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  1. Must admit I am not a fan of too larger a Brigade. I don’t often go over 1500 men. I prefer more brigades per Corps than size of brigades. Giving me more manoeuvrability.
  2. Hi, I achieved victory at Washington. On BG level. See my post of the 5 October 2018. If you scroll down you will see the numbers and the make up of my army. I did not use any cavalry. I fielded 4 Corps. Two were strong. They were used aggressively to ensure objectives were held. After that I was achieved I only defended. I had the fort on my left flank only lightly defended. The other forts were maned with in a little more strength. What was then left. Was used to defend Washington. I pulled all available troops back to the city. This caused a delay in the Union troops reaching the city. Wasting time. In trying to retake the city the Union made various assaults. But due to the defensive strength in the city I was able to hold on. The final hour seemed a to go very slowly and it was nip and tuck. But just managed it.
  3. Hi One very important piece of advise given to me was :- “Keep beating the Union with a stick” From Pandakraut. It keeps the size of their army down ! Best wishes
  4. Hiya Total agreement with you. Make sure you take your time in barracks. It was there I was sowing the seed for victory on the battlefield. I found that once I knew (more or less). How the barracks works. You will find it handy in a battle. Best of luck
  5. Hi, Glad you enjoyed it. In April I will becoming up to my 1st year playing UG. I agree with you. It is a fantastic game. All those involved deserve our thanks. I’m using Apple iMac. I started of by playing some of the single battles on BG level. As CSA and Union. One I understood the battle mechanics I started my 1st campaign. Started on BG as CSA. I managed to get as far as Gettysburg. I wasn’t expecting to win the campaign at my first attempt. So was pleased to get as far as I did. But I learned a lot in that campaign. I consider myself efficient on the battlefield. But it was when in barracks I really learned how to win a campaign. Time spent getting that right will provide dividends on the battlefield. My second campaign was CSA on BG again. Now I knew more about being in barracks’s I fancied my chances. I’m pleased to say I did win the war. Though it was close. The Union troops threw everything at me when I was holding Washington. But just managed to hold. Amazing feeling 🎉🎊😬😏. Since.I have played a Campaign on BG as the Union. This proved a lot easier. The only problem I encountered was trying to break the Rebs defensive position on the outskirts of Richmond. Most of their army was committed. By taking the victory conditions it meant the following day the Rebs did not have much left. Taking Richmond proved easy. I have just started my 4th campaign on MG level as CSA. Proving more difficult. Not feeling over confident to be honest. But I will learn from what happens. Enough of me. Back to UG. This is by far the best ACW game available. I’m sure we could all come up with the odd thing we feel isn’t quite right. But so what. I’m so grateful for those involved in UG for providing such a superb game. Though I think my wife would have a different view on those involved 🙃 ! Best of luck with your next battle/campaign.
  6. Just finished Fredericksburg. On Major General level as CSA. I had a bit of a surprise. I mention above I would not use much Cavalry, as I would getJeb’s Stuart’s Cavalry protecting my right flank at Prospect Hill. Or it was the case when playing on Brigadier General level. But not there 😐😳. Presume I was not provided with Jeb’s cavalry as on Major General level 🙃. Thanks UG ! Did cause a little trouble. But all went well in the end. Marye’s Heights was a close shave 😐. But held. I did start to pull units away from the Heights to Telegraph Road. Once I felt could hold 👍. Union troops outnumbered me by a huge amount (of course). But inflicted 43,390 casualties and suffered 13670. On to Everettsville followed by Stones River. Oh joy 🙃. Happy gaming!
