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  1. Hi, It’s ok 👍 Yes it can. Just finished it. Victory to the Union 😎.
  2. Hi, Is it possible to win 2nd Bull Run on day 2 as the Union, on MG level. Or does it always go to day 3. Many thanks
  3. Hi, Definitely on my list. Amazing to discover had a relative fighting there. Hope your able to research his full service history. Best wishes
  4. Thanks for the report. I envy you being able to visit the battlefield. Unfortunately I am the other side of the pond. Though I am hoping to visit some of the battlefields in Europe. Best wishes
  5. RESULT OF THE BATTLE OF MALVERN HILL (playing as Union, on MG) Union Infantry 40350 CSA Infantry 50751 Cavalry 500 Cavalry 0 Guns 68 Guns 80 Casualties And Losses Infantry 12655 Infantry 27130 Guns 1 Guns 2 Cavalry 147 Cavalry 0 Missing 0 Missing 109 Grant was assigned the task of stopping the Rebs advance. For this he was assigned 24000 Infantry and 28 Guns. His tactic was similar to that used at Gaines Mill. Grant concealed a Brigade armed with Ferry’s on his left flank. The right flank, although at least 2 Reb Brigades were seen on the far side of the river, looking to flank Grants right. Were ignored by Grant ! (After the battle I did question this decision with him. He replied he was expecting me to arrive with reinforcements and I would deal with them ! He was going to “hold the line”. I was flattered by this. Also very relieved his trust in me proved correct. The 2 Reb Brigades were checked. I sent the remainder of my Brigades to aid Grant. The Rebs tactics were the same as Gaines Mill. They just kept sending troops in to break Grants line. Grants troops held and Grant was reported to be at any point where the line seemed under threat. Encouraging his men to hold. A few points were noted by Grant. At Gaines Mill most of the Reb Brigades were nearly 3000 strong and were 3 star. At Malvern, they were down to 2500 or less. Being 3 and 2 star. It appears the South is running out of seasoned troops. Also, over 3000 Patterned 1853 Enfield’s were captured ! Grant praised all his troops. But was particularly impressed with the skill of 2 Artillery battery’s. Both were 10x 10PDR ORD. The first commanded by Zook killed 1994 for the loss of 18 men. Adams Batttery suffered no casualties but inflicted 1568. Thankfully, Officer casualties were low. 1 Officer was KIA. 2 were wounded. But their wounds are not considered serious.
  6. Hi, Thanks for the info. By the time they reached Mayre’s Height. It would not have mattered what they were armed with - poor fellows. Very interesting to learn. Many thanks.
  7. I’m sure they are doing the job. But I’m still fielding troops armed with rebored Farmers. Nice and cheap ! 😏 Weapon damage of 18. Rebs cannot just ignore them. They are taking casualties instead of my better quality troops. If they keep up the good work. May rearm them with better weapons.
  8. BCH. Your ahead of me ! Currently engaging Rebs at Malvern Hill. So far have noticed the Rebs Brigades are still mostly 3 stars. But no longer 2950 strong. Now to to 2500 max. Starting to show this war of attrition is reducing the numbers of veterans the CSA can field. Hope to have details of the out come in the next couple of days.
  9. Re Gains Mills I believe a special mention should be made to the two newly raised Brigades armed only with Farmers. They successfully attacked the Rebs right flank. Stopping two 3 star Brigades numbering almost 6000 men from assaulting the Union line.
  10. After action reports for Gains Mills. At MG level Union vs CSA. (Battle results screen) Union 40006 Infantry CSA 58702 infantry 790 cavalry 0 cavalry 43 guns 82 guns CASUALTIES AND LOSSES 11667 infantry 25130 0(17) (290) 11 guns 237 cavalry 0 cavalry 79 missing The Union suffered only 3 Officers wounded. 6 were promoted. The Union main Corps, under Grant, consisted of 32400 infantry, 0 cavalry and 28 guns. I took command of the smaller Corps of 7606 infantry, 790 cavalry and 16 guns. Grant placed his initial troops at the defensive line. With 2 Brigades on the far left to be used to flank the Rebs. The same tactic being used on the right. The Rebs were allowed to attack the defensive line. Heavy casualties were inflicted on the large Reb Brigades numbering 2950. Grant did attack the Rebs left flank, with the 2 Brigades placed to do so. Slowing down the Rebs attack. Once the remainder of Grant’s Corps arrived. Two Brigades were sent to cover McGee Hill. Not until the second phase were the 2 Union Brigades placed on the Rebs far left flank brought into the action to harass/attack the Rebs right flank. They numbered 1800 men and 1700. Armed only with Rebored Farmers. They proved to be very inexpensive but effective in breaking up the the Rebs attacking the defensive line. Once A P Hill appeared on the Union right flank. One of Grants flanking Brigades was sent to help delay their advance. Looking to do so until my own Corps arrived. Grants delaying action worked well. My Corps arrived and McGee Hill was never in danger. Indeed, I sent some of my Brigades to help Grant. In the centre a few of Grants Brigades were routed but reserves were able retake the line. With the routed Brigades returning to help. Plus the arrival of my Brigades. The Rebs continue to attack. Determined to break Grants line. But his troops were also determined to hold. Finally, the day came to a close with Victory for the Union. Despite the large size of the Rebs Brigades and most being 3 stars. Only 1 Union Brigade was a 2 star ! Can the CSA afford to loose so many veterans in this manner ! The Union intelligence service has advised the CSA will be able to still field 48-53k in the next engagement. Though this will be less 10% due to recent defeats.
  11. I’m currently playing as Union on MG level. On Gaines Mill almost all Reb brigades on 2950 men with 3 stars. Looks impressive. But I like to flank them with my max 2000 strong brigades or skirmishers. The large Reb brigades take some time to change their facing. Also, due to the 3 stars. They stay and take the damage. By the time they have changed their facing I have whittled down the brigade. Once facing me. I just withdraw before the can open fire 😏. They then decided to go back to their original facing. So I advance and fire off more volleys ! Love it 😬. Best wishes
  12. Hopefully, I will play Gaines early next week. Must admit I only use small numbers of cavalry. I do prefer infantry. I like to use skirmishes for flanking. Even small units concern infantry brigades and artillery. If possible I do like my artillery close to my infantry. Not only to support them. But for protection against enemy cavalry. As using Apple IMAC, I don’t have the various mods been introduced. Best wishes
  13. Hi, Many thanks. Does sound like it must have been very enjoyable to play. Especially with the battle playing as it did. Plus of course, the satisfaction of the Victory. On MG level too ! Congrats. May I ask if using Windows or Apple. I use an Apple IMAC and there has been a recent update. The update says it has improved graphics and AI ! Regards
  14. Hi, Well done ✅. As PK says. Worrying for Malvern. Any thoughts yet. Re next course of action. Best wishes
  15. Hi, Many thanks for info. According to my report/intelligence Service, it states the CSA will be at 55-60K. Less 5%. I will be able to field a total of about 40,000 men. Must admit I do not intend to field much more than 40 guns. I wish to field as many infantry as possible. Maybe a small brigade of cavalry. I’m thinking to “hold the defensive line”. My main Corps will be much larger than my second. I hope to blunt the Rebs attack on my line. If can do so. Will then worry about McGhee Hill. Good luck. Best wishes.
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