you test all the important sail settings quite easy. Of course it will take you time, as me in former days, to get the ability to use them right in battles. The final exam is hard but this is exactly what it aims at: that you practice over ans and over again and believe me this practice will give you the basic skills to survive in a real PVP fight for more than 5 minutes.
  3. not only lately it has benn sparse since 2016. But the difference is that 2016 we had a game without OW and the mechanics were quite self-explanatory. But now it's a complex mess and nobody really knows anything important about it except he goes trial & error mode. I think this won't change anymore ... maybe it's paid to the fact that this game was completely turned over and over by the devs.
  4. The release announcement is finally a great step. For me this means I'm going to play on PVE server now, unless the game takes a big step forward to a balanced playable and joyful PVP game again. This is definitely not true for now - and maybe it will never be, but let's wait and see ...
  5. I would be interested in an exact release date. It should be submitted to all major games magazines, to get a good advertising, isn't it? Considering that it's mostly over a month before announced, we seam to be extremely late to that. Also I would like to have a feedback what happens to the Santa Cecilia? Is it going to be a DLC or do we have some mechanics to get her ingame via notes? Are there any other ships?
  6. The problem itself has its root not in the vets vs newbies problem. It would be very strange if a vet player with 1000+ hours would not have any advantage over a newbie. The problem are powerships with 4 bonuses and godlike upgrades that a normal player could not achieve. These ships give the vets even more power and the result is pure frustration because you simply can't win against these ships. Many videos and my own experience prove this. So you feel betrayed by the game, betrayed by the mechanics. It's like you give exactly one single player in cs go an AK with double fire rate, double precision and double damage. Then wonder why this player will be global elite in 5 weeks?
  7. I had the same question but it got since unanswered ... I guess there simply is no reasonable answer to this.
  8. There will still be very "strong" players whose strength only depends on many poor souls which are harvesting all the mats and books and rare upgrades for the few power streamers who shine in full bright light destroying all those poor people's ships who simply can't get all these goods because they could not spend as much time on the game. So I pretty guess this is the same as in real life, but unless real life - where you simply had to accept this - this should be a game and this should be fun for every single player who spends some time on it. Turns out this is a thing the devs simply didn't realize despite all the thousands of posts of people who did really care for this game. Once all the new players who put a foot in this trap would realize the whole truth they will quit - or end as pitiful individuals who just never go out of this spiral. What a pity. There is no single word to add any more.
  9. I used them twice in capital and got ships with 3 bonuses so I guess rather yes.
  10. Currently there are 2 things to notice: - Elite NPC's are very rare -- I spotted only 3 ships (2 of them were just brigs) spending 3 evenings at sea. This could be called bad luck but I think the Elite drop rate should be increased a bit. - Elite NPC ships could not be used as expected because I can't choose the wood / planking as I might wish.
  11. Das Spiel ist richtig schlecht geworden. Solospieler haben keine Chance zu bestehen, kleine Clans ebenfalls nicht. Wie soll man auch, wenn es nun Schiffe von großen Clans gibt, die in allen vier Kategorien Boni aufweisen, die ein Einzelspieler oder kleiner Clan nie erreichen kann. Ich habe nichts dagegen, dass kleine Clans eben länger brauchen aber das Ziel Schiffe zu haben, mit denen man im PVP einigermaßen bestehen kann, ist momentan einfach unerreichbar. Schade, es hat sich gut angelassen, das Spiel. Aber dann hat die Motivation die Entwickler verlassen und mit jedem Patch ist das Spiel nun so geworden, wie es mir gar nicht mehr gefällt: zu einem Zeitfresser ohne Ende, der nur denjenigen Spaß bringt, die Elite Schiffe fahren für die dann ein Spieler, der nicht so viel Zeit aufwenden kann nur Kanonenfutter ist. Vielleicht gibt es ja dann wieder einen DLC der das ausgleichen soll. Ist Euch eigentlich bewusst, was das für Irrsinn ist? Zuerst entwickelt man in aller Detailbesessenheit möglichst getreue Abbilder der Segelschiffe um 1800 und gibt ihnen allen Charakteristika mit auf den Weg (das eine Schiff ist schneller, das andere wendiger usw.) um das Ganze dann zu torpedieren und mit göttlichen Upgrades ein langsames Linienschiff schneller als eine Fregatte zu machen. Paradox. Ich bin es jetzt einfach leid, hier 3 Jahre die Stange hoch gehalten zu haben für "Gelegenheitsspieler" (bei 12 Std. die Woche kann man eigentlich nicht mehr von Gelegenheitsspieler reden aber gut) und für Solospieler und dafür dass aus NA ein schönes und barrierearmes Spiel wird. Ändern wird sich an der bescheuterten Situation nichts mehr, sobald das Spiel raus ist werde ich mein positives Review umgehend in ein dreiseitiges negatives abwandeln. So habe ich nun keine Lust und keinerlei Motivation mehr weiter zu machen. Ok, es gibt ja genug andere schöne Dinge zu tun ... Ich wünsche hier allen viel Spaß weiterhin. Mir ist der Spaß gründlich verdorben worden. Schade, denn das Kernspiel war echt gut.
  12. You just can't discuss that at all based on your current player numbers. Firstly you just can't tell if the players are really active or passive so you can't know if you should count them or better not, and secondly I am pretty sure that many players will change their nation if they are forced to start from scratch by release wipe. So your proposal is nothing more than a decision on white paper worthless after release. The third fact is that with alliances the distances to go to meet some foes will significantly increase which is bad for gameplay.
  13. We just all decide to join british nation and soon will turn PVP Server into PVE. Everything ok so far.
  14. This is ok if a smaller clan can get things done at slower speed, which you simply can't because of current mechanics.
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