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    Always been wargaming. ACW is probably my favourite. Interested in history. Various other interests.

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  1. As a noobie Also a good way to see what the different ships are. When on line. Often get warned an enemy ship is around. Often saying the name only. Which as yet does not always enable me to quickly know what rank it is. Nice ships too 👍
  2. Don’t tell anyone. But I have started playing Naval Action. (Think my icon looks a bit out of place though! ) I now understand why a number on here would love an online version. It would I’m sure be a winner. I love UG. The AL is pretty good. But would love an on line version similar to Naval Action. Appreciate it would take a huge lot of time etc. But. If only ! Cheers all 🍻
  3. 😁 Know the feeling! Yes absolutely 👍. Though I think I’m learning more from a defeat. Which will in time help me. I know I’m doing better and getting more XP in defeat than when first started Loving it though. 🍻
  4. Hi Brilliant. Congrats. But no offensive. Not sure wish to meet you on the high seas 😰 👍 🍻🍻
  5. Welcome In my limited experience. Joining a clan is really first thing to do. Can learn so much. As I’m sure you will be advised it’s a good idea to do the tutorials and try to pass exams. Good luck. Cheers 🍻
  6. I’m a noobie. So I am gradually building up my XP by various means. Trading, delivering cargo and passages. Some engagements. Plenty of improvement required. Not of course helped by the low ranking of ship I can at present use in combat. But I am happy to stand and fight on occasions. Even if it’s for a short time. If I start to get to shot up, I will try to run. But I still get XP points for fighting. I have been in Port. Looking to come out and deliver two lots of cargo. Two lots of passengers. So I always click on leave Port. But before set sails. I have a good look round to see no gankers hanging around. If so, why would I look to leave the Port. Common sense says to wait ! Sorry if gankers don’t like this. I can assure them. Once I have more XP, larger frigate I will be happy to engage them. Bring it on ! Sometimes, I will also check out an area around the Port before leaving by using a cutter. Leave the safety of the Port knowing I will only lose a cutter if enemies around. Surly this is all part of NA. If your a big boy I would expect you to use your strengths. I’m not at that stage yet so have to use my wits to raise to a higher level. I personally have no problem with gankers. It’s an open world after all. Made of up all sorts of people. At the moment I am, even if I say so myself becoming good at sailing, using my wits and the wind direction to get to where I want to go and to survive. I’m sure this will come in useful as I move up the ranks. Those playing NA have the own preference on how and what they do for enjoyment. See nothing wrong with that. Cheers all 🍻
  7. I’m ok with the present setup. If some get their “fix”by picking on us noobies, that’s ok with me. It does make me be extra vigilant. What goes around comes around ! Cheers 🍻
  8. As a Noobie. I feel there is enough to get my head round as it is. Don’t get me wrong. I knew what to expect and I am enjoying it. But this sounds drastic. But I am speaking as a noobie
  9. Cheers guys. Felt a twit asking ! I know what an AI is. That makes sense Cheers
  10. As a noobie. Sorry but what to the letters NPC stand for ? Cheers
  11. Must admit when I joined, I was surprised to hear the term “clan”. It just isn’t right
  12. Hi, Can you advise the release date please. Does it cover 2019 new release date. Noobies really need up to date info. Thank you.
  13. Hi, Only just saw your post. But you are not alone. I am having the same problem. At the moment with combat. Other issues too. But this is one of my top priorities. Regards
  14. Hi, Whilst there is a lot of available from members on here. How much is relevant to the 2019 release ? In particularly for me. Up to date help and guidance on combat. Forgive if I’m wrong. If so would welcome where I can find guidance of combat based on the 2019 release. I am ok (I think) on sailing etc. From practice. But combat is difficult to practice. I could do with 2019 details on combat controls etc. I have keyed in for guides and what’s available seems out of date now. My apologies if it is there and I have missed it. If so would appreciate where the info can be found. Best wishes
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