  7. Hi, Sounds good. With Fredericksburg looming after some smaller encounters. I will not over do my cavalry. As I will of course have Jeb Stuart’s. Which I have to admit does from previous experience cause the Union troops trouble. But my opinion has changed towards cavalry though it may depend also on the up coming battles and my strategy. I do feel I was wrong to almost ignore them previously. Many thanks
  8. Hi, Sounds good. With Fredericksburg looming after some smaller encounters. I will not over do my cavalry. As I will of course have Jeb Stuart’s. Which I have to admit does from previous experience cause the Union troops trouble. But my opinion has changed towards cavalry though it may depend also on the up coming battles and my strategy. I do feel I was wrong to almost ignore them previously. Many thanks
  9. “Not a fan of Cavalry” Maybe I’m coming round to using cavalry. I have just finished the battle of Antietam. On Major General level, as the Confederacy. A Vuctory for the Confederacy of course 👍. In barracks I had some men over together with dollars and decided to see what I could use them on. Options were limited. So I went for 1 cavalry unit of 250 armed with singe shot carbine. Plus 1 unit of 325 armed with saber and colt. Both proved useful. But it was the unit with saber and colt that got my attention. Seeing they had a 100 factor for melee, I decided to use them on units that we’re routing and supplies. Wow 😳. Very impressed. I took over 4000 prisoners which of course gave me an extra 1000 recruits. From now on I will be looking to use such a unit. A reasonable priced unit in order to obtain a 1000 recruits. Lovely 😎. It would seem it is a good idea to keep an open mind 🤔. Next some smaller battles. Culminating in Fredericksburg. I do enjoy this battle. Just sit and allow the Union troops to continue with costly charges at Marye’s Heights ! Happy war gaming all .
  10. Since I posted about Salem Church. I did manage to carry on till Gettysburg where I “met my Waterloo”. But it was my first campaign and used it as a learning curve. Soon after I did start a new campaign. With the knowledge I gained mainly in Barracks. ( I feel I am competent on the battle field). I won the Battle of Chancellorsville and then Salem Church. I did reach Washington and though close came away with Victory for the Confederacy. I do remember at the time being peeved. As my above comments showed. But I learned from the experience and made sure I was ready in my next campaign. It is frustrating but so good when Victory is achieved. I still feel this is the best ACW computer game available. After winning as the Confederacy in my second campaign I played as the Union. That turned out to be far less of a challenge. I have now started a new campaign as the Confederacy on the higher level of Major General. Fresh problems to ponder over. But so far so good. But my next Battle is Antietam. This will I think be my biggest challenge in this campaign to date ! Happy war gaming all 👍
  11. Hi, It can be won. I achieved it at my second effort. The first thing you have to do from the very first encounter is to hit the USA troops hard. The higher the casualties you can inflict in every battle will help to keep the size of the Union armies lower. At the Battle of Washington I fielded 4 Corps. After the battle the result was as follows :- USA CSA Infantry 169475 Infantry 73501 Cavalry 8717 Cavalry 0 ( I’m not a fan of Cavalry ) Guns 881 Guns 185 CASUALTIES Infantry 116996 Infantry 52504 Cavalry 5332 Cavalry 0 Guns 241 Guns 92 Missing 507 Missing 120 In order to stand a chance I would suggest you need to field 4 Corps. Mine varied in numbers and ability. I started by looking to take the victory locations and leaving a small garrison at each and moved on to the others. You need to capture all victory locations on day 1. On day 2 just hold. Don’t be demoralised by the number of Union units you will see on day 2 as they are mainly artillery. I left them alone and just looked to hold. When it came to holding Washington I retreated my troops to Washington in order to have to hold a small area so to negate the Union numbers. They made rash attempts to retake Washington and suffered heavy losses. It was close. I was constantly looking at the time to see how much longer I had left ! As you can see I inflicted heavy losses and of course took heavy casualties. As it is the ‘last battle’, I sold all weapons that I did not require in order to field as many troops reasonably well armed. I know it is not easy. But it is possible. You really must field 4 Corps. Should you have any questions. I will do my best to answer them. I am not a veteran of UG. But I still managed to win in my second campaign. I found out from my first campaign it is really important to fully understand how the Barracks work. The battles maybe won on the field but careful planning needs to be made in Barracks. On a number of occasions I found myself spending 2 hours or more. Making sure everything was just how I wanted my Corps. All the best
  12. For those using an Apple. Any chance the mod will be available to download on updates on the Apple store 🤔 Many thanks.
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