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  1. Where can I find wood chest? Someone told me Privateer fleets. Is this the only place? Privateer fleets are way to strong for the few guys I play with. Is there anywhere else or does anyone have a 4 guy tactic for getting these chest? PVE server
  2. I should of clarified Im on pve Thanks for all your help guys!
  3. I did stop at all capitals. The 7 I stopped at were capitals. Seems they have the best stuff. I used https://na-map.netlify.com/ and the trader tool. Ill log back an and get searching. Maybe things have changed since this morning. This is my first day trading. I was trying to find a long range route and put outpost at both ends.
  4. I was lucky to have a community member give me an indiaman. I have been trying to find trade routes but I stopped at 7 ports today and none of them had anything to trade. I did find maize but it wasn't at a good price. How often do the markets refresh their goods? Do players buy up the market and put it all in warehouse? I was getting a bit frustrated going port to port just looking for something to take to South America.
  5. I am on day 3 of a Naval Action grind. I am loving the game so far but I have lots to learn. So far I have about 250,000. 1600 Gold, and 120 Crew. 30 something hrs into game play. I now have a Mercury and a trader brig ships. I feel the game is starting to open up for me now that I can carry cargo. I am US flagged but have outpost in the Bahamas I have a few questions: 1. Where do I find rigging supplies and hull repairs? No market I have been in has them. 2. I would like to start crafting but not sure where to start. What kind of things can I craft? 3. How do I get up
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