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  1. omg, this whole discussion is so annoying. Why not make a daily wood, with superpowers that changes every day, shuffling all stats randomly together? I'll make a pause until this whole woods thing is halfway baken. See you ...
  2. I noticed that these HDF start chasing you and when you reached a certain distance from capital they give up. But I have the impression that the fleet does not return, instead the sail off from the point they gave up the chase. So wondring, if someone can drag them further and further away from the capital?
  3. There is always a faster ship. There is always a sturdier ship. There is always a better ship.
  4. Änderungen in Rot. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mM1LEvwbt1tXOudiDUpTsT97wum_DvZDEs-S1YrkVBw/edit?pli=1#gid=1878153524 Ziele Die Statistik optimieren Die Ungereimtheiten beseitigen (wie beispielweise dass Teak langsamer als White Oak ist), Leichte Vorteile für Riga Fir und New England Fir. Verschiedene andere Änderungen (einschl. Beschleunigung - Es gibt eine geringfügige allgemeine Verbesserung für Beschleunigung und Geschwindigkeit zusammen mit dem Holz-Eigenheiten-Update) Die Änderungen kommen nächste Woche. Bitte verfasst Erfahrungsberichte über die neuen D
  5. A game mechanic for arranged battles - let players of a clan choose their mates by creating a battle group, then throw down the "gauntlet" to another battle group of a clan in another nation, then a circle of battle is created (like in PZ) where both clan groups can join. They way to get there is over OW so everybody can attack them, but joining the clan battle is only allowed for both battle groups.
  6. That sounds really amazing. Countless times before I wished I could start off wandering around the beautiful ships in 1st person view, climb the masts, eat in captains cabin or plan the voyage on a map on the desk. This sounds like my dreams come true .... I am looking forward very much to more news about SL.
  7. Try this one, a bit outdated but still useful, its called "A Treatise On Naval Action" by Mr. Doran, however, it focuses more on single fights..... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0mo_aCPriQJZE0zM3VkY2pRd3c/view
  8. I mean connection issues. The PC is not crashed. There are 2 types: Ingame freeze (I can look around but ship is frozen, other ships in OW are frozen too and ship does not turn by keypress anymore), but I can quit the game with ESC freeze when entering a battle (I recently lost a Trincomalee to my enemy) or entering port - F11 is defnitely not possible problem logging in takes 2 or more tries - F11 is not possible too
  9. No sure how to report these issues correctly. If I encounter them my computer hangs so I simply can neither do an F11 nor a screenshot. Any suggestions?
  10. when crafting, give smaller ships a higher percentage to get purple / gold than bigger ships.
  11. Would be really nice to see her ingame. Small Brigs need a bit attention and more diversity, maybe @admin could consider that. Thanks in advance.
  12. Might be a connection issue - I have them occasianlly too - and I have a 100.000 internet line - so I dont know what causes this lags; they occur more often lately.
  13. Oh no, you got something wrong. It's a very lively population ....
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