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  1. It is correct. A newish change. My understanding is the aims required to pass are set in the top left of screen. If it allows. Ask in Nation or Help chat in game. Plenty of players will be able to tell you exactly what to do. Get pass this and you will start to enjoy this great game. Good luck
  2. Hi, Many thanks for your reply. My friend was saying he knew of another game. Not from Steam.I can assure you he was not suggesting NA did. But if NA did. I will advise NA does not use this system. Regards
  3. Hi, Thanks for your comments. I do hope it can be sorted. My apologies too. As in my post I incorrectly said it was a PB. Regards
  4. Thank you for reply. A member of my clan has said could be caused by NA using Peer to Peer connection
  5. You are not alone. Today I was on PVE taking part in PB at Pointe-a-Pitre. I joined the battle group and was disconnected at least 6 times. This took place at 2pm GMT on 10 August. Bug report sent
  6. Hi guys. Today I was attempting to take par in a PB. I was disconnected in excess of 6 times. It took me back to log in screen. wen logged back in was in PB battle but then despite being re invited into group. M y ship had no controls. Though it was taking damage. This as a I say happened a number of times ! I logged back in every time until the battle had ended. I did do a but report every time. Anyone else having same problem please. Have the Devs sorted it out for you ? Many thanks all.
  7. It is annoying. I bet we have at some time all done it ! 😐
  8. Yes. All recovered. In addition a nice gift given to all. Many thanks.
  9. If not in one. Join a clan. They will give you a lot of help and advice. Even ships. On the PVE you do not need to use a full crew for number is says to have. As there are only NPC’s it’s safe to underman when trading. Even in combat as long as not too much under crewed. It does get easier. The tutorials are useful and lead to the exams. They are not to bad. The last one is more difficult where you have to sink one ship, then a second spawns. But nice goodies for completing it. You are given 90 minutes for this one, so take your time. It is a bit of a pain but saves a lot of gam
  10. Thank you for that. Much appreciated. Maybe I could just mention a little more on the tone used by Nations. Perhaps it has always been there and I am only now starting to notice. A couple of examples from my own experiences. Earlier this year I attacked an NPC trader. During which a player from that nation attacked me. Being in the distance I carried on and sank the trader. Then turned my attention to the player. Seeing it was a higher ranking than my ship and that I had sustained damage. I decided to ease away to carry out repairs. While still firing my stern chasers. The
  11. I would still consider muse to be a noobie. I must admit I am surprised at the real hostility being shown in this “game” by Sweden. Perhaps others too which I have not yet seen. I do not pretend to know all of the facts. I play for enjoyment. I tag other players. I get tagged by them. All part of the PVP server. Checking the upcoming PB’s, I was surprised to see there was one due to start at 3am. Even though both countries were European. Surly common sense should not allow this to take place. The attacker I assume has worked out/arranged they can have sufficient player
  12. Yes all good. Just so you know. Do not get down when ganked. It happens all the time to players. Those that are new, more often than when obtained experience. Expect it to happen. Everyone who plays has the tee shirt. Just carry on. Cheeers 🍻
  13. Agreed. I would have been lost without the guidance and experience offered to me
  14. contact

    PVP & PVE

    The above seems to clarify it all. This is part of a guide recently placed on this forum. My apologies to the member for not knowing his name. But thank you.
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