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  1. And look at how ports again change hands absolutely undefended twice a day? No, thanks.
  2. He probably means the fort a few posts above.
  3. I think he meant it doesn't just look similar, it looks like it's the same ship slightly rebuild/refitted. And it really does.
  4. Well, but so does the current non-Bellona 74 with it's 24 pounders. I know the Ingermanland is very slow, but how is her turnrate?
  5. Looking at what a success Gwent was in Witcher 3 i would even encourage you to not make it too realistic. These CCGs can be addictive as hell
  6. Вопрос чисто геймплейный-эгоистичный, но такое ощущение, что многие оживленные пути следования NPC практически вымерли в этом патче. Есть предложения где хорошие зоны для фарма найти?
  7. Если тесты открытого мира все-таки пока откладываются, я бы посоветовал таки подумать про возможность ставиться в очередь группами или про режим команда вс. команда. Для тех, кто любит бодаться в игре часами (для меня уж точно), это бы все поменяло в плане мотивации
  8. But again, lower the effectivety of long range firing by, say, two times, and voilà, problem solved, a lot of new Nelsons raised.
  9. The fact that, as you correctly state, fights eventually often end up in melee due to lack of patience/skill doesn't mean, that damage on long distances is not both historically and gameplaywise OP. You shouldn't be able to get a ship sunk on 1km+ (focus fire or not), which you can now do easily. As i said, i have nothing against line fights, they are great, but they should carry the risks (and rewards) of maneuvring at medium distances, holding the line up with great difficulty and skill, and not just two fleet bantering at each other at minimum speed and unrealistic distances with no real ch
  10. I don't know how soon Damage Model 4.0 is coming but i still want to bump the topic,because long range behaviour now is a lot worse, than Admin's reply implies. Right now long range damage is way to high, the penetration debuff isn't really as large as it should be. At least from a player perspective (i know, on the developers side it can look very differntly) it looks like something relatively easy to implement. Even less penetration on long ranges than now and a lot more wide shot dispersion would do the trick instantly and alow for more realistic, close quartered battles. Lines are OK of co
  11. Все заработало, спасибо за ударную ночную смену по восстановлению.
  12. It's up! Thanks to the devs and let's go hunting
  13. У всех, у всех http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3992-stuck-in-the-loading-screen
  14. The interesting thing is that our Admin keeps popping on and off the forum right now, while only sticking to the old "Battle availibility" thread. Now, ofc that could be some strange kind of automatic smartphone monitoring app and the lad meanwhile getting some well deserved sleep, but if not, it would be great to get at least a small clarification if the issue can't be resolved by a simple reset and we'll just have to patiently wait till the morning.
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