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  1. contact


    Since I posted about Salem Church. I did manage to carry on till Gettysburg where I “met my Waterloo”. But it was my first campaign and used it as a learning curve. Soon after I did start a new campaign. With the knowledge I gained mainly in Barracks. ( I feel I am competent on the battle field). I won the Battle of Chancellorsville and then Salem Church. I did reach Washington and though close came away with Victory for the Confederacy. I do remember at the time being peeved. As my above comments showed. But I learned from the experience and made sure I was ready in my next campaign. It is frustrating but so good when Victory is achieved. I still feel this is the best ACW computer game available. After winning as the Confederacy in my second campaign I played as the Union. That turned out to be far less of a challenge. I have now started a new campaign as the Confederacy on the higher level of Major General. Fresh problems to ponder over. But so far so good. But my next Battle is Antietam. This will I think be my biggest challenge in this campaign to date ! Happy war gaming all 👍
  2. contact

    Confederate Brigadier general level challenge

    Hi, It can be won. I achieved it at my second effort. The first thing you have to do from the very first encounter is to hit the USA troops hard. The higher the casualties you can inflict in every battle will help to keep the size of the Union armies lower. At the Battle of Washington I fielded 4 Corps. After the battle the result was as follows :- USA CSA Infantry 169475 Infantry 73501 Cavalry 8717 Cavalry 0 ( I’m not a fan of Cavalry ) Guns 881 Guns 185 CASUALTIES Infantry 116996 Infantry 52504 Cavalry 5332 Cavalry 0 Guns 241 Guns 92 Missing 507 Missing 120 In order to stand a chance I would suggest you need to field 4 Corps. Mine varied in numbers and ability. I started by looking to take the victory locations and leaving a small garrison at each and moved on to the others. You need to capture all victory locations on day 1. On day 2 just hold. Don’t be demoralised by the number of Union units you will see on day 2 as they are mainly artillery. I left them alone and just looked to hold. When it came to holding Washington I retreated my troops to Washington in order to have to hold a small area so to negate the Union numbers. They made rash attempts to retake Washington and suffered heavy losses. It was close. I was constantly looking at the time to see how much longer I had left ! As you can see I inflicted heavy losses and of course took heavy casualties. As it is the ‘last battle’, I sold all weapons that I did not require in order to field as many troops reasonably well armed. I know it is not easy. But it is possible. You really must field 4 Corps. Should you have any questions. I will do my best to answer them. I am not a veteran of UG. But I still managed to win in my second campaign. I found out from my first campaign it is really important to fully understand how the Barracks work. The battles maybe won on the field but careful planning needs to be made in Barracks. On a number of occasions I found myself spending 2 hours or more. Making sure everything was just how I wanted my Corps. All the best
  3. Please keep of the grass 😉
  4. contact

    Which mod or unmodded?

    For those using an Apple. Any chance the mod will be available to download on updates on the Apple store 🤔 Many thanks.
  5. contact

    use of cavalry

    USE OF CAVALRY Interesting to read all the above on the merits of cavalry. Must admit I am not a fan of cavalry in ACW. (Other periods yes). I prefer infantry and artillery. I always try to move my artillery along with my infantry so the artillery does not get isolated. If cavalry is near. I will always use infantry to deal with them. At the battle of Stones River. Playing as the CSA. When attacking the furthest Pike. There were masses of union brigades. But all were dealt with/kept at bay by infantry skirmishers. I also found in my first effort with UG, my cavalry took heavy casualties. Maybe I didn’t t use them at the correct time etc. But so far. I am happy to continue with infantry and artillery. It works for me 🤞. Best wishes to you all.
  6. contact

    CSA Career Points help needed

    Hi, I definitely get it. Re destroying as much of the enemy as possible. I used your advice when winning the Campaign on BG as the CSA. Now using it, playing as the Union. On BG. Thanks for the advice. It works 👍
  7. contact


    Hi, Thank you. Must admit I am enjoying playing the Union. I will shortly be starting the Battle of Fredericksburg. Really interesting the difference in Barracks from playing the CSA. Number of troops not a problem of course. But arming them is ! So far I have maxed out on Economy. Also training. Now working up on politics. Plus making sure I can field 3 Corps. As yet I have not bothered with medicine . My attitude has been. It’s ok. Plenty more troops available ! I do have quality Brigades. I try to ensure they are armed with the latest weapons. But I am still fielding raw recruits armed with Farmers. They tend to be the ‘cannon fodder’. Having my best and well armed troops behind them. I have used some career points to buy better weapons. I have recently been awarded the Iron Brigade. However, I’m not sure about overly increasing their number as Veterans. Too expensive ! I have played all the battles and remain undefeated. Still looking to hammer the Rebs every time. As I did to the Union when playing as the Rebs. To keep their numbers down. Looking forward now to preparing my Army for Fredericksburg. Really enjoying the different approach to the one used when playing as the CSA. I am finding it amusing after each battle. When played playing as the CSA I looked forward with anticipation to what weapons I had captured after a battle. Now as the Union, its a bit of a let down. The weapons I am capturing are poor quality and tend to be issued to my new recruits ! Throughly enjoying it. Best wishes.
  8. contact

    CSA Career Points help needed

    I started playing UG back in April in this year on Apple iMac. It is the best ACW game out there. To win you have to be as good in the Barracks as a General in a battle or Campaign. It is very addictive. Good graphics and very well thought out. A few unexpected surprises along the way. Makes it even better! But don’t necessarily expect to win a Campaign at the first attempt. The Barrack’s side of the game is very important. If you don’t get it right you will find the Campaign impossible to win. The time spent in the Barracks will pay off when on the battlefield. As I say it’s the best ACW game. All credit to those involved in its development.
  9. contact

    CSA Career Points help needed

    I know the advice given to me. Which I kept to was to keep heating the Union troops with a big stick. I looked to do that in every battle. Minor or major. I just kept going for them.
  10. contact

    CSA Career Points help needed

    I did concentrate on the money side of things first. Only increased the AO when was going to be required. Also, if I did have a lack of money. I was happy to take a brigade with very high morale etc. Change it to rookie when replenishing losses. The morale etc only went down a small amount. But helpe to save on outlay. I only know that the above did help me to win the war. Sorry for the double quote above. 🙃. Regards
  11. contact

    CSA Career Points help needed

    Also, as I progressed I checked the weapons I had in stock. If never going to use. Then I sold them. This was especially useful before Washington I sold absolutely everything I was not going to need in order to use on what I felt was needed.
  12. contact

    CSA Career Points help needed

    I felt the unit restore of 20% was worth having
  13. contact

    CSA Career Points help needed

    Hi, Based on middle level. IE BG. I went with Politics, Medicine, Training and Logistics. The rest I added when I had maxed out. Attached is my record after the Battle of Mansfield. Regards
  14. contact


    Hi, Many thanks for the tips. Much appreciated. Cheers 👍
  15. contact


    Hi, Thank you. Yes will be starting a Union campaign. Looking forward to seeing how it differs when in barracks. Pleased to hear the size of my army is almost the same as yours. I didn’t have any cavalry. I decided to concentrate on my infantry. Backed up by the most guns I have used in the campaign. I had a brigade ( down to approx 800 men) that was only armed with farmers. In the 2nd phase of Washington they held the defences directly in front of Washington. Three Union brigades attack them. Every hand to hand was repulsed. They held for the entire 2nd phase. Most impressed with them. Plus other brigades which held their ground.