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    Always been wargaming. ACW is probably my favourite. Interested in history. Various other interests.

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  1. In fact I still receive it. I have plenty to learn !
  2. Agreed. I would have been lost without the guidance and experience offered to me
  3. contact

    PVP & PVE

    The above seems to clarify it all. This is part of a guide recently placed on this forum. My apologies to the member for not knowing his name. But thank you.
  4. contact

    PVP & PVE

    Hi, Many thanks for your reply. I assumed I would have to start afresh. But I thank you for confirming this. I would hope with the experience gained on PVP. It would enable me to advance reasonably well. My concern was if I would lose my gains made on PVP etc. Wanted to make sure could use both severs at the same time so to speak. Many thanks. Best wishes
  5. Often see a message sent to clan member. If they don’t reply. A member usually says “give them a kick” Best wishes
  6. contact

    PVP & PVE

    Hi, Many thanks. Sounds like the best of both worlds. Really appreciate your help. Best wishes
  7. contact

    PVP & PVE

    Thank you for such a quick reply. And I assume I keep rank, ships, money etc from PVP. I just start as a noobie on PVE ?
  8. contact

    PVP & PVE

    Maybe this answer is already available but not been able to find it. If I wish can I play on PVP and PVE ? So far have played on on just PVP. But would like to try PVE too. Can this be done ? Though I assume I would have to start from scratch on the PVE. But still keep my rank etc on the PVP ? Many thanks.
  9. In Clan chat. If an answer is required but the receiver does not reply. They can get a ‘kick’ IE a noise to advise a reply is required
  10. I like the sound of this. This hopefully will encourage players to sail round round looking for good deals. It could well encourage more PVP. As players wil sail round looking to find traders with expensive cargo. The game should become better. If players feel it is worth sailing further afield rather than the huge clusters of players that just spend everyday in the same areas. Though of course. It is their choice. Cheers 🍻
  11. Those that purchase NA should have the freedom to chose how much or little time they spend online. Also, to spend that time doing what they want. Not be told what they must do. Some are able to play for longer due the their own specific circumstances. IE. Some may be retired. Having more time. Others working so not so much time. Etc. Having paid their money for NA. Surely it is up to them how long or little they play. Also, I do not think players should be coerced into or not playing for a specific country. I am fortunate that my country of birth is Included. So I would not wish to play for any other nation. I would not wish to fight against my country. Very obvious reason for choosing the country of your choice. Being able to speak the language ! It’s an open world game.
  12. Forgive me for mentioning it. But in Ultimate General. Officers and Brigades can increase in experience etc which is reflected in the officers rank and the troops morale Cheers 🍻
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